Supernatural: Eric Kripke Wrote the Season 6 Finale

Despite Sam Winchester declaring “Nobody says penultimate!”, Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) has confirmed, via his twitter, some news using that word: current showrunner Sera Gamble has written the penultimate script for season 6, while Eric Kripke himself has written the season 6 finale.

One can only hope that all of season 6 has been a huge bout of misdirection and that Kripke will whip out the real big bad in the season finale: octocobra.

Okay, that’s probably not going to happen (booo!), but it’s good to know that the show’s creator will be back to leave his mark on the season. I know a lot of fans were probably concerned when Kripke turned over the day-to-day running of the show to Gamble, and while season 6 has had some problems (primarily centered around the big bad), it has had some good stand-alone episodes. As we hurtle towards the two-hour season finale airing on May 20, we should get deeper into the overall mythology of the season. Beaver assures fans that Kripke has been involved in the decisions regarding season 6, but that the two-part finale should completely blow our minds and possibly even give us something we “didn’t see coming”.

Last time Gamble and Kripke had back-to-back episodes, it was the end of season 5. Gamble first introduced us to Death in “Five Minutes to Midnight” and gave us that terrific first meeting between him and Death in the Chicago pizzeria. Then Kripke wrote “Swan Song”. Despite a lot of fans ragging on that episode, I liked it. I thought it was sweet and I loved the Chuck narration and I never fail to get a tear in my eye when Sam jumps into the hole. But thank God the show didn’t end with Sam stuck in Hell forever.

Chances are the show will be renewed for a seventh season, even though The CW hasn’t announced it yet. But in the meantime, we have what’s sure to be an excellent two-part season finale to look forward to. The last time we had that was season 2 when Sam died and Dean made the deal with the Crossroads Demon. And that was an amazing finale, wasn’t it?

So are you excited about this news? Did you check out a trailer for the upcoming episodes for Supernatural – which returns with new episodes April 15 – or the photos for the April 29 episode yet?

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  • Joseph Balaich

    The problems with Season 6 is mainly the fact that they are trying to cram so many story and emotional character moments all at once; so the episodes feel short. Other problems relate to the fact that there isn't as much hard rock and what really got fans skeptic of Season 6 is the first episodes opening saying: "One Year Ago" and with a poor recap of Season 5. 

    However, the reason I love Supernatural Season 6 is because it brings the Alpha's (, or first creature of kind that sprung the others) and brought in the Mother of All. These core elements of the season add to the central theme of SUPERNATURAL, which is family connections. I also like the idea that Crowley wanted Lucifer dead or gone is so he could rule out Hell and that Castiel is trying to preserve his brothers and sisters for understanding why there must be a post-apocalypse, so a civil war breaks out.

    All in all SUPERNATURAL season 6 is just like the lost levels of Mario so to speak. No doubt the writing is wonderful and beautiful presented with more lore, but they need to slow down the story more and let it build slowly, but surely.

  • Jon Lachonis

    I'm actually pretty disappointed with season 6 in an overarching sense. There is no clarity to the overarching plot at all.  In fact, where we are now has no tie to where we began where purgatory is concerned.  It's gone from Hell 2 to the source of a new monster making deity named Eve. It's as if they aborted one plot in favor of another and just tried to sweep aside some character arcs prematurely.

    I agree with Joseph 100%.  The saving grace of the season is the Alphas, I only wish they had a more cohesive background.

  • Paul

    'hole' not 'whole'.

  • Sue

    Great, thanks for the heads up for the fact that Kripke wrote the season finale. Guess that means they plan on wrapping up the season the same way they wrote it, with an incredibly stupid, suck-ass episode.

  • Anna

    I hope it does come back for another season. But whenever it ends, I am worried about two things. First, I hope they don't end it with Sam and Dean not on good terms. My primary concern is that they will have something bad happen to Sam. If they kill him off or something equally as terrible I'm going to be really upset. If they had killed him off in season 2 I probably wouldn't have ver watched it again. Yeah, I know it's just a show but it's Sam for goodness sake. How can you not love him? I mean he's smart, sexy, cute, funny, kind of shy, sensitive, and strong yet vulnerable. Best tv character ever IMO. Love Jared Padalecki. OK, enough obsessing. Just, please writers of Supernatural, don't let anything happen to Sam.

  • Austin

    I agree 100% that they had way too many plots this season. With Castiel in civil war dealing with Raphael and all the angels, the alphas, and the Mother of All. I love this show alot…but they are just pushing it hard. They need to slow down with The Mother of All, they need to slow her down I mean we were intrested in The alphas, well…I was. They just putting to much this season. What do you guys think?

  • Coop

    This season is just plain terrible. The main reason for its complete and total failure is the fact that Swan Song was such a perfect ending. Supernatural shouldn't have a happy ending. There's a theme at work that says nothing good can come of the world without sacrifice. Sam made that sacrifice. Bringing him back just cheapens that and makes the entire series a waste of time from a literary standpoint. Sam belongs in Hell and Dean deserves a chance at a decent life. From the very first episode to the end of season five, Supernatural had been working towards an ending. And they found that ending. And kept going. Its just a classic case of beating a dead horse.

    And really, mother of all? I literally can't think of a more pathetic attempt at a "big bad." If they really wanted to recapture the spirit of the earlier episodes they would have simply left the main villain out of it and had Dean and Sam working their lives as hunters.

    But c'est la vie. =/

  • Roxanne

    there will be season 7…and it sounds very interesting….it looks like there going back to just sam and dean because it said "the boys will only have each other" which is basically what seasons 1-3 were about…i really hope so…

  • Chris Anderson

    Hopefully Eric can come back for season 7 because season 6 was awful. "Weekend at Bobby's" was the only good episode.  My collection will end with season 5.