Supernatural: Who Will Misha Collins Play When He Returns? (Poll)

SupernaturalMisha Collins departed Supernatural at the beginning of episode 7.02. But before he walked into a lake and disappeared, the state of his character was in flux. At the end of season 6, Castiel opened the door to Purgatory and, for lack of a better term, ingested its souls. While he was able to put some back, the leviathan souls remained inside his vessel. They essentially “took over” Castiel’s body, but his vessel was unable to contain the power of so many leviathans. He took a walk into the lake, “exploded” into black goo and the individual leviathans scattered through the water supply into their own host bodies.

That was the last we saw of our beloved angel on Supernatural. Now, however, we’ve been told that Misha Collins will be returning to the show in episode 7.17 and for two more episodes after that. When Warner Bros. confirmed Collins’ return, they couldn’t provide us with any more details about the circumstances of his return or even what character he’ll be playing. Given what happened to Castiel just before he disappeared from Supernatural, that got me thinking: exactly who will Misha Collins be playing when he returns to the show?

HuffPost TV’s Laura Prudom spoke to Collins shortly after the news broke and he could only give her a few hints about his return: “I can confirm that the character of Castiel is returning to Supernatural. I’m not supposed to talk about any details, but I will tell you this: The character is coming back somewhat changed.” Of course, you have to take everything Collins says with a grain of salt, because the man is a world-class joker, so this leads to some wild speculation on my part about which incarnation of Castiel Collins might be playing. Let’s examine our options, shall we?

Normal Castiel: The first option includes Collins returning as the Castiel we all know and love. In order for this to happen, all of the leviathans would have to had left Cas’ body and left him…well, chilling on the bottom of that lake, I guess (sans trenchcoat, of course). This is probably the option the die-hard Cas fans are hoping for and if this were to happen, Castiel could once again join forces with the Winchesters to take down the leviathans. But I’m not sure how likely this option is, to be honest.

Leviathan Castiel: It’s entirely possible that at least one leviathan was left inside of Castiel’s body. This might be a good route to take because it will make Sam and Dean’s struggle to take down the leviathans even more difficult if they have to face off against their old friend once again.

SupernaturalSuper-Boss Leviathan Castiel: This is a bit of a twist on the option above. We know that Dick Roman is supposed to be the big guy in charge of the leviathans, but what if the real head honcho decided to stick around in Castiel’s body and lay low until the end of the season? In our recent midseason review of Supernatural, it was mentioned that the show passed on a great opportunity to have Collins play the big bad of the season. Could that happen after all?

Amnesia Castiel: Here’s another option that would allow Castiel himself to return, but still be slightly different. What if the trauma of hosting the leviathans’ souls basically wiped out Castiel’s memory? It might be interesting to see him meet the Winchesters once again, but without all of the history. Although fans of Cas and Dean’s “profound bond” might not be too happy about this option.

Fallen Angel Castiel: If Supernatural decides not to go the amnesia or normal Cas route, there’s a possibility that Castiel could “fall”. In other words, the angel is now human. This would present a whole new set of challenges for the character.

Jimmy Novak: This is one crazy option that’s floating around my head, although I think it’s one of the least likely possibilities. What if Castiel’s angel essence was expelled from his vessel’s body and now it’s just Jimmy left? Although, considering what that poor guy’s body has been through since Cas was first introduced in season 4, I find it highly unlikely that his body could still be moving around without something supernatural inside of it.

Godstiel: I’m not talking about a super-powered version of Castiel here, like he claimed to be at the end of season 6. I’m actually talking about Cas becoming GOD. In other words, Cas’ essence has been destroyed by the leviathans and God himself decides to take over his body and reunite it with the Winchesters in order to take down the leviathans. You can believe what you want about the character of Chuck, but I really do believe that he was God, at least in the season 5 finale. If that’s true, then he at least helped to guide the Winchesters to their destinies. He may not like to interfere directly, but he could get back in the game as a character familiar to Sam and Dean.

So those are all of the options going through my head about how Castiel or some version of him could return. What do you all think? Vote in our poll below about who you think Collins will play when he returns to the show. Did I miss a possibility? If so, let me know in the comments below.

Don’t forget, Supernatural is on hiatus, but returns with all new episodes on January 6. Watch a trailer for the return here.

  • Sonja

    being Supernatural it is always possible that Misha Collins could come back as the ghost of Jimmy Novak, and i'm sure he would be pretty pissed off on how his vessel was treated. although since the essence of god has saved the boys and cas numerous times it is also possible that he could bring cas back as a fallen angel. so many options, i guess we will have to just wait and see.

    • Clarissa

      Honestly, my thought is that he won't come back as any type of ghost at all. I believe he'll either be angel, human, leviathan or some combination thereof. But yeah, the possibilities are endless! I'm still wracking my brain for other ideas.

  • Tommiegirl

    I think he will come back in Bobby's body.. Bobby's dying, makes sense..

    • @BetaArtemis

      Well considering Misha Collins is coming back, I don't think Misha Collins will be coming back as Jim Beaver, they wouldn't need Misha back then if they are gonna stick Cas into Bobby's body, and honestly, if they are even having the real Cas back, then a reunion between Cas and the boys played by anyone other than Misha would really be rather insulting.

  • @BetaArtemis

    I'm really hoping for the Super-Boss Leviathan that will eventually lead to normal-Cas again, that would be the best for me, and it would FINALLY give Misha the chance to flesh out the brilliant Leviathan performance he gave in the first episode that to be honest, no other Leviathan actor was able to outshine. And it would certainly solve the issue of my eternal boredom of Dick Roman as a main bad guy because I simply just don't feel it, he might be smarmy and annoying, but certainly not interesting nor intimidating. I've fallen asleep every time he starts speaking. I've seen sponges more fascinating at this point. So if Misha were to return as the real big bad, it would be great and finally make the Leviathans a worthwhile enemy.

    And then maybe the boys can save Cas and get the real Cas back, though I am afraid if the writers will even want to take the effort of keeping the character or just write him off for real this time. Either they have him be fallen and human to keep him around or they just send him back with the angels to end his storyline or have Cas sacrifice himself to lock down purgatory like Sam did with Lucifer/Michael in the cage.

    But then again, SPN has never really followed my train of thought when it comes to endings, so for all I know, Misha could be returning in a bunny suit and playing Bunny-Cas. I just hope whatever they have planned is good and it respects the character's core and integrity.

  • pamela

    He's going to be the Casiel in 2014

    • Clarissa

      But 2014 Cas had "lost" his mojo, basically making him human. That would mean "fallen" Castiel then.

      • Rebecca

        That could be possible as I’m sure another angel mentioned that the future cannot be changed (correct me if I’m wrong ;) ) and cas in 2014 says life happened to him and maby he lost hope in god because of what he has been through and probably will have pissed him off too. This is another theory I was thinking of…, when the seal was broke on purgatory and cas became god it would be a good twist if he somehow made his own creations by accident(lethiathan angels) that would make a cool twist,anyone agree?

    • Coleen

      That's what I'm thinking. They could be setting up the series for that episode, "The End". It wouldn't end the way it did, but I think if Cas comes back "fallen", then it's more likely.

  • @tvd_luis

    I hope he returns as normal Castiel or fallen Castiel.

  • @squeemonster

    I'd be very happy with fallen!Cas, amnesiac!Cas, or normal!Cas. Leviathan!Cas would be okay if we end up with "our" Cas eventually (it would be nice to see Misha get to play around with that character a bit more).

    Just so long as they don't ruin the character, kill him off (again) or get rid of him forever. I've missed this character so much. We need our Cas back, as do the Winchesters.

  • raelee514

    I truly think it will be Super Boss Leviathan Cas and then hopefully Fallen Angel Cas or Normal Castiel.

  • Jedaqia

    Misha mentioned that he'll be coming back without his underwear, so my guess is normal amnesia Castiel. Somebody might've found him naked by the lakeside & took him in. So he live without his memory until the boys stumble upon him during a hunt.

  • Jess

    I'm hoping for cloned Cas. If the Leviathan's can clone Sam and Dean then they can clone Cas. That would mean that the Cas we see was a fake and the real Cas would remain dead.

    • @trinidee1977

      I like that idea, very possible.

  • Thomas

    I'm thinking amnesiac + fallen.

  • Moi

    I'm hoping for fallen – and not the watered-down, kind-of-human-er-than-he-was-before, still-has-some-powers Cas from season 5, but fully human, can't fly/teleport, can't heal people, can't do anything angelic or supernatural at all.

    I think it'd be really interesting to see how he adjusts (and I mean that in a more long-term way than season 5) to being human. There's still so much to do with this character, I really hope they don't waste him.

  • @trinidee1977

    Considering the Supernatural universe, I am voting for Godstiel. The Leviathans were dispelled from earth once before, I'm thinking by god, who else to help Sam and Dean do it again? Plus, we still have Dean's threat from season 5 that he was going after god next. Eventually they are going to have to make good on that threat. It's one of those loose ends just hanging around out there. Any writer worth his salt will find an ingenius way to bring that storyline out.

  • Sarah

    In line with the theory of Cas taking over Bobby's body, it would be semi-funny and entertaining if Jim Beaver played the character of Cas, but with Misha Collin's voice. Then, they'd both kind of be back :)

  • CommanderGreen2

    I rewatched the episode with death and cas. I think they wont be able to kill the Leviathans but instead trap them in some kind of limbo like state. I cant believe they killed off Rufus, Bobby, Cas, Joe pretty much got ride of Lisa and ben (I hope). I wonder if they will re visit lucifers cage next season, will we get to see Adam again?

  • snidget

    I am voting for "Other". I think it will be ghost of Castiel or Jimmy. Maybe Sam's hallucination.

  • Carrie

    I want Normal Castiel or Fallen Castiel – they would be the best by far. I love Castiel so much and we need him to be a permanent part of the show again.

  • Krissy

    my guess is leviathan or just or angel that is currently residing in Heaven. If bobby is indeed dead, I can see him and Cas joining the boys to kick the Leviathans a**

  • @Tee2dahJay

    Honestly i LOVEEEEE this show ! been watching it since season 1 … never stopped and just to say im SUPER FRIGGIN EXCITED for the mid season premiere, now just to clarify, bobbys dead, *which im highly upset about* and cas died as well with the leviathans so we see, but what if, just what if BOBBY came back as an angel in Jimmy's body as cas, understand what im saying? lol that would be amazing and a hugggeeee twist to the characters

  • Kat

    I would love to see "Fallen Angel Cas", but I think that "big boss Levi" would be better for the show. Dick just doesn't cut it as the big bad. Yes, he's a butt, but he really doesn't evoke any real emotion. I think Misha could pull it off great. Plus, you have an already emotional audience with the Cas situation, so it would be a double whammy…Will they kill him or save him?

  • http://tvovermind stuarty


    its got to be

  • @yim_happy

    I think Misha's comment about being Castiel, but no underwear makes me think that Castiel lost his human body Jimmy. I don't think the Leviathans destroyed an angel's spirit. Castiel is pure angel again, except maybe imprisoned by Leviathans.

    So I'm guessing that Cas could appear as his old self again in dreams, but otherwise unavailable. I'd prefer normal Castiel again, but who gets what they want in Supernatural.

    We'll probably either see dream!Cas, or maybe a Leviathan in another body shape-changing into Castiel's old look (Jimmy).

    • Clarissa

      I think people are reading far too much meaning into Misha's comments about Cas coming back with no underwear. I'm 99.9% sure he was joking with Laura about that. I think the more pertinent portion is that Cas will come back "changed".

  • shaza

    normal castiel please

  • Gold

    archangel castiel, perhaps?

  • Heather

    I’m guessing there is one rebel Leviathan left in Cas. Has anyone else noticed the Levi’s teeth can eat themselves? (see Dr Sexy) I am betting on Cas being able to reunite with the Winchesters to “eat” the Levi’s. As far as God, John Winchester is the true vessel for God, which is why he is MIA. He’ll be there for the end, just you wait. :)

  • lisenka

    Sorry if my english is bad. I'm from holland. Cas mentioned that the lowest rang of angels are the Cherubs (Cupid) he was wearing underwear. Maybe Cas has been punished and becomes cupid. That maybe will explain the underwaer. And I think it will be very funny.

  • batjokequinn

    what about this what if Dick Roman IS in Jimmy Novack/Castiel. Picture this the levithon boss is IN the misha collins vessel, he finds Dick Roman, touches him and shapshifts into him and eats the real Dick Roman, there fore the Leviathan boss was in Cas. all along. And please none of the the leviathans SAID he was in Dick Roman, they lie.

  • Michael

    Let us not forget that a few seasons back there was an angel named “Anna” whos “human” body was also destroyed, so she called in a “favor” being sentamental. P.s. Chuck cannot be God; when Dean first attacked him and cas stopped him, he had on his neckless, it didnt ”
    burn hot”

    • batjokequinn

      I am pretty sure God can counter act what is suppose to burn around him, he is God, he def. trumps puny amulet

    • Millie

      remember the angel in heaven said the neckless wouldn't work. besides then explain y chuck disappeared at the end of season 5.

  • Steph

    Stoner Cas!!!

  • Bonny

    Like nerdishh said on tumblr:
    "different form" = not an angel
    "without his underwear" = without his powers

    He will be a fallen angel. Human.

  • barjy

    i'd like to see a human castiel because that will be the most interesting for an evoluition of the character
    but i think i'm gonna be disappointed…again..
    probably the big boss or something like that
    just want to see him alive..surviving
    pissed off to see him dying…over and over without any compassion from his "friends"…

  • SuperMishaGirl

    I hope he comes back forever! I don’t care who he plays I just want to see him act again and I want supernatural to hurry up and come here in England

  • Ashley Iversen

    What if cas is normal but can’t find the winchesters because they are hidden from Angels. ( the whole rib carvings ) they have different cell phones and Bobby’s house was burnt down. They are also not using the Same car. This is what I thought could happen if cas came back.

  • nekoi

    2014 love guru cass will be nice ;p

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