Supernatural: Misha Collins Teases Castiel’s Return and Naomi’s Control

SupernaturalCastiel fans have been eagerly waiting the angel’s return to Supernatural since he vanished at Naomi’s request at the end of the January return. The Winchesters were suspicious about his cagey behavior and disappearing act and those suspicions aren’t going to dissipate any time soon, even after Castiel resurfaces in this week’s episode (watch a preview). The angel finally reunites with the brothers to tell them that Crowley has sent a group of demons to a small town in order to uncover one of Lucifer’s crypts. But the lies on Cas’ side quickly mount as he begins his reunion with Sam and Dean by misleading them about what Crowley is hoping to find.

We spoke with Supernatural star Misha Collins today about Castiel’s return to the show and what’s in store for the angel.

Castiel’s Will Is Not His Own. Naomi has done a number on Castiel during his time in Heaven since the end of “Torn and Frayed” and Misha told us that her control is nearly absolute: “The programming that Naomi has been undertaking with Cas has been deepening and Cas is pretty thoroughly under her control at this point.” At the same time, he’s made it clear that Castiel is and continues to be strong-willed and there is a part of him that is struggling against her programming. “She is very firmly in charge of Cas but there is, of course, deep down, a shred of the old Cas still struggling to be heard or still struggling to take control. There will be a bit of an internal struggle that plays out in the episode.”

The Dark Cloud of Suspicion. In a clip for the episode we see Sam and Dean once again discuss Castiel’s behavior and the fact that they think something is clearly “up” with him, a suspicion that Castiel knows about now. But their shared desire to stop Crowley in this episode will overcome these doubts…at least for now. “In this episode, we see that Cas knows that the boys are suspicious of him, but they have a shared mission that trumps that, so Cas is really sort of ‘eyes on the prizes, focused on the mission’ and it becomes sort of an afterthought that the boys don’t trust him. Everyone is aware of the fact that they don’t trust Cas and everyone, nonetheless, proceeds with caution.”

Naomi’s Devious Plans. Some Supernatural fans may have been curious about the fact that Naomi is the only member of this closely-guarded faction of Heaven that has been seen this season. Will we learn more about other allies or lackies that she has? Misha told us that those answers are coming, but you’ll have to be patient: “How many angels are either collaborating with her or under her control isn’t something that’s answered in this coming episode, but it’s something that will play out a little bit down the line in coming episodes.” And as for her desire to find the Angel Tablet, her reasons for doing so have never been outright addressed, but Misha did hint that the answer is right under our noses: “If the Angel Tablet does anything to angels like what the Demon Tablet is capable of doing to demons, it makes perfect sense that the angels would want to take possession of it either to use as a weapon or just for their own self-preservation.”

SupernaturalHell’s Minions Return. As mentioned, Crowley returns in this week’s episode and the Winchesters and Castiel also stumble upon Meg, who has been tortured by Crowley for information about Lucifer’s crypts. Misha succinctly teased that “As per usual, Crowley’s objectives and the boys’ objectives, those are at odds. Once again, Crowley is a pain in everyone’s ass.” But he went on to also tell us that there’s actually going to be a “cute” moment between Castiel and Meg, who grew closer in seasons 6 and 7 (or, at least, have become “grudging allies” as I said to Misha): “They have an unusual sort of heartfelt and just a frank conversation about their relationship, which is kind of sweet and endearing and unusual for Supernatural. Essentially, in not so many words, I think that Cas kind of admits that he has a crush on her. It’s kind of sweet.”

What’s Next for Castiel? Misha will return as Castiel as season 8 draws to a close I’m sure some fans are already wondering whether he’ll visit Sam and Dean’s new digs: the Men of Letters bunker. Misha hinted that “I think that’s a spoiler for upcoming episodes, but yes”. His visit, however, might be brief, because he dropped the spoiler that “[Castiel is] going to strike out eventually toward the end of the season on a sort of mission of his own that is an agenda that is sort of different from the boys.”

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, because Misha has already been made a regular again for season 9 of Supernatural and whatever mission he’s pursuing, it’s not going to land him dead (well, permanently dead, because this is Supernatural).

Don’t miss Castiel’s return to Supernatural on March 20 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • tiptoe39

    Well! There’s a pair of bombs you’ve just dropped on us, Clarissa… one good, one not so much, but both intriguing.

    Good news: Cas will get to see the Batcave! I do hope that will be interesting for him, and I also hope it will not just be a strategic visit but will serve a purpose either plotwise (protecting him from the angels) or thematically (his feelings on what is “home,” and how the boys have found one that he could potentially share). I was a little upset at how easy they let outsiders into the HQ, and I hope that at least in Castiel’s case, there’s more to it than “it’s a place where we can talk strategy and order a pizza.”

    Not-so-good news: Again, sending Cas on his own mission “different from the boys” makes me sad, because I do like the dynamics of him and the guys on the same screen, and I hate to think of them going into Season 9 either not in contact or at odds.But I understand that the showrunners are trying to thread a very thin needle here — trying to keep it The Show About Sam and Dean while not wasting, or throwing away, this very dynamic, much-loved character who has more than enough interest to sustain his own plotline. Although personally I think it’d be more realistic and true to the brothers’ evolution for them to allow Cas into their lives, I can get how they might not want to do that for fear of jeopardizing the vocal “Sam And Dean, Full Stop, End of Paragraph” contingent.

    It does make you wonder what they are going to do with his full-time status next season. I personally hope they don’t pull evil-Cas again, even if they sustain it throughout a full season; I’m sure they can do it well and compellingly, but it’s still gonna feel “done,” just like this season’s first half felt a bit repetitive because we’d already seen Dean and Sam have these fights (albeit less convincingly) in previous seasons. To have him hold down a separate, continuing plotline would make the show a bit fragmented. But who knows, maybe it’s something I haven’t thought of, yet, and I will be grateful for any personal growth we see now or next season for our angel. What you say about his internal struggle heartens me. I really want Castiel to fight his way free of this programming. He’s been denied his own agency long enough, and I want to see Castiel as Castiel, not as Levia!Cas or Robo!Cas or God!Cas. Cas making his own decisions and mistakes and struggling to keep going and find something to fight for. Gimme THAT Cas.

    Sorry for the long comment. Thanks for the wonderful interview.

  • Mia

    I literally “awwed” when I read the Cas/Meg spoiler. That’s so sweet!

  • Jen

    The Meg/Cas “crush” garbage is enough to turn me off of this episode. Meg is a demon who has murdered friends of Dean, Sam and John, and they can’t redeem her for me. It makes me think less of Cas as well. I could understand that garbage coming from Sera Gamble last season, but I didn’t think Carver would bring that crap back.

  • Gen

    I’m getting so sick of this BS. Yes, let’s talk about Cas and Meg, they clearly have something special because they’re a male and female character who have interacted in a total of about 4 episodes!

    Meanwhile, let’s blatantly ignore and not talk about the fact that Cas is, and has been for a long time, IN LOVE WITH DEAN, THE HUMAN HE DROPS LITERALLY EVERYTHING FOR, INCLUDING HIS LIFE. But nooo, we can’t talk about that. That’s two dudes. No homo.

    So close to being done.

  • BennyFan

    I agree so much about the Meg/Cas stuff. Do we really need to take up valuable screen time Meg and Cas can talk about their feelings for each other?

    Meg is a demon. I wish the show would remember that. It also makes zero sense for her to want to help Sam and Dean. Closing the gates of hell would mean she would be stuck in hell for eternity, being tortured by Crowley. I never wanted to see a good demon and was really wishing this was one race they would leave evil. Hopefully she’s got a double cross planned.

  • Patty

    Awww that bit about Meg and Cas is so sweet. I love Meg and I’m so excited to see her back, not enough badass ladies on SPN anymore. I hope she sticks around for S9. Great article, thanks for sharing.

  • kriss

    This is…I just can’t even believe this. Meg? MEG?? The goddamn demon? What the hell is Carver thinking?? After all the buildup we have had for Cas and Dean this season, THIS is what he gives to us? I’m so disappointed.

  • BennyFan

    Forgot to mention, how can Cas visit the bunker when its supposed to be impervious to all supernatural beings? Guess Angels and God’s don’t count.

    Although the Cas stuff sounds interesting. Hopefully Dean is involved in directly and gets to do more than just wring his hands and worry about “What’s wrong with Cas.”

  • Erica


  • Erica


  • Kyra

    Yay for Meg. And Meg/Cas, too. It’s indeed an interesting relationship.

    Both are big spoilers, I wasn’t expecting something like that coming from an interview, to be honest.

  • NIe

    This Meg/Cas spoiler….. NO just NO. Now i feel like not watching the episode anymore… And i’ve been waiting it for weeks because I want to see Cas again. But I just can’t if there’s some weird Meg/Cas stuff….

  • Sally

    Really excited to read about Cas and Meg having a ‘cute’ moment. Just the way they look at each other makes me think there could be something between them, I always thought that Cas had a crush on her!

  • Sarah

    Not keen about the Cas Ceg thing, but as long as they don’t delve into it and they are just going to acknowledge it, that’s it, then fine, I trust carver that he is doing it for a reason and I trust the people who wrote the episode
    they aren’t going to suddenly have an angel and a demon (who can’t feel love or loving emotions) get together after having maybe 4 episodes together
    but then blatantly ignore the chemistry and relationship that has developed between Dean and Cas over the course of four seasons
    whether they will actually make it something is up to them, but if they do try to make something out of Cas and Meg I will be pissed

  • An

    Loved especially the bit about Meg and Castiel. I think they have a great chemistry together. I hope the mission of Castiel at the end has to do with him trying to save her. :)

  • Jai

    So excited about cas and meg exploring their relationship more!!!

  • Marla

    Wow, seriously? The writers are seriously going to trash Cas’s character by making him crush on Meg? The villain that destroyed Dean and Sam’s life? And based on what? Couple of minutes worth of interaction in three or four episodes tops? It’s horrible to Cas’s character, I’m sorry.

    Don’t get me wrong, I adore Meg, but AS A BADASS, IRREDEEMABLE VILLAIN. Don’t turn her into a love interest plot device, because she doesn’t need that. What possible reason could she have to help them? It doesn’t make sense. I guess I’m still mourning season5 Meg in all her badass glory, sorry. I guess I forgot that SPN ladies ARE ALL ABOUT MEN, FFS.

  • Kara

    I like Cas and Meg’s chemistry so I say bring it on. Though I suspect Crowley may be pulling her strings just like Naomi is with Cas.

    And I’ll just add I support any storyline for Cas away from Sam and Dean. Tired of him being used for comedy relief or awkward subtext with Dean. Give him something new maybe a female love interest or write him off the show.

    And I won’t name names but for those watching who keep complaining that Dean and Cas are not canon I don’t see it happening. There’s a difference between tumblr fan fiction and then there is the actual show. I humbly suggest another show closer to your interests?

  • Lani

    I think it’s great. Cas has a storyline and I like Meg, so YAY!

  • Kivina

    I wish writers would watch earlier seasons. Because that’s what Meg is. Ruthless demon that killed Jo and Ellen, tortured Sam, tried to kill Bobby and Dean. And you know what? I wanted her to stay this way. Finally a real demon who lasts on the show. But what they’re doing to her is disgusting. Some touchy feely with an angel who can actually see demons’ true faces so he can see her for what she really is: a disgusting evil abomination. That’s so out of character for him to like her.
    Neverthless I hope she will live. But I hope, writers will wake up and write her as she should be written. Evil demon who cares just for herself and nothing or no one else. That’s how I like her.

  • Alice

    Ahh!! So excited! Cas and Meg are so adorable!

  • Kate Lynn

    … Are you people that are talking about Dean and Cas’s “epic love story” high? Like… you must be high. They’re FRIENDS you MORONS.

  • Desizinnia

    Now I’m not so excited about tomorrow night’s episode……
    When Meg kissed Cas in season 6 and then Cas kissed her back, I was Shocked. It came out of NOWHERE. I hated it. Now that I support Dean/Cas as a couple, I dislike it even more. I don’t know. I’ll DVR the episode and watch it later….. My somach won’t be able to handle a ‘cute’ Cas/Meg moment. I think the show forgot the stuff Meg did? She’s good as a villain, nothing more. I’ll never accept her as an ally to the Winchesters. Did the show forget what this demon character did?? She was involved in John Winchester’s death, possessed Sam and killed other hunters. Tried to rape Jo using Sam’s body. Had a hand in Ellen and Jo’s deaths with the realeas of hellhounds after them. Yes, afther them and Sam and Dean. Did the show forget???? I used to like Meg in the earlier seasons, ’cause she was a recurring enemy, but now…. I never liked her joining with the good guys (which was, ofc, for her own benefit and nothing more) I hope Meg dies. JFC.


    Meg is an amazing character. She has grown and become such a complex character throughout the seasons and the only reason she gets hate is because she “gets in the way” of a fanon ship. It’s pathetic. Really really looking forward to this ep, because even with this spoiler, i know the meg/cas dynamic is not going to be the focus of the episode, because that’s not the kind of show supernatural is.

    haters need to calm themselves and think about why they hate something and realize ITS STUPID AND PETTY.

  • ste

    so upset right now.

    i can only hope that misha is seriously overstating the “kind of admits he has a crush on her” bit, because really?
    cas having a crush on meg? why? it makes so little sense.

    with all cas has going on right now is this petty relationship really something the episode needs to include at all? what’s the point?

    so little patience for these writers.
    was really looking forward to this episode, too.

  • Ale

    Of course Cas admiting he has a crush on the demon who killed Ellen and Jo and made Dean and Sam’s a living hell is cute. THE VESSEL IS FEMALE AFTER ALL. Male + Female = Cute. RIGHT? I feel sick, sick. I’m really freaking disappointed.

  • Layla

    @no: I don’t give a F**K about any other male/male pairing on this planet. I only ship what I see, and I SEE CAS/DEAN, and if you don’t, I don’t know what show you’re even watching anymore. You have Misha Collins out there, literally telling people, “YES, IT’S REAL. JUST WATCH” and you’re STILL denying it! It’s hilarious at this point!

  • Mo

    I wouldn’t say it’s “delusional” to think there is more than just your average friendship between Dean & Cas. They clearly have an unusual & hard to define relationship. Same with Cas & Meg. And I don’t see how having a crush on Meg is somehow destroying the relationship between Dean & Cas.

  • Seamus

    Meg and Cas have an interesting chemistry, that’s for sure. But here come all the “Cas and Dean are obviously and canonically in love with each other and want to have lots of little angel babies together so therefore Dean hitting on girls is out of character and Cas/Meg is just utter nonsense” people who don’t understand the difference between fanon and canon. Liking Meg/Cas more than Dean/Cas does not make anyone homophobic, it’s simply a matter of chemistry. And I think Dean has more chemistry with Sam than he does with Cas anyway.

    I’m excited to see where this goes.

  • kate

    IA Meg used to be an amazing antognist of the boys a really great character. Now she’s a wishy washy Castiel extra. Stupid storyline for what used to be a great character. How the boys even keep her alive is beyond me, remember Caleb, their dad, them!


    Cas and Meg is enough to turn me off to this episode. Not watching. Good luck with the episode but this constant need to force this relationship down viewers throats is really annoying. No, Cas does not like Meg. Stop trying to make it happen just because she has a vagina.

  • Lina

    Yay! Bring on the Megstiel! They are so cute. <3

  • Anne

    The “friendship” between Meg and Castiel turns me incredibly off, because it’s extremely disrespectful of what Cas is. Castiel is much better than a demon’s friend. A demon who already killed friends of him, or important people in Dean’s life: Jo and Ellen, Pastor Jim… Meg does not and will never say she is sorry for that, she is not looking for forgiveness. And Cas is an altruistic. I don’t see anything “sweet” on this.

  • Jen

    Friends? I don’t even think they are that. They are allies imo. If they are ‘friends’ Dean deserves a better friend.

  • J.

    Wow, megstiel? really? Meg, who is a villain, who has used Castiel to her own purposes in s7, when he was insane? Who killed Ellen, Jo, helped orchestrating John’s death and killed countless other innocent people? She’s having a sweet moment with Cas, who has a crush on her?
    Oh yeah, right. It’s irrelevant as long as they are a het couple, cause that makes it cool and sweet.

  • Lol

    @layla you just proved my point. you’re so sad.

  • Tania

    Cas and Meg? No. They have an amazing bromance, but this whole crush thing is just seriously out of nowhere. The kiss from season 6 was random (justified only by the fact that Cas learned some new skills he wanted to try out) and seriously, I don’t understand how Cas can go from throwing her onto a ring of holy fire to having a crush on her in so few interactions.

    Their only really prolonged interaction was during that few months in the mental hospital. You know. When Cas was out of his mind. But until Meg apologizes or actually feels bad for something, (I don’t know, killing Jo and Ellen for example?) then I just can’t see how this will pan out well.

    It’s not even a Dean/Cas thing. Meg should not be reduced to a love interest. All love interests of the boys have ended in the death of the girl or her sudden disappearance, and I can’t see the spn writers giving Cas a love interest that will stick around. Meg is badass, and to put her into a relationship on this show is a death omen.

  • Elle

    Excited to have Castiel back, not so much to hear about this Cas/Meg “crush”. Is everyone forgetting that not only is Meg a Demon, but she’s also killed friends of the Winchesters – including Ellen and Jo. I just really don’t see how Castiel would be “crushing” on someone who has done things like that considering how close he is to the boys. Cas was crazy in S7 so I take practically all of his actions with an ocean of salt, lest we forget he was also discussing cat anatomy and bee’s.

  • Rach

    Gee the Castiel storyline is soooooo boring. Every other angel has always been more interesting than Castiel, its quite intreaguing actually. I’m more interested in Naomi and her story. I hope she sticks around.

    Still don’t care much though. I want to see more of the MOL and whats up with Sam and/or whether dean will find out and what will he do with that. More interested in the trials, more interested in Kevin Tran!

  • Gen

    So interesting when some people who call themselves fans, go on about Dean and Sam and it being all about them and how its been done and its boring now but all they want is Dean Sam and Castiel, thats it, like thats anything interesting. Its been done, its boring. Actually its over done. The boys should be allowed to move on from Castiel and meet other intreaguing interesting friend type characters. Maybr humans this time. Other hunters, family, girls. And mix that into the two brothers storyline, thats where this show should be going, not Angels yet again.

  • Sarah

    “Of course Cas admiting he has a crush on the demon who killed Ellen and Jo and made Dean and Sam’s [life] a living hell is cute. THE VESSEL IS FEMALE AFTER ALL. Male + Female = Cute. RIGHT?” -Ale

    Thank you

  • Brenda

    someone admitting to having a crush is not the same as putting them in a relationship. admitting that someone cares for someone else does not mean they are going to be the focus of the plot. meg cared for castiel for a long time at the end of s7 and they grew close, and then she disappeared for nearly a year. it is not unlikely that cas would admit being worried about her.


  • Lori

    Maybe that’s true for some fans, but not for me. First of all, I don’t ship Dean/Cas. I don’t think they’re in love. I do however like their friendship.

    With that said, I find it disgusting that Cas has a crush on Meg. A demon who’s single handily hurt Dean and Sam (Cas’ only and dearest friends) possibly more than any villain they’ve ever faced.

    This is my issue. And I’m sorry, but I’ve lost some respect for Cas.

  • Jen

    Ignoring the hilarious delusions about Dean and Castiel’s ‘love story’ being ruined by it, I am not quite on board for Castiel liking Meg given that she killed Ellen and Jo and possessed Sam, etc. I get that an angel/demon thing is supposed to be cool or something but Meg has too much horrible history with Sam and Dean for me to believe Castiel would have a crush on her. I guess I’ll see how it plays out on screen but I just hope Meg doesn’t die! Not yet at least :)

  • Sarahh

    Are they serious. Meg? Meg who’s been around since season 1 and killed so many of their friends, Meg who worked with Azazel. Meg who admitted to USING Cas for her own sake.

    Cas has never, ever, shown any interest in Meg. He’s a nice guy, though, and when she took care of him (or like, you know, read magazines by his bed??) he appreciated the concern and all.
    But the kiss? The kiss was MEG stealing his sword. The kiss was Cas showing that he could do big-boy human stuff too, showing that he was learning more about emotions. Besides, he only did that because he’d seen people do that in a porno. Remember when he used her to get out of the holy fire?

    Meg is evil, and doesn’t deserve redeem or becoming a nice, good character. SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE EVIL
    i am so god damned tired of everyone having to have a love interest or whatever.
    especially meg/Cas? she’s a demon and he’s an angel. ~~omg wow so cute from 2different worlds*~~*~
    he can see her true face, and it aint pretty

  • Clarissa

    In an attempt to bring some balance to this discussion, can we all keep in mind that just because Cas may make a confession it doesn’t actually mean anything will come out of it. I honestly don’t believe Castiel and Meg will become Supernatural’s new power couple. I think he feels an attachment to her because of what happened while he lost his sanity and we know he’s not good at figuring out feelings.

    In fact, we should probably remember first and foremost that *he’s not good at figuring out feelings*, so whatever he “feels” for Meg probably won’t end in the pairing that some people are predicting. I suspect it won’t become a big thing at all.

  • Carl

    @Seamus, Sam and Dean barely seem to even make it through scenes now, to me. I think Dean has chemistry with almost everyone else but Sam.

    @Mo, I’d agree with that. I don’t really have a big reaction to Cas and Meg. We rarely see Meg, and based on some of the promos, I think Meg will be working with Crowley, so no matter how much she and Cas may have a cute moment, I don’t see anything happening.

    I have to admit I have very mixed feelings about “CAS CAN’T BE AROUND MEG, SHE KILLED ELLEN AND JO!” I think this all started to go out the window when Dean and Sam asked Meg to babysit Cas for weeks. Cas was at his most vulnerable at that time, so I can’t just go back and say he should never be near her.

    I don’t think seeing a relationship between Dean and Cas = fanon. They’ve had a complex bond for years and it’s been very strong this season. And the show has actively baited and teased fans of this relationship, just go on Twitter and see what the writers or crew say to fans. Does that mean it’s going to happen? No. Not at all. Does that mean fans are given an opportunity to see it as real, and not just being some delusion? I’d say yes.

    I’m not all that thrilled knowing that Cas is leaving yet again. At this point it’s just lazy writing, because they don’t know what to do with the character.

  • Sally

    The reason that I like Cas/Meg together is because a relationship between an angel and a demon is different and I’d like to see how they relate to each other. I personally don’t see this so called ‘epic love’ between Cas and Dean, only awkward interaction because of Cas’s complete lack of social skills and awareness. I actually preferred him when he was bad and an enemy to the Winchesters, so if he does get together with Meg, then awesome!

  • Minion

    All shipping aside, to me it just doesn’t feel right or in-canon for non-crazy Castiel to have a ‘crush’ on Meg. But I’m going to hope for the best and reserve my opinions about all of it until after I see the actual episode.

  • GoFast18

    Ugh. Agreed. Why does everyone have to a romantic storyline?!?! It p!sses me off. I was excited for Wednesday night, until now.

  • IDK

    Personally, I don’t like Castiel and Meg as a couple. I hope the writers don’t go there. I think it will be interesting to see the writers explore Cas and Meg’s relationship, but I think they would need a lot more development to be convincing as a pairing. And even then, I worry they would seem out of character. Idk.

    I’m going to watch the episode before I make any judgements. I’m so excited that Castiel is back!

  • Felix

    Meg/Cas Wow. Okay hear me out. I get it. Meg took care of Cas and nursed him back to health when he was totally off his rocker. its normal that he feels sort of connected to her, but Meg is a demon. Meg destroyed the Winchesters lives. Meg is built of the very essence of being a fabulous double crosser and thats what makes her such a WONDERFUL character. To have Cas have a crush on her just seems to cheapen both of their characters. I am frankly surprised and a little disgusted about the show going this rout. I will fight to the end that they threw this is there to try and mar the validity of Destiel. That is queer baiting at its finest. I thought this show was better than that.

    Over all, Im still very excited about tomorrows episode, but wary and let down about such a distasteful character choice. C’mon SPN. Not cool.

  • Ally

    @NOT WATCHING says:

    “this constant need to force this relationship down viewers throats is really annoying. Stop trying to make it happen just because she has a vagina.”

    I say exactly the same thing about Dean/Castiel relationship to destiel fans. Stop trying to make it “real”, force the writer to make it happen just because you want it to be true. It’s NOT. Get real.

  • Sheilla

    I awwed out loud when I read that Meg and Castiel bit. The angel and the demon…how cute!

  • Sarah

    We aren’t trying to make it happening, their love is playing out all on it’s own

  • Dean/Cas Fan

    I could support a Cas/Meg scene if its used to make Dean jealous.

    Maybe that’s why he insists on going with Cas and sending Sam with Meg. He doesn’t want them any where near each other.

  • Emma

    Hah! @ all the people here commenting here about how Cas could not possibly have a crush on Meg because he loves Dean!!!

    If you want to ship a certain couple on your favorite TV show, by all means, go ahead. Blog about it and create art and write fanfiction. But you are ridiculous if you actually think that it will become a reality on said show. It is just not realistic.

    The % of people who watch SPN on a regular basis and see a “love story” between Dean and Cas is miniscule.

  • Ardeospina

    Great interview, Clarissa, and thanks for sharing it with us!

    Re: Meg and Castiel, I will wait and see what happens with the episode, but his wording makes it seem like this is going to be much ado about nothing. They probably have a moment, Meg shoots him down, end of story. I highly doubt it’s anything more than that, and there’s no way they’re going to ever be a couple. As Clarissa said in a comment, Cas isn’t good with figuring out his feelings, so he’s probably mistaking fondness for a crush. I’ll wait and see!

  • Jenna

    Can I remind some of you that Misha tends to exaggerate? I love him, I do, but he also said recently that Cas says “I love you” to Dean in the next episode, and that was false, yet everyone took it really seriously. Sure, Meg and Cas will have a nice moment where Cas appreciates Meg as a friend or something. Misha said it himself: “Essentially, in not so many words…”. There is no relationship implied here. The writers might just be having a friendly moment, and not anything to do with a crush at all. CALM DOWN.

  • Restless

    Cas can have a crush on Meg but can Meg be a badass who doesn’t actually have the same feelings? Lust, sure, but love? I don’t want her reduced to a love interest obsessing over a man. :/ Not after she’s been gone so long, that would be so disappointing. Ruby and Bela worked, with minds and goals of their own. But Lisa and Amelia were pathetic and brainless. This show doesn’t treat women well, everyone knows that, and I can’t trust that Meg’s characterization will be better than it has been.

    Meanwhile, CAAASSTIEL! Please be okay :c I know he’ll be a season regular in 9, but I’m so worried about him. Sam and Dean don’t trust him, but are they planning on trying to do anything about that, or just waiting for Cas to show his hand and crap to hit the fan again?

    It will be almost weird if Castiel doesn’t end up dying and being resurrected around the season finale. XD

    And I hope the angel tablets don’t just close the gates of heaven and kill angels. That’s so boring and predictable. It should do something different and unexpected; there’s plenty of fan ideas out there on this subject, so I won’t bother taking up space here speculating/repeating.

    Anyway, thank you for the interview. :)

  • Clarissa

    @Restless – I don’t think she’ll become a love interest at all. In fact, I think Cas feels this attachment to her because she watched over him when he was ill and it might become a whole “Meg, I think I like you” thing and she shoots back “WTF are you talking about?” and then it’s basically a non-issue. I honestly don’t think it will be a big deal.

    I also find it a bit strange if that’s all the angel tablet does, but Misha admitted that that was more of his assumption than any hard fact. It’s entirely possible that we might learn more about the angel tablet in the finale or next season. I find it curious that God would include instructions to lock up angels like demons because it would seem to me that angels might help humans more than demons. In any event, I suspect we’ll learn more by the season finale.

    Thanks for reading :)

  • SAC

    Thanks to this, I now officially can’t watch the episode. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, but if this is true…

    I’m really upset right now.

  • ozzie

    Not a fan of Castiel or demon Meg 2…but like Crowley. I will DVR this eppie just to see Crowley torture Meg 2 and it be nice if she died too. I will watch it then delete it..because Sam and Dean will do little here but be window dressing.

  • Kerry

    As a fan of Dean and Castiel’s relationship, I’m going to try to be the voice of reason here.

    I didn’t see him as having a crush on her when he kissed her in s6 (Dean said he would give Cas an hour with her and Cas didn’t understand why he’d want that, even with his new views on sex via the porn). However, I think it makes a degree of sense that he would have developed a crush on her in s7 when he was insane. He was not only in a strange place mentally, but he was also extremely emotionally vulnerable. He was probably uncertain that the Winchesters were going to forgive him or would want anything to do with him beyond just wanting him to help them kill Leviathans. He latched onto Meg because, in her words supposedly quoting him, she is the one who stayed with him. In that emotionally vulnerable and unbalanced mental state, that’s exactly what he needed. So, yeah, I can see him as kind of getting a crush on her back then.

    Now, he’s not so insane and well on his way to reforging his bond with Dean. I’m pretty certain that the end of the episode will culminate in him breaking free of Naomi’s brainwashing in order to SAVE Dean. That’s no small thing. I think Cas might admit to Meg that he DID have feelings for her or that he doesn’t think of her as an enemy because of what she did for him in s7. While I’m really disgusted by the idea of canon Meg/Cas (I absolutely loathe the idea of them turning Meg into a “good” demon, redeemed by angel penis or something), I feel equally certain that’s not what we’re going to get. I think this will be closure for Cas and Meg’s “relationship.” It makes sense to wrap it up now, since it seems like they are going to lead us in to Dean/Castiel next season.

    At least I hope so.

  • Shiizuko

    Jim Michaels confirmed on twitter a while ago that there would be no Meg and Cas romance. That is what I am holding onto.
    I don’t hate Meg, I actually really like her character. And it’s because of that that I don’t want her to end up as just some love interest, or even worse, a no-homo device. Plus Meg and Cas as a couple wouldn’t make any sense seeing as she had no feelings for him at all. She just wanted him as a weapon/protection from Crowley.

  • Sierra

    Disgusted and disappointed with the spoiler regarding Cas and Meg’s relationship… they “shared a bond” when he was literally out of his mind, and she was playing both him and the Winchesters to suit her own needs. If I’m supposed to believe that Cas would develop feelings for someone who has murdered Dean and Sam’s friends and TRIED to kill them… then obviously this show has no idea what the hell it’s doing anymore.

  • Cindy

    IF Y’ALL STOP WATCHING SUPERNATURAL BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE THE FACT THAT CAS HAS A CRUSH ON MEG BUT NOT DEAN, Y’ALL CRAZY! I SHIP BOTH DESTIEL AND MEGSTIEL AND I REALLY WISH EVERYONE WOULDN’T MAKE SUCH A BIG DEAL! OBVIOUSLY DEAN AND CAS HAVE A PROFOUND BOND…MEG AND CAS HAVE A CONNECTION.THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS THAT UNFORTUNATELY UNLIKE CAS AND DEAN, MEG PROBABLY WILL BE KILLED OFF(i hope this doesn’t happen because she’s a kickass character and has survived even longer than the boys) so what if there’s megstiel it! I really don’t care I will stay loyal to the show til the end no matter what ship becomes canon and what doesn’t. (excuse my grammar it sucks)

  • Kris

    Yes, damn her for letting Sam out of the panic room and tearing down his wall so it breaks his mind… oh wait.

  • Carl

    @FB, not every male/male relationship on the show is sexualized. I’d say even fans who want Dean and Castiel to be together know it’s not going to be sexytimes. I also wouldn’t say anyone is forcing Dean and Cas. I do want Cas to have more of a relationship with Sam, but Dean and Cas have and have always had their own very complex relationship. You won’t turn into DAYS if you made that more than friendship. The show is never going to have any big moments – they would still be the Dean and Cas we know. Dean already acts like he’s in a relationship with Cas as it is.

  • caseytiger5

    Did the little bit where Misha hinted that Cas will veer away from the boys with an agenda of his own, completely bypass everyone? I do like Cas,especially when he’s more like he was in season 4. I hated the direction Gamble took him in. That being said, from all the little tidbits I’ve been seeing and what’s going on with Cas right now, I think we could very well see Cas become the antagonist in season 9. Now before the extreme destielers blow a gasket, let me explain why I’m thinking this.

    First, it’s been subtly hinted that things are going to get worse between Cas and the boys. It’s already obvious that the boys do not trust him and have their guard up. Yes, I know Naomi is controlling him and yes I know the boys don’t know that.

    Second, we have Misha hinting that Cas breaks away from the boys on his own mission. He also said cas and the boys aren’t on good terms and are working together because they share a common foe.

    Now we have Misha hinting that Cas has a crush on Meg.

    These could (and i stress the word ‘could’) be foreshadowing him becoming more of an antagonist, which would be a whole new side for Cas. It also would present an amazing opportunity to see Misha really delve into a different side to Cas. We got a short glimpse of Misha playing Levia!Cas and it was freaking incredible,so just imagine what he could do with antagonistic Cas.

    I don’t personally ship any characters on any shows. The only couples I follow are those presented on the show itself. For me, canon couples are: Sam/Jess, Dean/Lisa, Sam/Madison, Dean/Anna, Sam/Sarah, Dean/Jo, John/Mary. While I’m all for people writing,reading and loving their fan ships,for me they’re simply that,fanon ships. So when people get all upset over a canon pairing or hinted canon pairing infringing on their fanmade ship, it boggles my mind. A few years back, it was wincest.Nowadays, it’s destiel. Neither of which actually exist on the show itself (as much as those shippers would like it to be). So, I don’t get why shippers get so worked up thinking their ship of choice is being dissed by the show, when their ship was never canon to the show to begin with. I’m not trying to be mean or step on any toes here. I just don’t get the mentality, is all.

    I think the hinted crush Cas has on Meg is understandable and intriguing.It certainly would make for an interesting semi-storyline.That’s just my personal opinion tho.

  • Veronica

    God I HATE the cas/meg relationship. i hate it because it’s the classiest form of queerbaiting. throwing femme characters at protagonists to get away from m/m interpretations. because our heterosexist society still refuses to see more than bromance between m/m relationships on television. relationships like dean and cas that have 4 seasons of development against relationships between cas and meg that have a couple of episodes and still get acknowledgment. this is disgusting

  • Sally

    I am not bothered I am not a Castiel fan he should of been written out at the end of season 5 and well Meg is ok but the whole thing doesnt really hold much interest for me personally with either character. The overreaction to anything Castiel has become predictable , he may be a Dean character but does little for Sam on any level however he has been made a regular and that is it .

  • Carl

    @Hana, I agree with what you’re saying. I don’t think their relationship should just be seen as some “no homo” moment. I think the show sort of puts them in this position when we barely see either one of them and suddenly they both return for this moment. I would rather not see romance between them, because I just wouldn’t believe it with the characters, but their relationship is very interesting and Meg has always been one of the most fascinating characters on the show. I wish she weren’t so defined in the last few seasons by ship wars.

  • Alex

    There’s nothing sweet about that *sigh*

  • Eileen

    NO. This whole Meg/Cas thing is pissing me off. ugh

  • Ariel

    I really just can’t believe that the show would push Meg/Castiel as an endgame. Besides the fact that SHE’S A DEMON AND HAS KILLED PEOPLE THAT DEAN, CAS, AND SAM CARE ABOUT she also can’t seem to bring any true emotion to the plot. Meg is not supposed to be an emotional character. Cas obviously likes (loves?) the brothers and I can’t see him betraying them for her. I love Cas and Meg is an interesting character but other than that I can’t see them in relation to one another.

  • Eileen

    Cas and Meg ARE not the two sides of the SAME coin, you are so wrong

  • Rainie

    Is anyone going to talk about the fact that Meg is POSESSING a ppor girl who wanted to be an actress? I don’t know, it makes me so uncomfortable, because there are major consent issues and there is absolutely nothing cute or sweet about it, I am disgusted.

  • Kayte

    I really love Meg as a character. However, she is a demon, she murdered many people close to Winchesters, she posseses an innocent mortal. I just… can’t. I want рук to survive to thrive to everything but Cas having a sruch on her is beyond ridiculous

  • KJ

    Honestly the only reason I’d be upset over a Cas/Meg romance is that they’d be forcing an eons old wave of “celestial intent” into a heteronormative role. If Meg was in a male vessel, would Megstiel happen? Probably not. That means they view Cas as being sexually attracted to females. But if Cas was in a female vessel, would they still have Cas attracted to females? Possibly, but not likely. Even though they have bodyswapping supernatural characters, Supernatural still manages to be heteronormative and that is just gross.

    Even though they have a queer character who is handled nicely (Charlie) they seem to always be quick to slap a “no homo” on anything Castiel related. Like having one of the main recurring characters be anything but straight would be a bad thing even if his character is already of questionable gender/sexuality.

    As a queer person it hurts my feelings they’d have a character like Meg, who admittedly has had UST with Castiel, be involved with Castiel in a canon sense (as in he reciprocates by having a “crush”, proving Cas does indeed have romantic feelings) but then completely ignore any canon nod at his possible feelings for Dean. If any character has a good shot at deviating from the cisgendered, heterosexual mindset of this show, it’s Castiel.

  • jen

    I have to say, I’m kind of annoyed, but I’m holding off until I see what actually happens. I just don’t get why they constantly insist on having a string of filler-type episodes with no significant guest stars we know, and then in a single episode cram FOUR major guest stars and a giant plot point and a huge emotional confrontation. Then afterwards, when the episode seems hugely rushed and a ton of stuff is left hanging, the writers wring their hands and are like ‘oh we just couldn’t fit everything in’. No kidding! Dudes, you write the show, how about you try and even it out a little? This happened last season, too, and it was not exactly the most awesome choice they made.

  • Lani

    Ummm, there is no ‘romance’ between Cas and Dean. In your head, sure; on the show, NO. Misha and the show play it up, just like they do with wincest and any other ship. Sorry, but Cas and Dean will NEVER be canon and I sure as hell don’t see Jensen agreeing to this. Yeah, Cas and Meg sounds pretty lame; romance is not needed in this show, but the OTT reaction on this site is beyond ridiculous.

  • Lani

    Ummm, there is no ‘romance’ between Cas and Dean. In your head, sure; on the show, NO. Misha and the show play it up, just like they do with wincest and any other ship. Sorry, but Cas and Dean will NEVER be canon and I sure as hell don’t see Jensen agreeing to this. Yeah, Cas and Meg sounds pretty lame; romance is not needed in this show, but the OTT reaction on this site is beyond ridiculous.

  • witch22

    Wow! The delusional Destiel fandom think they are canon? *tsk tsk*. This show was is will be always about two Brothers.

  • tia

    Well this news about cas and meg may make me comeback and start watching cas episodes again. Cas is turning into a man. He loves women. I like the idea. I think he will end up human at the end of this season or the beginning of s9-and the meg/cas relationship will build from there.

  • tia

    @KJ- i have ALWAYS said that Edlund loves loves loves to play with the destiel shippers. Give them a nibble just to get a reaction from them and everybody else in the fandom as well. And all the powers that be love love love to irratate the fanbase to keep them talking -well-fighting with each other. But Destiel isn’t nor will it ever be canon. That would make this show a soap opera and playing to hollywoods political correctness group. instead of an action/horror/sci-fi show. Carver and company don’t see to me to be Hollywood pleasing type people.

  • Lily

    Couldn’t agree more. I’m really sick of all these little side love stories the show keeps pushing. Nothing in these spoilers excite me, and I’m not surprised. Robbie Thompson always writes episodes for support characters (besides being the biggest Charlie worshipper out there).

    Whatever happened to angels being able to see a demons true face? Oh, yeah, another piece of canon the writers choose to ignore. Whatever happened to Meg killing all of Mary’s family and friends, in addition to being YED’s daughter, Lucifer’s loyal minion, being responsible for putting Bobby in a wheelchair for a year, killing Jo and Ellen, and the list goes on.

    Whatever happened to the bat cave being a super-secret, unpenetrable fortress for a thousand years? Oh, that’s right. The brothers are now having sleep-overs there.

    Looks like the writers have already set up a storyline for Cas, and that’s just what I thought would happen when they made Misha a regular for S9. I wonder if the J2s will be listed as Special Guest Stars in S9?

  • gen

    I will say it is interesting that a f/m ship is easy to accept and believe, (cute! adorable!) and even acceptable to discuss with the actors. However a m/m ship is unbelievable (a fantasy, overreaction, fooling yourselves, betraying the characters, etc.) and shocking and inappropriate to ask questions about or discuss with the actors. Of course this has NOTHING to do with homophobia (and shame on anyone who even insinuates that)! It’s just shipping that people dislike. Except for the het shipping (so cute).

  • Carl

    @Lily, were J2 special guest stars in seasons 5 and 6? “Set up a storyline for Cas” = Cas goes offcamera for long periods of time. That’s what we got in those seasons, and what we are likely getting again.

  • Kaya

    Ok, so Castiel forming a crush on the demon chick he had a few scenes with who hurt his FRIENDS on multiple occasions is cute, but someone who believes that Dean and Cas are in love based on almost 5 seasons of their interactions is a stupid delusional fangirl? I understand people who claim that Dean is straight because the show has never opposed this idea and therefore his love for Cas can only be brotherly and I respect that, but Cas? He’s an angel, he has no gender and NO SEXUAL ORENTATION so he can be attracted to women AND men. So why does him having a crush on Meg make sense, but him having a crush on Dean is ridiculous? People say that Destiel shippers overuse the word ‘heteronormative’, but do they? Btw I don’t think that Destiel is going to become canon, people are not ready for it and I doubt they ever will.

    P.S. I just want congratulate Misha Collins on causing fandom wank just before the episode airs, he truly is the master of evil;)

  • Nopestiel

    I hate this fandom. You’re terrible people.

  • gen

    *dramatic musical sting*

    (if they closed the comment thread here it would be so boss)

  • Roczane

    Cas and Meg Kkkkkkk I Liked! :D

  • Bee


  • Kayley

    By the way, I’m not saying I support a Meg/Cas storyline either, I’m just saying a Cas/Dean thing would NEVER happen. Dean is 100% straight and sure he’s said funny things before but if you don’t know what sarcasm is, you should probably learn what it is. I thought everyone knew what sarcasm was but apparently not.

    I see Cas and Dean’s relationship more as best friends or a brotherly type thing. If you never had friends, then you wouldn’t know that friends can be friendly.

    Cas being an angel, he wouldn’t know that watching people sleep is creepy, he doesn’t realize appearing and disappearing so close is weird since he’s used to his way.

    Ok, now carry on kids.

  • Michelle

    It was so obvious that Cas and Meg had a bit of a crush on each other! So cute they’re finally admitting it :)

  • Carl

    @Kayley, wanting to see a same-sex pairing is not a fetish. If people expected wild hedonism from Cas and Dean they certainly would have given that up years ago.

    The show sends out mixed signals, they have especially done that this season, and – shockingly – some fans want to believe that will mean something. That’s not on the fans, that’s on the show. If the show is about how straight Dean is they’ve certainly had an offbeat way of showing it this season.

  • Yim (@yim_happy)

    Nothing like a “ship war” to generate a lot of comments. :)

    I’ve got to admit that I liked Meg/Castiel better during S5/S6, where Castiel was the bigger BAMF. I don’t care for this new development to Castiel’s character, where he becomes more like a kid (with a crush), and less like a BAMF angel.

    I can’t judge before seeing this episode. But generally, well, I’ll be surprised if SPN creates any kind of interesting “never can work” love interest story. Bad track record. :)

  • Yim (@yim_happy)

    ^THIS^ Sing it Jen

  • Yim (@yim_happy)

    So, after a long wait, we won’t be seeing Castiel? Instead, we’ll see Naomi’s puppet with her hand up Castiel’s butt?? Sigh.

    I’m glad I’m not watching filler epis, or even non-Cas epis. But my attachment to SPN keeps dying anyway. I identify with Cas, but I don’t see him enough. Well, could be worse. :)

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