Supernatural Photo Preview: Misha Collins Returns in Episode 7.17!

I know there are a lot of Supernatural fans waiting for these photos, particularly those who have been missing Misha Collins since his character, Castiel, exited the show back in episode 2 of this season. When we saw last saw Castiel, he had been “possessed” by the leviathans. Despite attempting to expel them back into Purgatory, Cas was unsuccessful. But his human vessel couldn’t contain the power of the leviathans inside of him and he was starting to fall apart. Instead of disintegrating, he walked into a lake and…we think…exploded into black goo (ie. the leviathans). Castiel’s trademark trenchcoat floated to the surface and that was the last we saw of the angel.

But no one ever really stays dead on Supernatural, so the show is bringing Misha Collins back for the first of at least three episodes on March 23. His return episode, titled “The Born-Again Identity”, features not only Misha’s return, but also another guest appearance by Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer. Lucifer is once again wreaking havoc on Sam’s mind, finally driving him into a mental hospital. Dean is, of course, desperate to save Sammy, so he uses his hunting contacts to see if he can find a solution. Much like the episode “Faith” in season 1, Dean is finally told about a healer who might be able to help Sam. Lo and behold, this healer just so happens to be Misha Collins. Well, Castiel, apparently. According to what Misha told TV Guide, Castiel will be returning, although he will be different. In addition, a transformative storyline for Cas will be kicked off at the end of this episode.

Guess who else is making a return appearance? You’ll see a certain demon driving in the back of the Impala with Castiel and Dean! Hint: it’s not Crowley.

Are you happy about Misha’s return? Do you think Castiel will be able to save Sam? We sure hope so!

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  • Jay

    I'll be so disappointed if they're bringing back Cas just to have him fix Sam. :/ Not only because they've been saying the whole reason Cas had to go this season was because he was too often used for easy solutions and made storytelling stale, but I don't think Sam's damage should be magically wiped any more than Dean's post-Hell PTSD and depression should be. (Not to mention fixing Sam was not even an option last season, so it'd be a hell of a retcon.) I'm trying to keep my hopes up, as this show doesn't usually make light of the issues they create for the boys, but the more information we get about episodes past this one I just get less and less confident.

    • cas ryan

      although im really glad he is coming back cause he's my fave it will piss me off he is just there to fix sam and then that's that like you said they tried to isolate the boys by getting rid of him (and bobby) it would be a big disappointment for me if that's the only reason their bringing him i want him to be there because he deserves to be there not just to fix things they should maybe make him human so then he'll get to stick around but not being someone that can fix things instantly

      • starshelle

        The problem is Sam's storyline with hallucinations means it's already a huge stretch for suspension of disbelief that someone like that would be trusted to handle weapons and hunt paranormal things. They need Sam to be stable, so he can hunt. That's part of why this whole storyline of his was stupid in the first place, and at this point it'd probably be smart for them to use to Cas to wrap it up and move on to something hopefully more interesting for Sam.

  • Lin

    Oh, I'm so excited!! And is that Meg in the back seat? Oh, please let that be Meg! Meg is one of my alltime favorite recurring characters and is such a delightful BAMF. I'd love it if they brought her back full time. And more Castiel too? I'm looking forward to every inch of this!

  • @beata1000

    Oh no. :/ Castiel back. :/ Sera – you coward :P

  • cas ryan

    god not meg and wtf is with her face she looks like a blow fish LMAO

  • Clare

    I'm so pleased to have Cas back and I hope we see him in season 8 too. It hasn't been the same without him and I'd like to see him reinstated in Team Free Will, where he belongs. :-D

  • @StJon

    I'm ecstatic! All my Supernatural friends are excited about it. I trusted the writers and they brought him back. I hope they are able to keep him.

  • mac

    im thinking they might try some meg/castiel story lines. possibly romantic given that she is back the same time as him and their chemistry in caged heat. not sure how i feel about that…

  • Thomas

    I don't know if I'm more pumped for Cas or the Impala to be back.

    • Anna

      I don't think that's the Impala though.. it doesn't seem like it.. And Jensen said recently the Impala is still not back yet. And they are shooting episode 21 now, so if she comes back it will be in the last episodes of the season.

      • Thomas

        I didn't mean like in this episode. I was such a huge fan of the atmosphere of the early episodes and the car really added an "cool" factor to the show. Though Cas was also awesome too during his first run on the show.

  • starshelle

    Personally speaking, I'm really excited to see these photos and am looking forward to seeing this episode so much. :) I haven't been enjoying this season without Castiel at all, and this will be the first episode that I'll be bothering to watch live.

  • lane

    I'm actually interested to know why they brought Meg back. If it has to do with Lucifer or Cas. Maybe both. And needless to say that I'm so happy that Cas is back. I'm also concerned they are planning to use him just to heal Sam and then just kill him off for good. I certainly hope not, because if there's a season 8 and it will only be Sam and Dean again, I will seriously pull all of my hair out in frustration.

  • KillCastiel

    Just let Dean kill the "thing" and get it over with already! Thank god that isn't the Impala it's riding in. (And I don't mean Meg.)

    • lol

      u mad

    • numer0six

      kill the stupid hate of petty fans

  • LucyJ

    Yay! Dean and Cas together again. First episode of the season that has me excited enough to consider watching live.

  • Kris

    Ugh, definitely skipping this episode– the rest of the season too, if this is what it's going to look like.

    What's dead should stay dead.

    • Joanne

      That sort of includes the Winchesters really, hmmm?

      • Ami

        Well since the show is about the Winchesters, thats a little hard don't you think.

    • Tangy

      Oh the irony of this comment, since the boys have died a billion times themselves.

  • Austin

    People really needs to stop complaining because the show is not all about Sam, Dean, Bobby, Cas, etc. It's about Sam and Dean period. This season isn't bad at all! I think is top of the best seasons yet, best as season . You agree or you disagree don't care. But my point is just watch the show if ou don't like it stop complaining because we really don't care the show is probably gonna get cancil because you guys are whinning over a character who should of been left a lone after the 5th season finale. So ya.

  • @Barby_girl12

    I have never seen another show that is not allowed to have great supporting characters. I do not understand how Castiel's return threatens the boys' relationship or storyline in any way. I have been waiting for Misha/Castiel's return all season. Bring in on!

    • Dave

      Because Castiel doesn't add to their story. The boys fix things, they are the heroes, Castiel human or not is not the reason this show exists and the boys especially Dean storyline should be allowed to move forward and experience new people.

  • Natty

    I’m not happy about Cas return :/ I used to love this character, but I think he should stay gone after srason 5 ended. He had there an amazing ending – as hero and sevior. So I’m not happy about how they created a storyline for him in season 6. So at this point I just want him gone. Sera admitted herself that she didn’t have a idea of what to do with Castiel. So now I’m aftaid that she’s only decied to btought him back because of noisy Castiel fans.

    • Joanne

      Well Casfans are fans too. Why shouldn't we get the character we love back? I don't understand you haters nd your obsessive hate. Grow up.

  • Mary


    (I feel strange to be more happy that Meg's back then I am for Cas….)

    • jane

      I'm pissed that they've tainted the Meg character with Castiel. She use to be cool and BA when up against Sam and Dean.

  • Tracy

    Typical 7×17 thread. People are happy that their long awaited character is coming back and the haters are already there to rain on their parade and teach them what the show is, or isn't, about. It's a free country. People are allowed to like whoever they like. Do you go around and tell people who they should or shouldn't vote for? Just as you respect other people's beliefs and political views you should also respect their preferences in entertainment.

    • Natty

      Well, you should also respect that some fans are not happy about Castiel return. We are fans, as well as you are, and we have right to express our opinion. I wrote above, that IMO Castiel storyline should end with season 5. I also belive, that the writers just gave up, and decided gto bring him back, because Castiel fans are very noisy about that, That is MY opinion and I have every right to state it. You don't have to agree with this, but when you want people to respect your point of view, you should also respect the others.

      • Jake

        IA the show has been making ground, the boys relationship is moving forward, their lives are moving forward and now we've stepped 10 spaces back. Poor Dean.

    • Tangy


    • numer0six

      well said!

  • Melody

    This show boasts the best looking men on the planet, thank goodness.

  • @Harper47

    So excited to have my favorite character back! Thank you for the lovely article and pictures and seriously all my brain is capable of right now is CAS IS BACK!!!!! Woooo hoooo!!!!

  • Sarah

    Ho hum well there you go. I hate poor storytelling and more instant fixes but considering they havent really done anything with Sams story why not bring Cas back and solve the problem.

  • Fysh19

    Like i've stated several times, this show should've been done after seaosn 5. Its been nothing but a train wreck ever since .

  • Michele

    So very happy to finally have Cas back. This show has not been the same show I've loved without him. The show, the brothers, and the fans need him around.

  • Tangy


  • debie24

    well for sure want castiel to fix sammy but I want him to stay around ,we love cas…..

  • numer0six

    overjoyed to have Cas back!

    Not that I complain, but sooner or later, SPN writers will have to explain how Cas seems to be the only angel to be resurrected over and over again.

    Hope he will help to heal Sam and fix things with Dean.

  • Sara

    My greatest hope is that he's bringing a better and more supernaturally-themed storyline for Dean back with him.

  • Betty

    Now, can we please get our Bobby back????

  • Restless

    YAY CASTIEL! I hope "transformative" doesn't mean exploding again. :P But I'm staying positive, fingers crossed that he'll still be alive at the end, because oh my, Cas, how I've dearly missed him on the show. I felt so heartbroken and even bitter; watching just reminded me he wasn't there and wasn't ever going to be. But now that I know he's coming back, I feel much happier again, and watching doesn't feel like flipping through a photo album of dead friends. Rather lame to be so emotionally invested, I know.

    On a related note, YAY MEG! YAY LUCIFER!

    And the more I think about it, the more I actually don't want Sam to get fixed, because then we won't have an excuse to see the magnificent Mark Pellegrino. :c

  • Beth

    I'm excited. I loved Meg, and am glad to see her back. And of course, Castiel has been my favorite character since season 4 — seeing him again calls for a celebration! Dean finally gets some resolution, which he needs so, so badly. And Sam's storyline is fantastic: I've been waiting for him to really break down since his wall fell. This is going to be so great!

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