Supernatural 8.11 Photos: Sam, Dean and Charlie Go Medieval

Clarissa January 14, 2013 6

LARP and the Real GirlSupernatural is taking on the popular world of LARPing in an upcoming episode that finds Felicia Day returning as hacker and girl geek Charlie.

Day first appeared in season 7 when Sam and Dean called on her to help them thwart a plan by Dick Roman. After tangling with the Leviathans, Charlie went on the run and started a new life. Next week, Sam and Dean will be investigating the suspicious deaths of two LARPers who are playing a live action game called Moondoor. There they come across Charlie, who happens to be acting as the Queen of Moondoor.

The deaths lead them to a fairy who has been tasked with hurting people. Can the Winchesters and Charlie find her master in order to stop her?

This episode looks like a lot of fun, much in the same vein of episodes like “Monster Movie”, “Time After Time” or “Frontierland”. And there’s Dean decked out in medieval garb! Dean in costume is never a bad thing.

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  • anon

    I’m sad to see that, according to the promo pictures, it seem like it’s only Dean who gets to dress up. It would’ve been fun to see both of them doing this LARP thing. Is it so hard to write somewhat equally for both characters?

    • cj

      Sam gets A LOT more story focus overall. Samelia is ongoing and it’s already had more screentime than Dean’s purgatory storyline which is the stronger of the two storylines. It would be nice if they made the characters equal in that respect rather than fight over who gets to dress up.

      • mrs astor

        Purgatory has taken up more time than Amelia. I want Sam to dress up too.

  • cj

    What show have you been watching? Dean’s always been a bit of a closet geek, it doesn’t make him less manly it’s just an endearing part of the character. He might not like wearing stuffy suits and he’s more at home in plaid/leather/denim but he’s always geeked out over TV shows/films and trivia (Changing Channels, Frontierland, Time after Time, Hollywood Babylon) It’s probably his only form of escapism. Plus he’s no doubt undercover and trying to blend in to get the job done and gain people’s trust.

    • adam

      I dont understand why the people who work for supernatural, cant realise that they still have male viewers. Im posative that if they go towards a straight line instead of leaning towards more of the female audience, Females would STILL watch it. No one can argue with me cause Im right. Im not being arrogant, this show is just complete trash now. But I still watch it for thge few good episodes it has that forshadows past episodes and guest appearances from old episodes. Not Like this trash Charlie. She was in one episode, I dont want to see her again. Id rather see old members. The new grandfather episode seems interesting but again im sure itll be a disappointment seeing as they use these episodes to screw with the story line or hype up the episode just so it could be a giant let down.

  • Val

    Just had to reply Adam-sorry you are so disappointed with SPN! Luckily though there are many other shows out there that you could probably get really involved with…and BTW SPNs fan base is huge and we are really out there cheering them on.So don’t feel bad about moving on.