Supernatural Photos: Season 6 Finale Part 2 “The Man Who Knew Too Much”

Clarissa May 3, 2011 5

Supernatural season 6 finaleThe CW has released promo photos for the two hour Supernatural season 6 finale. You can view the photos for part 1 here.

Part 2 of the Supernatural finale will focus on Sam. According to the official synopsis, the wall in Sam’s head will definitely come tumbling down. Unfortunately for Sam, Bobby and Dean are at a complete loss as to how to help the younger Winchester. From things that I’ve heard, I suspect that we’ll probably see more of Sam’s experiences in Hell and what’s going on in his head when the wall comes down.

In addition, the battle for Heaven will also take prominence. From the promo photos below, we can see that Crowley and Raphael will both be making appearances in the episode.

One of my favorite guest stars, Dr. Visyak will also be returning for the season finale. But her photo is kind of spoilery and also makes me angry. If anything happens to the awesome Dr. Visyak I’m going to be really upset!

Supernatural’s creator, Eric Kripke, wrote the script for part 2 of the two hour season finale. No matter what you may have thought of the season 5 finale (‘Swan Song’) that he wrote, I expect we’ll see a lot of the Winchester brotherly relationship in this episode as well.

Part 2 of the Supernatural season 6 finale will air at 9:00 p.m. on May 20. Supernatural has already been renewed for a seventh season, so no matter what happens, we’ll be seeing the Winchesters again next year!

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  • Joseph Balaich

    From the looks of it; Crowley betrays Castiel…

    • Sean Chong

      Maybe he's going to betray him in order to kill Raphael….or maybe, your right

  • deva

    WE better be seeing Cas back too if he dies again……. and does not come back….. I will not be back either.

  • Savanna

    why won't deva be back?

  • Savanna

    Can you believe it i am actually falling in love with sam's character and any girl who goes near him in the movie i hate especially ruby but i'll get used to it. i think i'm upsest.