Supernatural Preview: Sam and Dean Must Face ‘God’s Obstacle Course’

SupernaturalSam and Dean fought Nazi necromancers in this week’s Supernatural.  While investigating the spontaneous combustion of a rabbi, the boys came across the rabbi’s grandson, who had inherited a Golem from his grandfather but wasn’t really able to control it.  Members of the Thule Society kept interrupting the group as they tried to figure out how to bring the creature under control.  Fortunately for the Winchesters, they were able to kill the Nazis that were chasing them and the rabbi’s grandson decided to take up his grandfather’s quest to defeat the remaining members of the Thule.

Next week’s episode turns our attention back to the tablet arc.  Kevin has a pretty significant breakthrough with the Demon Tablet and discovers that someone must complete three trials before they can close the Gates of Hell.  Naturally, Sam and Dean argue about which one of them should do the trials.

Watch a sneak peek for this episode.

Watch a preview below for the February 13 episode of Supernatural on The CW.  You can also browse through photos for the episode here.

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  • tens1822

    Next week sounds awesome. I have a sneaking suspicion that the woman Dean is kissing, isn’t what she seems. I’m guessing she’s some kind of supernatural being, since she has something to do with the hellhound trial.

    • akhaddd

      under control. Fortunately for the Winchesters, they were able to kill the Nazis that were chasing them and the r

  • Destiny

    Looks like my suspicions so far are right on track. Men of Letters really is all about Sam. Guess he finally found something that’s worth his time. Nice to see Sam’s double standards alive and well. Since he seemed to have forgotten what Larry told him about destroying the key. Guess keeping secrets is still okay for him.

    As for the trials it looks like Sam is the one doing them as we see him with the knife with Dean looking all worried in the background. Nice to see Dean’s role of chauffeur is alive and well. Someone needs to bring Sam’s toy solider.

    • Gabriel

      Destiny, I think you and I are watching two different shows. Dean is living the life he wants to live. I have listened to him. In Swan Song he told Cas he wanted more of the same, in season 6 Dean told Veritas that he wasn’t a father he was a hunter, in season 8 he told this is where he’s best driving down crazy street next to his brother. Dean is his own man. He is in charge that’s why he’s in the drivers seat. He sure as hell ain’t a chauffeur. The guys together have always reearched their cases, Sam just likes the research more than Dean. You fan girls slay me with Dean girl vs Sam girl vs Castiel minions.

      • Kelsey

        When one of the writers, Ben Edlund in this case, says that one of the leads has been a chauffeur, then that means it’s not just made up by “fangirls.”

        • Josieposie

          Kelsey- your Ben Edlund chauffer quote was taken out of context. This is what he actually said:
          BE: You know, we’ve been working on the notion that both of them have these massive responsibilities that they’re gonna step into. Dean’s role has been moving from the guy driving the car. He’s gone from the chauffer of destiny to a sad participant in destiny.

          It has nothing to do with him being a “chauffer” to Sam. Which, by the way, he is NOT.

    • Shelby

      From the previews, It does look like Sam will end up being the one to do the trials. If thats what happens, then Sam will have two storylines, the Men of Letters and the trials, which we know from Singer’s interview go on throughout the season (Singer says the conflict between the brothers goes on throughout the season), and Dean doesn’t have any storylines of his own. Sure, he’ll be supporting Sam, but Dean is supposedly a lead character too, and he deserves his own storylines just like Sam, and not just supporting Sam like a sidekick.

      If there is something for Dean it would be nice if Singer or someone with the show would drop a spoiler, instead of just saying that Dean will put up posters in his new room.

      • Clarissa

        Shelby, the CHCH promo actually makes it looks like Dean does the trials. Promos are not a representation of an entire episode.

        Also, I really wish everyone would stop focusing on that posters comment. Yes, it was a very silly thing for Singer to say, but it was also a *joke*. I know people can’t get context in a transcript of a Q&A, but even he was laughing. It’s not serious. Yes, Dean is probably excited about his room, but he doesn’t sit around all day and do nothing but hang posters. That would literally be ridiculous.

        • Shelby

          This is supposed to be a response to Clarissa and go under her recent reply to me:

          Clarissa – there’s another preview that shows Sam with the glasses on, with a knife like there’s a hellhound on him and that he’s stabbed it, and Dean is just in the background. So, that’s what I was referring to when I said it appears that Sam will end up doing the trials.

          Yes, I know promos are intentionally misleading, but when I look at the 3 previews together, I see it being Sam that does the trials. (If I’m wrong, then I’ll come back here or in your review of 8.14 and admit I was wrong.)

          Yes, I know the “poster” line was a joke, and that was my point. The only spoiler we’ve gotten about an upcoming storyline for Dean wasn’t a spoiler, it was a joke. I just wish the show would tell us something about an upcoming storyline for Dean, we’ve gotten them for Sam and Castiel.

          • Clarissa

            To be quite honest, I find that when they don’t spoil something, it’s because they can’t. I don’t think they would have just come out and said “Dean does the trials, closes the gates, etc”. I find it’s far better to wait until all is said and done before figuring out everyone’s place. Also, given how little we know about how this whole tablet arc will actually *end* (especially what happens with Naomi, Cas, etc), I think it’s far too early to judge Dean’s place in the story overall.

            As for the trials, we won’t know what happens until we see it. Whichever one does the trials, I’m sure there will be a good reason for it. I haven’t seen this third promo you speak of, but I thought the CW one was pretty inconclusive (action for both boys), while the CHCH one seemed to indicate to me that it’s Dean. We shall see, but even if it *is* Sam, that doesn’t mean Dean sits around and twiddles his thumbs. He’s often the one saving Sam’s bacon and vice-versa. It doesn’t really matter who does the trials if they don’t live through it without help from their brother.

          • Shelby

            This is a reply to Clarissa:

            “I find that when they don’t spoil something, it’s because they can’t.”

            Normally, with other shows, I would agree with you. But, past history with this show, especially in regards to Dean, has proven that a lot of times when they don’t say anything, it’s because they don’t have anything. I know that was under a different showrunner, but as the saying goes, “once bitten, twice shy”(or another saying that applies, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”)…and that’s the place I find myself in at this point with the show.

            I just want the show to drop some hint, some teaser, that Dean does in fact have an upcoming storyline, preferrably one that’s his and not him just being reactive to Castiel’s and/or Sam’s storylines.

            I didn’t think I was asking/hoping for too much, but maybe I am with this show when it comes to Dean.

            I promise I won’t bug you anymore.

          • Clarissa

            You’re not bugging me :) You’re being very polite even though we disagree. It only bugs me when people are rude just because you don’t agree with them.

            Personally, I don’t feel like Dean has been sidelined or that the show has tricked us about his place in the mythology, but I guess we’ll wait and see what happens in 8.14 and then discuss his role a bit more going forward. But I’ll be honest with you, I never feel like Dean is relegated to being a second string character in Sam and Castiel’s storylines because I always feel like there’s a bigger picture and the storylines don’t actually belong to individuals, but to the group as a whole. Sometimes hindsight is 20/20, of course, but we knew in season 4 that even Sam’s whole “psychic kid” storyline back in season 2 was part of a bigger Winchester family storyline. And Dean’s whole deal thing in season 3 turned out to be part of a larger apocalypse storyline that involved both characters. Sometimes we don’t really comprehend this for a while, but I’ve never really felt that the journey in Supernatural belongs to individuals. I feel like it’s a SamN’Dean thing, with some Castiel and Bobby (*sob*) thrown in for good measure :)

            Maybe we should revisit this discussion in my review next week.

  • Ezra Moore

    Everybody Hates Hitler was another good episode in seasong gr8. I like Ben Edlund’s idea of introducing a new group of bad guys, the Thule Society I suppose will also be interested in the tablets. Hmmmm, the plot thickens. So glad the Winchesters finally get some sort of home.

  • lpili13

    I think this was a great episode. Last episodes were good, but its the first time in a while i want to see the episode again. Loved the plot and everything about it, including Cas´mention. Edlund made a great work this week.

  • Alisa wrate

    The episode was great last week! I love that they have a place to stay now “bat cave”. And little sneaky mention of cas there eh? I want him to be in more episodes! Not enough! And this new epi looks great! I am hoping Sam doesn’t do all the trials. Since Dean is probably now the better fighter since pergatory! But i am guessing Dean kissing that women is one of them :)

  • Shelby

    Oops, sorry about the double post, I kept getting an error message when I was hitting the “publish comment” so I didn’t think my original post went through.

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