Supernatural Promo: Season 6 Finale

Supernatural seasin 6 finale promoSo everything totally makes sense now, doesn’t it? That was one hell of an episode. We got backstory on everything important about the season and battle lines have been drawn.

There will not be a new episode of Supernatural on May 13, as Smallville will be airing its two hour series finale. Let’s let them have this one without complaint, Supernatural fans. After all, our show comes back next year, while Smallville is ending forever. The two hour (and two-part) season 6 finale of Supernatural will be airing on May 20. The first hour, dedicated primarily to Dean, will have him rushing to save Lisa and Ben after they’ve been kidnapped by a demon who uses them to get to the eldest Winchester brother. The second hour, dedicated primarily to Sam, will have the wall in his head come tumbling down, while Dean and Bobby stand by helplessly, with no idea how to fix him.

Be warned, folks, season 6 is supposed to end on one hell of a cliffhanger. And there are apparently supposed to be some deaths in the season finale. The good thing is, Supernatural is returning for a seventh season in the Fall, so no matter what the cliffhanger is, we should have a resolution after the summer.

Below is the promo for the Supernatural season 6 finale. You can also view photos (some spoilery ones!) for the season finale here (part 1) and here (part 2). You should also take a look through our slide-show today on Castiel’s best lines, in honor of the star of tonight’s episode.

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