Supernatural 7.13 Review: A Public Service Announcement About One-Night Stands

Supernatural Season 7 Episode 13It only took 7 years of Supernatural for Dean’s promiscuity to really have serious consequences (for some reason, it’s always the women Sam has slept with that turned out to be crazy/murderous). In this week’s episode, Sam was eager to investigate a case that had a bunch of male victims who were murdered in a shower of blood, with their hands and feet cut off and a strange symbol carved into their chest.

Always Use Birth Control

Dean, however, wasn’t too interested in the case and ditched Sam after some initial investigating to head to the local bar. He found himself in the company of a lady (Lydia) pretty quickly and she was forward enough to invite him back to his place. Juxtaposed against their steamy scene was the murder of yet another man (that was pretty cool). The next morning, Dean joined Sam at the crime scene, but noted that he had left Bobby’s flask at Lydia’s house. He called her about it, but she brushed him off. Why? Well, she was massively pregnant.

The boys continued to investigate the murders, while the local female cop seemed abrupt and suspicious. They met with an anthropology professor (the Mayor from Buffy!), who eventually agreed to research the symbol and help them out. Later, Dean decided to head to Lydia’s to retrieve the flask himself, and was shocked to find out she had a baby. A baby who was talking above its age. He spent the rest of the afternoon on a stakeout of the house and saw a 5 year old version of this same baby be taken off by two other Amazon women to be “schooled”.

You Don’t Want to Mess With These Chicks

The professor later revealed that the symbol carved into the men’s chest was a mark of the Amazons and brushed them up on the lore. Dean started to get worried that Lydia’s daughter (Emma) could very well be his and he might be the next victim (thinking that the mothers eventually killed their children’s fathers). The boys continued to dig through Bobby’s research, even stopping at one point because some papers had been moved without being touched. Dean suggested maybe Bobby’s ghost was hanging around, but Sam dismissed it (more on that later).

Sam headed off to the university to get the professor to decode some ancient Greek text and Dean remained behind in the motel. Shortly after, he got a visit from Emma – his daughter. She asked for his help to escape the Amazonian tribe, claiming that they wanted her to do horrible things.

Supernatural Season 7 Episode 13Meanwhile, the professor was setting Sam straight, telling him that it was actually the daughters killing their fathers as they were fully initiated into the tribe. Sam realized Dean could be in danger and raced out of there, only to be stopped by the local cop, who was an Amazon and knew his real identity. Fortunately, he was able to kill her with a single shot to the chest and then he was off.

Back at the motel, Emma did her best to sway Dean to help her, but it was all a ruse. Fortunately, Dean was on to her and pulled his gun on her when she took out her knife. But he hesitated, unable to shoot her, and the two were in a stand-off. Sam made it back to the motel and burst through the door. Again, he saw Dean hesitate, so he shot Emma through the heart.

Dean seemed conflicted, but the brothers headed to the Amazon warehouse, hoping to kill the other women. Unfortunately, they seemed to have skipped town. As the brothers were driving out of town, Sam confronted Dean about his hesitation, especially after his insistence about killing Amy. Dean kept insisting he would have killed Emma, but what Sam really wanted was his brother to be alright and not get himself killed. Dean rightly pointed out that the both of them were adrift.

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  • Judy H

    Okay, here's my theory on the Bobby: Is he or isn't he around? question: I noticed that, in both scenes where Bobby's presence has been seen or felt, his flask is there in Dean's hand. How many times have the Winchesters had to deal with a spirit that is still bound to this earth by something tangible that they are still connected to? How many times have they had to find and destroy the physical item (be it hair on a doll's head or Gandhi's glasses, etc) before the spirit finally moves on? Just sayin' LOL.
    Over all, I liked the ep, although the parallels with "Babysitting" made it a bit predictable. The storyline wasn't as trite as it could have been, and the angst factor was way up there. And, man, I have sooo missed the "in-car" conversations between the brothers that used to be commonplace in earlier seasons. And AC/DC for romantic interlude music? Don't get much better than that LOL.

    • Clarissa

      Oh jeez, I totally did NOT make the connection to Bobby's flask that you just did, but you could very well be right. And it WOULD explain how they were able to burn his body but his spirit is sticking around. Actually, it makes total sense and would fit in with the established lore on the show.

      If we get a sense of Bobby's "ghost" again, I'll keep an eye out for the flask. If we're 3 for 3, I think you've won your argument ;)

  • Lily

    I'm really not sure how I feel about this episode. First, the whole Emma is your child was really stupid! I was happy to hear Dean confirm that he did use protection, but nothing is full proof. How do we know this is not part of the Leviathan's plan to rattle Dean? The fact the Amazons escaped is not an accident and I think they will come into play again.
    Like you, I think Dean could have pulled the trigger, but I'm worried he was looking for an out too. Suicide by "kid," Dean is not in his right mind at this point in the story. Dean's instability can manifest itself as a one man wreaking crew capable of taking out the enemy, even if it means losing his life.
    I really didn't like the writers trying to tie the Amy story with Emma since it really is not the same. One, Dean let Amy's kid go because he had not killed anyone, and Dean gave Emma the same chance, unfortunately she didn't take it. Sam was interested in saving Dean so he did what he had to do, especially with what he learned from the professor. Where I do fault Sam is in his drawing parallels between Emma and Amy. He should have been much more sensitive to the situation considering Emma was possibly Deans.
    As far as the ghost or other forces, possibly Cass, it will be an interesting turn of events done the road. I'm glad to hear the Dean and Sam honored Booby by giving him a hunters funeral!

  • @JessicaBreaux1

    Good review. I also liked this episode. Just a few random thoughts:

    1. I understand your point about the emotional punch of Dean being forced to kill his daughter, but I don't think that's what the episode was about at all. This episode was wholly about Dean's head not being in the game. As you rightly pointed out, Dean was very apathetic about the whole situation at the beginning of the ep. In days gone by, Dean would've jumped at a case like this, but now he's not even wanting to read the crazy news articles much less drive all the way across the country to investigate. Even after they got to town and found out that something inhuman was doing the killing, Dean was more interested in getting a drink/getting laid than working the case. The confrontation between Dean and his daughter wasn't so much about the two of them as it was about Dean's hesitation and that being the last straw for Sam. I think this is the 2nd time that Dean's hesitated and almost gotten himself killed, and Sam didn't say anything to him about it the first time but he couldn't let it go this time.

    2. This episode tried to draw comparisons between the Sam/Amy situation and this Dean/Emma situation. I admit that there are quite a few similarities, but they're not the same. A major difference in my mind is that this was Dean's daughter. Yeah, I know. He didn't really know her and she was a monster. But Dean even said at the end of the ep that she was his kid. And there's a significant difference between someone asking you to pull the trigger on a girl you just met/have a crush on and someone asking you to pull the trigger on your daughter. I don't care whether you've known them for a minute or a lifetime. There's just something about looking into the eyes of a person that you helped create that just does something to your heart and soul. Dean has always been all heart, and I think it would've been out of character for him to be so ready/quick to put his own daughter down even if she was a monster. So while I agree with Sam that Emma was a monster and had to be killed (so sorry Dean!), she was still Dean's daughter and I can totally understand him not wanting to kill her.

    3. I'm going to be so pissed if Bobby is hanging around as a ghost. You don't give a character as amazing as Bobby Singer (and an actor as awesome as Jim Beaver) a send-off episode as outta control awesome as "Death's Door" and then have him hang around as a ghost. That just does a disservice to the awesome work that everyone did on "Death's Door." It cheapens it somehow. I understand wanting Bobby back, I loved him too. But I'm gonna be really pissed if he's hanging out as a ghost.

    4. Although I think Sam should've cut Dean a little slack about not blowing his daughter away, I think he (Sam) was right to say something to Dean about getting his head back in the game. Dean has lost a lot in a fairly short period of time (Lisa and Ben, his best friend Castiel, his 2nd father Bobby) not to mention that his brother's losing his mind and the Leviathans are taking over the world. He's had a lot on his plate recently and his usual coping methods (drinking too much, not talking about it) aren't working anymore. Although I don't think Frank's advice is particularly good for Dean, the advice that Bobby, Eliot Ness, and now Sam have given him is. Dean does need to figure out how to get his head back in the game. He needs to have a reason to keep living/fighting and despite how much he loves Sam, that's not enough. You're right that Dean has been brought pretty low, but that just means that when he does get his head back on straight (and he will), he'll be that much stronger and that much more awesome.

    • Clarissa

      I get your argument in #1 about the point of the episode, but I also feel that surely there would have been other ways to get across the point about Dean being apathetic. He could have hesitated shooting any monster that he built up a relationship with over the course of an episode (like a Madison-type situation). I just sort of feel like if they're going to give him a *daughter* – and knowing how important *family* is to Dean – that they just could have gone the extra mile with it. But yes, it was also about Dean's headspace, of course.

      As for #3, I respectfully disagree. I think this will be a decisive decision among fans, but that always happens, doesn't it? :)

      • @JessicaBreaux1

        Regarding your comment to #1, that's valid. And I agree they could've done more of a Madison-esque episode and still conveyed the same information.

        Regarding Bobby, I think you're right that the fandom is going to come down on either the side of loving a Ghost Bobby or hating a Ghost Bobby. I probably spoke too soon (and from a place of emotion) on that point. I think I'll just have to wait and see how (or even if) they go the route of Ghost Bobby. I was kinda ticked off at the idea of Ghost Jo too, but after watching the episode I think those scenes between Ghost Jo and Dean were beautiful. So, maybe I'll hold off being pissed until after I see where they're actually going with this. :)

    • elle ryan

      omd thank god somebody else thinks the same a s me that for me would just be LAME

  • @Harper47

    I love that Dean really is struggling to find a reason to live. Jensen is doing a great job of conveying that. It makes sense and I agree that he is clinging to Sam as the only person left in his life. I've recently read some spec – which I found interesting – that this will culminate in Dean killing himself. I doubt that would happen but if he were brought back as a Reaper or an Angel or something similar, it would be a fascinating way to keep the show fresh.

    All that aside, I really enjoyed the episode far more than I thought I would. I still find the instant child trope dislikable but they handled it far better than I was expecting. I think the angst was minimal since we, as you said, spent very little time with Emma and she wasn't a "real" character to us. And I too believe Bobby's spirit must be caught up in the flask. They made far too big a deal about it for it not to have some sort of meaning.

    My favorite part of the show was the banter between Sam and Dean and the ever since Cas you've been "wobbley" comment. CAS! Every Supernatural episode is better with Cas in it, or at least mentioned in it.

  • @doci

    You don't mention the absence of Castiel's hand print on Dean's shoulder. This bothered me a lot – either the production 'forgot' it (I can't believe someone as astute as Jensen would just forget something so important!) or it was intentional, and if so, what did it signify? Did Dean realize it wasn't there? I would think he'd have mentioned it if he had, but… well, I'm totally confused by that, and not just because I'm obsessed with Castiel. What do you think?

  • Thomas

    I think Bobby might not actually be a ghost. Say he goes to heaven, but with it being so weakened by the Civil War he's able to effect the lower plan. The random things could also be explained by Cas being alive, but too weak to take actual form.

  • Melody

    If there was ever a clear sign of Dean's apathy it was the vacant look on his face at the end of the sex scene. His usual enjoyment of such things was now simply a distraction. I found the whole episode heartbreaking, he's just falling completely apart at the seams.

  • Micki

    Ha! That's a great point, Clarissa! I hadn't thought of it, but it has in fact taken seven years for Dean's carousing to catch up with him. Even though, most of the time, Sam was been less into one-night stands (except for soulless Sam) he always had the bad luck. And I too loved the way they intercut the sex scene and the murder scene, it was very cool, the stark contrast between the two, and how the parallels turned the murder into a bloody parody of a sex scene.

    I loved this episode. I loved the suspense of trying to figure out what was behind the brutal slaughtering of men–Amazons, great MOTW! And I loved the interaction between the two brothers, and the different ways they are grieving. I also loved how it was a mirror image of the moral dilemma in Girl Next Door. They have to make tough choices, and when one is too close to do it, the other does it for him. They have to make some really horrible decisions in their line of work. But in this case, Emma was hell bent on killing Dean, so Sam made the right call.

  • Cassieo

    Dean and Sam's episode last week was the most disappointing one yet and NO WAY shows Dean as anything but lonely and lost with NO ONE to support him. I have never seen Sam so selfish and self-centered as he was here and really do not see why anyone thinks this epsiode was anything but disgraceful! . First Dean did hesitate and that was Dean choice to do so. He was facing an offspring that he had always wanted and need to finish his choice. Sam had NO BUSINESS making it for him. It was NOT a duplication of Amy at ALL! Amy KILLED people for YEARS!!!!!!! And Sam CHOSE to let a monster live. He walked away and LIED to his brother AGAIN !!!!!!! Dean was torn with this actually being his daughter and he should have been allowed to make the decision and kill her himself…..IF that was his choice. Sam is NOT interested in saving his brother for Dean's sake. He is interested in saving Dean for his own sake. Shame on all you who think this episode was anything but totally shameful! If this is the quality they are going with now the show should NOT get a season 8!

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