Supernatural 7.17 Review: You Broke It, You Bought It…Or, Is This What Redemption Looks Like?

Supernatural - The Born-Again Identity (Ed Araquel/The CW)A curious thing has happened to Supernatural. However you may feel about Sera Gamble as a showrunner and however you may feel about the season-long arcs (which, admittedly, I have had a few problems with lately), the truth is that Ms. Gamble has emerged as one of the strongest writers on the show. Together with Ben Edlund, Gamble has, this season, delivered (in my humble opinion) three consistently solid episodes. Episodes that not only do justice to the Winchesters, but also to the other two characters that make up the core of Supernatural: Castiel and Bobby.

This week’s episode, “The Born-Again Identity”, not only re-introduced Castiel and Misha Collins to the show, but it also reminded me why I love Supernatural. For all of the frustration that some fans may have on both sides of the Castiel argument, the truth is that he has become an important character on this show. When used properly – as he was in this episode – he doesn’t detract from the core of the Winchesters, he just fits.

So a Crazy Guy Walks Into an Alley…

Sam has been suffering since “Repo Men”. Lucifer is relentless in his torment of the younger Winchester brother and his constant attempts to interact with Sam have resulted in four sleepless days and nights. When Dean passed out, Sam went hunting for some drugs to help himself. But Lucifer is always there…always waiting to bait or goad or bother Sam. When Sam once again tried to outrun his own mind, he gets hit by a car.

Dean managed to track him down, but he hasn’t been properly briefed on Sam’s condition. While his brother is suffering from a broken rib and some lacerations, the doctors are far more concerned about Sam’s mental state. His lack of sleep and the hallucinations have landed him in the mental ward. Dean went to visit Sam who is, clearly, running out of options. He’ll die if Lucifer doesn’t allow him to sleep and he simply doesn’t know what they can do to fix this situation. Referencing the season 1 episode “Faith” (which bore many similarities to this episode), Sam acknowledged that finding someone who can legitimately heal him will be difficult, if not down-right impossible.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Dean wasn’t prepared to hear that, so he set out for Rufus’ cabin in order to find a friend of Bobby’s who could help him. Leaving messages for every hunter he could reach didn’t yield results. Not until a card mysteriously fell out of Bobby’s journal…one that very well could have been pulled out by Ghost Bobby. Fortunately, this led him to a hunter that referred him to a healer who appeared to be legitimate: a man named Emmanuel.

Dean headed off immediately. Arriving at Emmanuel’s house, he encountered the first of many demons who have decided to ignore Crowley’s “hands off the Winchesters” order because they sure haven’t done anything for the King of Hell lately. Dean managed to kill the demon that had taken Emmanuel’s wife hostage and then up stepped the man he’s been looking for: Castiel (er…Emmanuel).

You see, as we later learn, Cas emerged from that lake months ago – naked, natch – and stumbled upon Daphne, a lovely woman who took him in without question and helps nurture his gift of healing. Dean was gobsmacked, because he doesn’t entirely seem to believe Castiel’s amnesia and he certainly doesn’t know how to act around his former friend and ally turned enemy (?).

Supernatural - The Born-Again Identity (Ed Araquel/The CW)Blast from the Past

Dean was keeping quiet about Castiel’s true identity, but he did clue him in on what happened to Sam. He admited that someone did this to his brother – broke him – and that he can’t just shake off this kind of betrayal. Dean has been scarred many times over by the people he loves: his father, Sam, and Cas. His hesitation to trust – to forgive – is nothing but understandable. As Castiel so eloquently put it, Dean is not a machine, he’s just human. Supernatural struck the right balance with Dean in this episode. He wasn’t too proud not to ask for Castiel’s help and he certainly wasn’t going to up and kill him, but that doesn’t mean he could welcome him back with open arms.

While stopping for some food, Dean once again came upon some demons, who continued to be out in full force. Ruby’s knife continued to prove itself handy, but when he got into a bind it was Meg (guest star Rachel Miner) who saved the day. She admitted that she had been following for a while and was also shocked about Castiel since, to the best of her knowledge, he was supposed to be dead. Still on Crowley’s “bad” list, Meg wanted to team up with Dean, hoping that maybe Castiel might come in handy. He agreed to let her tag along, but he ordered her to keep quiet about Cas’ past.

Castiel – who could see the true face of demons – was shocked about Meg’s addition to the car ride, but quickly sucked it up.

Concluded on next page…

  • Kate

    Thanks Clarissa. I'm interested that you posit that the set-up at the end with Meg at the hospital might have been done with the knowledge/agreement of Sam and Dean because I missed that, and assumed she was doing it without them knowing, her intentions being malevolent. If it is, I think it's a tad naive to entrust him to her given their history.

    I actually thought the writing was weak overall, and the medical aspects were woefully researched. But wow: Misha was amazing in yet another version of Cas, and the moments when he regained his memory were awesome. What happened to him breaks my heart but the symmetry is logical and for me this new sacrifice is true redemption. I'm glad we know he'll return, and I just want to see him welcomed back into TFW.

  • @Romilys_J

    Great review. I think you nailed it in your final paragraph when you commented on how when Supernatural is great – it's really great. I really enjoyed this, excellent recap with really great commentary on a fabulous Supernatural episode. I may not have agreed with many of Sera Gamble's decisions but I'm willing to give her full props for a beautiful episode that showcased the wonderful acting talents of Jensen, Misha and Jared.

  • Clarissa

    Actually, it wasn't until I re-watched the scene that I realized about the set-up. The boys were talking about "trusting her", etc, so it seems like she was planted there to keep an eye on Cas until they could figure out a way to help him – or themselves.

    • Furrina

      I saw the ep. twice, but it didnt really cross my mind that it could be a set-up. If Dean and Sam are, in fact, trusting her and her becoming a nurse to watch over Cas is, in fact, planned then it's brilliant beyond compare.____But I just hope they don't Meg into Ruby 2.0. Both the boys getting double-crossed by sexy, demon chicks who were playing against their biggest weakness – Sam's was Dean and revenge, Dean's are his protectiveness towards Sam and Cas – would render them broken beyond repair.

      • Clarissa

        Well, Sam makes a comment that "this enemy of my enemy is my friend thing feels like a demon deal". What else could that refer to but making this arrangement with Meg? That's also why Dean made the comments about friends. It was him acknowledging that they have no other person to help them protect Castiel but Meg.

        Unless the writers prove me wrong, I'm going to assume it was a set-up.

  • @IAmSteamgirl

    I think Castiel's actions were selfless and heartfelt. This was the best thing to happen to him in terms of redemption. Truly, he's back. The real Cas is back, and he's once again proven that he really is angelic. All of our boys have made grievous mistakes, but if there's one thing I know about Supernatural, its that redemption is never far behind. I hope this is the beginning of the repair of Dean, Sam and Cas' relationship.

  • Thomas

    I think ghost Bobby is going to factor into the fixing Cas storyline. Not sure how, but if anyone in their world besides Death would find a way to fix it it would be him.

  • Suse

    I agree. Sera is a TERRIFIC writer and has written some of the best episodes of the show. Jared as Sam was wonderful quietly accepting that he was going to die. I felt so sad for him. This ep worked on a few levels, as it usually does; Sam is cured, Cas has his redemption for his ill-conceived acts, and Dean is beginning to forgive Cas. All good-for now.

  • Evie

    Your review was amazing.

    Oh my god. Back when my big sister got me hooked on Supernatural in season four, I knew that from watching only one episode I was a fan for life. Not only because of my interest in the paranormal and how my dad raised me on classic rock, but because I can relate to it in a way I think nobody else can. I won't go into details, but my childhood was effed up. The only one there for me was my big sister. Sadly we've been a bit distant due to deep mental and physical issues, but bottom line, I would do ANYTHING for her.

    Season six wasn't too great in my opinion. It had lost some of it's "Supernatural" essence, although I still had faith in this show that has impressed me and made me break down crying so many times.
    In my opinion, Season seven has been one of the best seasons in the six wonderful seasons before.
    Episode 7/16 wasn't too memorable for me, but The Born Again Identity, oh my god, not only was it an amazing and fulfilling Castiel/Dean fan episode, but Jared Padalecki was absolutely SPECTACULAR. This is one of my new top-ten favorites of all time. Jared Padalecki needs an award PRONTO.

    Although I'm still a bit let down that Sam no longer has Hellucinations, this episode was absolutely amazing. Viva la Supernatural, and next week's episode I'm more than stoked to see a bunch of drunks trying to hunt. ;)
    (Does it surprise you that I'm only fourteen?)

  • JoPN

    This was, to my mind, the best episode since the first 2 of the season 7.
    Admittedly I have been waiting for Castiel to return – and this episode delivered. This truly gets to the heart of Supernatural.
    Misha, Jared and Jensen were just outstanding – the show is all the better for having the 3 in it!
    Well done all!
    Before this episode I was indifferent to Season 8 happening. But now – I am thinking 'why not!'.

  • Laurie

    I didn't love it like most, but your review makes me appreciate it more.

    I am very disappointed that a chunk of the scene with Dean and Cas was cut, around the time he returned the trenchcoat. The line in the promo that showed much of what Dean was thinking about Cas was cut: "I always knew you'd come back" or something like that. Oddly enough, I felt the last half lacked Dean's POV, probably because they cut it off. It would have softened the blow of them leaving Cas behind. I usually admire the editing, but this ep feels off.

    • Restless

      I agree, I think the editing was poor. Things felt rushed; I was surprised the characters weren't literally running through scenes. :P It was like I couldn't catch my breath! But then again maybe that was just from seeing Misha again. xD

  • @padakitty

    I felt the ending was an easy out of Sam's story and an easy out for instant forgiveness and redemption for Castiel. It was too easy all around. And I wish I could burn that part of the episode away. Why did they even bother doing the set up in season 6 if this is how they were going to end it. Sam better have a PTSD story to deal with now, or I will be even more unhappy than I am now with the show. A magic insta-fix is the one thing I did not want coming from this episode, and that is exactly what they did. SPN is full of good ideas that get poorly executed. And I will never forgive Sam's story being dumped right in episode 3 and now this story transfer to Castiel. By dumped, I mean, not dealt with at all from Sam's POV, insight into Sam, or showing us Sam's emotional struggle.

    There was nothing organic or natural about Castiel being in this episode at all. It's just fan service.

    • Janicec678

      Easy out??? They've been struggling with trying to find a way to help Sam all season…maybe it's not mentioned in every episode, but you know it's been going on. How much longer could they have dragged it out?? Sam, while never actually losing his mind (he was VERY aware of what was happening to him…just powerless to stop it) was slowly dying from not sleeping and would not last very much longer. I thought we've been given amazing insight into his character, and his strength of character, especially, when, even in the midst of he rapid downward spiral, he still fights to hold it together enough to help one last innocent victim. The last season and a half HAS been a Sam PTSD story, IMO and I'm hoping to FINALLY see Sam healed and healthy and able to feel happiness again. EASY?? it's been anything BUT easy, and enough with the Sammy suffering!!

    • Ashley

      I really agree with you actually. I loved that they made Cas sacrifice himself for Sam, I thought it felt very justified and it needed to happen, but I do think it was a bit of an easy out. The writers say that they delt with Sam's head torture a lot this season? They didn't deal with it for even half the season, and I do NOT count Sam rubbing his palm as insight to his hellucinations. Most of this season has been DEAN suffering, just like the rest of the series.

    • @SweetMind

      Ah I pressed the wrong button! Thumbs up! I agree with you. I waited for so long, to see what will happen with Sam, and all I get is one episode and the guy is healed. To the rest you wrote, the same, I agree with everything!!!! When did they deal with Sams suffering? The first episodes, okay. But the rest, dealing is for me not Sam seeing rubbing his hand. All I saw was Dean suffering, about everything.

    • Guest

      I agree that it was a poor solution to the problem, but I think that the biggest problem is that saving Sam at the expense of Cas was a tactically poor move. Cas (with his powers) actually has a chance of taking down the Leviathans, and would be far more useful in the fight. Secondly, by driving Cas crazy, there is the possibility of Cas becoming a danger to humanity. So they brothers didn't get help in their fight AND created a potential danger for the future. Since the problem is that Sam's soul is broken, why didn't Cas just get rid of it (send it to heaven with Ash-wasn't Ash working on some way to manipulate heaven/ spy on the Angels?). Soulless Sam was also way more bad-ass (and hotter)!

  • Lissa

    I think that this is the first episode in a very long time that actually had real "heart". It had emotion and depth, which was a welcome change from the mostly flat story-lines lately. The writing was amazing and the acting, all around, was exceptional. My first thought was: "Yeah! The Supernatural I loved is back!"

  • courtney

    thank you for giving gamble some credit. she has written some awesome episodes this season, and in previous seasons, and overall i think she's doing a great job as showrunner. i was of the mind that season 5 should have been it, cause i've seen too many shows tank towards the end, but i have really enjoyed 6 and 7. there are hits and misses for sure, but i definitely agree that supernatural is one of the most underrated shows on tv.

  • Luciano

    Not a bad review. One thing Supernatural is not an underrated show in the sense that it doesnt have alot of fans because it has one of the biggest and strongest fanbases in the world. It just needs to be entioned more by a certain different type of people

  • Janicec678

    Great review of an absolutely magnificent episode!! Yeah…there were some things that got left out that I would have like to have seen, but overall…just…WOW!!

  • Amy

    Castiel 'shifting' Sam's crazy unto himself was the least he could do. And as an immortal Angel a few months of suffering hallucinations and madness is just a drop of penance for all the thousands of murders Castiel commited in Heaven and Earth. I saw this becasue I'm sure Castiel will be cured in no time at all.

    • Restless

      Thumbs down because none of us is in a place to judge what murders Cas might have committed in regards to heaven and earth. :P Even if you only mean the murders from the first episode of this season, that's nitpicking over red shirts and ignoring the good things he also did in trying to make the world a better place, including the fact that he's spent his new life healing people. Besides, the show focuses on individual rights and wrongs, not society level morality.

  • Restless

    Excellent review! :) I gotta rewatch the episode on the CW site, cause this is definitely an episode that needs a few rewatches.

    Poor Daphne. Left behind and forgotten about. Man, I wish we had more insight into Cas' life with her, I hope it was happy, because that guy deserves some happiness since falling in with the Winchesters.

    I'm so glad we already know Cas is in at least two more episodes, because otherwise I would really be howling up the wall! Cas really did end up a mental patient, gawds. And I thought nothing could be sadder than End!verse ;_; How the heck are they going to fix the Lucifer problem? I want it fixed now, and for everything to be rainbows and butterflies. This show is emotionally scarring me for life! xD The level of pain Supernatural inflicts should be illegal, haha!

  • Meow_Aaals

    Cas is the best.

  • imjustafan

    Ok. Am i the only one who heard Dean say to Sam :'We don't have any friend, all our friends are dead…" ?!?!?! I do not think Dean has forgiven Castiel yet and it made me very sad to see him that way. Now, about Cas' redemption, i think this is a lot of crap and I hope they will find a way to fix the mess they created with Castiel/God non-sense.
    Bottom line, at the end of last night episode, i felt empty and sad.

  • @ravenclawwit

    Perfect recap is perfect. I really want Dean to forgive Cas, but it was way more realistic the way they played it. He definitely doesn't hate Castiel, but he's wary. The more you care about and trust someone, the harder it hits you when they betray you, and I definitely think it's that way for Dean. I have hope in time that Dean will forgive him, but for now he's got to kind of sit with his anger. And like you said, Castiel making this sacrifice will go farther towards earning their forgiveness than anything else.

    I also thought it was neat that Sam actually seemed to be way more forgiving of Cas than Dean. I kind of got that feeling back in the season opener when it was Sam trying to convince Dean that "their Cas" was still in there somewhere, and also when he prayed to God!Cas in Bobby's junkyard, asking Cas to let them help him. I think Sam kind of identifies with Cas, given his own actions in season four. He knows you can have good intentions and pave your own way straight to hell. It's definitely a nice echo for the SPN writers to add into the story.

    I also liked the end. A lot of people are upset about it, and I was too at first, but after rewatching it, it made more sense to me. Dean was right. They simply cannot take Cas with them, both for his sake and for theirs. I don't think he was being heartless at all. Yeah the "all our friends are dead" line stung, but that's just Dean. The more churned up he is inside about something, the more he acts like a dick. He still has a lot of anger towards Cas, but I still believe he cares about him on some level.

  • worrynet

    Sorry, Is This What Review Looks Like? …or summary. Oh, it's recap. Sera Gamble is a good writer, but she hasn't have a wide view. There is a sad story which who is killed or is sacrificed, it is a middle level. 7.17 episode show how Supernatural producers lost their insights for next season.

    Of course, I can't only blame writers and producers. Such awkward storyline shows every shows after 2000s : Broadcasts can canceled so much easy, so writers can't make long-going story but focused on short intentions. And the budget of pilot is increased too much, and one of ordered episode is lower, this gap causes irregular viewer ratings. So it's hard to say something to only writers and producers of shows.

    But. we still should think of this. TV shows tell us a long story, and it should has its own consistency and continuity. It means every elements of story has reasons to be like that ending. Supernatural lost that, so called probability. Of course, 7.17 is a sad story, it is true. And everybody tried to find a way they can rest. But the burden of truth made them to take another burden. So there is no quite sure villains, Lucifer is not, Meg of course is not, Crowley is .. sort of. But only Castiel is treated as villain. I don't mean only Dean treated Castiel as villain, but storyteller did. Yes, I can accept that if it is Castiel centered story. But is it Castiel-centered? Or who-centered?

    In Supernatural world, from someday, demons so called pure evil show loyalty and the human with souls are easy betrayer. We know how much Sam, Dean, and even Bobby got mad to Castiel about cooperation with Crowley. And Dean took a hand with Meg the demon to save Sam? I don't know what Sera Gamble wants to say, is it the human being especially The Winchesters are the dirtiest political species on earth or heaven or hell or purgatory? Yes, this story is Dean-centered, no, I fix it, it is Dean-justified. He can do everything for his brother, and he can sacrifice everything inclue him and his best friend, but he would be okay as a name of starring character. But 7.17 episode tried to disguise as Castiel or Sam-centered. That is the awkward thing of storyline.

    If Sera Gamble wants to tell about redeem, she should solve the unbalance of justification. That should be ahead. If the world is unfair, redemption is useless, and just concrete the unfair of world. Sera Gamble ignored about the former story, and buried the problems, so here we are. Castiel should come back and killed again just for healthy Sam in next episode. He is a still easy solution: resurrection, escape, hiding, taking someone, taking times, resurrect, finding problems, easy search, calling another disaster, and cure. Is this just sarcastic? No. I just talk about continuity.

    The most terrible thing in Supernatural since now, the Winchester brothers are really badass ever. They say about loyalty but they are easy betrayers, they say family is important but they destroyed other family so easily. What do the writers want? Breaking down of The Winchesters' moral? Treating redemption, it's not easy. Everybody should be treated equal. And Supernatural is a worst example of self-justification.

    That's why 7.17 episode is a really sad one but not good. Sera Gamble only wants to solve the problems of Sam's broken wall, and nothing. There is a possibilities to be really good story ever. Everybody in this episode has a time for redeem him/herself. Sam is a on the redeem way: to open the door of Lucifer now. Castiel chose same thing, to open the door. Actually I am surprised by Meg. She has nothing but do anything for survive, that is her way to redeeem: for Lucifer. There is a easy way she can choose. She can make deals with Crowley, but she didn't. She took a hand of her enemy who killed her father, and she can protect an angel who said her abomination. Is it just for own sake? Yes, but she kept the line. That is a real redeem, isn't it? ….All this is ignored.

    And last punch left, Dean said, they have no friends and their friends are all dead. Ohhhhhhhh. Sera, what the..? If her intention is to persuade that human being is the worst thing on earth, she succeeded. She made Dean is almost 'souless', and everything is collapsed. Dean found the way to save Sam out there, so why not Cas?

    ps- I felt that 7.17 episode wasn't for Cas originally. Daphne. What is for? Castiel never show about wish for married life, if he did mimc of Dean, then there should be more. My suggestion is, if this story is for amnesia!demon, it would be really strong story. Remembering and defying him/herself makes him/herself, that means we have still our own free will still now, that's a real hope of redemption.

    • Clarissa

      Actually, it is a review. Yes, I summarized the episode, but at each major plot point, I share my opinion of the story.

  • Guest

    I think the worst part of Supernatural is that the writers often seem to drop the ball with the big picture. For instance, before the Lucifer-Michael showdown, several very powerful characters were shown (pagan gods, the antichrist kid, death) and they could have been incorporated to make a kick-ass battle. Instead, we get brothers possessed in an empty field. For this Leviathan storyline, it is hard to believe that there are no long-term difficulties from the Levis masquerading as Sam and Dean (police and the people they talk to would be expected to recognize). Now, during this big apocalypse, they just lost a 'big gun'. Cas would be much better in this fight than Sam- logically he would have switched places with the crazy AFTER they deal with the Levis. Now they have also added to their potential problems with an angel who may become dangerous due to Lucifer's voice in his head (and as we saw with that girl patient, being haunted by your crazy brother does not lead to sanity). The best solution would be to have been for Cas to free Sam's broken soul from his body. Besides, Sam was a way better hunter and way cooler when he didn't have a soul.

  • Supernatural Fan

    You guys, the “All our friends are dead” line was NOT meant to be taken as a sting against Cas, I don’t think.

    They were talking about whether or not they could trust Meg, who was a demon, and Dean was ensuring Sam that he knew that he couldn’t trust her. Since the whole point of trusting her was regarding Cas, when he said that line, he didn’t include Cas in the group of friends. He meant all of the other friends who could help them protect Cas.

    I think a bunch of people read into it wrong, or maybe I did.

    But I still believe in Dean, and it hurts that so many people seem to have given up on him or turned to hating him.

    People are so blinded by the subtext and their ships that they sometimes overlook the characters at face value.

    Dean loves Cas.

    He convinced Cas to forgive himself, defended what he did before.

    He kept the goddamn trench-coat in his trunk.

    The entire episode was proof that he forgave Cas.

    And anyone who’s angry about them leaving Cas there?

    What else were they supposed to do?

    Take him on the road with them where they’re going to be hunting Leviathans and possibly being tacked by demons?

    So he can be tortured by Lucifer?

    I think that is is kind of the first time the Winchester’s are giving him a break, to be honest.

    They’re not forcing him to be their guardian regardless of his problems.

    They put his health first.

    I just think everyone needs to take a deep breath and realize that Cas is family to the boys, and that that’s not going to change.

    • Restless

      "They're not forcing him to be their guardian regardless of his problems.
      They put his health first."

      I like that. :3
      I just disagree that a mental hospital is a good place to leave him to suffer alone. It seems sloppy. What is a hospital going to do for Cas? What's stopping him from teleporting away or accidentally hurting someone? Why are demons not going to check it out again? Why is this hospital better than a warded cabin in the woods away from people, or even back at Daphne's (she no doubt knows more about him than that hospital). Why were they in a rush to leave anyway, it's not like they had a lead. :/ But then the whole episode was too rushed.

      But I like the way you put it and I'm going to try to view it like that. :) It's a lot nicer than what I got from the show.

  • imjustafan

    No one hates Dean. Actually it is my favorite character and last friday i had to see him rush his brother in the car after he was freed of his hallucinations and say they have no friends and such. Really???

    Let's think about it for a minute. Cas was in war, said so several times AND came everytime he was needed. When did Deans ask if Cas was alright? When another angel pointed their behaviour towars him.

    Dean is at the verge of the breaking point and someone REALLY need to get through him because at this rate even having Sam won't be enough. He has SO MUCH anger!!!There is nothing to rejoice in that episode because there is chaos on earth, in heaven. There is the matter of the Leviathans. Why bring Cas back if not for the brothers, especially Dean?

    After watching this episode, I am actually wondering what can be the end of Supernatural? I mean what is the character's future? I hope not the Saving Grace type….they really messed up with the Castiel storyline.

  • Terry

    "Back in the hospital, Jared Padalecki was acting his socks off." YES! Jared has become a great actor over the past seven years, and he just keeps getting better. This performance topped even the spectacular ones as soulless Sam and evil Sam.

    I also agree that Sera is a tremendous writer, for all that as showrunner she's the lightning rod for all the discontent. I just looked at her credits, and she has given us many of the series' very best episodes, including Faith, Jus in Bello, Appointment in Samarra and Death's Door. Of the 28 episodes she was written, almost all of them were well-received (except Exile on Main Street) and there is such a long list of awesome ones, including Dead in the Water, Salvation, Bloodlust, Crossroad Blues, AHBL I, Fresh Blood, It's a Terrible Life, Good God Y'All, The Song Remains the Same, and Meet the New Boss.

    I love the way Cas was brought back, and I'm not concerned about how it ended because I know it's not the end, we will see more of Cas. The Montage was indeed spectacular, and Dean giving the trench coat back to Cas was such a poignant moment, especially with the look on Dean's face. (And this is one thing Sera is great at, knowing when to not overwrite it and let the awesome actors on the show convey the emotion with expression and action. These aren't the kind of guys who do a lot of emo words.)

  • Conniekandoit

    Great review, I enjoyed this episode alot and got the old chills like it used to give me after a good episode. And my hats off to Jared who did a great job. And so sexy (and I'm a Dean girl)

  • roylt84

    Here's the problem with Supernatural now, there doesn't seem to be a long story arc as we got with Seasons 1-5. It all feels so disjointed now. The Leviathans are terrible villains and feels like the writers aren't sure what to do with them or what their motivations are; and don't even get me started on the cleaning solution weakness (what a loud of crap that was).

    Now let's talk about Sam and Lucifer and what a waist of a storyline. I liked soul-less same from Season 6, it brought something new and exciting to the table and allowed Jared to stretch his acting chops. Unfortunately the writers are so determined to keep the same brotherly dynamic that they but his soul back way too soon.

    Lucifer, omg! I was so excited to see him return because Mark Pellegrino was so awesome in his portrayal. I was interested to see what kind of mental torment that Sam would go through. Alas, I was let down again because Sam was basically able to function as normal even though HE HAD THE DEVIL inside his head, the dude was more afraid of clowns than the f******* devil, WTF?!.

    Besides the intro to this season, you are telling me that the worst thing Lucifer can do to Sam is…annoy him? That's just crap and a cop out. What happenend to the chains, fire, and making Sam drive somewhere and almost shot Dean? Sam handled that fine but it was Lucifer nagging him that sent him to the breaking point, what a loud of crap.

    Oh and someone brought this up on another forum but it's a good point; the reason Sam is seeing Lucifer is because his soul was torn about in the cage, and Castiel already stated that he couldn't repair Sam's soul. So…he shouldn't have been able to take Lucifer away from Sam. Do I agree that Sam couldn't have the Devil in his mind for the rest of his life, yes; my anger lies in the fact the it seems the writers are forgetting the storylines and rules that have been set up.

    I hope the series can return to glory but things are not looking so well.

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International Clash Day: Seattle Honors London Band with Holiday
Seven Incredibly Dangerous Car Accidents in NASCAR History
Ever Wonder Why Peyton Manning Says Omaha All The Time?
Don’t Forget to Watch The NFL Honors 2016 Show
Josh Norman
When Is the Official Super Bowl Kick Off of 2016?

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