Supernatural Season 7 Set Photos: What is Castiel Up To?

Supernatural Season 7 CastielWell, well, well, Castiel sure looks busy in an early season 7 episode of Supernatural. Photographer Christine Kilpatrick managed to snag some on-set photos of Castiel getting up to no good, as well as some details on the season 7 premiere episode.

Before we get to the photos, let’s examine a few facts. We know that Castiel appears in at least episodes 7.01 and 7.02 in the fall. A recent EW interview with Misha Collins quotes Misha as saying this about Castiel’s plans at the beginning of Supernatural’s next season: “It’s hard to talk about without ruining it for you. But I sort of start the season off letting sleeping dogs lie with them because they are completely powerless and ineffectual against me. Of course, they end up being a thorn in my side as they always tend to do.”

Misha’s comments lead me to believe that Castiel may have demanded fealty from the Winchesters at the end of season 6, but he’ll start season 7 by cleaning house among his fellow angels before concerning himself with Sam and Dean. The photos below show Castiel smiting a group of his brothers and sisters. While hanging around the set, Christine reports that she saw the angels lying dead on the grass, the outline of their wings charred onto the ground, while Castiel says “It’s a new day. On Earth and in Heaven. Rejoice”.

Here’s another small spoiler for you. Our recent Supernatural coverage at Comic-Con (read more here and view the videos here) revealed that Death will be among one of the return guest stars in season 7. Christine reports that he’ll actually be appearing in this episode, so it looks like we’ll be seeing him very early on.

Enjoy the photos below and head over to Christine’s blog post to read additional details about the episode that she observed.

Supernatural’s seventh season will premiere on Friday, September 23.

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  • deborah

    I hate what has happened to Castiel. I hope he's redeemed, returns to being a regular angel, and isn't killed off or just simply 'sent away' somewhere.

    • Kim

      I not certain if he should go back to being a regular angel or not but I would like if he's redeemed (or there was something beneath the surface of what is apparent that proves his actions were, if not immediately, good then necessary). If you can recall Ruby – her actions seemed to help but were ultimately to do harm (with Cas I think the inverse may apply).

  • ken

    Noooooooooooo, i hope Cast is redeemed, n not killed off!! but hopefully theres a new charecter introduced to d series, hmmmm

  • Julie

    Encantada, que continue la serie de Supernatural, espero que Castiel, ya se ubique, porque perdio la realidad de su mision. Y los hermanitos Winchester que aparescan cada vez mejor!!!!.GRACIAS ,por tan buena noticia, seguimos al pendiente.

  • Jedaqia

    I love Cas. I still remembered him feeling guilty about killing his own 'brothers'. Can't imagine when he'll come back to being a regular angel…probably a whole dose of guilty trips like a true Winchester. Yeah, he's family. Dean Winchester says so. :-)

  • Mollydx3

    If Cass is killed off, I am no longer watching Supernatural.

    I've never missed an episode since day 1, season 1, episode 1. But if Cass is no longer going to be in this season, then I am very disappointed in their choice. It's a big mistake.