Supernatural 8.10 Photos: Castiel Returns and Sam Gets an Ultimatum

imageAs usual, the title for the January return episode of Supernatural is pretty indicative of what’s going on in the Winchesters’ world.  “Torn and Frayed” seems particularly appropriate given the fight that Dean and Sam got into in the winter finale over Benny and Dean’s fake text to Sam.  Now Sam is back in Kermit and is face-to-face with Amelia (who is, despite some fans’ theories, very real).  And she presents him with a choice: he needs to stay with her or leave her forever.  Maybe her newly returned husband Don isn’t doing it for her

But have no fear, because the Winchester brothers will be reunited fairly quickly.  The mysterious Naomi calls on Castiel with some news: Crowley is holding an angel hostage and Cas needs to rescue him.  Naturally, Castiel turns to Dean for help and then he tells the brothers they need to put their differences aside and get down to serious business.  Will the brothers finally work out their problems?  Will Castiel save the angel?  And what, exactly, is Naomi doing to our poor Castiel in the preview for the episode?

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  • courtney

    Thanks for the photos, Clarissa.

    As much as it breaks my heart to say this, I’m at the point where I wish Sam would choose Amelia and leave Dean. Feeling this way sucks because I’ve always liked Sam. But I’ve tried giving him the benefit of a doubt all season and I’m out of excuses. Realistically, I just don’t see how Dean’s supposed to ever trust him as a hunting partner again. If there was ever another Chronos type situation, could Dean really be sure Sam would try looking for him this time around? And considering how easily Sam trusted a mental patient’s judgement over Dean’s, it just doesn’t seem as if Sam has any more faith in his brother now than he did when Ruby was around. And to go along with Martin in leaving an unconscious Dean handcuffed to a radiator? Oy. What happens the next time the brothers disagree on a case? If I were Dean, I’d wonder if I’ll eventually find myself locked in the Impala’s trunk. Dean’s text was harsh, no doubt about it. He manipulated Sam’s feelings for Amelia. But even if I don’t like how Dean went about it at least I can understand his motivation was to protect an innocent Benny and get Sam out of harm’s way as well. For me, the text was a lot less troublesome than Sam’s actions.

    I really, really hope Carver has a plan to help restore my faith in the hunting partnership again. Because, otherwise, I rather see Sam be happy with Amelia than continue to be a hunting liability because he’s so miserable staying with Dean.

    About the photos….so good to see Cas again. This episode sounds really good. I can’t wait!

    • Lissa

      I hate to admit it, but I agree with everything you just said. I’ve kind of been expecting Dean to up and go off with Benny, honestly. Sam is completely off the rails, even more so than seasons 4 or 6. It doesn’t seem right to me, somehow. I am having a very difficult time believing that Sam never looked for Dean. That makes no sense. I’m having a difficult time believing that Sam would make a lot of the choices he seems to be making this season. Maybe Benny is a bad guy, who knows. That’s the point. Sam would be the last one to condemn him when there is doubt. Sam would not trust Martin over Dean and Sam would not allow someone to get away with hurting Dean, especially a crazy person. Sam seems completely self-absorbed this season and I don’t like it. It’s so far out of character that I can’t help thinking that something isn’t exactly what we think. The show has to know how out of whack Sam’s character is.

      I’m not gonna give Cas a free pass either. He’s acting as though he doesn’t want to be around Dean either. I’m sure I’ll upset some people over that statement, but if you really look at it, you’ll see that I’m right. Maybe there’s more going on there than we’ve been allowed to see, but, in my opinion, both Sam and Cas are letting their own issues blind them to the fact that Dean is being dumped on.

      It’s irritating me because I hate taking sides. We all know that Dean isn’t Mr. perfect either, but I feel bad for him right now and I hope the show fixes it soon. They don’t all have to get along and agree all the time, but for some reason, the way Dean’s being treated just makes me uncomfortable.

      I’m done now and I’ll hush because I could go on for quite a while.

  • Saísse

    Photographs 05 and 13 left me anguished (Sam stopped and Dean going away and Cas bruised) :( . I hope it’s just my impression. Anxious to watch! Thanks for the photos!:)

  • Saísse

    (Fix….Photo 12 and not 13 :))

  • Julie

    So glad to see the boys together and we finally get to see why Sam chooses his big brother and maybe whats been going on in Sams head. Can’t wait to see what the two of them seem to be talking/fighting about in the hallway, it doesn’t look pleasant but hopefully we’ll push forth the Winchesters story more because of it.

    Looks an o.k. episode but I’m looking forward to the next episode more.

  • Eva

    I don’t know what’s wrong with Sam but he will never leave Dean ,despite everything. The brothers belong together. So glad they’re working side by side again. I hope Cas slaps some sense into them. Supernatural has to return to the brothers.

  • jennie jerome

    Why must Sam always lose people? He deserves to have new friends. If Amelia goes away, will Benny go away too? I hope so.

  • Mar

    Sam’s got an ultimatum from me too.

  • Destiny

    I’m thinking the reason why the writers included Dean sending the text is that it gives them an out and allows them to once again blame everything on Dean. I wouldn’t be surprised if the disturbing fact that Dean was so sure that Sam was going to try something behind his back with Benny that he felt the need to plan for it, the fact that he was right about it, Sam choosing the word of the crazy guy over his brother and allowing Dean to be handcuffed to the radiator, and Sam making the choice to abandon his hunting partner in the middle of the hunt will all be ignored because mean bossy Dean hurt poor little Sammy’s feelings.

  • mrs astor

    How could Dean choose a vampire over his brother? There’s something fishy about Benny. I hope Sam will stick to his convictions. Benny may fool Dean but he can’t fool Sam.

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