Supernatural: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins Tease the ‘Looney Tuney’ Episode (Video)

SupernaturalThe last time that Supernatural jumped into the television world was in the fifth season and we were gifted with the hilarious episode “Changing Channels” (written by new showrunner Jeremy Carver).

The upcoming episode will meld television with reality, giving us cartoon elements in the everyday world.  The set-up is simple: Castiel announces that he wants to be a hunter like Sam and Dean, but while the brothers remain skeptical (watch a preview).  To prove his dedication, Cas tracks down a case that leads the Winchesters to a small town where the deaths heavily resemble those found in cartoon shows and movies.  Think falling anvils.  In fact, see falling anvils in these promo photos for the episode.

During a visit to the Supernatural set in Vancouver*, we were able to watch the cast film a scene for “Hunteri Heroici” (penned by Andrew Dabb), which features M*A*S*H actor Michael Farrell as a guest star.  Stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins were on hand to tease the episode.

Jensen began by telling us that this would be another unusual episode in the style of “Changing Channels”: “If you take episodes like Changing Channels or French Mistake, where we go so outside the box, but yet we always somehow find a way to make it make sense.  This is kind of one of those off-the-wall episodes.  It’s not something we’ve ever done before.  When I heard the concept I was like “really?!”  But I’ve gotten that reaction several times in the show and it’s always worked out.”

Jared gave us a few more hints about the actual case of the week, explaing that “It’s kind of a very Looney Tuney, cartooney series of deaths that get us involved.  We go and find out there’s an ex-hunter that might be involved, but we don’t know if he’s hunting and staking it out.”

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The scene we watched the actors filming featured Castiel bringing Sam inside the mind of Fred Jones (played by Michael Farrell).  Fred’s mind resembled a cartoon, which meant that Jared and Misha were acting against a pure green screen background.  “The part that you saw on the green screen itself was we’re inside the mind of this Mr. Fred Jones character who was a hunter long, long ago I think and now he sort of lost his mind and he lives in a fantasyland of cartoons and I transport us into his mind and then we get to work on green screen,” Misha explained.  On the monitors during filming, we could see a cartoon world surrounding a normal-looking Castiel and Sam (completely with a little cowboy and a bomb exploding in the distance).  Then Fred appeared and the world around all of them turned to static as the trio conversed and Sam tried to convince Fred about the benefits of reality.

Watch the video below featuring interviews with Jensen, Jared and Misha and don’t miss an all new episode of Supernatural on November 28th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW (Note: sorry about the shaky Jensen portion – I have very unsteady hands!)

Keep an eye on our Supernatural page for spoilers, previews, sneak peeks and reviews.

*Travel and accomodation provided by Warner Bros. Television


  • michelle

    One of the best things about “Supernatural” is that they’re not afraid to take chances and produce styles that most dramas would shy away from. Changing Channels and The French Mistake were great episodes that are actually considered two of the best in the series. Taking chances and doing new things is what makes this show feeling fresh year after year.

    And it fits into the realm of supernatural. Which, I suppose, is why it’s always worked so well.

    Also, I’m extremely happy that we get to see Sam and Castiel working together. For all this show’s strength in production, they sure have dropped the ball with the lack of Sam/Cas interaction on screen. That is a friendship made in heaven just waiting to happen. I just know the chemistry Jared and Misha share will translate on screen and make for a great character interaction.

    Bring it on!

  • Shisai

    I can´t wait!
    I’m really enjoying this season, loving Sam, Cas and Dean together,TFW. And,of course Dean/Cas relationship, it’s epic.
    Thank you SEASON GR8!

  • Kendra

    With those behind the scenes photos from a few weeks ago and this mind meld scene, it sounds like this might be a Sam and Cas centric/Dean light episode. Was that your impression too, Clarissa?

    I can’t wait for this episode and I’m loving this amazing season! Carver totally rocks!

    • Clarissa

      Not particularly. We only saw a single scene being filmed (the one I described above). I wouldn’t be able to judge the whole episode from that scene and say that it’s Dean light. Based on the trailer, the photos and the sneak peek, it looks pretty even to me in terms of screen time. I’m not actually certain why Dean doesn’t travel inside the guest star’s mind with Sam and Cas, but I suspect we’ll get an explanation.

      • lettistruluv

        Maybe both Cas and Sam can relate because they both lost their minds in one form or another in S7. They have that in common as well as being residents in the Asylum for a period of time. Last Season Lucifer was playing mind games with Sam and therefore it would not surprise me if this season it was switched up abit so that this time the new Angel Naomi and co, ended up playing mind games with Sam, as she is doing with Cas.

        Thinking ahead, it also would not surprise me, seeing what happened to Sam in S7,and we had a hint in S5, if Sam did have a breakdown without Dean there to support him and in light of what happened to Dean. Sam appears to be susceptible in this regards, which is not a surprise considering what he and his brother has been through.

        Sam and Dean really need to catch a break to bring them back together again, on the same level of understanding.

        • Luciano

          I am curious to know more about this theory. In season 5 when did Sam feel like that???

  • Kendra

    Oh okay, thanks.

  • CMG

    This episode was originally called Dean Amuk, which is a play on Duck Amuk – the Looney Tunes cartoon, so I was always under the impression that this was going to be Deancentric and yet there’s hardly any mention of him in the spoilers. I wonder if there’s more to this episode than we think.

    • Sara

      From the original title, I was also under the impression that this one might be Dean-centric. And there’s no one who could better understand the difference between what’s real and what isn’t than Dean-especially considering that he’s traveled to more realms and time zones than any other being on this show has-but then again maybe it’s because of his getting the original “ride” to this one, that Sam and Cas show up in it, too. We’ll see, I guess…

  • Sally

    I doubt its Dean light but even if it was we have more than our fair share of Sam light episodes a odd Dean one would be refreshing and isnt going to hurt.But I expect it is just a scene thats part of the whole episode and Dean as always will be heavily involved.

  • Annie

    So Dean will do exactly what in this episode? From this description I kind of lost any desire to watch cause I was hoping for Dean centric episode finally and looks like I was wrong.

    • Clarissa

      I really don’t understand how anyone is jumping to the unsupported conclusion that the episode is Dean-lite. We saw a *single* scene being filmed. I didn’t read the script, so I certainly cannot tell you the exact amount of screentime each character will have. How could I possibly tell you everything that Dean does in the episode based on a single scene? And why would you assume that Dean must do nothing in the episode based on one scene and this article, which features Jensen talking about the episode?

      Dean is so clearly in this episode based on the trailer, the sneak peek, the photos and the fact that Jensen was there filming. There’s any number of completely logical possibilities as to where Dean is when Sam and Castiel jump into Mike’s head. Maybe he’s off investigating something.

      Dean has gotten a lot of very good screentime this season with his Purgatory storyline and it’s been very well done, so I’m not sure why you would use the word “finally” as if his screentime has been lacking. His storyline has been fascinating and featured. But he doesn’t have to be in every single scene with the others in every single episode, and vice versa. They’re not all Siamese twins/triplets.

    • CyanaT

      Annie, IIRC one of the earliest sets of OTS pictures had Dean sticking arm through a “portal” and becoming “toon-fied.” So maybe “Dean” spends part of the episode as a “toon” and Sam and Cas have to work to get toonDean out of Fred’s brain and while in “toon-form” “Dean” solves the case. It *may* be similar to “The Curious Case of Dean Winchester” only instead of “old Dean” we’ll have “toon Dean” but it’s still “Dean”. In other words HH might be a “lighter Jensen” episode without being a “Dean-lite” episode.

    • Sally

      What episodes don’t feature Dean heavily. So far this season has been showing us Dean’s Purgatory and his relationship with Benny.

  • rehabber

    From the way this season is starting out, it may join s4 in being one of my favorites. I do love these weird eps, but the only ep I can truly say I will never watch again came from this season, Bitten. Misha and Jared clown around so much that I read they try and keep them apart to get more filming done. lol I will say as much as I love Sam, Dean and Cas, Feral Dean is AWESOME.

  • Altair

    Seriously, even MENTIONING Changing Channels TWICE?

    They are not even trying to deny it anymore.

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