Supernatural 8.09 Photos: Sam Targets Benny…But is the Vampire Guilty?

SupernaturalThe Benny / Sam issue will come to a head in what might be the pentultimate or final Supernatural episode of 2012.  Benny returns in “Citizen Fang” at the beginning of December and Sam is still extremely suspicious of the vampire.

Sam calls on the old Winchester family friend/fellow hunter Martin (who apepared in the asylum in the season 5 episode “Sam, Interrupted”) and asks him to keep an eye on Benny.  Naturally, Dean isn’t told that his vampire BFF is being tracked.  But Sam can’t keep it a secret for very long because Martin tells Sam that he thinks Benny is responsible for a recent kill and  Dean immediately steps up to defend his friend.  Upset about Dean’s reluctance to do “the right thing” about Benny, Martin decides to try and kill the vampire himself, leading Dean to make a tough decision.  Will he side with his brother against Benny or will he hold fast about his insistence that Benny is to be trusted?  What will the evidence reveal about the vampire?

It’s so nice to see another hunter in the Supernatural universe.  I’ve always lamented the fact that we don’t see nearly enough of the hunting community in the show (considering the fact that the main characters are, you know, hunters), so it’s fun to see an old guest star make a reappearance.  And it’s nice to know that Sam and Dean have contacts out there that go beyond the regular guest stars like Bobby, Garth and Sheriff Mills.

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  • Angela

    Someone please remind me why fandom suddenly accepts Benny more than Sam and will turn against Sam if Sam is the one to ice Benny.

    Someone please remind me why there is unnecessary brother angst going on. And why they think maturity comes from turmoil now when it never has for these guys before.

    Someone please remind me why Dean is being a hypocrite and working with a monster while at the same time literally ostracizing Sam for his mistake.

    Anyone have answers for these questions. Because all this looks like is Dean picking Benny – a monster who used him to get out of Purgatory – over the brother who threw himself into hell to save the world and repent for a mistake he didn’t intend to make and the angel who turned his back on heaven itself to ally with Sam and Dean.

    I should stop now before I anger Benny’s spasmodic fans. Woops.

    • King B

      I don’t think, outside of your standard Sam haters, most people trust Benny over Sam. What I do see a lot of is the sentiment that it’s a bit strange for Sam to be gunning for Benny when he is usually the one to be understanding of the monsters.

      So why is Benny all of a sudden enemy #1 if he hasn’t done anything other than be a vampire? A type of monster he knows can live a harmless life free of hurting or even interacting with humans seeing as to how it took Eve calling out to Lenore to make her start feeding again.

      Unless the episode gives Sam a reason to want him tracked other than “he is a vampire” then it just looks like he wants to find a reason to kill Benny out of spite.

      Plus it also doesn’t look so good that Sam had the gumption to call up old ass season 5 connections to track Benny, who as of now is the herbivore vamp that got got Dean out of purgatory selfish reasons or not, yet he did fudge all to find Dean for a year. so that could also be where some of the pro-Benny slant is coming from. This just my take though, so you know YMMV and all that.

    • Marilyn

      No one is picking Benny over Sam. We’re thinking Benny is innocent of the murders, so he shouldn’t be killed for what he didn’t do. Dean isn’t picking Benny over Sam, he’s just not catering to Sam’s wanting to kill Benny without cause. If you make Dean choose between Sam’s life and Benny’s life, he’d obviously choose Sam. Why are you so eager to kill Benny without proof, just because Sam wants to?

      If Dean has changed his tune over monsters, it’s called character growth, after a long hard year in purgatory. And even better, the show SHOWED us how and why Dean’s attitude changed, instead of just telling us, for a change.

      Sam is the one acting like a hypocrite by wanting to kill Benny when Benny hasn’t been proven to be a murderer yet. It’s totally different from his usual sympathy for monsters. Even Dean never killed monsters unless they killed first – he let Amy’s kid live, for ex.

      So why is Sam so bent on killing the guy who helped Dean get out, without proof? From the words spoken in “Southern Comfort”, Sam seems to just want revenge for Amy, and because Dean hid Benny from him. That’s pretty petty. I hope the show changes Sam’s attitude, because this is either totally OOC or blantant petty hypocrisy on Sam’s side.

  • Percysowner

    The answers don’t matter, Dean will be right, Sam will be wrong. If Sam says Benny needs taken care of, he will be 100% wrong unless Dean suddenly agrees with him. Sam’s never right and any new friend of Dean is either automatically good, or is turned to the light by the goodness of Dean. This does not, of course, include Sam who is only there to prove how right Dean is. The Winchester Brothers are done, long live Benny and Cas, Dean’s real brothers. And, I’m really disgusted.

    • roxi

      But it’s Sam that’s causing all this! And when is Sam always wrong and Dean always right? Especially when everybody always tells him how whiny and stupid he is if he dares have any feelings about anything? I’m sorry, I just don’t understand why some of you guys keep making these statements about Sam being shown to be wrong to make Dean look good, because I don’t think the shpw has ever shown that. All I’ve ever seen is Sam is the smart one, Sam is the important one, Sam is the stronger one. How does that make him look bad?
      If Benny does something to warrant Sam’s suspicions then by all means Sam is right to be concerned about him, but if not, then it just looks like Sam just wants something to throw in Dean’s face, something to hurt Dean with. Sam gave Dean an ultimatum to drop the fact that he didn’t bother look for him or he threatened to abandon him again, yet Sam won’t let the Benny issue go. Why?

    • Alex

      hahahahhaha thank you. Couldn´t said it better!
      Isn´t it funny that the show turned this way. It´s all about Dean, Benny and Cas.
      And no matter what, Sam is just there…… somewhere and it´s all his fault.
      And the fudging moment you say anything, what I call normal critism, you are a hater! Yes this fandom is rabid, but not in a good way.

    • Marilyn

      It has nothing to do with Dean being right, it has to do with not regurgitating yet another storyline – in this case Ruby, the betrayer with the hidden agenda.

      Benny and his POV is very interesting to most of us fans. It’s pretty silly to write a story that has to mirror the same storyline of one brother, every time. I’m also very dissatisfied with how Sam’s being written and his “story” but the solution isn’t to regurguitate and ruin interesting characters to make the discontented happier in shared misery.

  • Diane

    I second that! I don’t understand the acceptance, either.

  • Emma

    Ugh. So over the brother drama. Why can’t Sam and Dean just get along? Sure, let them bicker (like all brothers do), but this whole “Who will Dean choose? Sam or Benny” is ridiculous. It all feels like such manufactured drama.

    I get that Dean was in the trenches with Benny while in Purgatory, but Dean was also in the trenches which Cas in Purgatory. Why was Dean’s connection to Benny so much stronger there? It doesn’t make sense. I just don’t buy the Benny and Dean bond.

    The Dean I know will always choose Sam. No question. That fact that it is even a question just irks me.

    And more lying and sneaking around between the brothers – how is that mature, Carver? Carver kept saying how the brothers relationship was going to mature this season. I’m not seeing that at all. It is going backwards.

    • Clarissa

      I don’t think that Dean’s bond with Benny is stronger than his one with Castiel, or especially Sam and I don’t really feel that that is reflected in the show. Sure, Dean obviously likes Benny after what they went through in Purgatory, but I don’t think he likes him MORE. I think if Dean was faced with that whole “if you could only save 1 (or 2) people from a burning building that held Benny, Sam and Castiel, who would you choose?” dilemma the choice would be clear.

      But the sneaking around thing definitely DOES have to stop (and, yes, I also believe Dean will choose Sam, so it’s interesting that The CW framed it as Dean having to make a decision). Nothing good comes from keeping secrets from each other. The audience knows that, so why don’t the Winchester brothers?

      I think it’s interesting that Dean is hiding something behind his back when confronting Benny in one episode. Is that his choice then?

  • Tammy K

    I think the real question is who is committing the murders. If Benny is the killer then Dean and Sam should unite to stop him. If he’s not, they should unite to find out who the actually killer is. The brothers should always be more concerned about finding the real killer than arguing over who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’. That would actually be mature and I think that’s what will happen in the end. Sam may not like Benny, but he has supported other monsters over the years who are trying to do the right thing. If that’s what Benny is doing I think he will support him as well.

  • Mel

    It is exactly that I also think Tammy. Why kill Benny if he didn’t kill humans for food, for revenge or perversity. And the Dean will never change Sam by Cas, Benny or even God. Pleaseeeeeee!!! xD

    • Mel

      Sorry!! Is *choose* instead of *chance* :(

  • Destiny

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I love Benny because so far he’s proven to be a loyal friend, and someone who genuinely likes, cares and respects Dean. I liked it when Benny stood up for Dean in purgatory about Cas leaving him. I liked that Benny saved Cas even though he doesn’t seem to like Cas all that much, for no other reason than Cas was Dean’s friend. I liked that we actually saw Benny acknowledge this trait Dean has during blood brother. Benny wasn’t going to involve Dean on that hunt, he originally just wanted the blood, but he seemed to admire Dean’s friend thing. I liked that despite the fact that Andrea truly was the love of Benny’s life he didn’t complain that mean Dean killed her. He just accepted what had to be done.

    Could all this go sideways and Benny was just using Dean, sure but I really hope it doesn’t?

    Just once I’d like to see this show have the nerve to avoid the obvious and have Dean choose Benny. Let Benny be a good loyal friend. Dean comes back from purgatory to find out his brother couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger to try and help him and I don’t care what million and one excuses Sam has that still hurts and if the brother bond is supposed to be as solid as everyone says it is, why can’t Sam recognize that it probably triggered Dean’s abandonment issues. How is Dean supposed to get over those if everyone really does leave him? Really, how many more times is this show planning to kick Dean when he’s down?

    So far this season, we have both Benny and Cas actually acknowledging Dean’s loyalty and Cas making sure Dean fully understood it wasn’t his fault. Cas took full responsibility for staying in purgatory. It’s kind of a refreshing change.

    I didn’t get the sense that Dean’s connection to Benny is stronger than his bond with Cas. Dean wouldn’t leave without Cas and specifically stated that Cas was going with them if it killed all three of them. He was willing to sacrifice Benny to save Cas. Dean’s got a big heart, and there is room for more than one person. Why does it have to be a competition? Why can’t he be brothers and friends with Benny, Cas and Sam?

    As for Dean giving Benny a chance, why does it have to be described as hypocrisy? I could point out that Sam Monsters are People too Winchester is demonstrating an awful lot of it himself. He’s been willing to give monsters the benefit of the doubt based on no more than just “I promise I’ll be good.” Or when Sam didn’t care for a whole year if people were monster chow, why is he suddenly so concerned about Benny’s potential victims? I would think that if Sam were truly empathic he would be rooting for Benny to be good and not want see his brother betrayed or used by someone else.

    There is such thing as character growth and development, kind of like when Dean let Lenore and Kate live, and didn’t they also let Dixon live during Fresh Blood. People do hypocritical things as they grow and learn from their experiences, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing.

    Just my two cents worth, anyway.

  • Sara

    So hoping they will keep Benny. He is by far the most interesting and intriguing new character they have introduced since Castiel, IMO. Still so much love for Cas, too. And Dean is going to need some new hunting partners since Sam seems set on going for the normal life one day. Benny and Cas both work great for me in that regard. I’ve loved watching The Unholy Trio kill their way across Purgatory. More of that topside, every once in a while, would be a most welcome diversion for this fan. Keep Benny, Carver. Monster or not, IMO, he ROCKS! on the hunt with Dean and fits with him like he was made for that role. *fingers crossed* that they haven’t decided to kill off yet another awesome side character(Rufus Turner and Victor Hendrickson RIP) on this show.

  • Tammy K

    Dean isn’t choosing between Benny and Sam he’s deciding whether to investigate the case himself or believe what another hunter is telling him about someone he has come to trust during a long year of fighting for his life. That seems like an easy choice for anyone and it has nothing to do with how much he loves Sam. If the show didn’t feel the need for extra angst and drama this wouldn’t even be a conflict. The brothers would investigate the case together and take whatever action is necessary. I hope it will work out that way in the end.

  • AB

    Woo! Love Benny, so excited to see him back! Knowing Dean, he’ll investigate this thoroughly before he believes that someone who has proven himself a trustworthy ally is a killer… he owes Benny that. If he does turn out to be a killer, Dean will do the right thing, but I don’t think that’s where this is going. I think Benny’s probably being unfairly maligned here… nevertheless, he may ask Dean to kill him anyway, to send him back to Purgatory where he knows how to belong.

    I hope not, though. I think Benny’s an awesome character, and they could use another ally. He brings kind of an easygoing, not-too-sappy vibe to the proceedings that I really like; there’s such intensity in the brotherly relationship and often in the D/C relationship as well that he provides a nice contrast. Plus, it’d be awesome to see a monster succeed in adapting to a non-harmful lifestyle for a change.

    Ah, Benny. <3 Here's hoping you survive to entertain me another day.

  • Queenie

    Dean isn’t being a hypocrite, he’s worked with/allowed to live monsters before and Sam’s the one who has always been all about the “good monsters” but apparently that’s only if they remind him of himself or he wants to shag them, they don’t count when they are Dean’s friend whom he experienced a year of purgatory with. He’s already threatened Benny once, for no other reason than being petty and wanting yet another tit for tat(he already got one last season when he killed Emma, which he himself compared to Amy, so it was a tit for tat) for Amy, whom he knew for a total of about 6 hours and whom he caught pretty much in the act(he caught her just before she killed someone, she knocked him out and when he found her again, she had blood and brain literally on her hands).

    Sam’s the one who sent a 3rd party to watch Benny, thus opening Dean himself up to the possibility of other hunters not trusting him – something Dean’s never done to Sam. Dean’s always tried to protect Sam from other hunters.

    If either of them is being hypocritical it’s Sam, who generally just needs someone to claim they really aren’t a monster(or to bat their eyelashes at him) for him to be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But Dean spends almost a year with the guy and Sam goes behind his back?

    Dean’s long shown himself open to working with or allowing them to live, he just tends to need proof. Dean’s a proof person – either way, he needs proof they shouldn’t be put down or he needs proof they should be put down – they only hunt monsters who are hurting people or trying to hurt them, so they generally have the proof by the time it comes to kill them.

    Dean wants more proof than the word of the guy(Martin) who was in a psychiatric hospital last time they saw him that the vampire who stopped drinking people before he was even killed in the first place and who has helped Dean before is guilty of something he needs to be put down for. We know this is true, we aren’t only taking Benny’s word for it, we saw it in Benny’s episode – Benny really had “gone straight” and it’s a large part of the reason his own vampire people KILLED him. So for him to “fall off the wagon” like that is both a huge deal and less likely.

    As well Dean hasn’t been sneaking around on Sam. No he didn’t tell him about Benny, but then again Sam didn’t even tell Dean the vet’s name until AFTER he found out about Benny.

    All Dean knew was there was a girl and a dog(which he only found out because he guessed about both of them first, the dog because of the smell in the car and when Sam told him he didn’t look for him, he knew he must have been distracted by a girl), it’s not because Sam was so open and honest. He started trying to lie about the dog but Dean tends to know when he’s lying, and really the only reason he’s mentioned the girl since then is because he wants to make sure Dean knows he had a really good time while Dean was fighting for his life in Purgatory and to remind Dean that he’s GONE when they finally find the tablet and close the Hell Gates. Hardly like Sam’s been Mr Forthcoming.

    When Dean went to answer Benny’s call for help – he straight out told Sam he was leaving. Dean does have a right to go and do stuff Sam doesn’t know the details about, so long as Sam knows he’s left. So, aside from one phone call he answered without telling Sam who was on the phone in episode 1, Dean didn’t sneak around or out, he just essentially told Sam it was none of his business. Sam’s done that to Dean in the past, as far back as episode 5 of Season 1 and Dean’s been expected to take it and it’s been used as evidence of Sam’s “independence”.

    Sam’s the one who, right up to last season, tended to sneak out and then refuse to answer multiple phone calls from Dean. Dean didn’t answer one call and he was in the middle of working at the time it came and then not that long afterward he was calling Sam to lend him assistance, which he didn’t end up needing. KNOWING it mean Sam would find out about Benny because he did so. Of course Sam was more interested in arguing with him than just coming and dealing the possible “life and death” problem because hey Dean needing help isn’t the important thing, it’s Sam’s pride.

    The fact is by calling in Martin to watch Benny behind Dean’s back, Sam was the one “sneaking”, he was just doing it with a 3rd party. Dean’s got every right to be pissed off about it, especially considering Sam was basically just looking for an excuse to take Benny out, as he threatened in 8.06. Now he’ll probably give Dean a chance to see what Benny is doing for himself(probably with the hopes that’ll it’ll prove him right) but that doesn’t change the fact that Sam snuck around behind Dean’s back.

    I think the decision Dean has to make will probably have to do with Benny and Martin believe it or not, not Benny and Sam.

    As for why fandom accepts Benny – Benny is played by a wonderful actor, who is doing a very good job with him. He makes Benny feel like a rounded individual with a life behind him. Jensen is great at creating chemistry with his fellow actors(and sometimes inanimate objects:), thus those characters who are introduced through him tend to be accepted, because they immediately feel like they fit. Don’t blame Jensen for the fact that he’s good at his job, which is to create a believable atmosphere and emotional connection to other characters and don’t blame the other actors for responding in kind. That’s what actors are supposed to do.

    And in what way is he choosing Benny over Castiel? Dean wouldn’t leave Purgatory without finding Castiel, despite Benny not really wanting to be bothered(and Benny did go along with it and even saved Castiel’s life on occasion) initially, and when Castiel didn’t make it through he was beating himself up for it. As Castiel found out, Dean blamed himself for it, he was desperate once Castiel returned for Castiel to know he tried his hardest to get him out, only to find out that Castiel had let go, not because he didn’t trust Dean, but because he himself didn’t want to leave.

    “You can’t save everyone, my friend, though you try” – Castiel went right to the heart of Dean Winchester’s character right there with that line. Sam has been the beneficiary of that Dean Winchester trait quite often – Sam wouldn’t be here today if not for Dean being like that. But what Sam’s the only one who deserves to benefit, even though he’s the one had to do the least to earn it? All he had to do was be Dean’s little brother, whom Dean practically raised – because Sam benefitted even at a time when he’d betrayed Dean utterly and completely, lied to him repeatedly, insulted his abilities and intelligence and just generally acted like a total jerk. Let’s also not forget that Dean had himself KILLED(he had his heart stopped) just to get in touch in Death(whom he had no way of knowing would even listen to him) in order to try and rescue Sam’s soul from Hell. A soul NO ONE else, not Bobby, not Castiel, not even Sam’s own soulless body, cared one tiny bit about rescuing.

    So Dean’s more repaid anything Sam’s done for him. Sam’s only here today because of Dean’s unwillingness to give up on someone he cared about. He’s allowed to care about more than just Sam.

    • yellow eyes

      Dean is only here today because Sam saved him. And Sam understood Dean did all he could. Seems he too saw right into Dean’s heart even when he wasn’t there in purgatory. He didn’t need to see anything to know that Dean did what he could and was feeling survivor’s guilt for no reason.

  • Alan

    I pretty much gave up on this show awhile back but the Purgatory storyline pulled me back in again. Those flashbacks rocked – it’s about time Dean got back to kicking some serious ass. Benny’s turned out to be a great character and I think the idea he might be a good vamp is pretty cool. I hope the dude gets to stick around for a long time.

    I get that some people would be happy watching the brothers braid each other’s hair and profess their undying love every week. Hey, whatever rocks their boat. We all watch for different reasons. Me? I’m all for Sam and Dean having other people in their lives. I find that a lot more interesting and a lot less creepy to watch.

  • Mare

    Count me in as someone who is loving the addition of Benny! I think Ty and Jensen have awesome chemistry, and it’s great to see Dean have a real comrade who has his back and has proven to be a friend. I hope they keep him, vampirism and all. And I really hope we get some more Purgatory flashbacks! Team Purgatory with Dean, Castiel, and Benny has been the best storyline in at least three seasons. Loving it!

  • JuliaG

    I don’t think that Sam is doing the wrong thing by having Benny under surveillance. He doesn’t know anything about the vampire, except that Dean kept him a secret for awhile, automatically making Sam suspicious from the get go. At least, it looks like Sam is giving Dean a chance to investigate the murders before deciding Benny’s fate, and will leave the decision up to Dean. That is more than Dean did last year with Amy, who had saved Sam’s life by killing her own mother. I’m sure that Benny will be good though. He’s Dean’s friend after all and Dean is never wrong it seems.

    • Destiny

      Maybe if Sam had included Dean from the start, was honest and forthcoming maybe the Amy situation would have had a different outcome. Sam only gave Dean the basic facts and expect Dean him on nothing more than those. If Sam wants to talk double standards he need to look no farther than a mirror.

      What’s often never mentioned is that Sam went after Amy because he saw an article in the paper about an ice pick killer. He didn’t track her down to reminisce or bond over old times, she came on his radar because she started killing. Sam even called it a job, which usually implies taking out a monster. So despite saving his life, Sam was willing to kill her too.

      Maybe if Sam had the common courtesy to keep Dean informed during the Amy hunt, Sam wouldn’t have put himself in a position where Dean questioned his mental state and who exactly made the decision about Amy. Because just as often over looked was the fact that just the episode before Sam went for a drive with his hallucination and almost killed his brother and was lucky that building was empty or he could have killed a whole lot more people. So Dean wasn’t wrong to be suspicious of Sam and his decision not to kill Amy. I’ve often seen people say they wanted more consequences of Sam’s wall coming down and having his decisions questioned is actually a very real consequence. You don’t believe someone who is hallucinating to the point Sam was previously, based on “I’m fine,” not matter how well you know that person. How does it make Sam any less of a “big boy” to reassure Dean by answering the phone? In fact that is far more adult to acknowledge that Dean does have a very real reason to be concerned.

      Maybe Sam should take the time and ask Dean about Benny. Ask Dean why he trusts him so much. The same way Dean asked about Ruby. After Sam’s story Dean thanked Ruby for saving Sam’s life, thanked her for helping them, agreed to work with her, and even saved her life.

      If Sam was suspicious because he was worried about Dean being hurt again because he’s been betrayed so many times, then I’d say more power to him, but he almost seems to be rooting for Benny to screw up so he can lord it over Dean or get tit-for-tat for Amy and that IMO makes Sam a very spiteful, petty person. Sure it could play out with the Sam being worried, in which case I withdraw that statement but his comments about Amy and his threat against Benny make it seem more like wants Benny to screw up.

      Whether or Dean was right or wrong to kill Amy can be debated until the end of time and strong arguments can be made on both sides, but at least Dean did the dirty work himself instead of making someone else do it so he could avoid blame if it went sideways.

      Yes, Dean should have been honest with Sam and not killed Amy behind his back, and Sam had a right to be angry about that, but isn’t Sam doing the exact same things here by having Benny investigated behind Dean’s back? If Sam had a right to his anger, shouldn’t Dean have that same courtesy?

      • yellow eyes

        If Benny is a blood sucking vampire, he poses a real threat to Dean and other people. Sam is right to be suspicious. Dean tried to keep Benny a secret and barely gives Sam any facts about Benny. He wasn’t honest himself.

    • Marilyn

      I can understand caution – but Sam acts like he’s pissed Benny got Dean out at all. I need to hear some better reason than Sam is pissed Dean didn’t tell him or that Dean killed Amy [Sam killed Emma in response]. He’s acting petty and annoyed. He’s acting like S4 demon-blood megalomaniac Sam.

  • Sue

    I hope this isn’t the end of Benny! He’s an interesting addition to the show, and I like that you don’t know if his battle against his vampire nature will continue to be successful. I think he would be a good ally for the Winchesters, because he stands half-way in between the hunter world and the monster world, and that makes him a good connection for a hunter to have. If we have to put up with the return of a joke like Garth as the New Bobby, I don’t see why we can’t have Benny as a recurring character. Personally I think he fits in well on the show and I’d like to see more of him.

  • emmau

    I’m not sure why this is framed as Dean choosing between Sam and Benny at all, frankly. Is it because Dean isn’t automatically trusting Sam’s word about Benny? Sam isn’t automatically trusting Dean’s word about Benny, and that isn’t being presented as an automatic betrayal. Sam has a right to be suspicious ofa monster though he usually is much more willing to give monsters a chance. Sam is going behind Dean’s back, even though he threw a fit when Dean didn’t tell him everything. Dean is trusting someone he’s loyal to, which is typical, even if it’s a monster which he is usually less willing to trust. Dean is apparently going to be angry Sam is going behind his back, even though he was keeping secrets himself before. So if we’re throwing around the hypocrite label, I’d say that both boys are pretty much guilty at this point. But then, Dean and Sam have both always been hypocrites, so no one should be surprised by that.

  • Eva

    I agree about seeing more hunters. I’m a bit tired of the angelic beings, I love when humans are the main focus. Also, I really hope Dean sides with his brother. I want a tiny bit of Winchester brothers union.

  • Jackie

    I just don’t care about Benny. Yet another episode devoted to him. Dean has no evidence one way or the other if Benny is killing or not. Since when do the brothers just accept what a monster tells them. And there were no humans in Purgatory to feed on other than Dean who Benny needed as his way out. I hope the show would never have Dean kill a human hunter to save a vampire. But as someone else said, this show always makes Dean right and everyone else wrong. So Benny will be innocent and Martin and Sam will just look bad, despite doing what the brothers have been doing for 8 years: hunting a monster.

    • Chris

      No, the show does not present Dean as always being right. Dean was WRONG and Sam was RIGHT about Lenore. Dean was WRONG about Gordon and Sam was RIGHT about Gordon. And the show did make a point to show us how wrong Dean was in both cases.

      • yellow eyes

        Gordon and Lenore are small beer. Dean being wrong about those two didn’t lead to seasons of character bashing. Sam was wrong big-time about Ruby. There’s a difference. Now I need Sam to be right big-time about Benny.

  • Destiny

    The thing about loyalty is that it is possible to loyal to more than one person at a time. It’s also possible to care about more than one person at a time. I call my best friends my sisters and that doesn’t make me disloyal to my blood brother.

    If the show wants me to route for the brothers and their relationship don’t set this up as a test to see who Dean loves best. Benny is important to Dean, as is Cas, Sam shouldn’t expect him to choose.

    Dean fought alongside Benny for a year, and Benny saved his life. But what cemented Dean’s loyalty was Benny saving Cas. Do you think Dean’s acceptance of Benny would had been any different if Dean watched him save Sam?

    Loyalty is very core of who Dean is. He doesn’t give it away to anyone. Once you earn it, Dean will return it. That’s why he gets hurt so often. Its one of my very favourite things about Dean and one thing I never want to see change.

    If Sam wants to leave so badly, there’s nothing stopping him. It shouldn’t always be on Dean to let him go, if he wants to go so badly there’s nothing stopping him.

  • sallygoroundtheroses

    I love Benny and I hope he’s innocent. I want more Benny. He’s an awesome character and a great addition to the show.

    Carver, please keep Benny and please make him good.

    Sam has no right to go behind Dean’s back, but since it’s something he’s done through the series, it’s not surprising. But man, Sam sure is becoming a self-righteous, hypocritical nasty this season.

    Dean gave Ruby 2 years of chances, and even after he saw what she was doing to Sam, Dean still gave Sam and Ruby the benefit of the doubt and gave Sam every chance. Dean sure didn’t run to other hunters telling on Ruby. But here Sam is putting Dean’s life on the line by telling another hunter about Benny.

    This is nothing more than power play. Sam wants to be always right and wants to always make sure that Dean is wrong so he can lord it over him. It also has to do with Sam’s grudge that Dean killed Amy. He can’t let it go and he’d rather destroy Dean than realize the he, Sam, was wrong.

    If Benny is bad and Dean has to kill him, I sure hope Dean leaves Sam’s butt behind becasue wouldn’t be able to look at Sam’s smug and condenscening words and looks.

  • erin

    Are they going to explore Amelia to this extent? Probably not, she is a woman after all. So even though she is just as important to Sam as Benny is to Dean we only get a cursory back story while Benny gets entire episodes devoted to him and his entire life story. I simply don’t understand the logic in the writing here.

    • Clarissa

      Benny got an episode because (1) he’s involved in hunting, and (2) he doesn’t only live in flashbacks.

      So unless Amelia becomes important to the tablet search or suddenly becomes a hunter, I don’t think we’re going to get an episode about her at school or see her homelife with her husband before he died. We already know the important moments of Amelia’s life through the information she gave to Sam. Ultimately this show is about hunting and supernatural quests. We didn’t get an episode about Lisa’s homelife and she was present for many episodes. The reason Amelia isn’t seen as much as Lisa is simple: she only really exists in flashbacks right now. That’s the simple logic in the writing.

  • sallygoroundtheroses

    Amelia is going to be explore in the second half of the season.

    We already know everything abou Dean and Sam, why would they go through it again? I’m also sure we will be getting all of Amelia’s life story.

    “this show always makes Dean right and everyone else wrong.”

    That’s a laugh. If Dean is always right, why is he the on that’s always apologizing? I’ve yet to hear Sam apologize to Dean himself, instead of the usual blanket apology. So it seems to me that Dean is never allowed to be right, and Sam is never allowed to be wrong.

    • Clarissa

      I wouldn’t necessarily say that Amelia herself will be explored more in the second half of the season. I know that Sam’s perspective will and that will likely include Amelia, but we technically already HAVE Amelia’s life story, or at least the part of it that is important to the Supernatural universe. Unless Amelia becomes involved in hunting or shows up in the present time (like Benny has), then there’s not much need to explore all of her life story like why she chose to become a vet or what have you.

      The episode devoted to Benny earlier this season filled in the blanks (like how he became a vampire and why he changed), which is pretty much equivalent to the information we know about Amelia, at least in terms of important life moments. Benny is showing up more because he isn’t seen exclusively in flashbacks. If Amelia shows up in the present day, then we’ll be seeing more of her too. But unless she’s very involved in hunting or is important to the mytharc, then I wouldn’t expect to see a great deal of her.

      • yellow eyes

        That’s too bad. I really need to see more of Amelia and Sam or this season is going to be very lop-sided with Dean’s friends taking up entire episodes while it’s Amelia who?

  • Chris

    If Sam is so concerned about a vamp who kills people, then why doesn’t he go after the Alpha vamp, who we know for certain kills people!

    And Sam trusted Lenore, and asked Dean to trust him about Lenore. Sam is being a hypocrite by not trusting Benny because Dean asked him to.

  • roxi

    Jane, you’ve got to either be kidding or have been watching a different show. It’s DEAN that has ALWAYS shown his love, devotion, and loyalty to SAM! SAM has been the one, repeatedly, to turn his back on DEAN! Dean has chosen to die, not once,but TWICE to save Sam!
    And I still don’t get this nonsense about Dean always being right and Sam always being wrong. SPN has repeatedly stated how Sam is the stronger, smarter, more important brother while calling Dean needy, rusty, and weak. How on earth is THAT making Dean always right and Sam always wrong?

  • Marilyn

    O.o Dean is disloyal to Sam? Where was Sam when he was rotting in Purgatory? It’s Dean who wants to stay with Sam, no matter what. It’s Sam who wants to leave Dean to hunt alone, and live with Amelia.

    And the Impala always stays with Dean. Period.

  • purplehaze

    I don’t know why people keep on blathering about one brother leaving the other, because 1. unless Jared is lying, he’s sticking with the show, and for more seasons beyond this one, and 2. the guys are back working with each other as early as episode 11 with characters not named Benny or Castiel. In fact, neither Benny or Castiel may make an appearance until after episode 15, if the chatter from various media outlets is correct. If the guys do indeed separate for any length of time, it may be only half an episode, at best.

  • Iris Caro

    Yo veo spn por los hermanos W, me encanta verlos juntos en las cazarías sobre todo cundo están de muy hermanitos, se que muchos adoran a Cass y otros están adorando a este nuevo personaje Benny, muchos critican a Sam y otros a Dean, si Benny resulta inocente Sam tendrá que pedir disculpa de lo contrario Sam tenia toda la razón de tenerlo vigilado a espalda de Dean, ya pronto veremos si esta llegando el final de Benny o sigue en esta serie.

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