Supernatural Season 8: Jensen Ackles Teases Purgatory, Benny and the Brothers’ Relationship

Supernatural - Jensen AcklesSupernatural fans are not strangers to reunions between the Winchesters after a long separation. The premiere of season 8 will, in some ways, mirror the fourth season premiere when Sam and Dean were reunited after Dean’s stay in Hell, or the sixth season premiere when Sam found Dean again after spending time in the pit himself. Of course, this reunion will be slightly different, because this time Dean was in Purgatory and he had a very different experience than his time in Hell. Meanwhile, Sam has been living a normal life, much like he had been before Dean sought him out in the pilot episode.

During a visit to the Vancouver set of Supernatural*, we sat down with star Jensen Ackles to discuss the effects of Dean’s stay in Purgatory, his new friend from “down there”, and his relationship with is brother.

“As we know at the end of last season, Dean and Cas got sent to Purgatory. We find that Dean has gotten out and the time that he’s spent there and what happened there has kind of changed his outlook and his perspective on things. [The Winchesters] are always kind of at war with the evils of the world, but he got kind of a heavy, heavy dose of it down there [in Purgatory] because he’s surrounded by all the things that he kills when he’s topside. So it was almost a concentrated version of what he’s used to. He’s really, really a hardened warrior and ready to use those sharpened skills in the real world. He’s a soldier, he just got back from war and it’s gonna take him a little while to adjust to the lack of threat, the lack of combat that he’s gonna be doing up here.” They’re currently filming episode 8 and we’re still learning about Dean’s time in Purgatory, so what happened to him down there will continue to be revealed as the season progresses.

Jensen went on to compare Dean’s experience with that of Jeremy Renner’s character in The Hurt Locker when he returned from war to his normal life and simply didn’t know how to deal with every day tasks – like going to the grocery store – that the rest of us simply take for granted. “I think that Dean….he was down there for a whole year doing this….and fighting and battling non-stop, covered in blood, covered in mud, covered in dirt for 12 months and now he’s back topside. He’s got his car and he’s got his brother, but he didn’t realize… easy he’s had it up here.”

Aside from some PTSD that Dean seems to be carrying back from Purgatory he also has a new pal: a vampire named Benny. We know that Benny not only helped Dean in Purgatory, but was also helpful in getting him back to earth. Some Supernatural fans may have suspected that Dean’s relationship with Benny is that of grudging acceptance, but Jensen describes it as something more real: “I’m really excited about that relationship, even on a personal level because it’s not only introducing a new character who I think is cool [but Ty Olsson is also] a really fantastic actor. He and I clicked right off the bat. The character is, I think, a really great kind of contemporary for Dean. It’s a foxhole relationship. He’s been at war with this guy. On paper it’s not the kind of character that Dean would allow to live, much less team up with. Benny really earned his stripes with Dean. He earned his trust.”

(Note: We did ask Jensen about Castiel in Purgatory, but if you watch the video below then you’ll see he side-stepped the question, so to speak. It’s clear what happens to Cas in Purgatory is a big secret).

Supernatural - Jensen AcklesBut how to explain this new relationship to Sam? Some fans may believe that Benny might be Dean’s dirty little secret, which is a common situation for the Winchesters. But Sam will be aware of Benny, even if we’re not sure when that will happen and whether Dean will come out and tell Sam about Benny or whether Sam will find out another way. That being said, Dean will be honest, even if it’s “difficult for Sam to understand [Benny and Dean’s relationship] when Dean comes back. So not only is it a unique, odd relationship for Dean to have after many years of fighting these things, but now to explain that relationship to his brother is going to pose some serious questions and some difficult things ahead. And for that reason I think it’s a great addition to the story.”

Of course, the question on a lot of fans’ minds is the state of the brother’s relationship, and that’s something that Jensen addressed, beyond the Benny issue: “It’s gonna take a little bit of time to warm back up to the relationship that he has with Sam. There’s also what Sam did for the past year, which kind of compacts the odd element that these brothers not only spent time apart, but it’s what they were doing. Whereas Dean was in this concentrated war zone, Sam was literally the opposite. These two brothers have really been living different lives for the past year and now they’ve having to come back together and pick up kind of where they left off, it poses a bit of a problem. [What Sam was doing while Dean was away] is sensitive especially to the relationship that he has with his brother, because he wasn’t doing what his brother wanted him to do. Having all that information come to light is going to pose problems for the relationship, but at the end of the day they’re still brothers and they still have each other’s back and it’d take way too much to break that up.”  You can watch a video interview with Jensen below.

The season premiere of Supernatural airs on Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Visit our Supernatural page for sneak peeks, photos and previews for season 8.

*Travel and accommodation provided by Warner Bros. Television.


  • deborah

    This sounds more and more like they’re writing out Castiel and replacing him with a vampire named Benny! If that happens, I’m no longer watching “Supernatural”! I love Dean, Sam, AND Castiel and I do NOT want this show turned into another “Vampire Diaries” or “Twilight” with Dean getting a vampire as a BFF. I’m totally disgusted, at this point. Totally, utterly disgusted.

    • Beth

      I wouldn’t worry too much. Jeremy Carver promised that there’d be three story arcs this season, one for Dean, one for Sam, and one for Cas. So he’s not being written out. I look forward to seeing how Benny forces the relationship dynamics to evolve for Team Free Will. :)

      • erin

        The “three arc” quote was about the flashback structure they are using this year. We will see Dean’s story, Sam’s story and Sam and Dean’s story.

        • Anne

          nope, Jeremy clearly stated at Comic Con that they were following three different storylines this season. Then a reporter asked if it was for Dean, Sam and Cas and he said YES. If Sera was still the showrunner i’d be worried about the lack of news since after S7 it would be impossible to trust her woth Cas character… but until i’m proved wrong, i’m hoping lack of news means cool stuff for Cas woth Jeremy at the helm.

        • Beth

          I second what Anne said. Also, Cas interacts top-side and in real-time with the new angel they’re introducing (Naomi). So he survives Purgatory and has a further story arc on Earth.

    • lola

      You sound just like the Cas haters who screeched that Cas was replacing Sam. IIRC most Cas fans insisted that was ridiculous.

      What’s next? Tweeting TPTB to try and get Ty Olsen fired?

      • Beth

        Absolutely not! As a fan of Castiel, and his relationship with Dean, I will be on the forefront welcoming Benny into the show. He could be a really, really excellent addition, and it doesn’t matter what role he plays, so long as it’s a good story. And Ty is a fantastic actor, who earned that job and gets to keep it until they tell him his role is finished. But try not to throw around extreme accusations like that please, until something like that actually happens. Most fans are polite and reasonable (just nervous because of previous seasons). Respond with positivity instead of negativity, and everyone will be happier. :)

        • lola

          If I see Cas lovers descending into the same kinds of histrionics as the Cas haters, I see no reason not to point out how ridiculous they are being.

          Perhaps you should be policing your fellow Cas fans as well as those of us who find their level of hysteria annoying and hypocritical.

          Instead you are defending them and encouraging the idiocy and that just makes me inclined to lump you in with them despite you trying to sell yourself as a more reasonable Cas fan.

          • Beth

            Um, I have been? If you bothered reading my comments, I’ve been defending the Benny storyline all over this thread. I really think it’ll be a good story-telling move. A little competition, between Cas and Benny — maybe Benny playing the snake in the grass, like Golem to Sam and Frodo in the Lord of the Rings! Even if he ends up just being a badass, unlikely ally, with no evil twist in the end, it could be really cool.

            The fact that you want to lump me in with a group of people without taking the time to actually consider my stance says more about you than it does about me.

  • Nic

    The more I read about Benny, the more I think he’s Dean’s version of Ruby. Sorry, Jensen, I usually agree with your POV, but not this time. I hate this.

    • Mina

      How do you figure that? He’s already said Sam knows about him, so clearly it doesn’t stay secret for very long. And if nothing else the “foxhole” relationship is way more believable than Sam’s trust in Ruby, because it would have taken time. Sam basically trusted Ruby after a week, even if he pretended otherwise–all it took was what was for HER a simple rescue of Sam and promises of power for him, oh and sex. I have a feeling it took far more than that for Dean to form any kind of trust for Benny, plus Dean doesn’t really trust ANYONE, with good reason given how many times he’s been betrayed, so Dean’s version of trust tends to be very different from Sam’s.

      • Nic

        Well, I see clear similarities between the two situations.

        We don’t know how long it’ll take to Sam to know. Spoilers from episode 5 pointed at him either not knowing Benny’s existence yet or at last not knowing that Dean was going to met him. Anyway, even if Sam knows about him right off the bat, it’s not like Ruby remained a secret for too long. At the end of episode 3 – beginning of episode4 Dean knew about her. It doesn’t matter for me how long they took to trust either Ruby and Benny, for me it matters that they did.

        As for how much Dean will trust Benny, well, I can only go with Jensen’s word so far and that’s what he said, that Benny earned his trust.

        Thing is, for me, that Dean is befriending and trusting a monster, a killer. Maybe I’m wrong, but spoilers mentioned that he’s not a nice guy. The description of the season stated that Dean will have to deal “more than he bargained for” regarding to Benny. So I think he’s in it for a big disappointment at the end, just like Sam had. If Dean is going to chose Benny’s relationship or whatever over Sam’s… Well, that remains to be seen. I hope not, but who knows at this point.

      • lola

        I hope Carver will do more than recycle a storyline that was poorly done the first time around.

        • Sara

          I agree. Completely. I’d like to see something creatively new and original from Carver. As a matter of fact, it’s my greatest hope for him in his role as the new showrunner.

  • EGH

    Wow…and what about Cas in all this? Just left behind to be forgotten about? Why wasn’t he even asked about here? I’m really miffed, I must say.

    • Nic

      They’ll talk to Misha later.

      • GinaDay

        I don’t get why they didn’t ask Jensen about Cas…Dean has a relationship with Sam, and he has a relationship with Benny, but there’s a very important one they just completely left out! Hello! You know, the angel that has died for him on multiple occasions?

        • Nic

          I don’t watch Supernatural for Castiel or his relationship with Dean, so I didn’t miss nor care for the Castiel talk.

          • Gina

            Cas fans thinks the Dean/Cas relationship as important as Sam/Dean despite all the writers continually saying the MOST IMPORTANT and MAIN prioty of the show will always Sam and Dean. *rolls eyes* They refuse to face reality that Cas is just a secondary character. Hence why he was demoted from regular status and only in 8 episodes. Get a clue!

          • Nic

            @ Gina

            Yeah. I understand fans might like what they want, but to say that Castiel and Dean relationship is as important than Sam and Dean is just wrong.

          • Beth

            @ Gina
            We think it’s equally as important as the Sam/Dean relationship because it is /to us/. Also, Cas has been around for four seasons, come back from the dead, and been named a ‘brother’ by Dean. Even though Cas committed the ultimate sin in Dean’s book and hurt Sammy, Dean forgives him and wants him back with them, on their side. He never stopped believing Cas would come back, and (according to spoilers) is protective of him this season. By this point, yeah, Cas is a third main character in the eyes of many fans. Even if there was no canon ground for that, we’d still be justified in caring about Castiel — maybe even more than the brothers, if we so chose — because that’s our right as fans. You can’t dictate to an entire segment of the fans what they should and should not care about. That’s entirely subjective.

        • Clarissa

          Actually, we obviously DID ask Jensen about Castiel, but he didn’t give away anything about what happens to Cas in Purgatory. It’s clear it’s a secret.

          • Beth

            Thank you for asking. A lot of us are really excited to see where they take the angel! :)

    • Beth

      I get the feeling they’ve been so very hush-hush about Castiel’s arc this season because he’s a really important player, and they don’t want to give it away. That’s my hope, at least!

  • Anne

    ummm… i’m confused…. i think it was Jensen himself who said it was a bit of a reluctant relationship, but now is all buddy-buddy stuff? i’m all for new characters seriously but what it’s described here sounds too much like the similar relationship Dean has with Cas, i would prefer something different and i really liked how this Benny character sounded like Dean’s Ruby, idk. oh well, the character still sounds cool and the actor is great, and i don’t think he’s replacing anyone (he better not lol), but i hope there’s more to this relationship than just an odd friendship. Also, i’m glad to read Sam will know about him, curious about Sam’s reaction to him.

  • cazza

    So nothing about castiel then?
    I’m really hating the sounds of this Benny/Dean relationship thing
    not sure im gonna like this season…..

    • Beth

      Give it a chance, before you sign off on it! :D I am intrigued. I think that Benny might actually add an interesting and challenging dynamic to Dean and Cas’ relationship.

    • Mina

      The interview was short and why shouldn’t Jensen be allowed to spend it talking about DEAN, given he hasn’t had a storyline in years. Castiel’s a supporting character, he’s lucky he gets as much of a storyline as he does(and for the last two seasons it’s been more of one than Dean’s had, who only reacted to everyone else’s storylines). It’s natural Jensen is going to be excited about the new character and acting with another talented actor – because Benny is going to affect Dean’s dynamic with EVERYONE else, including Castiel and including Sam.

      Let Jensen be excited about having a storyline of his own finally instead of whining about Castiel all the time. Misha does plenty of talking about HIS own storyline, why shouldn’t Jensen get to do the same thing? I used to really like Castiel and hated the way Sera Gamble treated the character but his fans are quickly making me wish he’d take a flying leap.

      • Beth

        Be nice, Mina. She wasn’t complaining about Jensen airing out his character’s story line, she was just disappointed not to hear about Cas. Chill.

        • Mina

          Actually yes she was. Why would stuff about Castiel be in an interview with Jensen, which by all rights ought to focus on his own character? If she’s complaining about no Castiel in an interview with Jensen, then she is complaining about what Jensen said, because who else would be talking about Castiel in an interview with Jensen?

          • Beth

            As I’ve said to you below, Cas is important to Jensen’s character. Dean and Cas have a very close relationship, that has been a driving force behind his character development for years. And Benny adds a new element (as does Purgatory, but old news) so why NOT ask Jensen about something that will affect Dean? Also, there’s a difference between being disappointed in not getting news about Cas, and begrudging Jensen time to talk about Dean’s solo journey. There’s a difference, and you’re getting upset at the original poster for nothing but a perceived offense. So take it easy.

          • cazza

            ACTUALLY! I wasnt moaning about what Jensen said at all, I have no problems with him being excited I was just disappointed that Cas wasnt mentioned I said nothing about being annoyed at what Jensen said. Also if I don’t like the sounds of the Dean/Benny relationship then I am entitled to that opinion! I might change my mind about it I have no idea, all I said was is that I don’t like the sounds of it so far. Sorry if I insulted you although I dont know why what I said would even insult you but it obviously did. Also would you stop friggin labelling ‘Cas fans’ in a bad light! I am not just a Cas fan I love Sam, Dean, Cas and Bobby equally and I enjoy the show most when they work as a team.

    • Ezra Moore

      Cas has been mentioned in other interviews, in one interview he was described as jealous of the relationship between Benny and Dean. In another interview Jared mentioned Cas. It has been reported that Misha moved closer to filming so he’s not going anywhere.

  • Kyle

    No mentions of Cas at all?

    Don’t really care for the idea of him being replaced with Benny.

    • Beth

      As far as we know, he’s not being replaced, don’t worry. There’s no need to make that kind of judgement call before the first episode even airs! Also, SE Hinton tweeted from her visit to set that Dean seemed ‘protective’ of Cas in Purgatory. So maybe Benny is the catalyst to their complete reconciliation. We don’t know. It’s probably going to be really great (in that Supernaturally-patented heart-breaking kind of way). :)

  • mika

    Blehhhhh pretty miffed about this, what about Cas? has he been forgotten?
    and a vampire friend? really? sounds lame to me

  • Kaz

    Seeing as Jeremy Carver has said that Cas will be in 8 episodes this Season i am sure that is not the case.
    I am so EXCITED for this season and i can’t WAIT!!!
    *Sits staring at TV screen for a week*

    • Beth

      Me too! It can’t come soon enough!

  • GinaDay

    Very sad that Jensen was not asked about Dean’s relationship with Cas. Not only did Cas not make it back, but the angel has freaking DIED for him on multiple occasions and it would have been nice if THAT relationship had been asked about. :(

    • cazza

      I totally agree with you :( x

    • Kay

      Why didn’t any of the bloggers ask Jensen about the OTHER character who was trapped in Purgatory with Dean – CASTIEL? That is also on a LOT of fans’ minds, not just “the brothers’ relationship”.

      • Eve

        Wow…all these Cas comments O.o

        Um the interview was from Jensen, why would he talk about Cas? Jensen’s excited about Sam and he’s excited about Benny why drag the angel storyline into it? Who cares? Jensen obviously doesn’t.

        • Beth

          Jensen cares. As the interviewers have said, he couldn’t give anything away, so the questions they asked went unanswered. Jensen was instrumental in bringing Cas back, I think he said he went to Singer himself about bringing him (and other secondary characters) back into the story.

      • Clarissa

        First, we only have just over 5 minutes with him. Second, we DID ask. Jensen clearly couldn’t tell us about Cas. I’m convinced his story is crucial and, therefore, locked down.

        • Kay

          Thanks for replying. That explains a lot. I was puzzled as to why the relationship with Sam was asked about but nothing about Castiel. There has been so little spoiler about Castiel both now and previously, that I am really excited about WHAT mystery they have in store for us! It will be great, I am sure.

          • Clarissa

            Given the lack about spoilers for Castiel, I’m more convinced than ever that he’s important. And that they want us to be genuinely surprised. I’m happy to wait and see what happens. Trust me, we asked everything we could with the time we had and hit all the important parts: Sam, Dean’s time in Purgatory, Cas and Benny. All the parts that will kick off Dean’s storyline this year. Whatever happens next, we’ll have to wait and see.

          • shelley232

            i’m sorry but i don’t understand the puzzlement over why jensen wouldn’t be asked about sam/dean’s relationship..imo, their relationship is more important than dean/cas…spn is about 2 brothers, sam and dean. alot of fans watch for them. spn doesn’t just revolve around dean and cas….

        • lola

          That is the sense I am getting too. Jensen was clearly asked about Cas (and thanks for that) but clearly didn’t want to give anything away. Which suggests that it is important stuff that they don’t want spoiled.

        • lola

          Thanks for the write-up and the video. Jensen looks and sounds very happy about his storyline this year. This makes me look forward to the season even more.

    • Mina

      In Season 5 they all died or showed themselves willing to die for the cause, they were a team, Castiel isn’t special in that regard. In Season 6, we found out Castiel had lied for over a year to Dean and everyone else and was essentially behind, directly or indirectly, most of the stuff they were dealing with because of those lies(because it wasn’t the fact that he worked with Crowley–it was the fact he lied about it, as well as hiding bringing Sam back, not telling Dean about that–same with Bobby to be honest, you don’t keep it secret for a year that Dean’s brother is back, that was beyond cruel no matter how much they pretended to themselves they were doing it for Dean somehow, it was the cruelest thing they could have done and showed precious little consideration for or knowledge of how Dean feels at all, and Sam likely would have been “fixed” sooner if Dean had known right away seeing as he was the only one who actually seemed to care about Sam obviously not being right) and in Season 7, he didn’t “die for Dean”, he died trying to right his own wrongs which were wrought by the release of the Leviathans on the world.

      And if you say Dean talked him into any of these things, well, that doesn’t actually say much for Castiel if he constantly needs to be talked into doing the right thing, does it? So I’d say it’s far better to say he was doing it because he realized what was right and what was wrong. If Dean contributed to his initial discovery of his conscience that’s a nice thing but Castiel chose to do the right thing and if he died, he died for a greater cause, not “for” anyone. In Season 4 he died because Dean helped him see something that was already inside him, remember Castiel’s words on the park bench in It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester? About how he looked up on humans and earth as God’s works of art? His choice in Lucifer Rising was his taking action to support those words, to support how he already felt inside, just Dean helped him realize he could take action to support his feelings.

      • Beth

        Castiel’s willingness to sacrifice himself for the Winchesters /is/ remarkable, even in the text. It’s one of the reasons he earned Dean’s trust in the first place. Castiel is willing to die over and over for the Winchesters, even though it’s only ever brought him pain. Cas even lied to them out of love. He was trying to keep them safe (which in his mind translated to shielding them from Raphael’s plans, and then his own). Castiel is remarkable in that he loves them, maybe too much for anyone’s good. But he did ‘die for Dean’. He says as much in his episode, The Man Who Would Be King. Dean once told him in The Beautiful Room, that if there was anything worth dying for, family and free will were it. Cas still believes that.
        Every character has to be talked into doing the right thing at one time or another. Morality is a gray area on Supernatural. That’s part of what makes it interesting.

        • Sara

          Those were not the only reasons that Cas lied. Hubris was also a good part of it and he even said that himself in The Man Who would Be King.

    • Mar

      Are you as outraged that Misha isn’t asked about Dean in his interviews?..

  • Florentina

    Sounds like they are trying to make Benny into Castiel’s replacement?
    this is gonna suck so hard

    • Eve

      Sure hope so!! So sick and tired of all the non-existent, fandom only, Dean/Cas crap. It’s so awkward and cringeworthy, ugh.

      Very excited for this new season :)

      • GinaDay

        Wow, Eve…how deep of you! You’re right, it’s nonexistent, they don’t have a relationship at all! It’s in our minds. Wait, no…maybe Castiel himself is just in our minds too! Maybe he was never on the show at all! /mind blown


      • Beth

        Dean and Castiel’s relationship is textual. Not imaginary. And the show exists at least in part for fans to enjoy, so don’t condescend to us for doing so, please.

    • Mina

      I’m very excited about Benny and Dean’s relationship with him and where it could go and the storylines it could facilitate. Stop with the Castiel obsession. He’s a supporting character, he’s never been more than a supporting character and he’s never going to be more than a supporting character. Meaning he’s there for the benefit of the stories of the lead characters. Castiel’s got an important role to play, we know he’s filmed a number of episodes already, but Benny is new and he’s introducing a NEW storyline specifically tied to Dean’s character, of course Jensen is going to be excited about that. God knows Jensen has has had precious little else in the last 2 and a half seasons because Dean hasn’t had a storyline, he’s just been reacting to everyone else, Sam, Bobby, Castiel…whatever guest star they drag in who gets more of a story than Dean does.

      I’m excited about the possibilities and I HOPE it lives up to the it’s potential. The last time I was this excited about the show’s new season was before Season 4, which was a great season(including Castiel), unfortunately that potential was totally squandered so I’m hoping that they don’t do that THIS time. This could rectify that in a big, interesting Supernatural way.

      It almost sounds like they are taking some of the best ideas from past seasons, good ideas that were badly developed(never badly acted because we have great actors) – Dean’s Hell story and PTSD and returning to the normal world(including “Hurt Locker” similarities from early Season 6 which never went anywhere), Sam’s “normal life” and finding a reason to hunt for the right reasons. The brothers’ relationship actually growing instead of being stuck in a merry go round of unhealthiness that has just put a wall between them instead of helping them become closer. These guys are never going to be “normal”(thank god!) but it would be nice if we could take a couple steps forward that stayed steps forward instead of a step forward and two steps back all the time.

      • Beth

        First of all, no I will not stop. Castiel is my favorite, and he will always be my priority, in spoilers, in interviews, in the show itself. That’s fine, it’s my choice. I don’t demand that you make Cas your favorite, so please stop demanding that I and other Cas fans stop caring/asking about him.
        Secondly, Dean called Castiel a brother to him. It’s done, it’s canon. Bobby is their adopted father, and Cas is their adopted brother. This cannot be undone. Dean’s chosen Cas through thick and thin. I’m sorry you dislike that relationship, but it’s important both to the show, and to other fans. And at this point, I don’t see it disappearing any time soon (knock on wood). Also, Misha was added to the main cast. Jensen’s called him a part of the Supernatural family — and (during a photo op) one of his ‘brothers’. Ben Edlund has said that Cas is his favorite character to write, and Jeremy Carver said that ‘no one is a bigger fan of Dean and Cas than I am’. Cas gets his own story arc this season. He’s more than just a secondary character. The brothers remain the focal point of the show (and I’m glad for it) but Cas is as important to their well-being as Bobby was, before death. Not even the introduction of a potentially poisonous or simply dangerous character like Benny is going to change that. Cas committed the greatest sin in Dean’s book, and hurt Sammy — and Dean still wants him. Dean forgives him. I’m sorry, but if you don’t see how monumental that is, I’ll never be able to convince you.
        This season will be great. For all of them. I’m super excited, and most particularly I am thrilled to see Cas come back to my screen. Over and out.

        • Mina

          That’s where you are wrong, I never disliked Castiel or his relationship with Dean(at least not until Castiel fans started acting like he was the only thing that mattered), I was always supportive of Castiel and Dean and Castiel’s friendship.

          What I do dislike is expecting Jensen to be as obsessed by the character as as a certain section of fandom are. It was a short interview, why should he have spent it talking about Castiel? Misha is getting interviewed later, he can talk about his own character. Ty Olssen on the other hand is not getting interviewed to my knowledge, so it kind of makes sense for Jensen to talk about him and his character rather than the character of an actor who is supposed to get interviewed later on.

          Misha is on the cast list but he’s still a supporting character, he’s a recurring supporting character. He’s not a lead. Jensen and Jared are the only leads this show has ever had. You mention Bobby? Well I don’t remember people crying up and down interviews with other actors complaining about “Why haven’t you mentioned Bobby!!?!?!” No, Bobby may have been like family but no one actually expected Jensen and Jared to mention him in every interview or for questions to be asked about him in every interview and he appeared in more episodes during the seasons Castiel was around, than Misha did, despite not having his name in the credits.

          • Beth

            It would be as fair to ask Jensen about Dean’s relationship with Cas as it would be to ask him about Dean’s relationship with Sam or even Benny. Cas is a HUGE part of Dean’s life, a big influence on his story. Has been since he first appeared. The fact that Jensen can’t talk about him is more reflective of the fact that Cas’ story is important to the twist in the plot this season, than it is about Cas place on the show. Because Cas is easily one of the most popular characters on the show. Even more so than Bobby, in my opinion. There was a big outcry about Bobby, the first time he died, when we didn’t know about his fate. People were constantly asking. So it’s not just Cas’ fans. But we’re still justified in asking, because Cas is relevant to the story, in a big way. And he’s being treated as an equal, not a subordinate, by the show writers and producers, this season. He has his own arc and everything. I’m pretty happy with the state of things. I can’t speak to the people that ruined your enjoyment of his character, but you shouldn’t be taking it out on others.

          • Mina

            No they didn’t and don’t pretend otherwise. Yes Bobby was mentioned sometimes but not with the level of vitriol and obsession that people try to force Castiel into every conversation. No interview covers EVERYTHING, there was no reason at all for people come in here complaining about Castiel. If they were talking to a writer or producer sure, because they should be focused on all the characters but not an actor. Interviewers talk to actors mainly to find out about their own character. Yes Castiel is a part of Dean’s life, but not the only part, there is no reason to expect him to mentioned in every single interview about Dean Jensen does, especially not when there are plenty of interviews with Misha talking about his own character. And frankly I feel the same way about Sam, I’d like to hear about Dean talking about Dean’s own storyline, that focuses on Dean, not Dean reacting to what is happening to Sam or Castiel all the time. God knows there have been tons of interviews over the years where the writers/producers seem to barely remember there is a character named Dean on the show(I’m looking at you Robert Singer).

            People want to know more about Castiel, find out in Misha’s own interviews or the ones with writers/producers and stop expecting every other actor to cover what is going on with him, especially Jensen. Dean is far more than just some patsy for Castiel’s storyline.

          • Beth

            There IS reason, in that we’ve had basically no news of Cas the entire summer, and he interacts most closely with Dean, so Jensen would know about his arc. You don’t like the fact that people are asking about Cas, but that doesn’t mean our curiosity or disappointment are misplaced. Cas is more popular than Bobby in my opinion — or at least on a different level of demand. Of course there’s a lot of outcry for him, he is massively popular. And Jensen knows that characters connect. It’s literally nearly impossible to completely separate them out, and would make for a very short interview (even shorter than this one!). Dean’s own story line features his best friend, his brother, and now Benny. Dean is far more than a patsy for Cas’ storyline, and I’m interested in how he gets to stretch as a person this season — but I know he won’t be doing it alone. He’ll be doing it with Cas, with Sam, and with Benny. Because that’s how people work. Good talk.

      • Ann

        Thank you Mina. It’s one thing to be a fan of a character but the level of obsession some people have for Cas is kind of scary. There is all kinds of potential for a character like Benny and he may help the show return to its gritty, rugged origins.

  • Al

    I have a hard time imagining Dean befriending a monster, bringing him back to Earth with him to continue to kill people. And even worse: Dean trusting him, like Jensen said. It’s a very hard thing to believe indeed. I think Dean is in it for a massive disappointment and I’m really sad that this character will bring problems to the brotherly relationship. I’m not a happy fan right now.

    I’ll just hold onto Jensen’s last quote. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it’ll be enough. Not looking forward to another season 4 with faults reversed.

    • Jessie

      Don’t worry. When Dean trusts a monster or demon it’s a good thing. When Sam does, it’s a bad thing. Dean will be fine. I wonder if Sam will call him out on his hypocrisy though.

      • Sara

        Dean’s “hunter instincts” have always been better than Sam’s. Here’s to hoping that Carver remembers that.

      • Sunset

        The circumstances between Sam and Ruby and Dean and Benny are COMPLETELY different. Dean is in a life or death situation. Jensen even said at Comic-Con, that Dean and Benny don’t have to like each other, but they know what has to be done (or something like that). Now I love Sam, but ultimately, he could have just listened to his brother, and NOT have trusted Ruby.
        Though I do think Dean’s gratitude towards Benny will come back to bite him in the ass…

  • sam

    Thanks for the interview. I quite like where it’s going. Benny does seem like an intresting character for sure and the fact Jensen is excited about the character has gotten me excited. I wasn’t so sure about Benny because I felt, “Here we go, put Dean and Sam with other people for the whole season and lets just forget about the brothers relationship” but, while the brothers relationship is the most relationship in the show, interaction with new fasinating characters is needed to not make the brothers relationship as stale, the other characters might actually liven up the brothers relationship. So, I am excited. I can’t wait to here what’s in store for Sam, I felt as though we get so much about what is going on with Dean, that we forget about Sam because Sam’s role with his brothers is important yes, there is more to him, he is an intresting character, so we shall see what is in store for Sam.

    • Beth

      Yeah, definitely. A lot of people were nervous about it, when spoilers first started coming out. But Jensen and Jared are super-invested in the brothers’ relationship, and they seem so happy about where the season is going, that I think we can all feel a little reassured. :)

  • Kat

    All people can ask about is Castiel – boring. I know we’ll never be rid of him but hopefully they can do something with his storyline other than look constipated at Dean. It’s great we are getting some new blood. I’m looking forward to seeing where the story and season goes. Yeah for season 8.

    • Beth

      I hope one day fans will figure out how to offer support and show excitement without tearing down a fan favorite or the fans who like him. But in the meantime, I’ll keep looking for news about Cas, and expecting great things from this season!

  • London

    Woot! I like that badass Dean is back and he has a badass vamp that will give him trouble as well. Season 8 may just mindwipe seasons 6 and 7 for me.

    I saw the actor who’s playing Benny (@TyOlsson)on a few series and he’s terrific. So is Amanda Tapping and just about every recurring character they’ve cast so far. I’m beyond stoked for 8

    • SueP

      I’m with you! I’m stoked for this season and loved seeing Jensen excited about Dean’s storyline and the new characters being introduced. He said he ‘clicked’ with Ty Olson and I’m happy to see him enjoying the dynamic. If he’s excited, it will come across on screen and we’ll enjoy it more. I agree, the new blood will give a new energy and dynamic to all the characters and I trust Jeremy Carver to keep the ‘heart’ of the show (ie: Dean and Sam’s brotherly relationship) in tact and on target. Can’t wait until Wednesday! Thanks for the great interview!

  • HDU

    Just kill Cas off already. Look at the fangirl monsters you created continuing to pander to those crazies.

    • Beth

      We are so very vile and intrusive. Can you hear yourself? You’re insulting a whole group of people just because they like and care about a fictional character. I would suggest you step back, and really consider why you might be doing that.

  • shelley232

    i only watch spn for dean/sam and their relationship. that’s the relationship i’ve been missing. i’m getting a little excited to see what s8 holds. and yeah, it kinds sounds like benny is dean’s ruby.

    • Beth

      I’m really glad we’ll get to see them grow back together and develop this season! I think the time apart with help them really reach new levels of understanding with each other. :)

  • Devon

    Sounds like a great season is upon us!! Very excited to learn more about this Benny character. It’s always great to hear Jensen talk so passionately about the show and if he’s excited then I’m sure it’s going to be a great year!

    • Beth

      Yes! :D

  • Kris

    I find this very disappointing. Sam is reduced to an incompetent moron so Dean can have his fabulous year in purgatory and his new -monster- bff. Sorry, SPN, this rehashed plot combined with Sam’s character assassination sounds wretched and I won’t be watching.

    • Clarissa

      I don’t remember Jensen saying anything about Sam being an incompetent moron. He said that the two brothers clearly had a different experience over the last year. I think you’re jumping to conclusions without any evidence. And, further, we only spoke to Jensen. Jared will tell us more about Sam.

      • Beth

        I agree. I am excited to see Sam’s side of the story, as well — see what drove him back into humanity, and how that helped him find some balance. I can’t wait to hear Jared’s interview!

        • luisl

          Well Sam always wanted to live a normal live, but then all the apocalypse thing happened. In the end he sacrificed himself for the world and came back totally screwed, after Castiel cured him it seems right of him to step out of this life.

      • Kris

        Dean disappears right in front of Sam’s face and Sam doesn’t even bother to look for him? He’s ~surprised~ that Dean was in purgatory? Really? How is that anything other than them writing Sam as an incompetent moron to justify Dean’s year in purgatory?

        • Beth

          The way I see it, Sam didn’t know that they’d been sucked into Purgatory. Reasonable, since he’s recovering from mental trauma, and Crowley told him that he was truly alone, now, implying that Dean and Cas were dead and gone. Also, Sam knows that the only way to open up Purgatory from the outside releases deadly monsters into Earth. He can’t do that. And it would involve, if I remember correctly, killing a virgin for blood. Things like that. So of course he couldn’t have pursued that route. What’s left? There’s no angels on there side. The demons are all under Crowley’s command, there’s no dealing to be done. Crowley’s got the Prophet, and there’s hardly any lore on Purgatory, maybe none beyond what they found in season 6. And there are still leviathans eating people. So, Sam’s in a tough spot, as well as a fragile state. We won’t know until we watch the season exactly what his reasons were for abandoning the hunting life — but Jared seems really happy with Sam’s story, this season, and I trust his judgement.

    • Al

      I’m sorry for what they’re doing to Sam, I really am. I think it’s character assassination, like you said. This isn’t the Sam we know.

      But from some spoilers, I think they’re killing Dean’s essence as well. Dean friends of a vampire? Trusting him? I can’t buy it, sorry.

  • Kay

    Re: Benny, I really like what I’m reading, especially when they are topside. Also he doesn’t seem much like Ruby was to Sam at all. I hope he stays a sort of friend to Dean. It looks like Jensen is enjoying the character Benny and what he brings to the story. It is time that the main characters all had other characters to bounce off with.

  • Victoria

    I am disappointed with some of these “fangirls”. Regardless how the show is heading, you should stick around for the good times and the bad. I love Cas just as much as the next person, but sometimes a beloved character does have to leave. No one even imagined that SPN would make it to its 8th Season, but here we are still going strong. You need to stop and think a beloved character is not always going to be in the picture. Take for example The Waltons. John Boy left in the middle of the show. Returned on occasion for visits, family events, and some tv movies (like his wedding). The show was still strong and survived without the central character. Cas needs to do the same. So he comes back on occasion. His storyline is basically over. Writers have streched it as far as they could. I rather see Cas go out on a high note then be ruined and a sloppy mess. In the end, it will always be about 2 brothers hunting. I know people like that think that Cas became family (in some reason, he did) but the show was never centered to be around him. I would love it if Misha could get his spinoff show (like a prequal) or a different show entirely on the network. If fans want this show to survive, we need to be open to new risks and fresh blood. And if you can’t accept this, well you’ll always have reruns.

    • Beth

      Fans can stop watching a show for whatever reason they choose. It’s for entertainment, after all. In my opinion, Castiel’s character and story line is far from over, far from used up. He has almost the most story-telling potential, simply because of his changeability. He’s a wildcard, and those are great dramatic devices. Thankfully, the show-runner and resident writing-maverick (Jeremy Carver and Ben Edlund respectively) really seem to value Cas’ character, so as a fan, I am resting a little easier about his fate.

    • Adam

      This show isn’t my wife, it’s my weekly entertainment. I have no formal commitment to make me a ‘real’ fan. I like what I like and I watch for my own reasons.

      • Beth

        Well said!

    • numer0six

      Cas storyline will be over when the writers decide it.

      The fact that they have decided to bring new angels in season 8 make me think they still have stories and character development in store for him.

      Yes, some people like to think Cas became family; that’s because some characters like Dean said exactly that.

  • FB

    Wow guys, calm down, watch the episode and THEN complain. Gosh!
    Anyway, there’s a way I can watch the video from Italy? :)

    • FB

      Oh, now I see it, guess that was a problem on my laptop!
      Just wanted to add there’s a couple of things I don’t know how to feel about, and we’re here and we can talk about it, but the harshness and utter hate I see in some comment makes me so sick and tired of the bunch of FANatics that hide in this fandom.

  • Mina

    Forgot to mention, the show should always have Jensen doing the “selling” – he does a far better job of it than the writers/producers usually do. Most of the time I read their interviews and they say stuff that annoys me and makes me wonder why am I still watching this show?

    Jensen on the hand, explains things in such a way that makes it sound interesting and like something I’d like to watch. I’m always amazed they don’t use him more often. He’s articulate and comes across as having a deep understanding of the show and characters as a whole(and being perfectly gorgeous certainly doesn’t hurt lol).

  • Beth

    I am excited to see how Jeremy Carver & Co’s vision plays out this next season! Benny’s alliance with Dean is intriguing; Sam’s foray into ‘the normal life’ will be revealing; and Cas’ journey is keeping me on the edge of my seat. I love these guys, and have been looking forward to the premier all summer! Bring it on, my wayward son!

  • numer0six

    So ready for season 8, God’s words, purgatory flashbacks, new rogue angels and the brothers back on the road!

    I’m not worried for my favorite winged assbutt: Cas will be ok. The fact that they’re keeping his whereabouts secrets convince me all the more that Cas will be a huge part of the whole season arc.

    Welcoming Benny: I’m sure he will be bad news for Dean but I love the baddies too (I’m looking at you Crowley)

    Jeremy Carver his a great writer, he has a big plan for our show; until proven otherwise, I trust him.

    • numer0six

      Jeremy IS a great writer (sorry my finger slipped lol)

      Great interview! Thank you TOVM!

  • Sara

    Everything sounds great to me so far. This supernaturally-themed sl for Dean sounds thrilling to me. And he’s going to be allowed to be SuperBada** again! YAY!! Love Dean and Jensen in that role so much. I hope they will keep his awesome hunter instincts intact where it concerns Benny. I’m not seeing him as Dean’s Ruby; I’m more seeing him as a “monster” whom Dean has learned to trust through their fighting together, long-term, in a “foxhole”-as Jensen described it. I think if the character goes over well, he’ll become recurring, which is fine with me. Long gone are the days of this show depicting all monsters as evil or all-bad. Sam voluntarily and physically became a monster when he drank demon blood and Dean feels that he, himself, has some “monstrous” qualities that have tested the limits of his “humanity”, more than once. This has been an on-going theme on this show for some time now. A “monster” whom the brothers can, at times, trust to work with them and have their backs works much better for me than any demon(even Meg) ever could or would. I’m all for it if this is the direction they’re thinking of taking with the character. I also love the Dean and Cas friendship and hope we will get to see it mended properly with many echoes of the profound bond being called forth through-out the season.

    • lola

      Agree with everything you say. Well put.

    • mobydick

      If it’s wrong for Sam to have a friendship with a demon, then it’s wrong for Dean to have a friendship with a monster.

      • Sara

        Says who?

      • Sunset

        Honestly, my biggest problem with Sam and Ruby was the fact that Sam chose to trust her over Dean. Other than that, she was okay. I mean, she did save Sam’s life, after all…

        If, and only if, Benny actively comes in between the brothers like Ruby did, then I’ll have a problem with him.

  • King B

    Really guys, as much as I adore Cas (he’s my favorite character next to Death and Crowley) you gotta chill out with the badgering for spoilers.

    It is glaringly obvious that he is not being written out, if he was they wouldn’t have added him back to the cast page on the official site. Please stop conflating lack of story line spoilers with lack of information on his character overall. Like at some point you have to get that the reason that they aren’t spilling his story is because IT’S A BIG PART OF THE SEASON STORY AND OBVIOUSLY A TURNING POINT/REVEAL. caps lock on purpose.

    If you’ve seen the latest teaser it’s clear that what happens to Castiel in purgatory is a big part of what they are doing with Dean’s character this year alongside with Benny. What that is, is unknown and should be left to develop over the season. Why would they spoil it more than they have if they are banking on the reveal changing the perception of Dean and/or Benny’s character(s) and/or their motivations?

    And even if Cas is really gone this time… why in the hell would they spoil a reoccurring character’s death before the season even starts?! Especially one whose death would mean having to wrap up and address multiple open story lines since Castiel is interwoven into all aspects of the story overall now save the brother’s relationship (not to be confused with the Winchester story line which is a part of as well). Why would they spoil that?

    • erb

      Cas is my favorite, but I agree with you that there’s a mystery the show would like to remain just that…a mystery. I think people have the last two seasons to thank for the paranoia and hysteria we Cas-fans can be guilty of.

      So, am I anxious? Yes. Am I going to allow the show the opportunity to convince me it’s worth watching? Yes.

    • Beth

      Yes, to all of this.

  • Sam and Dean Fan

    I’m thrilled that Jensen talked about his own storyline and the relationship between the brothers, because that’s what the show has always and will always be about for me. I love that it’s clearly so important to Jensen, and I love that his message was basically that there will be stresses and strains for the brothers, but in the end, they’ll always have each others’ backs and be there for each other when it comes down to it, no matter how tough things get. There is no way you’ll ever convince me that Cas will ever be as important to Dean as Sam is. Jensen has outright come out and said it more than once on panels and in interviews and I love him for it. I hope the producers and writers realize that despite some vocal Cas fans, Sam and Dean still have a very strong, loyal, and loving fanbase and it’s very important to us to see their story being told in a meaningful way. They are the heart of Supernatural and the reason a WHOLE LOT of us are still watching the show eight years later, and we love them like they’re part of our family. All I ask from Season 8 is that they be given the time together and the emotional storylines they deserve.

    • Lenka


    • Nan

      Of course they realize that the brothers are the focal point and main relationship on the show. Removing or separating them would be like trying to take Hugh Laurie out of House, MD. Impossible. Together they function as the main character of the show, two sides of the coin. Their alternating perspectives on the hunting lifestyle and every problem give the audience an in. There’s no worry that they’ll ever be neglected. As you’ve pointed out, both Jared, and Jensen, and the creators, have reassured fans of that. I don’t see where the worry is coming from. You don’t have to believe anyone could be as important as Sam to Dean, that’s your prerogative. But don’t condescend to fans who believe otherwise, because that’s their right (and they also have canon and interview support for their interpretation).

  • Cain

    This sounds so great! Jensen is the best with explaining season to fans.
    Dean as a badass? Awesome!
    New character for Dean to interact with? Great! I’m excited to see new chemistry on my screen.
    Cas as a mystery? Cool!
    Can’t wait for s8 to start!

  • Cody

    I think I’m going to dislike Benny quite a bit, in fact, I already do and the first episode hasn’t even aired yet *sigh* I’m still excited for the season, though.

  • Isabela

    First, I apologize for my english. I am from Brazil.


    Dean and Sam have a comum storyline this season (Closing the Gates of Hell)…but before that there will be:

    * Purgatory flashbacks of Dean/Benny/Cas;

    * Flashbacks of Sam’s life with Amelia.

    Flashbacks to explaining what happened to Dean and Sam.


    NOW SPOILERS say that:

    We don’t have Castiel in Present day because Castiel stay in Purgatory.

    I am not excited about that.STOP GIVING Cas BACK AND TAKING HIM AWAY.






    I’am excited for Dean/Sam relationship in Present day.

    • Beth

      There are spoilers indicating that Cas does indeed survive Purgatory and end up on Earth again, in real time. Don’t worry. Also, it doesn’t say that Benny becomes best friends with Dean. They’re unlikely friends, at this point — and it’s not that far out of character for Dean, now. His black and white vision of monsters is a thing of the past (he’s best friends with an angel, go figure). Wait and see, it could be really cool. :)

  • Shereile

    All this whining over nothing.

    I’m super excited for Benny and his relationship with Dean and I can’t wait for Castiel’s storyline and how his relationship with Dean will play out. Everything about this is beautiful.

    Thank you for the interview.

    I love that Dean finally has a very strong myth arc this season and Benny sounds like a fantastic character. :)

  • Eleanor

    People complaining and whining before they’ve even seen anything, typical.
    All of this sounds great to me! I’m super-excited about Dean’s storyline and Benny.

    I really love Jensen, and he always makes things sound interesting and is, like, the only one who can make me truly excited.

  • Andi

    Oh yeah, here it comes, all the whining about “Cas should be on the show more!”

    I have news for you Castiel people: not everyone out here likes him. He’s dull and boring. Shocking! He’s an ancient angel who acts like he’s never been around humans before. That’s really bad writing. Benny sounds much more interesting.

    It’s also interesting that you Castiel freaks always tell the folks who loved seasons 1 thru 3 that it’s time to move on.

    Well, folks, it’s time to move on. How does that feel?

    Castiel will be in only 8 out of the next 23 episodes, so if you were hoping to see him in every scene, every episode, you are going to be sorely disappointed this season.

    I stopped watching the show because of him, and in the last two years over a half a million people did too. Castiel is a crutch. He heals the brothers, teleports them where ever they need to go, and when Castiel was around Sam and Dean’s IQs seemed to drop 70 points. Sera Gamble got rid of Bobby when she should have gotten rid of Castiel.

    I’m really enjoying seeing you guys scream and squeal and whine about this. Tell you what, if he’s such a wonderful character, why don’t you petition the CW to give him his own show? That won’t happen. He’s so dull he wouldn’t be able to carry his own show, and there aren’t that many of his minions to keep it on in the first place. Instant cancellation.

    I was on a forum and I saw some Castiel freaks bragging about how they voted against Supernatural on some online awards shows because they wanted to force the show to make Castiel the star. Talk about stupid.

    Wah wah wah “I won’t watch the show if they don’t have Castiel on there!”
    Don’t then. We’ll survive without you.

    Can’t wait for season eight to start now.

    • Jessie

      Agreed!!! I don’t understand the hoopla around this character. He is boring and corrupt and unbelievably dumb. However, I believe the spoilers said that Cas was scheduled to be in 8 of the first half (or so) of the season, not the whole season. I truly hope we don’t see him after the 8 episodes but I’m not holding my breath.

      Now I just hope that Sam doesn’t get crucified because he did something that Dean didn’t like (lived a normal life).

    • Mar

      My problem is that Cas is portrayed like an overwrought teenaged girl who is constantly having her feelings hurt.

      I used to love the character when he seemed like a conflicted ancient angel who willingly sided with humans. But the last 2 years, he’s just a whiny victim with a martyr complex – “see how much I did for you, wah-wah-wah.”

      If Carver can make Cas seem like a powerful angel with a purpose, I’ll like him again, as long as Misha portrays him as less of an overwrought girl.

  • Sheri

    I actually like that the fact that the tension between the brothers is because they have spent a year living opposite lifestyles. I like warrior Dean and am glad that we are finally getting to that side of him that has been hinted at for years and then chucked aside. The only worry I have is that Dean’s story will end when the focus turns to Cas in the second half. While I like the Dean/Cas interactions, I do not want a secondary character taking over the show once again…and I certainly had it up to the eyeballs last season when the whole show was about the guest stars with the brothers relegated to wallpaper. I’m looking forward to see what Ty O. brings to the show and am very excited for the new season to start.

  • Dot

    These Dean spoilers sound really good. Glad to hear it seems like there’s going to be some progression on his issues, not a magical fix or a reset to the supposedly so happy-go-lucky Dean of early seasons (when did he not have issues? what show are people watching, the damage was always there, but certain things broke it open more), but not miring him either. The effect of someone as battle ready and yet already damaged as Dean is winding up in a perpetual combat situation like purgatory, and his difficulty adjusting to being back on earth and out of perpetual danger, caught in combat mode–Jensen Ackles is going to rock that. Also I’m looking forward to dirty, badass, dangerous purgatory Dean. :D And to seeing how the relationship between Sam and Dean shifts and evolves. I think it’ll come out even stronger as a result. <3<3

    It sounds like Benny's going to add an interesting element into the mix. I'm a huge Castiel fan, and it would make me really unhappy if Season 8 doesn't treat him well (or ditches him) but I haven't heard anything to make me feel that's going to happen, and I can see all kinds of possibilities with Benny.

  • connie

    I just have one mind boggling question in all this. If Benny was in Purgatory, then he was a vampire that had died… A soul. How is he around on earth? I do have a theory, that will probably be jossed by the first episode, and eventually become a plot bunny that will never be a fic. But it would otherwise make no sense for Benny to be walking around!

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  • Mar

    I got to say, it’s a good time to be a Dean fan! I’m sure I’ll go back to outrage after a few episodes air, but right now it’s all good. Thanks for your interesting reports on SPN Clarissa!

  • AmandaF

    I really wish people would stop judging Season 8 before they’ve even seen it. I’m all for expressing your opinion but how about we wait until we have something tangible to base it upon first, ok? Let’s show the cast and crew of Supernatural (who may read this) some love, they work hard to bring us our favourite tv show and I, for one, appreciate all that they do and look forward to watching Season 8.

  • mrs. robinson

    Jensen looks and sounds great. Yay! Badass or better known as the Real Dean Winchester is back. Thanks for this.

  • Emma

    The comments for this article are kinda ridiculous. All I see is CAAAASSSSSSSSSSS. WHY NO CASSSSSSSSSS? I get that some fans really love them some Cas, but Jensen is allowed to talk about characters (specifically his own) other than Cas. It is annoying to constantly read the CASSSSSSSSSSS comments.

    This interview gives me a little hope when it comes to the brother relationship – that Sam and Dean will eventually be back on the same page. I still can’t help seeing Sam not looking for Dean at all as OOC though. It just seems like lazy writing. The writers could have had Sam look non-stop for the first 3 months and then just completely burn out. He then still could have found Amelia. And bam! A huge section of fandom is happy. It just doesn’t make sense to me why Sam would not look at all. Or why Jared in his interview made it seem like Sam was less happy, more inconvenienced by Dean’s return.

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