Supernatural Season 8 Premiere Photos: The Winchesters Reunite…and Go On a New Mission

SupernaturalAre you eagerly awaiting the season 8 premiere, Supernatural fans?  I’m feeling pretty pumped about the show with Jeremy Carver now leading the charge and based on the preview we’ve seen.

Let’s summarize, shall we?  We know that Sam and Dean reunite after a year apart.  Unable to find Dean – and after having lost Castiel, Bobby and Kevin – Sam decided to get out of the hunting life and shacked up with a girl…one that he’s not necessarily eager to give up.  Dean, meanwhile, managed to survive Purgatory…and find a way out with some help from a vampire named Benny.  The very same vampire Dean has no desire to tell his brother about.

The Winchester brothers meet once again at Rufus’ cabin, where Sam is very surprised to see his brother and learn where he’s been (and hands Dean back his beloved Impala!).  Sam and Dean soon go looking for Kevin, who seems to have grown up quite a bit and accepted his fate as a prophet over the last year.  And he has some big news for them: there’s another tablet out there that contains instructions on closing the Gates to Hell forever.  Will the Winchesters and Kevin be able to track down this tablet before Crowley and his demons get their hands on it?  And, of course, there’s the biggest question: where is Castiel?!

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  • TJCrinc

    As long as “baby” isnt in the corner anymore, ill be watching it!

  • Jane

    I only care about Sam’s story finally being told, rather than hidden, this season. And if Sam and Dean are apart too much, I hope they have quality time together as brothers.

    • Nics

      What on earth do you mean? It’s always Sam’s story. I love them both and I’m not going to complain about one having more focus on them than the other, but really. I have no idea what you’re talking about – the whole thing is Sam’s story!!!

    • Mina

      LOL Sam’s story is always being told, hell we’ve had three episodes in the last 3 that have taken place largely inside his head, telling us all about what he thinks and feels, never mind all the other episodes where he tells us about how he thinks and feels. His story is never not told. I’ll be quite happy to see Dean actually get a story of his own that doesn’t revolve around Sam and Sam’s issues, considering pretty much all of Sam’s stories have not revolved around Dean.

      • Jena

        I also would really like to see Dean finally have a story that is about Dean, and not All About Sam. They almost gave it to us in S4. Come on, Carver. Try again, but do it right this time.

      • Sally

        Sorry but wether Sam has had the ”story” the show has been seen through Deans eyes and pov hence why he gets the exploration and episodes to himself even within Sams story. The show is Dean centric even Jensen admitted that.When someone says that dont want Sam hidden it is a valid point although he can have the story because it tends to be seen through Dean .Sam’s pov more often than not will be cut out .Season 4 and 5 are prime examples. Nobody will ever say Sam hasnt had a pov but compared to Dean it hasnt come close. Last season Sam’s story was 4 episodes and yes we got some insight but they were episodes shared with others 7.17 with Castiel.The point is when Sam has a ‘story’ Dean is central because he is the eyes and heart of the show so it never really is Sam’s ‘story’ and Dean gets more storytelling within that story than Sam. When it is the other way round people expect it to be exclusive to Dean or Dean and Castiel with Sam cut out. On top of that Dean has his own sl’s that are seen and we follow with Dean from his grief for John to how John’s deal impacted him , how Sam impacted him , how Sam’s destiny affected him and so on. Sam hasnt be allowed the same .Eric even admitted they forgot to deal with how Sam felt about losing his own father. It is a trend that continued from season 2. This season what fans want is a story for Sam that is done for him not a plot device or a issue for Dean but done for him with him in mind , done from his perspective and given the same degree of storytelling Dean gets .Now wether some agree or disagree is immaterial in the end I just want a Sam that is treated like a person and not a plot point.

        • Sunset

          I would GLADLY trade Dean’s POV for a Dean storyline. The last two seasons have been all about him reacting to other people’s stories, and personally and honestly, Jensen deserved so much better than that.

  • Thomas

    Yes, the Impala is back! If Mr. Carver has the mind to play some classic rock nice and loud I’m not sure I’ll even really care that much about the story.

  • skepticalinquirer

    I totally disagree with Jane. I’m all for Dean finally being developed as a character in and of himself with wants, desire and thoughts that garner respect and a storyline of his own that’s not all about having to support Sam no matter what Sam does up to including choking Dean, drinking demon blood and running around with a demon girlfriend who played Sam for a fool.

    I’m not interested in any more of Dean having to grovel for forgiveness from anybody including Sam for having to do terrible things to survive in one of the worst places ever since it was up to Dean to find a way out. No, that would be the ultimate turn-off.

  • SPNFan

    Dean’s storyline looks awesome on paper. Hope it turns out that way. He is hot when he is badass. Glad to see the Impala back. Need a little more classic rock and it will be just like old times (seasons 1-3). Can’t wait for Oct 3. Oh and I really think Sam needs a hair cut.

  • Sara

    I am so happy that Carver seems to have gotten the message/idea that Kripke and Gamble could never seem to grasp-the idea that Dean being at the center of the myth-arc as more than just Sam’s protective older brother can only make this show better. There’s an excitement for the new season out there that I haven’t seen or felt since the end of S4. So…more than anything, I’m also hoping that Carver will follow through on it in a better fashion than those before him did after that awesome S4 set-up. I’m so excited about the Purgatory sl and it’s aftermath and what it will mean for all of the characters, but especially for Dean. Can’t wait for the premiere!

  • mobydick

    More Sam makes the show better. I see him as the heart of the show. Not interested in purgatory. Please, Carver, tell Sam’s story properly.

    • Nics

      Well newsflash, you’re not the only viewer!! Most of us are interested in Purgatory and what happened there. Why do we have to get into battles about who gets more screen time? I’m a self-confessed Dean/Jensen girl, but I want to see equal amounts of both of them, and a whole lot of them together! If you love the show, that’s what you want from it. I can’t get my head around this single-minded comment!!

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