Supernatural Season 8 Preview: What’s in Store for the Winchesters After Purgatory?

Clarissa September 7, 2012 5

I don’t know about the rest of you Supernatural fans, but I’m very excited about the upcoming eighth season.  Season 7 ended with the Winchester brothers in a familar, and separated, state.  Sam was left back on earth all alone after his brother, Castiel and Kevin had disappeared (and after Bobby’s ghost had – presumably – moved on).  Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel were trapped in Purgatory after having killed Dick Roman (or, more specifically, the final seconds had Dean all alone in Purgatory after Castiel disappeared).

When Supernatural returns in early October, the Winchesters will be reunited quickly.  Time will have passed while they were apart, but we’ll learn what they were up to through the use of flashbacks over several episodes.  Sam got out of the hunting life and settled down with a girlfriend, while Dean managed to not only survive Purgatory, but escaped with the help of a new vampire frenemy that he doesn’t want to tell Sam about.  We know from the Comic-Con panel that the Winchesters will be up against Crowley and other enemies for possession of an artifact this season, as well as dealing with monsters-of-the-week.  We know that Kevin the prophet will play a part in next season’s mythology, but we don’t yet know whether Castiel makes it out of Purgatory alive.

The CW has released the first season 8 preview for the show, which you can watch below.  Expanding on the Comic-Con teasers, we now know exactly what the Winchesters will be searching for: another Word of God that, according to Kevin, contains instructions on closing the door to Hell forever.  As in…no more demons!  No wonder Crowley will also be desperate to track down this information.

Updated: Go check out our thoughts on whether the Winchesters can find the tablet…and whether we think they should.

By the way, I am seriously into Sam’s hair in this trailer.  Smaller sideburns!  Little flip at the ends!  It looks so much better than his season 7 hair.  Am I right?

For more spoilers on season 8, read our Comic-Con press room coverage and keep an eye on our Supernatural page for spoilers, previews, photos and recaps for the show.  The new season begins on October 3 on The CW.

  • Supersheltie

    I’m very excited about the direction Carver is taking the show, although I’m a bit miffed that Castiel’s situation is being kept under wraps. I’m praying that’s a good thing…

    And, sorry, I’m not a fan of Sam’s hair this season….better without the sideburns, but I liked his hair better shorter….

    I wish they’d have given the extra length of Sam’s hair to Kevin….not liking that buzzed look…..

  • FB

    YAY for Sam’s hair!

  • SPNFan

    Promo looked awesome. Excited about it. Loved Dean’s full on action mode. Good to see him back to his old self. Oh and Cas looks so scared and alone. Hope Dean saves him. Btw… not excited about Sam’s hair. It needs to be shorter still. But yes its better than season 7.

  • Christine

    I loved this spoiler and am really pumped for season 8. Sam’s definitely looks better than in the later part of season 7 but if we are weighing in I would like it a titch shorter too.

    Call me old fashioned but he was just too damned cute with those bangs he used to have!

  • Lakitha

    I love the trailer for the new season. I’m even more excited now and I just knew this was going to be a Crowley season. I’m awwright with that.

    I like Kevin’s look. It makes me wonder what he’s gone through in the past year that he looks like such a bada$$.

    (I’m not a fan of Sam’s hair tho’. I think it should be shorter, but i don’t want him coppin’ Elvis, so I guess I can tolerate the new style.)