Supernatural Slide-Show: Most Memorable Mythology Episodes

SupernaturalGo back to the beginning of Supernatural.  The very beginning.  When the show began, we got a healthy dose of mythology in the pilot and then much of the first season was stand-alone episodes while the show found its legs.  Could you have predicted the mythology that would spring from that first episode or that first season?  Could you have predicted that one day the Winchester brothers – who just wanted to find their father and kill the demon that took away their mother – would become embroiled in the apocalypse and the games of Heaven and Hell?

Mythology has always been a fantastic compliment to the monsters-of-the-week that Supernatural can also do so well.  But it’s the mythology episodes that have often given us the best performances by the actors and the deepest insight into their characters.  The season premieres are often heavy on the mythology, hence the timing of this particular slide-show.  As we delve into the mythology of season 8, it’s nice to take a look back at the long-running threads of the series and the spectacular episodes that have been spawned by them.

For the purposes of this slide-show, I would define mythology in two ways.  The first is the typical way in which it relates to the season-long arcs.  Storylines surrounding psychic chidren in season 2 or the apocalypse in seasons 4 and 5 are clearly the mythology of the show.  The second definition – for me – concerns the characters.  Because insights into their history shape the characters as we know them now, I consider character-based episodes to be mythology as well.  And believe me, Supernatural has given us some fatastic character-based episodes.

Browse through my picks for Supernatural’s best mythology-based episodes, from the pilot to the end of season 7 and then share your own thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss a new season of Supernatural beginning on Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.  Keep an eye on our Supernatural page for more season 8 details, spoilers, previews and reviews.

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  • Mary

    Swan Song – best goosebump-inducing episode I’ve seen.

  • tiptoe39

    Great slideshow as always, Clarissa, and I have to say — I was completely fooled going into this. When you said “best mythology episodes,” I thought you were going to talk about the monster mythology, the appearance of various gods and goddesses, the Alpha concept, etc. etc.

    But you didn’t, and in doing so you made a larger point. This show can go into a thousand different myths and legends, urban and otherwise, but the mythology we are most invested in — including the demons-and-angels that have stuck around so long! — is the mythology of the Winchesters. They’re the one story that has to stay constant for the show to work. These guys, what they’ve done, what they’ve been through, how they feel about the world and their jobs and each other. It’s episodes that delve into their past, portend their future, etc., that are really the most mythology-heavy.. not the one-shots with pagan gods or archangels (and I love me some archangels.)

    Maybe this goes without saying for you and many others, but it’s certainly worth restating for the sake of those who actually have a hand in our characters’ fate — that’s the mythology you need to respect first and foremost, and not write off what’s come before. That’s the key to a successful season.

    Here’s hoping that’s what we get in Season 8.

  • Melody

    Just thinking about some of these episodes has brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the slideshow, I always enjoy them. It’s finally Wednesday!!

  • KYLE

    Abandon all Hope IS AWESOME

  • Dahne

    Thanks for all the great memories; however, I for one never want to see Missouri around again and I know a lot of people who feel the same way.

  • Ashton Lee

    Leaving out Hammer of the Gods is a shame though.

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