Supernatural Slide-Show: Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes

Clarissa February 17, 2012 20

This Supernatural slide-show is a long time coming, and while it doesn’t necessarily relate to the theme of this week’s episode, there’s no doubt that it fits into the overall theme of the show.

Secondary characters may come and go (particularly go, of course), but the one stable (and occasionally unstable) relationship in this show exists between Sam and Dean Winchester. The brothers may be at odds, but there’s no denying that their relationship is the core of Supernatural. While season 6 saw a fracture in their relationship because Sam spent half of the season without his soul, season 7 has systematically stripped away all of the other people and resources in the Winchesters’ lives, leaving them with only each other.

The enduring nature of their brotherly bond has prompted me to create a slide-show about the Winchester brothers’ relationship. So what, exactly, do I mean by “brotherly bonding scenes”? I’m talking about the scenes with Sam and Dean that show the nature of their sibling relationship: the pranks they play on one another and the heartfelt conversations that they have that demonstrates the depth of their bond. I’m talking about the sacrifices that they make for one another, because they are brothers who would go to the ends of the earth to save each other. And I’m also talking about the fights between them – the types of conflicts that can only really happen between two strong-willed siblings that have grown up in an extraordinarily close relationship because of their life circumstances.

In other words, I’m talking about all of the scenes, conversations and moments that define Sam and Dean’s relationship as brothers on Supernatural.

So we’ve got happy, funny scenes for you. And sad, tragic and heartfelt scenes. Big moments of pure love and sacrifice, and scenes where Sam and Dean express disappointment in each other’s actions. Everything that makes them brothers is in this slide-show, so use the arrows above to navigate through it and, as always, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Michele

    Perfection! Thank you for reminding me why I fell in love with this show in the first place. Such a beautiful, heartbreaking, and heartwarming bond.

  • Rei

    No wonder why this little show is so G-R-E-A-T….

  • Jennifer

    That was awesome! Mystery Spot is my favorite episode that I've seen at least 20 times and I never noticed the cheeseburger!

    • Clarissa

      You're not the first person who has told me that – I used that scene in another slideshow and people kept mentioning that they never noticed the cheeseburger, but for some reason, it always jumps out at me. It's a terrific easter egg :)

  • Geordiegirl1967

    Fantastic! Great reminder that the brothers relationship is the heart and soul of this amazing show.

  • @JessicaBreaux1

    And this is why I fell in love with this show.

  • Ishani Mehta


    This post is perfection….Kudos!
    As everyone has said, this is the reason for loving the show
    I am in India and we are still at season 2, but even in just this much time, I am absolutely obsessed with how the brothers' relationship evolves and is portrayed.It is this human side to the show that appeals to me
    Thanks again…this article is for saving and coming back to again an again

    By the way…I have one more moment to share

    Remember how Gordon calls Sam "Sammy" and Sam retaliates (hits back later) saying that only his brother calls him that. I think that shows how the little brother gives Dean rights he would give no one else. I guess it goes right with the moment you described where Sam has used the letter 'D' for Dean in his phone book

    • Irina Mukherjee

      @IshaniMehta Hello! I’m from India too but I’m watching season 7- can’t freaking WAIT for you guys to catch up! And I was JUST about to post that!!!! XD Nice to meet you :)
      And this is SO BRILLIANT, I think I’ll just go sit down and have a quiet cry.
      By the way, in the 50th picture, it’s season SEVEN episode 2 “Hello Cruel World”, not season 6 :)

    • Crystal

      That is one of my favorites as well. No one is allowed to call him "Sammy".

  • Melody

    These moments are perfect examples of why this is the best show on TV. It is their bond as brothers that sucks us in and keeps us glued to the screen. I love every bonding moment between them. When I try and describe this show to people, I use these scenes and the many more wonderful brother moments as examples of why they should be watching this show!!

  • Florilza

    I'm from Brazil and need to say " I don't have a good knowledge to express myself in English but…UAHU!!!
    This job is JUST PERFECT ! The comments, the photos, everything is just amazing.
    Congratulations !!!!!!!

  • Cheryl

    Awesome! By far the best show currently on TV, a great reminder of why we all love Supernatural.

  • Larissa

    AWESOME ! Just one correction ! On 50th slide says " 6×02 Hello,cruel World" but this episode is from season 7 ! hahaha
    I added this page to my favorites *-*

    • Clarissa

      Good catch! That was totally a typo. Thanks for pointing it out, it's all corrected now

  • Ana

    A relação de amor entre os irmão que faz o diferencial entre todos os show!
    O amor incondicional entre eles e pela humanidade, sem palavras! Parabens!
    E obrigada!

  • @blancagsanluv

    One word: AWESOME! enough said.

    Something happens to me when it comes to this show and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! ♥

  • Crystal

    You got some of my favorite moments! I love Mystery Spot and I never noticed the cheeseburger. I love the moment with Gordon when he calls him Sammy "only he gets to call me that." ha! I think also one of the most heart wrenching moments is when Dean throws away the amulet. That was such a strong symbol of his little brother, it made me cry.

  • Sheila Ruiz

    My four favourite moments: Dean's monologue in "All Hell breaks loose II"; Sam's speech in "Fresh Blood"; the hug in "Lazarus Rising" and the Cristhmas from 1991. I can't decide which is most important to me. I've forgotten the ouija's scene in "In time on my dying" Such a great recap! Thanks!

  • numer0six

    Superb slide-show. My fav. :

    all hell break loose : Dean anguish over his brother death. I cried like a baby

    tell tales : everything : I laughed so hard ;)

    Something Wicked : weechester alert! My heart melted

  • Kristin

    I don’t know why you don’t include the Jus In Bello scene in the most memorable Dean slideshow, when HendrIckson wakes and says “I shot the sheriff.” and Dean try’s so hard not to say what he eventually must, ” But you didn’t shoot the deputy. ” Watching him try so hard not to say it had me near tears from laughing so hard. I had to watch it several time because Jensen was amazing in the way he showed that internal struggle. Lol