Supernatural Slide-Show: Most Memorable Winchester Relatives Scenes

Clarissa January 30, 2013 1

SupernaturalFamily has been a cornerstone of Supernatural since the first scene of the pilot episode and while we’ve seen “family” through the eyes of Sam and Dean, it’s only been on rare occasions that we’ve actually seen, or heard about, their other relatives.  John Winchester lasted only one season before he sacrificed himself to save Dean’s life and Mary technically lasted less than 10 minutes before her untimely death.  And yet, we’ve had an opportunity to see both of these characters in some very memorable scenes, either with each other, with their children, or with other people.

This week’s Supernatural will introduce us to Henry Winchester, John’s father that was never really known to the brothers (read some spoilers about Henry and other characters this season).  Even John didn’t know much about his father and he certainly didn’t know the bombshell that Henry is about to drop on Sam and Dean: that the Winchesters have a history in the demon-killing community.  In honor of this episode, I’ve decided to go back through the years and select my favorite scenes with Sam and Dean’s relatives, from their parents to their other grandfather to that one cousin they met that time (you’ll see).  This is the shortest slide-show I’ve ever done, but there are some important, heartbreaking and funny moments sprinkled throughout, including moments that are crucial to the mythology of this family.

  • Melody

    Bobby is a Winchester, no question. He even states to his own father that fate eventually provided him with two
    sons that grew up to be heroes. So whether you see the boys as Singer’s or Bobby as a Winchester, it doesn’t matter because “family doesn’t end with blood.”

    I enjoyed the slideshow. Each week as Sam and Dean clash or come together we are constantly reminded about how important family is to these men. It was a pleasure to look back on some of those very important moments that helped define their commitment to the people in their lives. There are a couple of scenes I would have added:
    • Pretty much anything between Christian and Dean. Dean has always believed in loyalty to family and here he is with his family but having a serious issue with this guy. It points out how much Bobby was right, to Dean family isn’t about blood its about the bond.
    • Clarissa brought up the scene where John and the boys are reunited, which was followed by a very important scene in the alleyway as they decide to separate again. It is brought up in this scene and reiterated throughout the seasons that family can also make them weak. Dean points out that they had almost gotten their father killed. The idea that they are each others achilles heel is the driving force of their constant self-sacrifice.
    • Follow up that scene with the one in 1.20 at the end where Sam and Dean finally convince John to stick together. John says, “I guess we are stronger as a family.” It’s this dichotomy – strength and weakness – that is at the heart of family and hunting for the Winchesters. They are willing to be weak and sacrifice for those they love because it is that love, that bond that gives them the strength to endure.