Supernatural Slide-Show: Most Memorable Winchester Fights

Clarissa November 4, 2011 4

The family that fights together, stays together. Or so we have to assume considering the loving – but often tumultuous – relationship that Sam and Dean have on Supernatural.

At the end of last week’s episode of Supernatural, the boys parted ways when Sam learned that Dean had killed Amy in an earlier episode and failed to tell him. Of course, fights between the Winchester brothers isn’t anything new. These boys have broken up and gotten back together so many times.

Sometimes their fights are just verbal because, let’s face it, both of these boys are very stubborn. Sometimes they’re physical, which usually means some pretty awesome action scenes, even if we don’t particularly like to see the brothers coming to blows.

While we all know that the boys will eventually reconcile, especially since Dean (uncharacteristically) seems willing to talk it out instead of just ignoring their problems, we thought this was an opportune time to showcase the best Winchester fights and arguments throughout the series (thanks to Tina Charles for planting this idea in my head and Squeemonster for her last-minute help!). Sure, we love when the boys get along and play pranks, but sometimes their fights are hot, or sad, or just plain silly and should be remembered.

Don’t miss an all new episode of Supernatural tonight (watch a preview, sneak peek and trailer) on The CW at 9:00 p.m. If you want to kill some more time before the episode, browse through our last Supernatural slide-show about the most memorable female characters.

If we missed your favorite fight scene, let us know in the comments below!

  • Kitty

    Great slide show!

    I see a pattern emerging here: when they fight, Dean tends to punch Sam, and Sam tends to walk away. Neither of them particularly healthy ways of settling a fight, but Winchesters aren't big on using their words.

    For me, the most heartbreaking one may have been Swan Song, but the most horrible one was When the Levee Breaks. I felt like I had been kicked in the chest. Of course, the most hilarious one was Tall Tales!

  • Melody Paris

    "Technically this fight happened off-screen, but how can you not remember that one time Sam accidentally killed Dean with an axe?" – For me I've always felt so bad for Sam for this moment. Dean doesn't remember it, but Sam will always remember accidentally killing his brother while trying to save him. It has to hurt him deeply.

    You brought up some amazing moments and now I'm tearing up because so many were heartbreaking. You just have to love a show that can make you laugh, cry and cringe all in one episode and sometimes all in one scene. For the me funniest fight is actually an argument over the phone in 6.9 "Clap Your Hands if You Believe" when Dean is being chased by the "aliens" in the field and Souless Sam's just being a prick over the phone, and I love that the argument about empathy plays throughout that episode. The fight that brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it is from 5.22 "Swan Song". I still can't talk about it, it's too painful. The most cringe worthy verbal battle is 1.20 "Dead Man's Blood" because it's simply stubbornness, pride and stupidity that causes the three of them to have to argue in the first place. The most cringe worthy violent battle is 1.10 "Asylum" because Sam shot his brother!!

    • Clarissa

      It was so hard to figure out what to actually classify as a "fight", so while I definitely LOVE that scene where Dean's getting chased by "aliens", I didn't really think it was a fight in the traditional sense, but I definitely loved it!

  • Jedaqia

    I think if you really list out all the fights it would be more than fifty. :-) And the most amusing fight to me is, each time Sam & Dean fights, all the SamGirl & DeanGirl starts fighting. lol!