Supernatural Sneak Peek: Are Sam’s Suspicions About Benny Valid?

SupernaturalThe mid-season finales of Supernatural are typically filled with angst, and next week’s “Citizen Fang” seems to be no exception. 

Here’s the set-up: Sam and Dean are back on the road together after fighting the crazy cartoon universe this week (read our review of the hilarious episode).  A month ago, “Crazy Martin” from season 5’s “Sam, Interrupted” was released from the mental hospital.  He gave Sam a call and Sam decided to send the hunter down to Louisiana to keep an eye on Benny.

But now some bodies are turning up that appear to have been drained by a vampire and Martin is itching to get back into the hunting game by killing Benny, who he believes is responsible for these crimes.  But Sam wants him to sit tight until he and Dean can fully investigate the stiuation.

This is where Dean comes in.  He’s not happy that Sam has put a tail on Benny and wants to believe the best of his new Purgatory friend, but he also decides to Sam a chance to prove his case and agrees to head down to Louisiana to investigate.  But from the looks of the preview for the episode we have to ask ourselves: will Benny turn on Dean?

Watch a sneak peek below for the mid-season finale of Supernatural, airing on December 5th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • Percysowner

    He’s Sam. Of course he’s wrong. Sam doesn’t get to be right about monsters.

    • Clarissa

      It’s entirely probable that he was very right about Benny here. I’m open to the possibility. Sam is hardly wrong or never right. I think that’s a rather fatalistic viewpoint. He’s been right about a lot of things in the past.

    • Marilyn

      So many Sam fans say this, but it just makes me wonder if you like Sam at all? So many of the decisions you all criticize the writing about are quintessential Sam.

      If the defining moments of Sam’s character are despised by all of you, then what does that say about what you really think about Sam?

  • Amy

    Since when is anything Sam feels, thinks or does valid? Show wont let Sam’s thoughts or feelings be valid in any way shape or form. Carver continues this atrocious trend.

    • Clarissa

      Really? Because he wasn’t right about Lenore and her fellow vampires back in season 2, which prompted Dean’s black and white viewpoint about monsters to crack? Am I imagining that that scene happened?

      Carver’s not continuing an atrocious trend, because the trend is hardly a trend. Both boys have been wrong to trust certain people in the past (yes, Sam trusting Ruby was a bad thing, but it was clouded with grief/revenge and was understandable). I think that Sam’s feelings about Benny spring not only from the vampire aspect, but also a bit of jealously about his relationship with Dean. It’s not even immature of Sam, it’s completely understandable given the very close relationship between the brothers. Dean is willing to give Sam the benefit of the doubt here and investigate the situation, even if he is a bit mad that Sam went behind his back (also understandable).

      • Percysowner

        And then they completely erased Sam’s trusting of Lenore by making her kill again, so his belief is right out the window. They had Sam confirm that Dean was right and he was wrong about Amy. Cas betrayed Dean in much the same way that Ruby did through season four, then suddenly the goodness of Dean gets Cas to change sides so that his trust of Cas is totally justified. Cas goes off the rails, kills thousands of people and angels and we are being told right and left that we can’t blame Cas because he feels bad about it. Every angel we have seen, except for Hester, is hunky dory fine with Cas. Murdering Balthazar, not his fault. But Sam is still being raked over the coals for Ruby and God Forbid going to college. Cas remaining in Purgatory is called penance. Sam self identifies as “running away” like a worthless coward. Benny is identified as the better brother, Dean tells Cas that Cas gets to ride shotgun from now on. Everything is being written with the undertone that Sam is bad and unworthy.

        • Clarissa

          Lenore, like Sam and Castiel, may have made a bad decision, but that doesn’t mean she was EVIL. And considering she asked to be killed rather than turn bad, I think she more than made up for one bad decision. As for Castiel, his journey mirrored Sam’s throughout season 4, but if you want to suggest that he wasn’t deserving of forgiveness if he was genuinely repentant, then you also have to say that Sam didn’t deserve any forgiveness for his actions in season 4. People make mistakes. No one is infallible. The point of the show is that if you are sorry for the things that you have done, you can achieve redemption. Everything that Castiel did is hardly “not his fault”. He is trying to do penance, just like Sam did in season 5.

          As for Dean ragging on Sam, the fact of the matter is that the brothers are atrocious at communication and all of the feelings that Dean had have been building for so long and he needed to let it out. Should he let them go now? Absolutely. This very sneak peek could be a turning point. He’s upset, but he’s willing to let Sam’s hunch play out.

          I honestly do not understand this negativity from SamGirls who feel that Sam is constantly in the wrong. I think it’s self-damaging. Yes, Sam makes mistakes. So does everyone on the show. But he’s hardly the worthless coward that you feel he is being portrayed as. I admire his character’s ability to continue soldiering on despite the sheer amount of crap and torment he has suffered.

          As for your statement about Dean telling Cas to ride shotgun “from now on”….come on. He was rewarding him for a job well done. He was giving him ONE chance to ride in the front. Despite arguments to the contrary, Dean is never going to replace his brother’s spot in the car (or in his life) with Castiel.

        • King B

          “And then they completely erased Sam’s trusting of Lenore by making her kill again, so his belief is right out the window.”

          But that’s not how that scene played out at all. Lenore was still a sympathetic character, and Sam was still “right”, because it wasn’t that she fed because in the end once a monster always a monster, she fed because of Eve. She wasn’t killing for poops and giggles, she did so because Eve was subverting her control over her hunger.

          And more to the point she didn’t want to keep feeding which is why she literally begged to be killed.

          So in the end Sam remained “right” because it took an extreme extenuating circumstance to break Lenore. It took her control being removed/tampered with for her to kill again.

        • lpili13

          But i don´t think Sam is being portraited the way you mention! Benny is not, and never will be a better brother for Dean. I don´t even think its being compared. Dean found Benny in purgatory, and he helped him out. But Dean wanted to be out to find again Sam, to continue hunting with his brother.
          And Dean doesn´t tell Castiel to ride shotgun, like forever. Castiel has made a good work. He´s spent the whole episode looking, kinda desperately, for approbation to both brothers because he needs to belong somewhere, now that he´s cut out from heaven, afraid to come back. He even wanted a FBI badge! For Dean, its a reward, probably like John rewarded his sons when they were youngers. And don´t forget Dean has actually heard that Cas might want to kill himself. Of course he wants to reward him.
          For me, Sam is an awesome character who´s made mistakes (like everyone else) but have gone through them, better than the rest of the characters, though. He´s actually brave enough to stop hunting and forgive himself to start a new life (Amerlia) and braver to leave this life and come back to Dean. I think Carver is giving us lot of interesting dynamics this season. And i like it.

  • Maria

    Im open to the possibility that Sam is right. As much as i liked Benny in Purgatory, its obvious everything could be wrong after they came back to Earth. Anyway, im impatient to see why Sam doesn´t trust Benny: i think there´s a part of reason and a part of jealousy, maybe because he feels Benny was there when he wasn´t. And of course, Dean left him when he went to help Benny, and Sam didn´t know about it til they met. I´d like to know also what Castiel thinks about Benny. Benny saved his life, he kept his word but i suspect Castiel would side with Sam in this episode (not sure if Castiel appears, anyway)

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