Supernatural Sneak Peek: How Will Dean be Judged in Episode 7.04?

Some Supernatural fans are wondering what direction the show will be heading in after the last episode’s somewhat surprising ending. If you watched it, you know that Sam was fully prepared to let the brain-eating monster Amy live, but Dean (without Sam’s knowledge) tracked her down and killed her, convinced that she would become a threat to people at some point in the future (read more about this in our review).

Given everything that’s happened to the Winchesters lately – as well as some of Dean’s recent choices – it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the October 14 episode of Supernatural will be heavily focused on Dean’s guilt. The eldest Winchester has a habit of burying his feelings, but this week’s episode will force him to face them. The brothers will be investigating a series of murders and soon learn that the victims were all being judged (and found guilty) by the Egyptian god Osiris. Osiris has a fondness for latching onto people who feel guilty. Who does that sound like? If you guesed ‘Dean’, you would be correct.

Osiris hones in on Dean and puts him on trial for his life. Sam steps up to defend his brother, but how will the boys – Dean in particular – deal when Osiris summons Jo’s ghost as a witness?

Below is a sneak peek for the October 14 episode of Supernatural. View photos for the episode here and a trailer here.

  • Cindy Shufelt

    This was an intriguing clip. I love how this show has grown over the years. Not that I wouldn't enjoy more humor but as it stands every episode of season 7 has exceeded my expectations. Both Jared and Jensen are doing an excellent job, the scripts are great and the guys have never looked better. On a lighter note, Jenny Chow I think is her name if you are still doing Jared/Sam's hair – love the lenght and the cut. Supernatural is the best thing on tv. It' s the only show that can surprise me, and obsess me. Love the myths, legends, sci fi and horror. Love to Sera, Robert ,Jim, Ben, the 3 Js their wives and Ivan Hayden and everyone who works so hard to entertain us.

  • Melody Paris

    Poor Dean, this clip just makes you want hug the guy. Of course anytime I look at him I want to wrap my arms around him, but I digress. This fits so perfectly after the end of last week. He understood why Amy's son would threaten his life and accepted that, just as he does here in the clip about his past ghosts – literal and figurative. If there is any aspect of this coming episode that really worries me, it is the appearance of Jo. The death of her and Helen hit Dean really hard and seeing her again, having her testify at his trial is going to be painful, for both brothers.

  • http://OTVEgypt OTV Egypt

    Good, Supernatural Sneak Peek: How Will Dean be Judged in Episode 7.04?.

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