Supernatural Sneak Peek: Charlie Brings a Case to the Winchesters (And Reads Chuck’s Books!)

SupernturalWhen Supernatural returns next Wednesday, we’ll be getting four new episodes in a row to close out the eighth season.  Fortunately, we already know the show is returning for a ninth season, so there’s no reason to panic.  We know that both the May 1 and May 8 episodes will focus on the mythology (as will the season finale), but there’s one more standalone case for the Winchesters to tackle before we get back into the mytharc.

Felicia Day returns as Charlie, who was last spotted in the rather amusing episode “LARP and the Real Girl”.  It looks like she’s given up on being the Queen of Moondoor and now she’s firmly focused on something else: researching the supernatural. The self-proclaimed “Geek” has thrown herself wholeheartedly into learning more about monsters, ghosts and other creatures and this time she brings a case to the boys’ attention.  The Winchesters are rather surprised that she’s chosen to devote herself to hunting given her past reaction to their encounters.  But even more disturbing is the fact that Charlie has read Carver Edlund’s books!  Given the fact that she thanks them for saving the world, I guess we can rightly assume that Chuck’s final book – the one he was writing during “Swan Song” – found its way to a publishing house.  And, of course, Charlie has heard all about Sam’s poor luck with the ladies (it’s the curse!).

As the episode progresses, Dean wants Sam to sit this one out because of how the second trial affected him.  So with Charlie at his side this time, Dean looks into her case and tries to school her in becoming a hunter.  But when the two of them end up in a strange video game – with real life or death consequences – we have to wonder how long Charlie will want to dabble in hunting.

Watch a sneak peek below for the April 24 episode of Supernatural on The CW.  You can also watch a preview here or browse through photos here for the episode.

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  • Marie

    Wasn’t the last word on publishing the books beyond ‘No Rest For The Wicked,’ “we have guns and we’ll find you.” “Okay, no more books.” ? Hearing her thank them for saving the world sounds weird, considering.

  • Rachael

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Pac-Man Fever airing NEXT week? On April 24? Because everything I’ve found says so.

  • Clarissa

    @Rachel – you’re absolutely right. I was thinking about the season finale in May at the time of writing this and I put in the wrong month. Thank you very much for the correction!

  • Clarissa

    @Marie – you are correct that the whole “ok, no more books” conversation took place at the end of “The Real Ghostbusters”. As far as we know, no more books ever came. But, we KNOW Chuck (maybe God?) WAS writing the final book of the Winchesters during “Swan Song” and so I have to assume that the book got published after the end of season 5 at some point and maybe the boys just didn’t know about it until now because they assumed Chuck would keep his word.

    I’ve been thinking about previous books/episodes before “Swan Song” and while the boys certainly accomplished great things in that time, I can’t really see where they “saved the world” at any time except “Swan Song” (and since then with the Leviathans, of course). So I’m just going to assume that Chuck’s final book got published somehow and hope they explain more in the episode. Maybe they do as this doesn’t seem like the full scene.