Supernatural Sneak Peek: Dean Worries About Sickly Sam

SupernaturalThis week’s Supernatural made it clear that Sam isn’t doing very well after the Second Trial. Whatever is happening to him, the side effects are making him extremely ill. He spent most of “Pac-Man Fever” looking sickly and trying to convince Dean that he could still work the case (read our review).

While Dean was prepared to stop arguing with Sam over working cases and suggested they resume the search for Kevin, Sam’s declining health is bringing out the big brother/surrogate parent in Dean. He can’t help but try to get food into Sam’s system or check his temperature. But Sam snaps, telling him that they’re going to have to tackle this head on by moving forward. Because he’s accepted that these side-effects are a necessary part of completing the trials.  “Those first two trials, they’re not just things I did. They’re doing something to me. They’re changing me, Dean,” Sam admits. Changing him? How? And why? There are a lot of theories floating around fandom about exactly what is happening to Sam and we’re going to explore some of those next week before the next episode. But until we know for certain exactly what is happening to Sammy, we, like Dean, will be worrying.

Elsewhere in this episode (penned by Ben Edlund), Castiel makes a return appearance and seems to have been caught by Naomi and her angels, who are still trying to recover the Angel Tablet. And Metatron makes an appearance when the brothers track him down in order to get more information about the Third Trial.

Watch a sneak peek below for the May 1 episode of Supernatural on The CW. You can browse through photos for the episode here and watch a preview here.

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  • BennyFan

    When isn’t Sam sickly and Dean worrying about him? We’ve watched this scenario since season 1. Can we have something new?

    Why should I care about Sam being so sickly he can barely stand? He’ll always miraculously find the strength to save the day as last night and Boring Again Identity showed. (To bad this supposed strength seems to disappear when Dean needs his help)It doesn’t matter that he can barely stand or hold a gun he’ll be the most special suffer ever and save humanity. Then something else will be wrong with him next year because of it and Dean will worry and perhaps try out a new lasagna recipe.

    Sam’s so weak he can barely stand but yet manages to save the day and all of humanity sounds like the plot of a bad Mary Sue fan fiction.

  • juno

    Sigh. I can’t believe Carver threw the brothers back onto that same hamster wheel. Of course, there’s something horribly wrong with Sam. Of course, Dean just stands there, helplessly wringing his hands. We’ve had 7 other versions of the same old, same old. I guess it was naive of me to hope Carver would bring a fresh, new perspective to that tired dynamic.

    I’m predicting that next season, we’ll find out the trials have changed Sam into some kind of supernatural being. And Dean will be standing by, helplessly wringing his hands. Because god forbid, the brothers be allowed to climb off that hamster wheel and try something that reflects some actual character growth. Like Sam worrying about Dean for a change or Dean having to depend on Sam. Now that would be great to see!

  • BennyFan

    I wouldn’t want to depend on Sam if I was Dean. This is the same guy that left him to rot and seemed upset when Dean had the nerve to come back.

    My prediction for the final Sam saves humanity despite being to weak to get out of bed, Cas and Metatron will team up to stop Naomi and save Heaven. Dean will cook dinner.

  • bonita

    I’m really curious, BennyFan, what do you want for Sam’s character? If you don’t like him as he is written now, wouldn’t you want him to act in the opposite manner (more caring and supportive, for example)?
    As for the purgatory issue, what should Sam do? Do you want him to apologize?

  • BennyFan


    I’d like to see him a little more human and that has nothing to do with demon blood. Dean’s a hero but he screws up. Family Matters showed the toll that hell took on him. It was a direct result that of Dean’s actions and decisions that the brother was killed. Now I don’t know if that was the writers intentions but thats what I took from the ep. 40 years was stretching believability a bit but we saw a believable consequence in that Dean broke.

    Sam shouldn’t even be functional after 180 years. They go too big and too far with Sam suffering. Boring Again Identity and this last ep were more proof of that. There is way to much of it. Dean goes missing for a year and no one lifts a finger to help but somehow Dean’s the bad guy for being upset up it. Garth was telling him to appreciate Sam more. That kind of stuff leaves me scatching my head. Not to mention the Benny stuff. Sam wasn’t held accountable for anything. Why because the poor wounded baby bird got his feelings hurt? Like that somehow cancels out leaving his unconscious brother handcuffed to a radiator. Or Charlie telling Dean it’s his fault Sam lost his perfect life.

    Or Sam has to do the trials solo. Does the show or Sam not realize he had help every step of the way. The cross roads demon, Ajay, Naomi, Benny, and even Bobby himself. Don’t try to tell me that Sam has to do it on his own and then get help from everyone he crosses path with. Why couldn’t Dean have watched his back? Is Sam really that arrogant to think he could just waltz into hell, grab a soul, and back out? So much for a show about team work.

    I could list more examples but hopefull that give you the general idea of why I find the character one of the biggest Mary Sues on TV.

    As for purgatory, there was Garth and Jody. True Sam might not be extremely close but neither seemed to be a character that would say no if Sam asked for help. He had access to the Campbell and Singer library so he could have researched leviathans. He could have hacked morgues, hospitals or pysch wards looking for people that matched Dean’s description or if all that was too much he could have simply left his phone on. Cas called a few days later from when he did the angel banishing in PONR.

    Sam’s a hunter who knows how to work a case with a small amount of facts- Time after Time is a perfect example. I actually liked Sam in that one. He asked for help and Sam and Dean worked as a team.

  • Sam Lover


    You know what is the most ridiculous thing ever, that you are very obvious!
    the same sentences you put every where the same hate, try to change your words at least to not be awfully obvious you are the same one who spread the hate!

    If I hate a character I will not spend my time to jump from article to article to spread hate, I think I would more save my time for my favorite ones.

    Great that you remember that Sam saved Dean before and never gave up in complete 7 seasons, he tried even to make a deal for him before and much more, Aren’t all that make you discover how the last action from Sam was OOC!!! how it was something new the writers did with zero character history in their mind, they even make this action depending on a deal between the brothers we never heard about, and we discovered also that Bobby who taught them that deal!!! but we never saw that because it never happened and the writers needed lame excuse for the strange OOC action.

    So sorry I know Sam for complete 7 seasons and Sam who left Amelia to stay with Dean and who jumped to death to save him from the hellhound, So the OOC action will never affect what I know about Sam and how he love and care about Dean.