Supernatural Season 8 Sneak Peek: Sam and Dean Reunite! But Where’s Castiel?

Clarissa September 20, 2012 7

SupernaturalFollowing the new Supernatural preview that was released recently, we now have our first sneak peek from the season premiere!  And it’s one of the best scenes there is: the Winchester reunion after months (or, in this case, a year) apart!

Sam, who managed to save the Impala after Meg smashed it into a Sucrocorp sign in the season 7 finale, heads up to Rufus’ cabin, where he’s immediately attacked by none other than his missing brother.  Naturally, there’s the ceremonial demon/leviathan/shifter test to determine whether the brothers are not who they appear.  Once that’s over and done with it’s time for the ceremonial hug.  Sam is thrilled to see Dean alive after having been missing – and presumed dead- for a year.  Dean is quick to explain that he’s been in Purgatory all this time, but he’s very shifty about how he got out.

But where’s Castiel?  According to Dean, he “didn’t make it.”  When Sam presses Dean to tell him whether Castiel is dead, Dean simply says that he “saw enough” about what happened to the angel.  Oh no!  Watch the clip below.

Don’t miss the season premiere of Supernatural on Wednesday, October 3 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.  You can also view photos from the premiere here.

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  • Jane

    Castiel is like Kenny now, why even bother pretending something happened to him? Waste of time….. Anyway, Sam and Dean reuinite, and all they talk about is Castiel, really? Really? Don’t worry, Sam, your attacker is coming back, sigh.

    Glad they hugged, though. Hugging is the best.

    • Bianca

      Who’s his attacker?

  • Linda

    According to the CW, the premiere of Season 8 airs at 9:00PM Eastern/Pacific, not 10:00PM. You might want to correct that; not that any self-respecting fan of SUPERNATURAL doesn’t already know that.

    Thanks for your articles, I enjoy them.

    • Clarissa

      Yikes, that was a typo! Thanks for pointing it out – change made.

  • Thomas

    Judging from the dialogue and vagueness I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Cas isn’t dead, just went to a whole new level of f-ed up and it apparently didn’t sit well with Dean.

  • Melody Paris

    Very excited about the new season, I just hate that Dean has to start with the lies so soon after reuniting with Sam. I really hate lies between them.

  • SPNFan

    Wow this clip was great. Purgatory sl seems exciting. So glad that Dean is back yay. The Impala is back too. Thank god. But Cas oh Cas what has happened to our dear angel. The whole thing sounds tres interesting. Oct 3rd… can’t wait. Btw… was it just me or did Sam seem a bit casual when meeting Dean? I mean the hug was great but it was not the emotional one we are used to seeing like in Lazarus Rising or even Like A Virgin. Guess I have to see the whole episode before jumping to conclusions. The boys are back together. Thats what matters :)