Supernatural Special Feature – Five Heavenly Facts About Castiel’s Return

Jon Lachonis November 14, 2012 1

Supernatural is all new tonight and in case you missed last week’s preview …. SPOILER ALERT …. Castiel (Misha Collins) returns to Earth tonight to once again battle alongside his Earthly brethren Sam and Dean Winchester.  Supernatural 8.07 “A Little Slice of Kevin”, which airs tonight at 9PM on TheCW, marks the former-new-God and up until now Purgatory bound Angel’s re-entry into the fray, and none too soon.  As you can judge by the title, it seems the Prophet of the Lord Kevin is in a bit of a bind;  sounds like he could use a little angelic protection.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any answers to the really fun questions like:  how did Castiel escape purgatory?  What is his status with Heaven?  Will BOTH Winchester brothers be prepared to give Castiel 100% of their trust?  There are, however, a few factoids and ruminations that drifted about and bubbled to the surface in recent weeks/months that reveal much about the trench coated Angel’s return, some of it we gleamed directly from our visit to the Supernatural set—so, trust us!  We know!  For starters:

One – Castiel’s Shiny New Powers

When Castiel first returns his powers will be somewhat diminished, but he will also use some powers we’ve never seen before.  Those in the know are being pretty tight lipped about the whole thing, but one thing we will see him do for sure and transport one person’s mind into another person’s body.  Pretty cool, right?

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