Supernatural: Misha Colins to Return for Three More Episodes in Season 7!

SupernaturalI hope Supernatural’s Castiel fans will be happy to learn that Misha Collins will be returning for three episodes towards the end of season 7.

Warner Bros. has just confirmed that Collins will be returning to Supernatural as a guest star in episode 7.17 and will also appear in two additional episodes later this season. The studio is unable to provide the details of how or why Castiel will be returning to the show, but we’re just thrilled that he’s coming back!

Supernatural fans might recall that Castiel ended up opening a door to Purgatory at the end of season 6in his attempt to win the war in Heaven. He did manage to defeat his angelic arch-nemesis, Raphael, but he also absorbed some bad demons from Purgatory: the monsters we have come to know as leviathans.

Castiel went on a bit of a murderous rampage in episode 7.01 while being possessed by the leviathans. At the end of the episode, he was filled with remorse for his actions and returned to the Winchesters, begging for help. They convinced Cas to return the souls to Purgatory, but the leviathans had no intention of leaving. In fact, they decided to remain in Cas’ body. But his vessel was unable to harness the power of all the leviathans so he ended up taking a walk into a lake and “exploded” in a mess of black goo, not to be heard from again.

We can’t wait to see Castiel’s (hopefully) triumphant return to Supernatural! Although, we’re not yet sure he’ll be the Castiel we know, but we hold out hope.

Updated: Who will Misha Collins play when he returns to Supernatural? Castiel or someone else? Read our theories.

Supernatural is currently on hiatus until January 6, 2012. You can watch a trailer for the next episodes here and take a look at a big midseason review we posted earlier today.

  • @tiptoe39

    The big question is, of course, will he be Castiel? Sera and co. seem to think that we just want Misha, they've never seemed to understand the resonance Castiel holds with us as a character, and as a character embodied by Misha. Here's hoping they have learned that lesson. Reasons to be optimistic!

    I do seem to be commentspamming your articles today, Clarissa. Sorry & thanks for the patience :D

    • Clarissa

      I think it's impossible to give us further details at this time, for fear it might spoil something. All I know is that Misha will be back. In what capacity, I don't know. We'll likely get more hints closer to the date. But I would put my money on him appearing as some incarnation of Cas.

      • @tiptoe39

        Here's hoping :) Thanks for doing what you do, hon!

      • Daphne

        This is all so exciting, but at the same time, the fact that we dont know what’s going to happen to Bobby, is killing me. Let’s hope that they have this huge turn of events that makes us fall for the show even more. Maybe to the point of obsession? Lol

  • Jimmy

    He walked into a LAKE not a LEG

    • Clarissa

      Oops, typo! Thanks for pointing it out :)

  • E..

    Episode 11: Adventures in Babysitting
    Episode 12: Time After Time
    Episode 12: Time After Time
    Episode 14: Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie
    Episode 15: Repo Man
    Episode 16: Another Man's Treasure

    • E..

      Episode 13: The Slice Girls

  • Kitty

    Great news! I always had faith he would return. Other people owe Sera an apology for basically calling her a liar whenever she assured us he would be back.

  • Jen Jen

    I want to get excited since I’m a major Cas fan but I feel so manipulated by this show. I just cant enjoy it as much as I used to.

    • Guest

      I agree. I want Castiel back but only if he and Dean share a profound bond. The problem is that I can so see Sera writing Dean killing Castiel as a total flipping the bird moment to everybody who "forced" her to get him back.

  • Envie

    Just gonna point out that Jensen Ackles said in Some Interview that there would be a new big bad in season 7 and that "everything will hinge on Cas". I'm still holding out hope that Cas will be returning along with Misha <3

  • Melanie

    OH, THANK GOD! I just might cry with happiness. :) :)

  • Penney

    I will be so happy if Castiel comes back as himself, but I am afraid to get my hopes up. The show has gotten so depressing with death, death, and more death. *pleasepleaseplease* give us the old Cas back.

  • Kris

    This Supernatural fan isn't happy. Instead of dealing with Sam's hallucinations at all, we're getting that effing angel back at the end of the season? Guess there's no reason for me to tune back in after Christmas.

    • Clarissa

      There are still six episodes in the new year before Castiel returns, so they can deal with Sam's hallucinations at that time if they choose. In addition, even when Cas does return, there are still 7 episodes for the rest of the season and he'll only be appearing in 3. His return doesn't have to mean anything for Sam's hallucinations and what the writers could do about that.

  • Kristin

    So this is how they're gonna deal with giving Jared time off for his new anklebiter? No more Sam and season 8 is going to be The Dean & Castiel Show?

    • Clarissa

      A lot of people have babies and still work. I can't remember when the baby is supposed to be born, but the show does go on hiatus for many months over the spring and summer, which Jared can spend with his family. After that, I'm sure he'll be back at work like most people are. And just because Cas is returning for 3 episodes doesn't mean the structure of the show will change.

    • Kitty

      Jared has said he will be bringing the baby to work with him.

    • Lori

      One can only hope!…sadly I’m not that lucky.

  • JenCa

    i dont know why they put misha on the poster..and he is only an special guest of the show…i really do love cas and misha …i hope writer could keep him…i already lost some interests since misha is not a regular cast in the show…

  • Nat

    Time to ruin the show again. It was great so far, now it's back to being crappy. Yeah bring back Castiel and his crap. Liars of writers said the show will be about the brothers. Then again you always lie.

  • SupernaturalC

    I don't understand why some people are freakin out about Misha coming back on the show. Not enough detail to go on for one thing.

    Another is that Sam's screen time has nothing to do with Castiel being around, neither will his lack of hallucination story be. The writers just decided to put that to the back because Sam will be dealing with it for a "lifetime" as I believe Sera said. I think they could have done more on that for Sam, but I felt the same after Dean went to Hell. The writers just don't flush out those stories well. But who knows, maybe down the road they will get back to the hallucination thing. I'd be all for it.

    Point is…don't blame a fictional character for what the writers of the show do. If they wanted to give Sam's story more air, they could at any time they wanted. They've had plenty Cas free episodes…nadda. Case closed!

    • Secret

      @SC Exactly!

      I'm so excited to have Misha back on the show! I really hope it's as Cas. I'd take him as angel, human, etc; any form of Cas would make me happy at this point. I've missed him.

      I'll be praying the writers are kind and keep Bobby alive and bring Cas. I need them both. I love Sam and Dean, but Bobby and Cas are valuable too. They add to Sam and Dean's characters through their conversations and all that.

  • Guest

    May be Misha back as a "Real God" but disguise in human form that will help the Sam and Dean. I remembered in one of the episodes angel Joshua said that God is on the earth.

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