Supernatural: Misha Collins Talks Castiel’s Future

SupernaturalWe’ve seen Castiel’s time in Purgatory play out briefly through flashbacks in the second episode of Supernatural (oh, that cliffhanger ending!), but soon more of his fate will be revealed.

(Warning: the following contains spoilers.  Read at your own risk)

During a visit to the Supernatural set* in September, Misha Collins dropped a big spoiler: Castiel is getting out of Purgatory.  That’s right, folks, whatever the reason our favorite angel was trapped in that dimension, he’s making his way back to earth.  Misha didn’t share the actual process of how Castiel gets out, but that’s just details, isn’t it?

As Castiel gets back into the groove, we’ll see something that isn’t always typical for Supernatural: Castiel spending some time with Sam.  Now that Cas is out of Purgatory, Misha (when asked if Cas might have any interaction with Sam if he doesn’t feel very charitable towards Benny) said that the show has just begun “playing out any dynamic between Sam and Cas” but then went on to jokingly bemoan that he hoped this would stop because “that means I’m working with Jared more.”  As for Sam’s feelings on a closer relationship with Castiel, star Jared Padalecki joked that “Sam’s always thought Cas looks weird.  Weird hair.  His nose is kinda funny, the jacket….”

But seriously, Sam will be happy when Castiel gets out, despite their uneven history: “I think when Sam was actively hunting, I think he and Cas never saw eye-to-eye and Cas understandably had some resentment for Sam.  I mean, Sam did canoodle with the very thing that Castiel hates the most…with demons.  So Cas, being the noble type that he is, always held that against Sam.  And Sam is a smart guy, he gets that.  I feel like now, Sam…Sam’s had a tendency to try and take the higher road, [which] sometimes put himself in a bad situation like ‘good intentions pave the road to hell’, but now he’s just happy to see Cas.”

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  • Mare

    Thanks for the article, but wow, absolutely zero mention of Dean? Nothing with Dean and Castiel’s reunion or relationship? He is still on the show by then, right? Or has Carver succeeded in doing what Sera Gamble always wanted to do and written Dean off? It’s all about Sam and Castiel? Way to kill a successful dynamic, Jeremy Carver. So much for him caring about Dean and Dean/Castiel. I guess now it’s all about Castiel and Sam. Color me completely uninterested. If I knew this was what was going to happen, I never would have cared about Castiel coming back. At least Dean has Benny, or is Carver planning on giving him to Sam too? What a crock.

    • Clarissa

      Why on earth would Dean be off the show? It’s a show about Sam AND Dean. Just because Dean isn’t mentioned doesn’t mean he has no interaction with Castiel or anyone else. It just means we didn’t talk about Dean at that particular moment or in this context. I don’t understand why you’re jumping to conclusions based on a quote about Sam and Castiel spending some time together. Considering the two haven’t always had the closest relationship there’s hardly anything wrong with them spending time together.

      Not every article has to mention all characters. It doesn’t mean I’m anti-Dean or anti-any other character. And it most certainly doesn’t mean Dean is off the show.

    • Beth

      This sounds very much like a troll comment. You cannot be serious. They are releasing information a little at a time, sometimes about one character, sometimes about another. And if you think Dean and Castiel’s relationship is so fragile, that spending some time with Dean’s brother is going to break it, then we have been watching two different shows. Nothing has managed to tear them apart permanently. This is just a really good opportunity to see the characters grow as individuals. If Cas is going to stick with the brothers long-term (as I hope he will) he’ll need to develop a good working relationship with Sam anyways. (Plus, Cas has said before that Sam is his friend. It’s about time they got to act like it.) Carver is all about exploring the humanity of the characters, and that’s why he’s bringing in these new personal dynamics. I find it interesting.

      • Sara

        Not a troll. Not at all. Not IMO. This is just an educated guess based on what I’ve read and seen on-line this season, but this simply sounds like someone who’s been burned one too many times and feels cheated out of an enjoyable viewing experience in these latter seasons of the series by mediocre writing and character-biased showrunning to me; and he/she is afraid that it’s going to happen again after wanting to believe in and find hope in this new showrunner. And I can’t say that I blame him/her one bit for feeling that way. IMO, for so many, in this fandom, it’s a matter of mending a completely broken trust in the writing. I hope Carver is keeping this in mind as he plots and plans and, especially, as he revamps the season.

        • holly anne

          What I want to know is if Carver decides to make Cas an equal friend to both brothers, will Dean get one of Sam’s storylines in return? Maybe some supernatural powers? Or a five year mytharc focusing on his special destiny?

          • Clarissa

            There’s no mention of equal friendship. The exact quote is that they’ve only just begun to explore the dynamic between Sam and Cas. And Dean has a very cool and intriguing storyline this year. Even if Sam and Cas become closer, why does a score have to be kept? It makes sense that Castiel would also be friendly with Sam considering that the two of them have mostly been fighting on the same side since the angel was introduced. Seeing as they are both important people to Dean, it doesn’t made sense to have them at odds or as enemies. On the flip side, it wouldn’t make much sense for Dean to go off and become friends Amelia unless she became some sort of demon hunter overnight and joined the quest (although, if by some miracle Sam stayed with her it would make sense that she and Dean liked each other, at the very least). There’s no need to keep score here, all of the characters have their individual and joint journeys. Dean will hardly suffer if Castiel and Sam play nice with each other or hang out every once in a while.

          • DJ

            I don’t get where you said Sam and Castiel are very important to Dean? Sam is very important to Dean and vice versa, they are soul mates, they are brothers, they are family, they have each others back, they are team Winchester. They love each other. Castiel is an aquaintance come enemy, come user, come traitor, come helper, come friend, come manipulator, come killer. Its amazing that you forget how and why he actually bought Dean back in 401. It wasn’t his choice, Dean wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t an end game and the angels weren’t using him and Sam and Zach didn’t order to go get him. And then he kept him away from Sam, then he nearly killed Sam. And suddenly they are meant to be the best of friends. Its the oddest thing in the world that they aren’t enemies. That is the natural thing to be imo. Sera atleast had that right if nothing else. Sam shouldn’t be friends with Castiel and neither should Dean, not after what he did to them.

          • Angie

            Maybe if it were Dean’s mouth who Azazel dropped demon blood into when he was just a baby. I mean honestly I don’t understand people who have seemingly watched this show from its first day to now and don’t understand the dynamic.

            Honey, just because you love Dean more than Sam or have some sort of personal vendetta against Sam doesn’t mean the show is horrible. YOU think maybe Dean hasn’t gotten a good story. Well, tell me love, when has Sam gotten a good story? This show is about suffering. Their tragedy. And their shared journey.

            You don’t seem to fully comprehend the dynamic and purpose of these characters as well as an unbiased person does. Sam is very much the Luke Skywalker of Supernatural. That’s not MY quote. That is the quote of the damn creator. Eric Kripke said that. His show, his characters. It’s been like that since day one. If you don’t like that, then there’s always fanfiction.

          • MaryJ

            Chillax people, no one’s talking about making them equal friends, because it’s impossible. Sam and Cas will never have the profound bond Dean and Cas share and Carver is well aware of that BUT it doesn’t mean that they can’t have a completely separate friendship based on fighting side by side for years, their mutual love for Dean and now understanding. For me it’s a great sign that they’re even bothering with mending their relatinship because it means that maybe they’re planning on keeping Cas for good this time and going back to Team Free Will, which is my endgame. So excited about the spoilers!

          • trina

            Angie, HONEY, LOVIE, DARLIN’

            You seem to be contradicting yourself.

            ***Well, tell me love, when has Sam gotten a good story?***

            *** Sam is very much the Luke Skywalker of Supernatural. That’s not MY quote. That is the quote of the damn creator. Eric Kripke said that. ***

            So the story is Sam’s and he’s the main hero, yet he’s never gotten a good story? How does that work exactly?

          • holly anne

            @Clarissa, the issue isn’t that Sam and Cas get along or are friends or share some scenes together. They’ve done that every season. But the fact that you posted an entire article about it seems to imply there’s something different this time around. And yes, the possibility that the writing’s now on the wall and Dean might end up eventually ending up having to share his unique friendship with Cas makes a lot of Dean fans unhappy. This sort of thing has happened with other Dean storylines being handed off to Sam so there’s no guarantee it won’t happen again.

            @trina, I know, right? Like the “Luke Skywalker” and “shared journey” in the same post isn’t a big old giveaway. I guess I’d fully comprehend the dynamic of the show if I also believed Sam is the show’s main lead and Dean is his loyal Tonto. Then, sure, it’d be only fair that what’s Sam’s is Sam’s and what’s Dean’s is Sam’s too. Too bad I believe both brothers are equal leads and each deserves to keep some of their own unique, character defining storylines.

          • Clarissa

            @holly anne – sorry, I couldn’t hit “reply” to reply to your specific comment, but in response I wanted to say that the exact quote is that the show has just started “playing out any dynamic between Sam and Cas”. I wasn’t really implying anything my article. There’s more of this interview to be posted but my hands are tied right now in terms of what I can/cannot reveal.

            As for whether this means Dean is going to have to equally share Castiel, the truth is that I have no idea. None of us know what the writers will do. But I’ve always believed that Dean and Cas will always be closer than Cas and Sam and no writers have really changed that (except, of course, when Dean and Castiel were on the outs, but that’s a different story). Carver has a wonderful grasp of all the characters, including Castiel, and I think he appreciates the friendship he has with Dean, so I wouldn’t worry about anything. Even if Dean did see that Castiel and Sam were being friendly, I don’t think he would be jealous of it. They are both important to him, even if they’re important in different ways, so it would make sense for the greater story that they were all friendly. It doesn’t have to be the same in terms of the “degree” of friendship.

            As for Dean’s storylines being handed off to Sam, I’ve always believed that their two stories are interconnected, which makes sense since they’re brothers and both the stars of the show. I don’t think one ever benefits from the storyline to the detriment of the other.

          • Beth

            @ DJ
            Sera’s the one who wrote, “I’d rather have you, cursed or not” and the trenchcoat scene, where Dean proved that he’d been hanging on faithfully to the belief Cas would come back, despite everything.
            Sorry you hate Cas so much, I can’t help you there.

          • holly anne


            Thanks for your reply. What you said makes sense and I hope that’s the route Carver’s planning to take.

            I do have to disagree with your last comment, though. There’s a difference between sharing storylines and mirroring them. It’s true Dean has shared in Sam’s; ie, he looked out for and helped Sam during those times. But Sam still got to hold onto his own individual journey of being the Chosen One or serving as Lucifer’s vessel or his soul storyline. In contrast, Sam hasn’t shared in Dean’s journey as much as Dean’s storylines have been later copied and remade into Sam’s. That’s not the same. There are a number of examples but because I don’t want this to turn into a Sam vs Dean thing, I’ll just leave it at that. But that’s a huge part of the reason why so many Dean fans are wary of a growing Sam and Cas friendship.
            I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed that the writers simply intend to do what you said and nothing more.

          • Kate

            “Castiel is an aquaintance…”

            @DJ, what show have you been watching? Here’s a reminder: “You’re like a brother to me.” And, more recently: “I need you,” and “I’m not leaving here without you.” Dean had a way out of Purgatory and back to his brother the minute he met Benny. He didn’t take it – he stayed to find Castiel – his friend and de-facto brother, because family doesn’t end with blood. I doubt he would have stayed if Cas was merely an “acquaintance,” or if he hadn’t fully forgiven Castiel for what he did… but you keep telling yourself Cas means nothing to Dean (and watching that mysterious phantom version of the show you’re clearly tuning into) if it comforts you.

    • Tom

      By the way, I don’t understand why Kripke said Sam was like the Luke Skywalker of Supernatural. I know for sure Luke wouldn’t have sex with a demon, or drink demon blood..or trust a demon over somebody he has know for his whole life..I just hate season 4, it was really disappointing, I kinda like it because they brought Angels, but I hated Sam’s storyline, I mean, I know heroes screw up sometimes, but Kripke crossed the line, with the character destroyed. I like Sam’s attitude on season 8, he is very mature, and not the childish and silly personality that came from the middle of nowhere on season 4…

  • Claire

    Okay, seriously, what about Dean and Castiel…

  • An

    Oh-oh, does it mean that Castiel is upset at Dean?

    • Clarissa

      It doesn’t mean anything. The discussion about Sam and Castiel came out of a question as to whether – out of Purgatory – Castiel would also spend time with Sam since he seemed jealous of Dean’s relationship with Benny. What happens with Benny or Castiel and Dean is not revealed or known. There’s no conclusions to be made here. And, like I said above, there’s nothing wrong with Castiel and Sam trying to mend fences especially given their patchy history. Plus, Misha and Jared just wanted to riff on each other.

      • An

        LOL, ok, due what you’re facing lately, I understand why you answered that way. I was just wondering. ;)

      • C

        Had a feeling this all came out of a specific question about Sam, and Cas’s relationship with him, so of course if someone is going to ask a question only about Sam and Cas then the answer will only be be about Sam and Cas.

        Maybe if you mentioned this in the main article, and also that this was just one small part of an interview – there wouldn’t be this reaction.

        You’ve been providing info and been in contact with this fandom a while, surely you must know by now how sensitive it is.

        • Clarissa

          Your suggestion is not a bad one, C, but it is somewhat regrettable that you have to coddle, if you will, certain sections of the fandom. The problem is that even if I said this was born out of a specific question about Sam, then there will still always be people who say we’re biased because we didn’t ask about Dean and sometimes it’s very difficult to explain the context and flow of an entire interview. But I thought it’s easy to assume that we discussed much more after mentioning we went to the set because I believed people wouldn’t assume we only asked them two questions. I’m perfectly happy to add a sentence (and will do so now), but I’m also willing to acknowledge that there are some people who will always find a way to twist what’s being said no matter what.

  • Sara

    What about Cas and DEAN after Cas gets out of Purgatory? Is Carver just going to go the way of Gamble and again attempt to destroy what they have/had to better prop the Sam and Cas dynamic? I sure hope not, but it’s looking that way.

    • Clarissa

      See my responses above above. What it means is that we don’t know what might happen between them and there’s no conclusions to be made with no evidence. Given the fact that Dean seems fishy about what happened down there, did you consider that maybe discussing what happens between Castiel and Dean after Purgatory might be spoilery? Or that he simply wasn’t mentioned in this case?

      • C

        Again, just one sentence at the end of the article to explain that what have saved you a lot of grief.

        • Beth

          Or, more helpfully, people could be reasonable, stop jumping to conclusions, and be respectful to each other. The interviewer shouldn’t need to make an effort to make sure all fans are comforted. That’s not their job.

    • Sara

      I have no problem with Sam and Cas having scenes together as long as Carver doesn’t try to tear Dean and Cas’ relationship apart at the same time. And Gamble DID try to do that, so it’s not like there isn’t precedence for it. I have so little trust in the showrunners of this show where it concerns Dean since the end of S5. I want to give Carver the benefit of the doubt and give him the entire season to earn the trust back, but if he goes where Gamble went with Dean and Cas, I doubt I’ll be able to make it to the end of S8. And I’m not into the “shipping” of any of these characters at all. No judging; it’s just not my thing, but I DID love the profound bond and more than anything else, I was hoping to see that re-established in S8-and I SERIOUSLY! do not want to see them at odds. It’a bad enough that I’m having to sit through that with Dean and Sam yet again and for the eightieth time with likely the same resolution-Dean(yet again) needing to learn the age-old “lesson” of “allowing” or “letting” Sam go and/or grow up, while Sam has little to learn or be sorry for as regards Dean at all-again.

      • Rosalia

        Were the Dean/Cash shippers using this same logic when Sam and Dean’s relationship was threatened by the existence of Cas? Remember Dean abandoning Sam and trying to make Cas the “new Sam”? Not likely. I’m sure you’ll still have your fanfiction, honey.

        • trina

          When did Dean abandon Sam in favor of Cas?

          IIRC it was Sam who ran off with his demon girlfriend after almost strangling Dean. Or maybe it was after Sam stomped off in a huff after the Amy debacle. Oh wait, Cas was off the show at that point.

          And Lord know Cas fans were on the rampage in seasons 6 and 7 because Dean was paying far too much attention to Sam instead of their woobie, so I really have no idea what you are talking about.

          I have to say that I do find it hilarious that all these Cas fans are so thrilled that Cas and Sam are in scenes together, when so many of them have been bashing Dean like crazy for his scenes with Benny. All 5 minutes of screen time they’ve been allowed.

          I personally don’t care one way or another if Cas and Sam have scenes together as long as they don’t trash Dean in the process like they did in Point of No Return, written by Carver no less.

          So yes, I do think there is some cause for concern regarding the way the writers constantly try to have Sam one-up Dean.

        • anotherlucy

          They trashed Sam in Point of No Return, not Dean. Dean got to be all woobie over Mary and his childhood while Sam was painted as the bad brother who dared to go to college and hurt Dean’s feelings.

        • Beth

          What you’re saying makes no sense, I don’t even know what you mean right now. I’m very confused.

        • Kate

          Hmmm, I’m wracking my brains but all I can remember is Sam abandoning Dean to run off with Ruby. But of course Sam sneaking around with Ruby had nothing at all to do with the problems between the brothers did it? It was all Dean and Cas’s fault. Yawn.

      • Beth

        Sera didn’t handle the story very well in my opinion, but she did write some of the best moments between the two of them. (“I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”) Carver is giving real weight and significance to Cas so far in the show’s narrative, even if his scenes have been short and scarce so far. I understand being wary, but I don’t understand jumping to conclusions or knocking Sam for his perfectly human needs and reactions. So Dean still has to learn. So what? That’s life. We learn until we die. Sam has to learn that Dean is afraid of Sam leaving him, because he thinks everyone leaves him. But at least they’re talking about ‘why’ this season. They’re making progress. Maybe they’ll come to a real understanding. Some of us are really interested in that dynamic.

        • Sara

          Sorry, I’ve not seen anything new on the brother front this season AND I feel like Sam has A LOT more to learn than just the reasonings behind Dean’s abandonment issues. He was right there in DSoTM when Zachariah’s FauxMary explained them all in detail. He knows that already.

          Sam should be learning what it means to have to shoulder adult responsibilities, including familial ones AND he should be learning that hunting and hunters count for a whole lot in this world. And all he’d have to do in order to learn that would be for him to take his blinders off where it concerns his brother.

          And yup, most of us ARE learning lessons until the day we die and they’ve certainly depicted that through the Dean character amply well. He should have the whole letting his brother “go”/”grow up” one down pat by now, though. Personally, *I* think it’s time that Dean learn to lean on and embrace others outside of his blood family(AKA Sam), more-especially those that he has more in common with than Sam-and then maybe it will make it even easier for him to let Sam go for the eightieth time, but this time with the hope that it will finally stick; and then Sam can do whatever the heck HE really wants to do w/o holding up Dean as being his excuse/reasoning for not being able to put the hunting world behind him for good. In other words, he can stop waffling and put an end to HIS part/share in the dysfunctionally CO-dependent familial relationship that he has with his brother.
          They’ve identified the same things over and over again for over 7 seasons and I’m SO! over being fascinated with the same old, same old. The best hope I’ve seen for any of this so far in S8 is Dean’s having finally put his feelings of hurt and anger all out on the table, instead of repressing them over Sam not looking for him at all after he disappeared AND over Sam ditching his phones and leaving Kevin all alone for a whole year all out on the table, instead of repressing some or all of them as he often did in the past-this being especially true regarding his own personal hurts/pain. Dean has said that he’s not the same guy that he was before Purgatory. And therein lies our best hope for something new with the brothers’ dynamic, IMO. I hope Carver won’t drop the ball and just revert back to the same old, tired dynamic. It’s past time that they gave us a new and different change in it, IMO.

  • Sherry

    It will be nice to see Sam and Cas getting along. I wonder how Cas gets out, can’t wait to see how that happens!! I bet Dean will be happy about this. I know he feels guilty about whatever happened when he got out. I love the mystery behind all this.

  • Dot

    Thank you for the spoilery tidbits about Castiel. His character means a lot to me and I’m delighted to have confirmation he’s getting out of Purgatory and hear more about his story in Season 8. Yes, I’m a big fan of the profound bond between Dean and Cas, but friendships (like any type of relationship) can take many forms and while I’m hoping/expecting plenty more great Dean and Cas scenes, more development of Cas and Sam’s friendship makes me happy. I like their combination of some awkwardness and past tensions, and yet they have a lot in common too. And I love Sam and Dean and Cas as a found family unit (btw, I miss Bobby!).

    • Clarissa

      I really miss Bobby too! And I’m also happy to see Castiel and Sam spend time together. Dean and Cas have a wonderful relationship, but Sam and Castiel often have very amusing scenes together as well (like when Cas was drunk and called Sam an abomination). All of them reconnecting and fighting together again will be wonderful to see!

  • Destiny

    So Sam is happy that Cas is out of Purgatory but can’t to to find any enthusiasm that Dean came back. Tell me again why I’m supposed to believe in the brother bond.

    • skepticalinquirer

      ZZZZZZZZZ, so it seems like Castiel and Sam gang up against Dean? No thanks. And giving Castiel to Sam doesn’t make me like Sam more.

      • Prena

        Sam has plenty of fans anyway. He doesn’t really need your trolling delusional self. Also lol @ the Dean/Cas shippers. You are all so pathetic. Freak out about Benny. Now jealous of Dean’s BROTHER and want him out of the way of your fanon ship. Sad bunch.

      • Clarissa

        Really. Gang up? Because that wasn’t in a single quote the actors said. In fact, no one said it anywhere and I didn’t insinuate it in the least. All we said was they had just started to hang out together. You’re jumping to conclusions with no evidence.

      • Gale


        Don’t you really how insane you sound?? Please tell you at least have an idea of how ravingly insane you sound?

        • Gale


      • Destiny

        Yeah, me either. It’s just going to make me feel even more sympathy that Dean doesn’t really have one person in his corner that he can count on to have his back. It’s probably why I really want Benny to be a good guy.

    • Beth

      Sam was extremely happy to see Dean again. He could barely believe he was alive. He’d spent the last year expecting the worst. Why hold it against him that he’s glad his friend Cas got out too?

    • trina

      I have to admit this bothers me too. Sam seems sour and resentful of Dean’s return to the living, yet if they show him being thrilled with Cas’ return, it’s going to be yet another of example of him preferring anyone over Dean. Even a guy who deliberately cost him his sanity. By the way, has he ever thanked Dean for finding a way to put his head back together? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

      • anotherlucy

        If I go by that logic, neither Sam nor Dean should be friends with Cas after what he did to Sam. Good!

      • Beth

        Sam is not resentful of Dean’s return, or the fact that he’s alive. He is resentful of the fact that, after all these years, Dean still doesn’t recognize his heartfelt need to be out of the hunting life. Just like Dean is resentful that Sam will always want to leave what he considers /his/ life. They have to work through this road block like adults. We’re already seeing progress this season. It’s called character development.

        • Destiny

          But how many times does the show need to go down this road. How many more times are they going to repeat Dean learning the lesson of letting Sam go when we have seen more than once he’s capable of doing just that. It’s just lather, rinse, repeat. Dean has let Sam go, multiple times. I can name several instances where he let Sam go even before the show made it an issue.

          Right now, I’m not seeing a Sam whose glad Dean’s back. Maybe its the writers, acting, directing or editing, or a combination of all four but for me Sam’s acting like he seeing Dean as the obstacle to his normal live.

          So maybe the lesson here shouldn’t be Dean’s for a change. Maybe Sam needs to be the one to grow up here. Saying someone is making you do something because they are bossy and mean or won’t listen to you is an excuse for a 12 year old. Sam is in this thirties. He has free will. He’s not being drugged, threatened, or blackmailed into staying with Dean. Yes, Dean is reminding that people will die if Sam retires but for a whole year Sam could care less about that. Why is it such a problem now? Why would Dean’s words suddenly cause Sam to feel guilt?

          Dean’s not handcuffing him to the car. , If hunting is just going to cause Sam to resent Dean than maybe this time it shouldn’t be up to Dean to let go. Maybe Sam needs to just walk away, even if it hurts Dean he and tell Dean he still wants to keep in touch and to call him if he needs anything. Then the balls in Dean’s court.

          • Mar

            Wow, powerfully said.

          • Beth

            I actually completely agree that Sam needs to just walk away, if that’s what he needs to do.
            A soldier is allowed to retire from the war. People will still die, but (as Sam points out) they always do. Dean may be ready for another deployment, but Sam is tired, and wants to build a life in peace. So he should. That would be the adult thing to do.

  • sepithet

    my body is more than ready for sam n cas scenes, SO EXCITE

  • anotherlucy

    Dean has found a new brother so Sam and Cas can have some private time together. This has got me so excited again. This might make me like Castiel more.

    Last time I checked, Castiel is allowed to have more than one friend. I’m ready to explore the dynamics between Sam and Cas.

    • Jinnie

      I so agree! That’s the reason I hope Carver also develops a meaningful relationship between Dean and Amelia this season. If she’s going to be such an important part of Sam’s life, I want her to be really close to Dean too.

      • anotherlucy

        Sam should be close to Benny too. They should spend more time together.

    • Mar

      I’m glad Sam & Cas will be together. It gets them out of the way of the new Benny & Dean relationship, which so far is the most intriguing part of S8.

      If Dean is constantly with Cas & Sam, there won’t be time for the real delving of the Benny storyline. Smart choice Carver.

      • mobydick

        Sam can still be friends with Benny. I hope so. Sam is one of the leads and he is not going to get out of the way for Benny shippers.

        • Mar

          I’d love it if they make Benny good, and he sticks around. That would be surprising and we need recurring characters are interesting. But spoilers say Sam won’t be happy about Benny. I’ll be glad to see Sam turn that around. So far the Dean – Benny story is the best of S8.

  • FB

    Oh FINALLY some screen time for Sam and Cas! I feel their dynamic has been neglected this last few years, not giving us the chance to learn about their conflicts and similarities. I think the writers have some great material to work with. This should be interesting.

  • Beth

    Bless you, Jared. Great spoilers! Can’t wait to see all three working together again. :’) I love when Sam and Cas get to play off each other, and think this will be a very good dynamic to explore. Here’s hoping Cas gets out of Purgatory soon!

  • JB

    Not really interested in Dean and Castiel or Sam and Castiel, not really interested in Castiel at all. Colour me surprised that he got out, doesn’t he always? Dean should not feel guilty and I don’t think he does feel guilty. He’s trying to keep things from Sam, protect himself, protect Sam and move on. Sam is also keeping something from Dean so thats the dymanic that I’m interested in. I also don’t think Sam should be ashamed of working with a Demon, he and Dean and Bobby thought that Lilith was the key to saving the world, they all would of done it because that is what the angels including Castiel told them. Plus Castiels discretions were 1000 x worse. And how is Dean and Castiels relationship amazing? He nearly killed his brother, betrayed him and called him ‘just a man’. And Sam and Castiel? He nearly killed him. The whole Castiel thing is nothing but a bunch of fanservice and his story seems nothing but fluff.

    And there was no shocker that Castiel got out, I think we knew that already.

    • Beth

      In answer to your question, Dean and Castiel’s relationship is amazing, because they have both redefined who they are, to themselves, the world, and each other. Cas was the very first person to get it through Dean’s head that he was worth saving. (Sam had tried, all through season three, but sometimes we need to hear things from people who aren’t family to believe them.) Dean revolutionized Cas’ worldview. Cas was willing to give up everything he had and more, time and time again, for Dean’s cause (even when he didn’t believe in the plans at hand). Dean was willing to adopt a supernatural being into his family, and forgive him even for hurting Sam. Castiel has always had too much heart, and all of that heart has been directed toward Dean, protecting him, watching him, loving him – since day one. And yeah, all this for ‘just a man’ (the phrase that gave Dean freedom to feel, to care, to forgive, because it was human). Because Cas holds Dean (and humanity) in higher regard than angels, than even God.
      But you don’t care, so why ask?
      Sam and Castiel have often been on opposing sides of the same issues. But they bonded over trying to save the world, and over Dean. It’s unsurprising — it’s like Dean and Benny. You make the strangest allies and friends in wartime. But now Sam and Cas have gone through so many of the same things (disastrous power trips, Satan hallucinations, death and revival, pacifism, etc) that they have plenty to bond over as people.
      Dean and Sam have a really interesting storyline this season, you’re right. I can’t wait to see how it works out between them.

      • Gale

        I don’t no what show you have been watching, but it certainly haven’t been Supernatural. o.O

        • Beth

          Since all the examples I used above were things that actually happened, that you can watch unfold on the screen during the episodes, I’d say differently. :)

          • Michelle

            Yeah, those “examples” actually happened but you’ve colored them with twisted context to fit your own twisted idea of how things actually are.

            Dean and Cas aren’t some great romance. The earth and heavens haven’t moved around their all-encompassing love for one another. The universe hasn’t torn itself to shreds and cast itself into the celestial winds because Dean and Cas may be at odds.

            Tumblr is that way *points to Crazyland*.

          • Beth

            @ Michelle
            I’m so sorry the show textually acknowledged that Dean’s greatest pain through season 7 was Castiel’s betrayal and death. I apologize for pointing out that every time Castiel has died, it’s been, in some way, for Dean’s sake. Truly too bad that Dean spent uncounted weeks in Purgatory scouring the land for Cas, and when he found him, flat out told him he needed him, and wouldn’t go back to Earth without him. (He’d rather spend eternity in a world of monsters than go home to safety and Sammy without Cas.) lol, My bad, I thought there was an entire scene where Dean told Cas he’d rather have him, even if the angel was cursed, forgiving him for everything including breaking Sam’s wall. It’s probably just my imagination, that every time Dean asks if Cas is going to walk with him into possible death, Cas says yes.
            You can interpret these things how you want. But if you miss such huge signs of love in a tv show, where it’s written out for you, how do you spot them in real life?

    • CV

      I swear, are we all watching the same show? This is the reason I have been turned off by Dean and Castiel’s friendship when I use to be a fan, and yes I said friendship because that is all it is. I hate how what has happened between them gets twisted into something it is not. Castiel’s betrayal and death in season 7 wasn’t the only reason Dean was a mess. It was one part of a whole mess of problems. How many times did different characters talk about Dean’s issues in 7 and while Castiel was part of it, he was part of a list that was always mentioned? Dean’s problems in season 7 were Sam being crazy, Castiel’s betrayal/death, the Leviathans, and losing Bobby. It wasn’t just Castiel. Now Castiel was a big part of that because he betrayed him in the worst way and that was by messing and destroying his brother! Cas knows what Sam means to Dean so the betrayal is so much worse because of that. It needs to be put into perspective. Dean was still mad at Cas in the finale of season 7 but he still knew who he was before Cas went dark-side so that is why Dean would rather have him fighting with them in the end than not. As for Dean not wanting to leave purgatory without Cas, what did you expect? Dean isn’t the type of person to abandon a friend even one who betrayed him. It wasn’t because Dean cares for Cas so much he can’t live without him. The only person that sentiment applies to is Sam. It doesn’t need to be made into more than what it actually is.

      As for Sam and Castiel having more scenes together, why is this a big deal? They are friends too and Sam probably gets Castiel in more ways than even Dean does. Both Sam and Castiel made bad decisions that led them down dark roads and caused problems on a global scale so it makes sense they would relate to one another. At the end of 7 Sam seemed more sympathetic to Cas than Dean did and I think it was because he understood that while your intentions might start out good, choices are made that can lead you down the wrong path and power and pride can corrupt which is what happened to the both of them. And this doesn’t mean Dean and Cas won’t still be friends.

      I think everyone needs to remember while Cas is an important part of the show, he is not the key part. This isn’t the Dean and Cas show and it never will be. This show is and will always be about Sam and Dean. It will always be about their relationship. Everything and everyone else just revolves around them and those things come and go but Sam and Dean will always remain. Sam and Dean are a package deal so if Cas is going to be part of the Winchester’s journey, that means he will be part of BOTH of their journeys. This isn’t a competition for goodness sake.

  • Yim (@yim_happy)

    I have tired of Supernatural MOTWs. But I haven’t yet tired of seeing professionals try to reason with fan wank. LOL. Oh noes! Cas and Dean break up! Cas and Sam gang up against Dean! Giving Cas to Sam!

    Normally I’d skim over that, but Clarrisa was like a comedy straight man. :) I’m glad I checked out this article.

    I’m glad Supernatural has some unexplored territory left with Sam/Cas. It doesn’t sound like a recycled plot either. Also, Sam reaching out to Castiel, and Sam saying they’d try to heal Cas’ crazy, were 2 of the highlights of S7 to me. I can wait to see Dean’s story unfold.

    New aspects to Cas sound exciting too. I’d like to see more of Cas’ motivation for past actions. I’ve always wanted to see more why Cas found the Winchesters so compelling.

    SPN has a challenge explaining why a multidimensional wavelength cares so much about these 2 humans, which is so different from most angels. Yeah, they’re all friend and war buddies. But Cas has put Dean’s wants above his own life, a lot.

    Some kind of Destiel becomes a logical conclusion, even for non-shippers. Not that Cas/Dean wasn’t redemptive, intense and special, and not that anything is wrong with shipping. Just saying that a fan slash pairing shouldn’t explain character actions better than the show’s official story.
    If you can’t tell, I’ve lost too many arguments with Destiel fans lately. :)

    • Clarissa

      I don’t get the whole comedy straight man reference. Is that a bad thing?

      • Beth

        I think Yim means it positively. The straight man uses logic to set in high contrast the absurdity of the clowns and comedians. Usually. :) I like your comments.

    • Ale

      The “fan slash pairing” and the “official story” are not mutually exclusive, you know? Maybe the fact that it’s offering better explanations simply means it’s an actual valid interpretation at this point? I really don’t see the need people have to act like if Destiel is all created by fans when it isn’t, it definitely has canon foundation. I don’t mean they’re in a romantic relationship in the show, just that interpreting their feelings for each other as romantic shouldn’t be treated like something out of nowhere and without any foundation when it clearly isn’t the case.

      • Ale

        * I really don’t get the need […]

      • MaryJ

        I think that their love for each other, platonic or otherwise, is canon at this point. The fact that they never explicitly said that doesn’t change anything. Now after everything we’ve seen the pairing defnitely has a romantic potential, and the writers could use it and it would be all kinds of awesome but they probably won’t because there aren’t enough open-minded people in this world, it’s simple like that. It doesn’t mean that Destiel shippers are delusional and their interpretation isn’t valid.

  • libby

    I am actually kind of excited about some Sam and Cas scenes.

  • King B

    Oh wow, some of these comments are embarrassing…

    Anyways, I’m really happy to hear that they are going to explore Sam and Castiel’s relationship a bit as I think that is sorta where they went wrong with Cas in general. Cas is so Dean focused on screen that often times when either Sam or Cas say they’re friends I’m left thinking “well when did that happen?”

    And if they are seriously thinking of keeping Castiel around for the long haul then they have to balance out the relationships a bit. Not so that Sam now gets a “profound bond~” as well but so that Sam and Castiel have their own relationship built on their personalities completely separate from Dean overall. These are characters with a wealth of not only chemisty but history between them.

    Like how their stories parallel (Sam s4 with Cas s6), their stubborn nature, rebellion from their families plans, their failures when it came to making choices, their inconsistent ruthlessness, their shifting moral base lines, Sam acting as teacher to Castiel when it comes to redemption, how Sam was the only one that actually respected Cas being an angel, what it meant for Castiel to call an “abomination” his friend, Castiel’s shame in hurting Sam, Sam’s survivor’s guilt when Cas healed him, the idea that Sam rubs Castiel the wrong way because he sees himself in Sam(lol), etc.

    Also, Castiel is the only one who really has any clue as to what Sam had been going through during his hallucinations. He saw what Sam did and that has to be a huge relief for Sam since it allows him a “safe” space to open up if they are going to address it (which they should if they are going to have them together more). If they address Castiel breaking Sam’s wall, them rebuilding trust, etc then they have a perfect out to leave out the sfx and get right into the emotional aspects of broken trust and forgiveness.

    Castiel, if they handle this correctly, should understand Sam’s need to distance himself and “watch the bees” as it were. But to add on to it Castiel also was there with Dean in purgatory so he could give insight to Sam on where exactly Dean’s mindset is coming from. He could possibly be the middle ground where the viewer gets to see just why the brothers aren’t syncing like they should.

    • Beth

      Very good, I agree!

    • Emma

      Good lord there is a lot of jumping off cliffs in these comments- a mention of Cas and Sam having some screen time and so much freaking out?

      I am all for it, after S6 we need to see Sam and Cas interact in my opinion, rather than the friendship they shared be in name only, I want to see it, and have it be real, and not just as a byproduct of both characters affection for Dean.

      Sam and Cas are great-it was Sam who prayed to Cas because Dean had given up, it was Sam that Cas responded to in – none of that meant Sam cared for Cas more, its just two characters dealing in different ways.

      And these are characters sharing interactions, they aren’t “given” to other characters, the very sentiment of that is weird to me.

      I ship Dean/Cas, do not feel like having Sam and Cas bonding is a bad thing and am overall a Team Free Will fan.

      I get tired of generalizations of fans because a few people react negatively or have different opinions about things-not all Dean/Cas shippers share every view, just like not all bro fans share the same views.

      I really think there has been an over reaction to these slight indications that Sam and Cas may get to share screen time and develop a friendship on screen as opposed to it supposedly just existing due to shared loyalties- and jeez so what if Dean isn’t mentioned? This is about Sam and Cas, and I am happy to read it.

      • Emma

        Oops-sorry, not sure why this posted as a reply? My comment was not in response to King B’s comment -which I agree with wholeheartedly btw. :)

  • jen

    Oh, wow, this is everything I ever wanted on this show and never got. I always thought it was strange that they never explored the Sam/Cas dynamic more-I really liked the scenes with them together, and I was interested in their friendship, too. Plus, I’m a Star Trek fan, so it just made sense in my head, if the show was going to have a ‘sensitive one’ an ‘action guy’ and a ‘straight man’, for the friendship between them to go all three ways. Thanks for the spoilers!

  • http://twitter Patricia Mullis

    All this infighting in the fandom makes me think that it would be a really good episode of Supernatural. Could we get Ben Edlund on that?

  • Sara Jones

    Awesome article! Really excited to see some more Sam and Cas time. I know it’s usually the whole Dean and cas thing but I would like to see more friendship with Sam and Cas.

  • Jane

    Thank god. Castiel is my favorite character and I would not have continued watching if it was revealed he was dead(again), I wonder what the reunion with the boys will be like? Can’t wait!

  • Veronica W.

    Wow Supernatural is really good this season compared to the mess that was the previous season. Sam having his own storylines, Castiel being back, new characters such as Kevin, Benny, etc. I haven’t been this excited over the show in years. Thanks for the article, I am delighted we will see more of Castiel this season as he along with Dean is my favorite character.

  • TouchedByMisha

    I am really happy for that Sam and Cas get more closer. Once I joked that Sam and Dean are bread, and Cas and Bobby are jam or butter or cream whatever, which can hold the brothers tighter. :) I wish to see actually they give comfort and have good times.
    Thanks for great interview.

  • Marlynn Richards

    wooohooo, I love cas so much, i’m so excited to see him back with sam and dean. missed him so much last season :(

  • P.M.

    Great article, thanks so much! I was waiting on spoilers for Cas and this does not dissapoint. I wonder if the new angels will have something to do with him getting out? But Anyways I don’t care how he got out. I’m just happy that he did. It’s amazing how much he’s changed since S4. Also kudos to Misha Collins for being an awesome overall human being. More people like that in the world would be nice.

    • Clarissa

      Thank you :) And that’s a good question about the angels. I wish I knew how he got out and why he didn’t get out with Dean. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make Misha spill those secrets!

  • Ash

    wow about time they will show more sam and cas scenes. it is like they forgot those 2 characters were friends too.i hope we see some good bonding moments. i love these 2 characters a lot i just wish they showed us more friendship between them.

  • Jess

    there really is no pleasing some of you SPN fans, is there? Sam and Cas spending time together is a really good thing. we already know Dean and Cas have a killer dynamic, i think it’s about time to see that with Sam and Cas. Sam is very important to Dean, so with Cas bonding with Sam, it’ll make all 3 characters’ relationship stronger.

  • Nikoshine

    Really happy about Sam and Castiel spending time together, that we actually get to see their friendship explored on-screen.

  • Kay

    I just read another article where Misha teased that how Cas gets out and why is a nice mystery – so looking forward to that mystery a lot!

    I am glad Sam is happy to see Cas; well, I hope he’s happIER than he has been so far with Dean! I hope the production team doesn’t lose too much money by having too many Jared and Misha scenes. Or perhaps they will be filmed apart? :D

    Next time: PLEASE give us some Benny and Sam spoilers! That would be an awesome and quite awkward dynamic.

    • Clarissa

      I wish I could, but I don’t have many of those spoilers to give. I think my earlier Jensen interview talked a bit about Sam’s reaction to Benny, but it’s difficult to know what to ask when you interview them before the season’s even started. And then there’s the fact that the sometimes the actors won’t talk about certain stuff because of spoilers.

  • lola

    I’m really disappointed that you didn’t ask if Dean would be having scenes with Riot. They would have a wonderful dynamic — starting off wary of each other because Dean’s not crazy about dog-smell but eventually becoming coming to understand each other and then become BFFs, because Sam and Dean are required to share everything equally at all times, right?

    • trina

      lol. Indeed, perhaps we should get a petition going to get some scenes between Dean and the cute doggie. After all, why should Sam get all the animal lovin’?

      • anotherlucy

        So it was Ok all along for Sam to be alone but Dean cannot share his friends? That is so ridiculous.

        • lola

          Humorless much?

    • Beth

      Sam and Cas were tentative friends already. It’s not a matter of Dean sharing Cas, as though Cas were a toy. It’s a matter of developing the human relationships on the show. If you spend a lot of time with two people, it’s good to build a relationship with both of them (maybe not an equal relationship, that’s okay).

      • lola

        You were one of those annoying hall monitor kids in elementary school weren’t you?

        • Beth

          You know, resorting to personal insults seems pretty defensive. And a little pathetic. But yeah, if it makes you feel good to think of me that way, go ahead sweetheart.

  • Ren

    I’m a Castiel fan but also a fan of Dean, Sam, Bobby, and many of the supporting Character’s. I very much want to see more Dean and Cas scenes but I would like to see Cas and Sam scenes as well. It would be refreshing to see how each character evolves in each scene. But most of all how the actors would show us viewers their take on their character development. I’m happy just to see more Castiel on SPN. I have been a fan since it 1st aired in 2005 and have been watching since then. My fav has been the brothers but then Castiel came to the scene and he became my fav. But I still love the Brother’s but Castiel’s character just intrigued me. This supernatural being this angel that was so wise yet so naïve, so loyal yet rebellious and lost but found in the hearts of many. I KNOW that the show is about the brother’s and the family business. But Family Doesn’t End In Blood. So, yes it’s great that Cas and Sam have more scenes together about time if you ask me (can u picture Jared and Misha trying get through a scene). I hope that there will be more scenes with Dean and Cas. I would like to see that their bond and trust will be fixed. But this is just a Sam and Castiel spoiler. Cas and Sam have that whole power trip thing to bond on. I don’t think Cas, Dean, Sam and even Bobby have not done something undesirable with the best (in their minds) intentions. They all made mistakes and with Cas his came with an extra power boost being a supernatural being already. He made a big mistake and has been trying to find forgiveness from the brother’s but also within himself as well. We all will just have to wait and see. Watch every episode and support the SPN cast/crew/writers. There will always be people that disagree but at least try to be respectful. We all came together for our love of SPN not of hate. All walks of life that form their own bonds of friendship and family.

    • Ren

      Oh, me again I forgot to mention. Thank you Clarissa for the article/spoiler. :)

  • Michelle

    Some of you people are genuinely embarrassing. I’m a casual fan of this show. But I also follow people on Tumblr who are more-than-casual fans of this show so I’ve seen the extreme ends of this fandom. And some of y’all are definitely from what we normal fans refer to as the Delusional End.

    I mean why is it that everyone must always jump to these extreme conclusions? How is, using logic, that Sam and Cas forming a relationship means Dean being kicked off the show?

    Do you really view this as a Cas vs Sam thing? Do you even watch Supernatural? I’m pretty sure it’s canon that Sam and Dean are soul mates. No, I’m positive it is. I’m also positive that Sam comes before Cas to Dean. That has always been true. So there’s really no contest, now is there? So there’s that theory debunked.

    Furthermore, what’s so wrong with Sam and Cas finally expounding on their relationship. One could argue that they have many more parallels than Dean and Cas do. One could argue that Sam is the only one who could possibly understand where Cas’ head was at in season 6 because he’s the only one who has ever been in that situation. One could argue that Cas is the only one who knew what Sam was going through with Lucifer in his head. One could argue, too, that Sam was the only one who was even remotely interested in helping Cas after Cas went off the deep end. Oh, wait. There’s no need to argue that. It’s canon.

    So what, may I ask, is so wrong with Sam and Cas becoming close? Sam is the only one who never gave up on Cas. Sam is the only one who ever revered Cas. Sam is the only one Cas ever desired physical comfort from (remember that awkward hug scene)? Cas fought for Sam. Said that if anyone tried to take him, there would be consequences. Called Sam his friend. Yet despite all this, and despite the fact that Dean and Cas aren’t canonically as ~profoundly bound~ as fanfiction and context-twisters makes them out to be, Sam and Cas never developed a close relationship. Much to the detriment of the show, actually. The lack of Sam/Cas friendship is nothing more than a dropped ball for the show. I will never understand why they weren’t literally best friends from the start. I mean Jared explains it pretty well here, sure, but there’ so many things in the past that basically make all that irrelevant.

    And if Cas is to stay with the guys, which, as I understand it, seems to be the goal for most Castiel fans, shouldn’t Sam and Cas get along? The answer is “yes”. That is the only correct answer. Again, why is this being turned into a Sam vs Cas thing? Dean isn’t going to suffer because Cas and Sam are friends.

    So how, I ask you, does that mean Dean and Cas would no longer be friends? Dean can’t have his brother and their angel be friends? Is that what you’re saying? Are you somehow suffering secondhand jealousy for Dean? Are you that damn delusional that you think “Destiel” is real and Sam will somehow cause Dean and Cas to break up? On the flip side, are you so damn delusional that you think “Wincest” is real and Cas will cause Dean and Sam to break up?

    Come the hell on, people. These are two characters who have more in common than most other characters on this show. It’s about time they began to explore that.

    Besides, the chemistry between Misha and Jared is rivaled only by the chemistry between Jensen and Jared. It will make more a really great dynamic between these two once they start to become more friendly toward one another.

    • Beth

      Super awesome, the way you imply that everyone who thinks Castiel and Dean’s relationship is, in fact, as profound as the show has shown, are delusional context-twisters.
      Cool story. Tell another.
      Except, this time, maybe try not to insult a whole group of people while making your argument. Respect goes a long way.

    • Elena.

      You have got to be kidding me. “Misha and Jared is rivaled only by the chemistry between Jensen and Jared.” Don’t you mean Misha and Jensen?

      • Beth

        Michelle can prefer one chemistry over the other. It’s her opinion.

  • Tessa B

    Thank you so much for the article!

    I’m so happy for the confirmation that he gets out of Purgatory! Cas is my favorite character, and I am personally very glad that we’re going to see more Sam/Cas interaction (while they’re at it, they could finally have that hug Sam denied Cas a while ago?).

    I don’t understand the people who feel Dean and Cas’ relationship is threatened? after all they’ve overcome, Cas interacting with Sam is hardly going to damage it. Platonic or not, Dean and Cas have a very solid relationship, and this is only going to help.

    All in all, very positive news :D

    • Restless

      YES, Sam and Cas better share a hug! >:D
      Dean hugging Castiel was really nice and heartwarming and a bunch of other adjectives and certainly overdue, but Sam’s the hug denier! xD Haha, he’s the one who owes Cas one.

      I’m personally thrilled at the idea of more Sam/Cas scenes. Also looking forward to more Benny/Dean and hopefully some juicy Benny/Castiel interaction. But Sam and Castiel scenes are awesome and too few. I’m so excited and ready for more!

  • Sonja

    I’m happy to get some Sam and Castiel interaction, because while we’ve been told they’re friends, we saw very little of it onscreen. First and foremost, I’m a fan of TFW, meaning I don’t want only Dean and Sam or Dean and Cas or Cas and Sam, but all three of them together, even if I love the Dean and Cas dynamic to death. I want them all to get along. Sam and Castiel spending some overdue time together doesn’t mean their respective relationship with Dean will lessen, nor do I want that (though I also suspect Castiel and Sam bonding may also be because of Benny, whose interaction in turn seems to be mainly with Dean, making it necessary for the writers to give Sam and Castiel something else to do for the time being, otherwise we would have only Dean and Benny, Dean and Sam, Dean and Castiel. That’s quite a lot of Dean). Besides, I got the impression Jared and Misha like doing scenes together, if only so that they can jokingly annoy each other better. I hope some of those scenes will make it on the gag reel. I can understand being wary after the last two seasons, I’m distrustful, too, but I want to give Carver a chance. After all he wasn’t the one responsible for season 6 and, worse, 7. I’m sure we’ll get more good Dean and Castiel scenes later on.

  • pappy

    finally.. some sam/cas dynamic. its like a wish coming true. thank you supernatural. i would like to see what those two will get up to. i bet it will be mostly sappy. this makes me so happy.

  • silver

    Wow, so once again something is taken from Dean and given to Sam. It seems to happen every season. I had hoped Carver was beyond that, but nope, must give to Sam what was once Dean’s.

    Well, I’m not looking forward to the Cas and Sam dynamics because they tried that in season 6 and 7 and it fell flat as a pancake. But hey, it’s Sam, the special snowflake, so they will keep trying until the audience cries uncle.

    Screw this. Give me Dean and Benny then, since Cas will now be ruined. His job, like Bobby’s before him will be to prop up Sam, tell him how special he is, what a great man he is and how Cas just so awed by him. In other words, Bobby 2.0.

    Adios Cas, you were once a great character, now you are just a prop and plot device.

    • Elena.

      “Wow, so once again something is taken from Dean and given to Sam. It seems to happen every season. I had hoped Carver was beyond that, but nope, must give to Sam what was once Dean’s.” Yeah. It doesn’t even surprise me anymore……

  • silver

    Oh, and Clarissa, your usual bias is shining bright. No questions about Dean? No questions about the future of Dean and Cas? Oh wait, that’s right, Cas is now only Sam’s BFF. Dean who?

    • Clarissa

      Frankly, it’s incredibly amusing that you think my anti-Dean bias is showing when I’ve ALWAYS considered myself more partial to Dean than any other character. But then you wouldn’t know that we had limited time with Jensen in order to interview him while on set and he spent a lot of time talking about Dean and not necessarily about Castiel. Nor did you think about the fact that any discussion about Dean and Castiel might be considered too spoilery to reveal given how shifty Dean has been acting about what happened to Castiel down in Purgatory. Then again, how to explain all of that without giving a ton of background details about the context and flow of the entire interview that most people would be bored to read through?

      Also, your conclusion that someone is “taken from Dean and given to Sam” is not supported by ANY of the quotes from the actors or anything I wrote.

      Normally I would say that you shouldn’t judge people by a single article alone because you have absolutely no idea what lives inside my head and who I like, but frankly, I think your bias is showing in your comment. It’s clear that your disdain for Sam and Castiel (if he has anything to do with Sam) clouds how you feel about everything and Heaven forbid anyone else should like them.

      My bias is towards Supernatural as a whole, even if I happen to like one particular character a little bit more. Your bias seems to be anti-Castiel and, more specifically, anti-Sam. And I would hardly presume to tell you that you HAVE to like them, so you should have some respect for other people who DO. Both sides of the argument are clearly supported in the comments here, so it’s not like everyone hates the characters you do.

      • Cindy

        Actually, I’d say this person is anti-Sam not anti-Cas.

        • Clarissa

          I think it’s actually both, since derision is flung at both characters – especially Cas if he has anything to do with Sam.

    • mobydick

      Silver, haters like you shouldn’t throw stones. Your own bias is so obvious.

  • http://idek name(required)ahaha im so funny

    I think it’s about time Sam and Castiel had more moments on the show. The two have so many similarities I’m surprised it still hasn’t been delved into as of yet.

    Both Sam and Cas have tried save the world, with the help of a demon, only for it to do more damage, leaving them both terribly guilty, and trying to make up for it by sacrificing themselves.

    Castiel also saved Sam from the pit, based on his own decision, by himself. Is that not a big deal to anyone else? When it came to Dean, he was ordered to save him with a team of other angels from Hell. But, saving somebody from the pit, on his own, based on his own beliefs and love/friendship for them, don’t you think that’s a big deal? Even if Sam turned out soulless, the gesture itself is actually amazing.

    Continuing on, it was Sam that believed in Castiel after his whole “hey-guys-i-am-now-god-bow-down-yo” debacle, it was Sam who prayed to him and said it was not his fault and that he knew he had good intentions.

    There’s so much more that can be explored in their friendship and I am really looking forward to it.

    And to the people complaining about it saying Castiel and Dean should have more scenes, or that Sam and Dean should have more scenes: do you even watch Supernatural? The series is about Sam and Dean’s relationship, they have the most scenes together in the show, and Castiel & Dean’s friendship has been thoroughly explored in comparison to Sam and Castiel’s. It’s a great change!

  • Ale

    I totally support Sam and Cas bonding over similar experiences and being friends. My problem is that I’ve seen people claiming the solution for wank revolving Cas would be to make him as close to Sam as he is to Dean. I believe I’m a pretty optimistic person, but I’m still not used at not expecting the worse when it comes to Supernatural, so I can’t avoid being wary this an atempt at this, at “sharing Cas equally between the brothers”. This would make me mad as a Cas!girl and as a Dean!girl. As a Cas!girl because it implies Cas is like a toy that must be shared equally, that Cas isn’t allowed to have an special relationship with Dean. As a Dean!girl because it implies Dean can’t have a friend that doesn’t become as much Sam’s friend as they’re his. Of course I might be wrong (I actually think I am, I honestly expect better from Carver) and this might just be a natural progression for Sam and Cas’s relationship, but I couldn’t not remember all the times I’ve seen people asking what I stated above when I read the spoiler.

    • Clarissa

      In this particular context I don’t think it points towards an equal friendship. I think it just means that Sam and Cas might work together/bond a little bit more. I don’t think Sam and Castiel will ever have the same kind of relationship that Dean and Cas do, which is totally fine. I think it makes sense that all three of them are close because they’re allies fighting on the same side, but they don’t all have to be BFFs with each other. I do think that Sam and Cas getting closer (especially given a lot of similarities between them) would be a nice thing that would benefit both Dean and the show.

  • Cindy

    Really looking forward to finding out how Cas got out of Purgatory. I have my ideas, but we’ll see. I usually find Cas and Sam scenes boring, but who knows, maybe their dynamic will be different this season.

    Hopefully, because for the last couple of seasons, I have found any and all scenes between Sam and anyone (Bobby,Cas,Meg,Crowley, Lucifer,etc) kind of…boring. I don’t know what it is, but he just doesn’t seem to have any chemistry with any of the characters. I’ve especially noticed it this season in his interactions with Dean. Which completely sucks, because there used to be major chemistry between the two characters. Their relationship was one of the reasons I became such a huge fan of the show.

    • Clarissa

      Sam does seem a bit more….”chilled” lately in some of his interactions, including with Dean. But I think it’s entirely possible there’s something to that story there. Maybe it will help explain what really happened to him while Dean was away? It definitely remains to be seen.

      • Mar

        To interrupt, I agree with the poster above. I’ve felt such a listless quality to the Sam interactions. I really hope you are right, Clarissa, to see a reason for it. But I have my doubts, because I had the same problem the last 2 seasons, except when Sam interacted with his Lucifer hallucinations. I worry that it’s the writing or acting, with no plan to relieve it. I miss the brother’s intensity so much.

  • Randine

    Why are fans upset that Cas and Sam are bonding? There are many new recurring characters this year. Sam and Dean have to interact with these characters. Take off your shipper goggles peeps and enjoy the show.

  • Randine

    Not going to lie, I have a huge crush on Benny. I can’t wait until Sam meets him.


    Dean and Cas “profound bond” is a bunch of pandering garbage and I just wish Cas would be killed off to get rid of his crazy stans who clearly don’t get what this show is about. It’s not like he helps the ratings or the fandom would die without him, it’s still a very active fandom on the Sam and Dean, Jared and Jensen side of fandom. The show was at its best when the writers clearly got that Sam and Dean were the emotional core of the show and is what made the show resonate, not secondary characters or the mytharc plotty stuff.

    • sarcasm font not found

      Way cute how you denigrate the writing team’s choices and conscious recognition of the emotional and spiritual depth of Castiel and Dean’s relationship. And of course, it’s always best when writers focus on two characters to the exclusion of ‘mytharc plotty stuff’. Because that leads to a good show. Especially if you get rid of all the other characters and just keep the main two in a box by themselves, all the time, to better focus on their dynamic.
      Oh, well, too bad that Sam and Dean appear to actually have lives, personal agendas, friends, and character development this season. Too bad Carver ‘loves Dean and Cas’ (his words) and that Edlund’s favorite character to write happens to be a certain hapless angel. Too bad he seems to be in it for the long haul, I can just hear those insane fans being happy from here. How dare they.
      But, hey, keep your head up. Maybe if you insult people more, and show less knowledge about the show’s canon and progression, the show creators will respect you and take your advice on how to run their show.

  • An

    They’re Castiel or Destiel fans, not Dean’s. Dean fans don’t write off the most important person of Dean’s life: Sam.

    • Restless

      LOL You do not know Dean fans very well at all An. I believe the meme is ‘lurk moar’. Sorry, but a lot of Dean fans are not Sam fans (and vice versa). And a good portion only care for Castiel if he’s heeling at Dean’s side like a dog (hence the panic and seeming jealousy toward Sam at potential Sam/Cas interaction).

  • An

    The only thing you accomplished for me was making my eyes hurt so much that I couldn’t read (or understand) your comment at all. :\

    • No
























      Edit (I’m sorry for my caps. I am reposting but not retyping it just spacing. I hope it will be easier to read. And it seems I must type something different from my previous post just 4 it to go through.)

      Peace and God bless

  • Tom

    Thanks for the comment, I agree, I really do, but if you don’t watch the show anymore, why are you arguing?

    • No

      At Tom I am not sure if my reply went through. But I am still a fan of SPN as well as my family and friends. I was speaking about another show. Which I will Not name and my reasons for not watching anymore. There would be not point. I am glad you agree on my thoughts but I was not arguing with anyone. Just stating the fact that this fandom has so much Blind Hatred. I know many fandom do as well. I am fan of many other shows, movies,and etc. But to a point where many do such hateful stuff. I have not come across such hatred. Even many of my friends and relatives question it as well. They also come from other fandoms and they have their haters but they are surprised by what they have seen.

  • jj

    Clarissa, sorry for some of our crazy SPN fans. Most normal ones like the whole cast and support Dean, Sam and Cas.

    It’s simple Dean and Cas are strong friends but Cas and Sam have a friendship too. The idea that Dean or Cas can have only 1 friend is silly.

    So Sam and Cas being friends doesn’t diminish the Cas and Dean friendship. And it doesn’t make it equal–the more profound friendship is with Dean.

    In fact one of the biggest connections is they both love Dean(in non-shipping way!) and I get the feeling they bond over the worry of post-Purgatory Dean.

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