Supernatural 8.17 Teasers: Castiel Returns and Joins the Winchesters on a Quest

SupernaturalAfter this week’s episode of Supernatural the show will go on a short hiatus for a few weeks until mid-March. But when the show does return, we’re not only going to see the return of Castiel, we’ll also be treated to what sounds like a pretty wicked mythology episode.

Updated: Watch a trailer for this episode.

Here is what’s coming up next on “Goodbye Stranger”: “Castiel (Misha Collins) reappears in Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) life and tells them Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard) has unleashed several demons into a small town. The demons are looking for Lucifer’s Crypt, which holds a valuable asset, but Castiel lies to Sam and Dean about what it is. While interrogating a demon, the three discover Crowley has been torturing Meg (guest star Rachel Miner), who knows the exact location of the crypt. Sam and Meg fight to hold Crowley off while Dean and Castiel go in search of the crypt. Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson.”

Yikes. There’s a lot going on here.  Why is Crowley searching for Lucifer’s Crypt?  Could it have something to do with either the Demon or Angel Tablets?  And is Meg still on the boys’ side or is she just looking out for herself as usual?

Don’t miss this episode of Supernatural on March 20 on The CW.


  • Ross

    Sounds awesome! Although I wish Sam and Castiel could go on an adventure together for a change haha.

  • Emma

    So predictable! Why not Sam and Cas & then Dean and Meg?

    Switch it up writers!

    I think if Cas is going to be around as a regular next season, the writers really need to work on balancing his relationship with the brothers. Right now, when Cas is around he is with Dean. Why not explore the Sam and Cas relationship? There is so much potential there.

    It makes sense for Cas to be just as much as a friend to Sam as he is to Dean…so why can’t we see that?

    • Shannon

      While Sam and Cas will almost certainly have more scenes together next season, it doesn’t seem likely that they will ever be as close as Dean and Cas for a few reasons. First, Dean and Cas were friends first. At least in my experience, when I make a friend, then they meet my sister and become friends with her, too, the friend is still closer to me. Second, in early season 6 Cas said he shares a more profound bond with Dean. This is probably because he saved Dean from hell and considers himself to be closer to Dean. Third, Dean and Cas just spent a year in Purgatory together. An entire year fighting together would strengthen their friendship. Finally, Dean and Cas have always been closer than Sam and Cas. Dean and Cas are essentially best friends. Sam and Cas are friends. Sam has always seemed okay with that and I don’t see the writers changing it. Honestly, I’d hate to see them change it without providing a lot of development or it would feel fake.

      I do hope they’ll explore Sam and Cas’ relationship and a Sam and Cas adventure could be interesting to watch. Can’t wait to see what happens!

    • Kady

      I sincerely doubt the PTB will waste the scorching Jensen-Misha chemistry by pairing Cas up with Sam. They need an onscreen pair with some buzz between them since any chemistry J2 had is non-existent these days. Jensen and Misha have blown it off the screen. :-)

    • Mary

      Sure! Sam has everything else on this show, the pimping by others, the brains, the enhanced abilities as a hunter despite retiring for a year and of course the storylines – including ones that have been inherited from Dean, why not give him Dean’s one last remaining thing that he can have for himself – ie Castiel’s friendship. Then they can just write Dean off the show and be done with it.

  • Cindy

    Yay. More Cas and Dean scenes. Too bad Meg’s back. I’ve never liked that character.

  • Elle

    MEEEGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, YES YES YES. I’ve been waiting to see her again for ages. SHE’S FINALLY BACK. Ugh, I can’t believe it took the writers so long. My precious baby demon ;_;

  • Tanja

    I’m happy to hear Meg is back! They didn’t leave her in a good place last season and I can just hope Crowley didn’t have her and torture her for all this time, because demon or not, I’m not sure even Meg deserves that. After Crowley being the Big Bad now, Meg is the last demon “ally” left. A self-serving, only helping when it suits her ally, yes, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I don’t want her truly good. As for the rest, why more lies? I hate that. Dean and Castiel are still repairing their friendship and I haven’t forgotten how it all ended last time Castiel kept secrets. At least I know it’s not so much Castiel’s fault as Naomi controlling him. Just what is Naomi planing?

  • Kara

    Lucifers crypt? That doesn’t sound good. And more Cas and Dean scenes? Seriously? When will they ever give us Sam and Cas scenes? Pretty please?

  • crowley

    So Sam is the sole super special suffering savior of the whole universe, the brains, and the brawn and that still not enough. He has to be given Cas too?

    Dean’s been lobotomized or left his brain in purgatory, his only role is to worry about Sam and prop up Sam and save Sam again.

    Please can we have one thing on this show that isn’t made all about Sam. Dean’s friendship with Cas is all he really has.

    • Mare

      Here, here. It’s the ONLY thing Dean has left on the show. He’s not even allowed to be effective in the MOTW episodes, he has to be dumbed down so Sam the brilliant can info dump on Dean the Dumb. Dean doesn’t have a story, he doesn’t have a role in the mytharc, he’s not the hero in the MOTW episodes. Dean’s relationship with Castiel is the only thing he has left that is his own. Jeez, at least let him keep that without giving THAT to Sam too!

      I swear, it’s like everything of Dean’s has to be Sam’s, and everything of Sam’s gets to stay Sam’s.

    • lucy

      Agreed. Honestly, some of these Sam fans won’t be satisfied until Dean does nothing but stand at the back of every scene looking on in awe.

  • juno

    I’m totally cool with Dean sharing Cas…just as soon as Dean gets Sam’s supernatural storyline and Sam then spends all his time angsting over Dean.

    • lucy

      LOL! Yes, that about sums it up doesn’t it?

    • salva

      Heh, that will never happen. Nothing of Sam’s every goes to Dean, while everything of Dean’s always goes to Sam. This second half of season 8 has Sam be everything, do everything and have everything and Dean is stuck once again in the “poor Sam(ME) I must worry about him and make sure everyone in the universe realizes what a special snowflake he is.

      It’s bad enough that Sam gets every storyline Dean’s had, now of course, he must also be Cas’ BFF over Dean because Sam is just so precious.

      Heaven forbid Dean actually keep something for his own. He’s not even allowed to have his own friends, especially if the special snowflake doesn’t approv of them, like Benny.

      Sam has to be one of the most selfish an unlikable characters I’ve ever seen on tv, and he’s supposed to be a hero? Not in my book. More like a spoiled child who demands everyhing and is given it, especially by his fans who want to make sure he gets everything possible while Dean gets nothing in return.

      • One

        Except that there’s not a single character that is Sam-centered at the moment. Plenty of characters that were more related to Sam shifted toward Dean and stayed like that.

        Also, Dean has never been sidelined of the mytharc, or the action, while Sam has been,multiple times. When Sam is the focus of the action, Dean is with him. Always. I don’t think Sam taking the trials is gonna mean we’ll see little of Dean.

        I would glady take Dean as the one doing the trials or anything like that, to be honest, and Sam being the one worried and taking care of him, etc, why not? It’d be awesome.

        Cas having time with Sam wouldn’t mean Dean can’t have it too. It’d just be more balanced.

        Though I don’t know why I’m arguing with you, when you’re an obvious Sam hater and you probably don’t want Sam having anything interesting at all.

        • Sara

          “I would glady take Dean as the one doing the trials or anything like that, to be honest, and Sam being the one worried and taking care of him, etc, why not? It’d be awesome.”
          Heh. As would I and any Deanfan out there, I’d wager. And yes, I also agree that it would be awesome. So at least we can agree on this. How ’bout it, writers? Maybe it will make a difference if a Samfan asks for it. *snerk*

  • Trickster

    Another Lucifer reference. Was he the one who stole the tablet and hid it? I’m calling it: he’s coming back in the season finale. Why else mention him and the Apocalypse all the time? And every even-numbered season ended with something dangerous and evil getting free.

    • Clarissa

      You might be right (and I’ll take any reason to see Mark Pellegrino again!). I think that the show is setting up the possibility of several big characters making an appearance (like God or Metatron). I know some fans are over the whole Heaven/Hell thing, but I’ve always found it to be quite interesting and I’m happy they’ve found a way to integrate it again. I thought it wasn’t as well done in season 6 because the motivations for Sam and Dean getting involved didn’t feel as strong, but it feels more personal for them now.

  • One

    Oh god forbid some Sam and Cas screentime. This is stupid.

    But I’m happy to see Meg back <3 I've missed her.

  • Arianrhod

    How about Sam and Castiel sharing a few scenes for once, writers? Does it always have to be Dean and Castiel working together? There’s a rich vein of character development waiting to be explored in the Sam and Castiel relationship if you would just let yourselves see beyond the Dean and Castiel dynamic you are so fixated on.
    Good to see Meg back though.

    • Clarissa

      Sam and Cas do share scenes together and have shared quite a few good moments together as well. It’s not like Sam never talks to Cas or vice versa. They don’t cease to exist when one of them is talking to Dean. But I do think there’s always a place for more Sam and Cas because I’ve always found that the two of them share a lot of common story arcs and have a great deal in common. Still, that doesn’t mean that Dean and Cas will cease to be friends if Sam interacts with the angel. I don’t see why it would be an either/or situation.

  • Sara

    Geez, before they give the only thing Dean has left on this show(his relationship w/ Cas) to Sam, how about if the writers first give Dean a greater and more important role in the myth-arc than just fretting over and supporting Sam in his storylines? Does it always have to be Sam who’s solely at the center of the myth-arc story as The Chosen One? I’m so sick of the brothers’ overdone dynamic that Dean and Cas are all that many of us have left to hope for out of this season now-especially with the radio silence from the producers on anything Dean-related. And please spare the they don’t want to spoil anything nonsense-been there, done that, nothing ever comes of it for Dean.

    • Clarissa

      I’m not going to argue with you about Dean’s place in the mythology because that clearly gets us nowhere, but I have no idea why you’re thinking that Dean’s relationship with Cas is going to be “given” to Sam. Dean and Castiel have always been very close friends. They will continue to be very close friends. Their relationship has survived many, many hurdles. Sam and Cas have always been friends as well, although not as close as Dean and Cas, obviously. It’s not about “giving” someone away. Castiel is a friend to both of them, even if he’s closer to one of them.

      • Sara

        And how much do you want to bet that Sam and Cas will be “bonding” over their “God-connection” before the season is over. The Sam pimping has been utterly ridiculous in this second half of the season so far, and the first half of this season has been swept under the carpet as if it never even happened. Pathetic writing, IMO.

        • Clarissa

          So what? Sam and Castiel can’t ever bond over *anything*? Should Dean lock Castiel in a room somewhere and forbid Sam from talking to him? There are two leads on this show – Sam and Dean – and all of the other regular and recurring characters (save for very select people like Benny and Amelia and occasional sexual partners) have *always* had ties to *both* brothers, even if the depth of the bond wasn’t the same.

          Castiel is not a toy to be hoarded by Dean. He’s a person (figuratively speaking) who can develop friendships with multiple people. Just because Sam and Cas bond doesn’t mean Castiel doesn’t have a close friendship with Dean. Becoming closer to Sam doesn’t threaten Dean’s bond with Castiel. In fact, given how much Dean loves his brother I suspect he would be happy that two of the most important people in his life get along. This isn’t grade school. They’re all adults.

          • Sara

            Benny has already had interactions with Sam, but you’re right, Amelia was only Sam’s-never even saw Dean-and let’s not forget Lucifer, who was all Sam’s, too. I have no illusions about Cas being only Dean’s, but the fans who come out at just the mention of Dean and Cas working together and practically DEMAND! that Sam and Cas be highlighted more pi** me off like nobody’s business-especially at this point of the season where everything and everyone is turning into All About Sam for the umpteenth time in this show’s history. Wanting a sl or a character to be All About Dean after 8 friggin’ seasons is not too much to ask of these writers, IMO. But, fear not, I’m sure you’ll get what you want-as the Samfans always have on this show-even as they demand more, and the Dean fandom is STILL waiting for the one thing we’ve asked for since early in the series-a myth-arc role for Dean that doesn’t involve strictly and only supporting another character.

          • Louise

            “There are two leads on this show – Sam and Dean –”
            Too bad the show didn’t think that way. One main character and a reactionary character are not the same as two leads.

            However, since they find the angel tablet in this episode, I’m hoping it’s trials go to Dean, thereby giving him agency in the mytharc for the first time since S4.

        • Clarissa

          Sara – in response to your comment below, Benny had interactions with Sam but they weren’t good. There was nothing even remotely friendly about it. And what’s wrong with fans wanting Sam and Cas to interact? Are only certain requests for the show supposed to be met? Castiel doesn’t “belong” to Dean. He’s not “only” Dean’s, because Cas *isn’t* a possession. He’s not a teddy bear that Dean keeps in his room and doesn’t let Sam play with. There’s nothing wrong with Cas and Sam interacting considering they have interacted over the years. People were simply questioning why Cas and Dean tend to pair up (like in the above teaser about the crypt). There’s nothing wrong with asking that question, even if it does make sense that they spend more time together.

          And I’m not sure who “you” is supposed to be. I love Dean as a character. In fact, he’s always been among my favorite characters. Just because I don’t have the same opinion of him as you do doesn’t mean I don’t like him. This is not a “if you’re not with us 100% you’re against us” situation. I just don’t see any reason why Cas can’t interact with other characters. It doesn’t take away from his relationship with Dean. No one is keeping score about how many minutes Cas spends with Dean versus Sam except for some fans and that’s a waste of everyone’s time. There’s nothing to be gained by Castiel limiting his screentime with Sam when the show is about both brothers. It’s not a competition.

    • adder574

      They already have given Cas to Sam in pretty much everything but the physical sense.

      In Torn and Frayed it was Cas that insisted they needed Sam and went and got him despite Dean’s protests, and Dean’s praying to Cas to help Sam and I suspect 99% of he dialogue between Cas and Dean in this ep will revolve around Sam and whats going on with him and how Cas has to help Sam.

  • jennie jerome

    I think Sam and Cas have great chemistry even though they have fewer scenes. Who could forget the soulfisting? Hot, hot, hot.

    Yes, please, let Sam and Cas go off together for an adventure.

  • jennie jerome

    Dean can share Cas and Sam can share Amelia. Done deal. Castiel is Sam’s friend too. Why can’t Sam bond with Castiel? Typical of Sam haters, they cry out for Dean to get Sam’s mytharc but they won’t share friends.

  • Sara

    The social networks would melt if Cas ever “soulfisted” Dean-or did anything like that to Dean-which is why we’ll probably never get it. Can’t take anything away from Sam to give to Dean, after all… Prove me wrong, writers. I dare you…

  • Sara

    “Typical of Sam haters, they cry out for Dean to get Sam’s mytharc but they won’t share friends.”

    Bring it. And done. Dean is already sharing Cas-see Adder574’s post above-so when are we going to get Dean sharing Sam’s myth-arc now?…

  • Inka

    Why should they pair up? Dean and Sam are not the same person. Sam and Cas simply don’t have the same connection. It’s like most people’s friends, you may know you’re siblings friends and may even like or get along with most of them and occasionally hang out together, it doesn’t mean they are really your friends too, at least not in the same way they are your siblings. Let Dean have ONE thing he doesn’t have to share with Sam in equal measure. Don’t give me “the two most important people in Dean’s life” thing. It’s perfectly normal for people to only have a passing, friendly relationship with their siblings best friends and Cas and Sam already have more than that.

    There is no reason for Cas and Sam to do stuff together really, unless Dean isn’t around to do it. And Dean has little enough to do besides wringing his hands over poor little Sammy’s suffering, for the thousandth time, that I think he deserves his best friend, and is really what Cas is at this point, to be HIS OWN and for them to do things together. They have a special bond that Sam and Castiel simply do not and cannot share and there is no reason for Sam and Cas to hang out together beyond the fact that some people can’t stand the fact that Dean even has a friend of his own, never mind an actual storyline.

    JP likes the actor who plays Garth so much, they often communicate on twitter, let Garth be Sam’s special friend. Amelia never even met Dean or spoke to him on the phone or anything. That storyline was completely Sam’s own, whereas Sam had a part in Dean’s Benny storyline, in fact he had a murderous inexplicable vendetta against Benny, which he never so much as had to apologize for being wrong about(meanwhile a text message Dean sent to try and save his friend from an unfair death was made to seem like the WORST THING EVAH!!!)

  • Inka

    No it really doesn’t make sense for Castiel to be just as much of a friend to Sam as to Dean. He’s Dean friend. Is your best friend also your siblings best friend, if you have one(sibling I mean). (Though I fully expect tons of people now coming out of the wood work claiming that their best friend and their sister/brother’s best fried are the exact same person and it happens all the time, but we all know, no it really doesn’t).

    Dean and Castiel really have far more of an emotional history together, whereas Castiel’s connection to Sam is mainly due to Sam’s role in whatever mytharc he has centered around him and as Dean’s brother. Their relationship has wrought huge changes in each other’s beliefs and they were also through Purgatory together. I’m sorry but it’s clear that Dean and Castiel have got a tremendously special bond(and no I’m not thinking of anything slashy) and I wish Sam fans would just let Dean have something of his own. The way Sam always gets the big mytharcs and all the praise and gets to be the brains and brawn and everything else while the writers are now hitting Dean even harder with the stupid stick.

    Are you bothered by how dumb they’ve written him the last few episodes, a guy who could recognize witches by the plants in their garden needs to have “familiar” explained to him. A guy who has read the Odyssey and is familiar enough with the myths to immediately mention it when sirens are brought up doesn’t know one of the most basic Greek myths of all about Prometheus? They have Sam throw us bone by calling him a genius and an amazing hunter and then proceed to act like he doesn’t know even basic lore(that he has shown familiarity with in the past no less) and can’t do anything on his own.

    Dean deserves to be allowed to be more than appendage of Sam and Sam’s storyline and Castiel at least allows him to have ONE outlet that isn’t given to Sam as well.

  • Inka

    Then let them right Sam his own friend. They’ve tried in the past, they just haven’t succeeded.

    I honestly don’t think Sam and Castiel have that much in common. Both having screwed Dean over by betraying him really isn’t all that much. :D Sure Cas “rebelled” in a way, but it was an entirely different situation than Sam’s and involved much more of a “good for the world” point of view than simply a “good for me” point of view and when Sam rebelled against John, he was doing it for himself. There isn’t anything wrong with that, he was young and it’s normal and John sucked as a parent(shame he couldn’t seem to separate Dean out from that and instead lumped them together even though we’ve seen Dean often did things for Sam that John wouldn’t have liked). But it’s not the same thing. Castiel also did it largely because of how his relationship with Dean caused him to change. And Dean’s relationship with Castiel caused him to change as well. They are just intertwined on so many levels. Sam and Castiel’s relationship with each other really hasn’t affected them PERSONALLY in the same way and I really don’t think it even would.

    Having one or two things in common hardly a relationship makes.

  • One

    Because it would make for some interesting episodes, maybe?
    Because Cas is the most recurring secondary character, and it just makes sense that he has screentime with both leads?
    Because, yeah, siblings don’t always share friends, but is not either uncommon to see siblings that do. And for the love of god, most siblings are not Sam and Dean.

    And before anyone comes saying I’m a Sam fan and I can’t get enough things for Sam, I’m not. I love both but actually prefer Dean, and yeah, I’d like to see him having a bigger arc, but I don’t see what that has to do with Cas being closer to Sam than he is now. Doesn’t mean Dean’s friendship with Cas would disappear. And, oh god, the whole ‘give something to Dean’ when talking about Cas makes me laugh so hard. Cas is not a cat to keep Dean’s company, and he sure doesn’t make up for an investment in the mytharc.

    Anyway, Cas will probably have his own agenda that will not be related to either Sam or Dean, so I don’t see what’s the point of this discussion.

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