Supernatural 8.18 Teasers: A Familiar Face Returns

SupernaturalSupernatural fans, do you remember the season 7 episode “Adventures in Babysitting” when Sam and Dean were reeling from the recent death of Bobby and got involved in a case when a teenage girl named Krissy called Bobby’s phone looking for help for her father?  Krissy is going to be returning in an upcoming episode titled “Freaks and Geeks”.

Here’s what’s in store: “Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate some recent vampire kills and are surprised to learn Krissy Chambers (guest star Madison McLaughlin) is involved. They find Krissy and learn her father was killed and she’s been taken in by a man named Victor (guest star Adrian Hough), who has taken in a group of orphan kids to teach them how to hunt. Victor is helping the teenagers find the vampires who took their parents so they can get revenge. Sam is intrigued by Victor’s method of giving the teenagers a home life as well as a hunting life, but Dean is suspicious of Victor’s motives. John F. Showalter directed the episode written by Adam Glass.”

Poor Krissy’s dad. And poor Krissy who has decided to devote herself to a life of hunting.  Don’t miss this all new episode of Supernatural on March 27 on The CW.

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  • tiptoe39

    So another legacy, another hunter “born” into the life…another “home base” for hunters. Why do I feel like this is leading to the SPN version of the Slayer Academy? Is this how Dean finds the kind of life he’d want to live? Sam’s trying to convince him there’s a reason to survive. One wonders if he could live with being a hunter-mentor like this Victor fellow.

    (What’s with the repeated names, SPN? My darling Hendricksen is rolling in his graaaaaaave. And yes, Adrian Hough, I do see you in IMDB in Season 1. Lots of recycling this season.)

    Then again, there’s the ethics of raising kids into the “life,” which Dean and Sam both know their mom didn’t want for them… Looks like this will be familial angst aplenty. Hope Krissy has earned her own voice and speaks out strongly about how she feels about the direction she’s going. But she, too, is speaking from a place of loss and revenge…

    Ugh, SPN, when you do angst you do it so well :)

  • Dot

    Very interesting spoilers! I really liked Krissy and her dad–my sad thought here: another character killed off, sigh, there were father and daughter dynamics that could’ve been explored–but glad Krissy is back and the set-up here is intriguing. It does seem to be a continuing theme, can you have a home base and continue to hunt, does it have to be an absolute choice?

  • Veronica Norflett

    I’m so Glad that Krissy is back but i’m also sad about her losing her father.

  • tia

    As long as cas is NOT in the episode-I am there. If cas is listed-won’t be. I loved Krissy and her dad-so this might be an interesting watch

  • deansfangirl

    I always think it’s cool to catch up with past characters :-)

  • Jane

    Krissy totally ignored Sam last time she was on. I no longer care about characters on the show who do that. If she doesn’t have good solo scenes with Sam in this one, that’s it for me. I didn’t care when they killed off Frank last season for this very reason. She means nothing to me based on her last appearance.

  • roxi

    So, Sam gets the main story of the first half of the season, anhy real love interests, EVERY main story/myth arc, got the trials, gets the chronic illness storyline as well, and you won’t watch if he doesn’t also get a solo scene with Krissy? So, I guess you want to take everything away from Dean? Especially when they give him so little to begin with.
    I’ll tell you what, let Sam have EVERY scene with a guest star and let Dean, for once, have an important storyline. Fair trade?

  • ozzie

    Not interested in this filler.

  • Peter J

    I agree in theory, but I’d much rather Dean be with guest stars than lame, lame romance stories like Amelia (truthfully Dean’s in a much better romance story even though the show likely doesn’t see it as one) or illness stories. I do think it’s OK if Sam and Dean each have guest characters who relate to them. That’s how the show has always been. Sam doesn’t get as many now, but there have always been characters who solely care about Dean or solely care about Sam. It looks like Krissy will be more tied to both brothers now, anyway.

  • Arianrhod

    Ugh. I really disliked Adventures In Babysitting and I positively loathed Krissy. Not interested in this one.

  • Desizinnia

    (Krissy is slso in 8×17, right?)
    I like her, she’s cool :)
    And this one is about vampires, I wonder if there is a chance Benny is connected to this. He’s supposed to be in at least one more episode, but since he wasn’t mentioned in the description, then I guess not.
    Anyway, it’s awesome to see Krissy again and this about teaching young hunters sounds very interesting. Once I thought it could be something cool for Sam and Dean to do, especially Dean, since Sam already has the Men of Letters (which Dean also is a part of, but Sam seems to be more into it). Dean is very good with kids, but there’s that to, he wouldn’t like for kids to enter the life of a hunter. He never wanted it for Sam and tried to protect him as a kid. On another note, I hope there is at least a mention of Castiel in this episode, since 8×17 will have some pretty intense moments for Cas (and Dean and Cas). I hope he is not forgotten completely in this episode, like 8×11.

  • roxi

    Well, Peter, I don’t see it that way either. To me, Dean and Cas have always been dear friends but nothing more. I know you see it but I never did.
    Dean’s scenes with guest stars is just about the only thing he gets. Sam gets everything else, must he get that as well? The MOLs also went to Sam. I like Sam but I just wish for once SPN would remember they have TWO leads, and give Dean an important story too. Dean should have been the one to get the trials, not Sam, to me that just wasn’t fair.
    As for Cas, I like him but not as a lead. Only Sam and Dean should be the leads.

  • roxi

    Although I will give you this Peter; Dean and Cas DO have incredible chemistry. It was blatant in their very first scene together, in season 4. I have admitted this already on another site. But I feel that the chemistry is as incredible friends, not romantic. I know others, like yourself, feel otherwise.
    I really do wish they would at least give Dean the angel tablet story. But after they gave Sam the trials and the chronic illness story, after already giving him the main story of the first half of the season,and the MOLs story, not to mention any real love stories/interests, I sincerely doubt it. I’m almost 100% certain Cas will get that story.
    Purgatory was supposed to be a big storyline for Dean. Instead, it was all about Cas, and also Benny. It wasn’t about Dean at all. And then, aas soon as Cas was brought back, that whole story was quickly dropped. Everything was about Sam and Amelia. Every episode save one had multiple S/A flashbacks. P

  • roxi

    Purgatory only had a few flashbacks.
    I don’t begrudge Sam a good story arc. I just wish they would give Dean one as well.

  • roxi

    I do agree that although I do want Dean to have a really good love story, I would never want anything like that awful Sam/Amelia soap opera story. It had no place in a show like SPN, it belonged on a show like Grey’s Anatomy or a daytime soap. Amelai was not only married, she was selfish, brought out the worst in Sam, and worst of all, she had no idea who Sam really was. Sam deserved better.
    More than anything, I really want to see Sam and Dean’s brotherly love and bond truly restored. Carver did a great job of destroying it in the beginning of this season.

  • Peter J

    Roxi, Cas will never be a lead – when he was a regular in seasons 5 and 6 he was in a supporting role and only in half the episodes. I just want to see a little more of Cas being stronger and a little less of Cas being tortured. I don’t expect him to be a lead.

    I think Purgatory was mostly about Dean. His PTSD, his trauma over his belief he’d left Cas behind, the tension with Sam. All of it was written from Dean’s POV. Some was about Cas or Benny, but all through Dean’s eyes, and how they impacted Dean and his life.

    I want Dean to have more of an active role but I just don’t have any interest in romance or myth arcs on this show.

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