Supernatural Spoilers – Could THIS Explain Sam’s Behavior?

Very interesting spoiler coming out of a fan’s participation in a semi-private Q&A at the Supernatural convention this past weekend in Chicago. She got to sit in on a session with Jensen Ackles, who cleared up a lot of confusion regarding his feelings about the show this season – he says he still loves his job, by the way – and talked a bit about the chemistry between the brothers in season 6. More on that in a minute.

First, we know Sam has been acting differently since his return from Hell. In the season 6 premiere he admitted to Dean that he didn’t care about Dean’s neighbours who were being attacked by the djinn. In this past week’s episode he didn’t protest about the fact that Castiel had to “torture” a kid for information like his brother did. Not only does Sam not seem to feel, he actually seems surprised by this fact when confronted by it. At the end of the last episode Dean confronted Sam, asking him if he felt any different and Sam seemed, once again, to brush off any feelings about going to Hell. Unlike Dean, who was emotionally tortured by his experience in Hell, Sam seems to have no adverse side effects – save for the fact that he is so clearly different from the Sam we all knew before.

His separation from Dean and his life of hunting on his own for a year (besides with the Campbells) can’t be the only explanation. Sam became angry and isolated between seasons 3 and 4 when Dean was in Hell, but went back to being a Sam full of emotions when reunited with his brother (despite the angry emotions and demon blood addiction stemming from his relationship with Ruby). Now that’s no longer the case.

The fan wrote this about Jensen’s discussion during the Q&A:

He went on to say he hopes things get back to normal soon so season 6 can be the gravy train it was cracked up to be (lol) and not the season he and Jared have to work harder than ever! (And so the boys can rely on that chemistry that hooked us all on the show in the first place). We’re not explicitly sharing a spoiler here because — well, because we don’t want to spoil anything! — but what do you guys think is getting in the way of the boys’famous chemistry? It can’t be soul — oops, we mean solely – the year of separation, right?

The moment I read that, I got to thinking. Maybe this is the best explanation for Sam’s recent behavior. Bear with me here – maybe Sam doesn’t have a soul. Or, if he does, a big chunk of it is missing. This may seem like a weird argument, but the whole mythology of vampires on Buffy was that humans lost their soul when turned into vampires. When Angel was cursed with a soul, he essentially regained his humanity – his feelings, his guilt, etc. This type of reasoning isn’t an isolated incident in the mythology of a WB show, though. A lot of lore talks about the fact that your human feelings are essentially tied to your soul. Even Supernatural has discussed the issues of souls before – most recently in the last episode, where the angels remarked how powerful souls are.

So is this what’s wrong with Sam? Did he come back from Hell soulless or without a whole soul? If it is, then the question becomes: how do you make Sam’s soul whole again? Or how do you give it back to him period?

What do you think of this argument, folks? Do you have any other reasons for Sam’s behavior or does this one make sense?

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