Supernatural Theories and Speculation: Sam, Castiel, the New Angels, the Tablets, Perception and More!

SupernaturalAfter the last episode of Supernatural dropped a few bombshells on the fans – Castiel’s return!  More tablets!  New angels! – I saw theories flying around the web.  Who are the new angels and what are they after?  What information could be on the other tablets?  Why did the show finally bring up Chuck after years of radio silence about him?  Was it just a simple mention or a hint of what’s to come?  I’ve seen some interesting speculation around the web and it got the gears in my own head cranking.  So I partnered with Kate (a.k.a. Ardeospina) over at the Winchester Family Business to talk about our theories about what’s up with Sam, what the new angels are interested in, and how perception could play a role in the remainder of the season.  We came up with a few different theories about three important mysteries for the season.

The Angels and Castiel Theory #1: The Importance of the Tablets (Clarissa)

The last Supernatural episode introduced a new brand of never-before-seen angels, headed by a no-nonsense Naomi.  While we’ve only met Naomi thus far, it’s safe to assume that other angels will follow her.  But who is she?  What is her agenda?  We know two things for certain.  First, Castiel seemed very confused after meeting her, not recognizing her or her particular location in Heaven.  Second, she’s interested in the Winchesters and has tasked Castiel with (unknowingly) spying on them for her.  But why?  Well, that’s the $64,000 question.  Angels being interested in the Winchester business is nothing new, but given the presence of the tablets my theory is that the angels are interested in getting their hands on the Word of God.

We know, from Kevin’s recent decoding of the Demon Tablet, that it’s but one in a larger compendium.  If God passed down tablets on demons and leviathans, can we assume that other tablets could also contain information on supernatural creatures?  Perhaps monsters, ghosts and….angels?  Metatron wrote that the tablets were meant as the “the sacred word for the defense of mankind”.  Given the way that some angels have attempted to wreak havoc on mankind (I’m looking at you, Michael and Lucifer), it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that even God’s soldiers could be a threat.  What if the Winchesters could close up or banish angels like they could do with demons?  What if Naomi and the angels want to track the Winchesters so they too can find the tablets?  It’s not surprising that Sam and Dean would have to do the grunt work for the angels, because there’s a precedent for it, and if the King of Hell is having trouble locating them it stands to reason that Heaven’s soldiers are as well.  If the angels want the tablets, it could either be because they need the information on them in order to defeat something else (Hell, maybe?) or they need to protect themselves from mankind using the information against them.

You might be thinking “but Naomi asked about the Winchesters, not the tablets specifically”.  And, yet, Castiel’s instinctual response was to give her an update about Kevin and the tablet – information that Naomi was clearly interested in.  These angels are clearly unknown to Castiel and this is a guy who had pretty solid information on archangels, presumably the highest order of angels in existence.  Are the new angels more powerful than archangels?  Not necessarily.  But they might be far sneakier.  And they seem pretty interested in this season’s mytharc.

Watch our interview with Jared, Jensen and Misha about episode 8.08!

The Angels and Castiel Theory #2: Apocalypse 2.0 (Kate)

The last time angels got all up in the Winchesters’ business, it was because Sam and Dean were the vessels of Michael and Lucifer, destined to duke it out and bring on the Apocalypse.  What if that’s why the angels want Sam and Dean again?  Lucifer and Michael may be locked up in a cage in Hell (with Adam, poor thing!) but maybe you don’t need those two archangels to bring about an Apocalypse.  Maybe you just need two archangels period, regardless of who they are.  Sure, Lucifer and Michael were the first choice, but they’re out of commission now.  Raphael and Gabriel are dead, so that leaves Metatron and Azrael.  Azrael is the archangel of death in some religions, specifically Islam and Sikhism.  In Judaism, Azrael is sometimes identified as “the embodiment of evil,” though he’s not necessarily evil himself.  Sort of sounds like someone we know, doesn’t it?  Yes, Crowley, I’m looking at you.

Angels, of course, need vessels, and for archangels to be at their most powerful, they need a powerful vessel.  Sam and Dean were on tap for Michael and Lucifer, but what if they weren’t just vessels for those specific archangels?  Maybe they are Apocalyptic vessels, meaning whichever two angels are in line for this round of the Apocalypse can use Sam and Dean as their vessels.  That would give Naomi and the rest of the CIAngels good cause to keep tabs on the Winchesters.  They need to know what’s happening with the Apocalyptic vessels.

We’ve heard time and time again on Supernatural that Sam and Dean continually disrupt the natural order and throw the universe out of balance.  If the Apocalypse is the natural order, then it’s going to happen one way or another.  But the angels learned their lesson last time around, and instead of confronting Dean head-on with his angelic duty, they’re spying on him and his brother, using Castiel to gather information.  Castiel’s still an unwitting angelic pawn, doomed to follow orders he doesn’t agree with.  This time, though, he can’t even remember what he’s reporting.

Next page: Figuring out if something is up with Sam….

  • Kristen

    Part of me believes that Amelia isn’t even real but what you said about her makes sense. Maybe she was just a plant and maybe whoever was standing outside their house in Texas, was the person pulling the strings, making Sam believe it was real.
    I just don’t think Amelia is real though. There were too many things about what she said that made me feel like she was just created so Sam would have a way to cope with Dean’s “death”. Even the fact she said her husband’s name is “Don” and “Dean” is Sam’s brother, I don’t know… I feel like the writers are setting us up for a big reveal sometime in the season, and they will show us what Sam thinks happened all year and what actually happened. I truly think Sam being alone caused him to have a mental breakdown and mostly everything he did over the last year was created by his own mind.

    • Mickey

      Hi Kristen. You might enjoy this hilarious “meta” picspam all about how Amelia is a hallucination Sam created to stand in for Dean. It’s tongue-in-cheek funny, but the underlying theory rings true.

      And here’s a fun tidbit I came across on twitter. The show is known to have fun with room numbers (room 100 in the 100th episode, room 101 after the torture chamber in George Orwell’s 1984, etc.) so someone looked into the significance of Amelia’s room number, 118. It turns out Oscar Wilde lived in room 118 at the time he was arrested, and of course Oscar Wilde is famous for The Importance of Being Earnest about a man who lives a fake life. Of course, impossible to say if the writers would actually reach that far, but it’s fun to think about.

  • Mickey

    For me, it would be the complete opposite of “unfortunate” if Amelia turned into “an angelic plant.” It’s in fact the only thing that would allow me to keep watching the show, if the angels (or something) put a whammy on Sammy. (I could live with Kate’s theory of a mental breakdown hallucination if I had to, but I much prefer the justification of a supernatural whammy. This is, after all, Supernatural, and not Grey’s Anatomy.)

    It didn’t remind me of Ruby, but even if it is “reminiscent” I don’t care. All I care about is getting a good explanation for Sam leaving Dean for dead. That’s literally all I care about. I tried to read the rest of your theories but couldn’t, I just skipped to the Sam part. It’s overshadowing everything, so I’m just going to stop watching until I hear there’s a good reason. I can’t enjoy the show right now, so I’ll wait until I can enjoy it again. Hopefully we’ll get a good reason, and hopefully it will be soon.

    • Kaz

      Please don’t stop watching. The writers KNOW that the core of the show is about the relationship btwn the brothers. Remember when Sam had his soul returned, the first thing he did was go straight to Dean and hug him. I dont think it is going to be any different this season. There is going to be an explanation, they havent let us down so far. In interviews cast members and the creative team all say that the relationship is going to be tested, not broken. I remember how I felt when Sam said to Ruby that he didn’t think his relationship with Dean could ever be repaired, yet it did recover. Dean will never abandon Sam and we must believe vice versa. Perhaps Sam is protecting Dean from something. One thing I know for sure is that there is no possible explanation why he thought that Dean was dead. Dean disappeared after he killed Dick like had done numerous times before with Cass. He didn’t explode or die, so why would Sam think he was dead? And can anyone tell me where Lucifer has disappeared to?

    • Rai101

      This is, after all, Supernatural, and not Grey’s Anatomy
      Exactly!! And that’s never going to change! Keep watching, trust the ptb, enjoy the show and bare with those parts that upset you, I’m sure the trip is going to be amazing!

  • Percysowner

    (Kate: why didn’t this torture trigger archangelic interference like Chuck once got? Did the CIAngels call it off? Clarissa: Or did it indicate that Chuck was something more than Kevin and needed archangelic protection?).

    We only had archangelic intervention for Chuck twice. The first time was when Castiel told Dean that an archangel would protect the prophet and then Chuck went to the motel room where Sam was trying to kill Lilith. Considering the angels WANTED the Apocalypse and killing Lilith out of order, as it were, would put a halt to the Apocalypse they may have been using Chuck as a way to keep releasing Lucifer on track. They also came to rescue Chuck at the end of season four, but I honestly don’t remember why because I don’t remember how Chuck was threatened. If the only archangels WERE Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael there was no archangel left to protect Kevin and the job was left to less powerful angels who could not take on Crowley’s demons.

    The mythology surrounding the archangels is fuzzy. Anna said only four angels had ever even seen God. We jumped to the conclusion that those angels were the archangels Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. But in DSOTM Joshua indicated that he talked to God at times. We know Gabriel saw God because he talked about family dinners. Since God banished Lucifer and told Michael to run the angel side of the Apocalypse when Lucifer escaped we assume that they saw God as well. Raphael doesn’t have independent confirmation. Now we suddenly have Metatron who wrote down the Word of God so he should have seen God and we may or may not have Azreal as another archangel. Metatron obviously said, “goodbye, so long and thanks for all the fish,” after he wrote the book on the Leviathans, so I can see why he wasn’t part of starting the Apocalypse, but why another archangel would totally sit out the last attempt to start the Apocalypse is a mystery. Basically I think the story behind the angels is very, very convoluted by now. I mean Cas was godlike and killed any angels who followed Raphael, but he totally missed this group even existing? Perhaps they aren’t angels, but some other powerful group that moved into heaven after the power vacuum left by the deaths of the big four, the slaughter of the angels by Castiel and the disappearance of Cas after the Leviathans took him over.

    As to Sam, I hope they decide to go somewhere with his story, but as of now there is little indication that Sam’s story is anything except a way to give Dean more pain. They spent an entire episode setting up the POV of Kate the teenage werewolf and yet have left Sam’s memories ambiguous and non-informative. For me it is rapidly moving into “too late to deal” with Sam’s POV. He’s been left out as a presence in the first third of the season and I hold little hope that they will finally focus on him. I hope I am wrong, but as of now Sam is being moved into the background and I don’t see a lot of indications that he will ever become forefront again. How long can they have Dean repeat that Sam betrayed him, didn’t care enough and that Dean has better brothers now before the audience simply accepts those statements as canon, especially since Sam has given no on screen response or refutation of this POV.

    • Dee

      I hope I am wrong, but as of now Sam is being moved into the background and I don’t see a lot of indications that he will ever become forefront again.

      This struck me too, and I wondered if Jared wanted to back off a bit to be able to spend more time with his baby? I’m a new fan, so don’t know much about the actors, but have seen pics he’s tweeted. From this discussion, seems like that’s not what’s going on though?

  • Mar

    I enjoyed this spec very much. I agree with alot of Clarissa’s views, but Kate not so much – I don’t think the writers want to rehash the Apocalypse a third time [S6 was Apoco-2].

    The problem with the Sam spec for me is that both Carver & Singer have said Sam’s story is face value and Jared is certainly playing it as if that is so. I do think Sam’s perceptions will be challenged in the second half [I’m not sure why Kate thinks Dean’s perceptions of Sam is the issue, rather than Sam’s perceptions of his own year.]

    And I think Clarissa is right that Naomi was outside Sam’s house and somehow manipulated him during that year. I also think it was the angels that sent Benny to Dean to get him out. Perhaps they didn’t expect Castiel to stay behind, and so had to go back and get him themselves.

    I think these angels want to dominate all 3 realms, just like Crowley does. I think the Winchester quest will be to keep humans in control of earth, and with access to heaven after death, because I think the angels might want to bann humans from heaven. I think they want to use Sam & Dean through Castiel, to find and use the tablets.

    Though Naomi looked pretty scared when she realized the Winchesters had half the tablet, so maybe she just wants to prevent them from letting humans get the upper hand as God intended with these Words.

    As for Chuck, I’d love to have him back! To me the most interesting angle is if he’s God. What I would LOVE to see, is Chuck – still pretending to be a regular guy – interact with Death. Now that is a scene I’d love to see play out, with no one but Chuck and Death knowing the truth. lol

    • Emma

      I don’t want to give fandom too much credit, but I almost have to wonder if the writers had to backpedal some on Sam’s storyline because of the feedback they got from fans. Because you are right, the writers have said to take Sam’s storyline at face value. And Jared confirmed that is the way he has been playing Sam.

      Maybe the writers intentionally put that out there though because they really wanted us to really believe the Sam and Amelia love story as reality…

      But at the same time, I have to wonder if the writers anticipated how much backlash they would receive from writing Sam to not look for Dean. It is a hot topic with fandom and it causing a lot of convo and friction. I would hope the writers would realize fans would not be pleased (if only because of how important the relationship between the brothers has always been to the show – it really is the core), but maybe they really did underestimate fan’s reactions.

      Who knows. I would love to believe that the writers had something up their sleeve all the time….it restore a lot of my faith in the writers.

      • Mar

        I agree very much with your comment. I hope they have a reason for Sam not looking too. It’s something that no one will ever let go. Sam and Dean woukld look for each other, period.

        I personally don’t see it as OOC for Sam to quit hunting, if one remembers S1 and that he has PTSD. Sam runs away, all the time, so it is in character under those conditions. BUT it was so unnecessary to not look for Dean! I still can’t see the purpose plot-wise, unless there is a bigger story that connects to why later.

        If not, then it is the stupidest storyline SPN ever wrote, because it serves no purpose whatsoever. Dean would still have gotten himself out with Benny, Sam could still have met Amelia & Dog after looking for Dean, Kevin could have escaped … if there is no hidden story here, then not looking is so dumb and unnecessary.

  • Sally

    I dont know what perception we are supposed to take with Sam? there are different theories all of which are plausable but again the audience seems to be reaching with Sam and some hoping . Amelia is of Sam’s past year not of his present .Dean has Benny both of his past year and his present and one he regards as a ‘better brother’ than Sam.

    Welcome to the new Supernatural.

    • Percysowner

      But I liked the old Supernatural, where both Sam and Dean counted.

  • Jedaqia

    I honestly hope that Amelia is real so Sam actually had some happy times even though it was brief. To make it unreal is just sad. Haven’t that boy been through enough? As for the one outside Amelia house, I suspect it was Crowley. It would be in his best interest to watch out for the ‘remaining’ Winchester & now that he knew about Amelia, he got leverage. Remember how he used Lisa against Dean?

    Chuck as Metatron is pretty cool coz it means Rob can always comes back. However, I still do believe that Kripke intended Chuck to be God as he had implied a few times. Maybe he can be Metatron and in the end actually found out he is actually God himself?

    As for perceptions, there are many. Dean different perceptions of his escape. Cas unknown perception of his current situations. Sam perception that he could really escape the family business. Benny perception of being a ‘good’ vampire. Kevin perception of his new life. And Crowley perception of the collection of tablets & what would happen if he could get them all.

    Everybody have different perception of the same thing.

    But I really don’t want Amelia to be fake. I honestly don’t understand the hate on her. Can we get some female character that wouldn’t turn out bad or killed off? Having the boys are sweeet but just the boys only? So far fans are ok with Mama Tran, Charlie & the sheriff. But add a love interest and the hates starts to pour out. I honestly getting tired of the hate. Seven years man…seven years…

    • Emma

      Sure, Sam was happy for that year with Amelia but at what cost? I feel like the writers have done some character assassination with Sam this season and I want there to be a real reason for that.

      Sam not looking for Dean (even for a week!) just seems so coldhearted and un-Sam like. Especially when Dean was all Sam had. I want there to be reason that he didn’t look. A good reason. Angelic-whammy and mental breakdown are both excellent reasons.

      I would have been more OK with Sam being happy & moving on with Amelia if the show had taken the time to show us how much Sam grieved Dean. We have not really seen that. We haven’t seen much of Sam’s past year at all and it is frustrating. Frustrating to get so much Benny and guest star backstory, but none on Sam. I want to learn more about Sam’s reasoning so that I can understand it and feel more sympathetic towards him. I don’t want to just hear that Sam’s world “imploded” when Dean died. I want to see that. I need to see that.

      I am also still scratching my head over Sam and Dean’s reunion. Sam just didn’t seem surprised or shocked to see Dean alive. It was like “Oh, hey. Happy to see you, brother.” I actually felt that Sam showed more emotion / excitement to see Cas over Dean. Sam’s reaction to Dean being back just doesn’t make sense for a person who’s “world imploded” when Dean disappeared. It was so…lackluster.

      Something is definitely not right with Sam. And I want an explanation for that. Until I get that, the show is just less enjoyable to watch on a whole. I feel like the writers are walking a fine line. A line that they have done before with soulless!Sam and I feel they should have learned from. People got frustrated waiting for a reveal like that. It just seems to be dragging out. I find Sam kinda unlikable right now….but I want to love him again like I always have. Let me love him again, writers!

      Hah. And now imagine how I will feel if there really is no Sam reveal.

      • Percysowner

        I totally agree that Sam’s actions don’t make any sense. I also get the feeling that the writers don’t care or don’t think it is a problem. I’m just preparing myself for no Sam reveal ever.

      • jedaqia

        Well, the Power-that-Be did mention the first half of the season is about Dean perception, then it moved on to Sam so I’m not so worried about Sam story. Another thing I note is that when Sam met Dean again he said “I couldn’t believe you’re alive.” So it might be he really did think that Dean had died. If he did, then it would be natural for him to act that way. If he died, Dean would end up in heaven, which is actually a good thing. So Sam letting go is normal. Take note that he also told Amelia that he lost his brother when she told him that her husband had died. Might be Sam had some clarification that Dean had died.

        Sam had gone through a lot & most of them are because the brothers keep trying to bring each other back. So there might be somewhere in his mind that enough is enough. But Sam is back with his brother now and he still worry; take note when he couldn’t contact Dean over the Benny case. He was still scared that he lost Dean all over again.

        One thing I do hope won’t happen (tho most likely) is when it comes to show Sam perception, Dean fans would stop complaining about…’Oh no…its about Sam again. Boo hooo…’ Sometime, I do think fans complain too much (no, I’m referring to the writers of this post) If I’m a script writer I would be confused and frustrated. They go right, fans complain. They go left, fans complain. They go straight (change characters), fans says its OOC. They go back (maintain characters), fans says the character is boring and the writers not doing anything to improve.

        You know, its great to think about the theories & properly talk about it. But sometime there is a fine line between discussing and whining.

        • jedaqia

          Edit :

          One thing I do hope WILL happen (tho most UNlikely) is when it comes to show Sam perception, Dean fans would just STOP complaining about…’Oh no…its about Sam again. Boo hooo…’ Sometime, I do think fans complain too much (no, I’m NOT referring to the writers of this post)

          **nyeh sorry my english**

  • luisl

    You’re getting annoying with the theories regarding Sam. He changed. Get over it. He didn’t look for Dean.

    • Clarissa

      We’re getting annoying because the situation could seem out of place? Like the person watching Sam’s house in the premiere. That doesn’t seem unusual to you? Kate and I weren’t complaining because Sam might be acting different or complaining about him not looking for Dean, we’re simply putting forward possible theories and speculating on what MIGHT be happening behind the scenes.

    • Percysowner


    • Sally

      Change requires insight not a shrug of shoulders from the writers. Sam has been a character badly hurt by his past writing I haven’t found a real reason for their decision to take Sam down this path however in doing so and making a major decision on Sam’s behalf particually not looking for Dean then insightful story telling is a must.
      Amelia’s flashbacks have given us a idea of Sam’s year but not the heart of it and that is what should be happening so theories are a good way of making sense of something wether those theories are right or wrong.

  • Mar

    Lately I’ve been thinking that “Perception” may refer to what the tablets themselves say. I wonder if something/one is deceiving them all, and the instructions aren’t for closing hell but something else.

  • CJ

    I don’t really know what to make of all these but I do know that what Dean said about Benny being a better brother is crap. If you put yourself in Sam’s shoes and he did try to look for Dean, where on earth would he start? How was Sam surpossed to know Dean went to purgatory, they was nothing writen anywhere telling Sam what happened. Even if by some mericle Sam managed to figure it out, how was he surposed to get him back. We all saw what happened and what it took to open purgatory, on both ocassions. There was nothing he could do in the long run, he could have spent the next 15 odd years trying to figure it out (a good example is SGA, The Last Man). I’d love the idea of Chuck coming back, Chuck was a much better prophet then Kevin is and he would make an even better God.

  • Bela

    since 8.01 i had a theory for the end of Jeremy reign/ end of Supernatural. 8.07 is just clicking my theory more into place. :D I mean obviously it may not pan out that way( and it probably won’t) All i can say is that i’m LOVE LOVE LOVING THE NEW SEASON!. That is all

  • Fluffy2107

    In my opinion Crowley really did a good number on Sam.
    Remeber, HE knew all along, where Dean hat most likely been.
    But what he said to Sam, was something else entirely.
    “He´s gone. You are well and truly alone”

    He manipulated Sam into thinking Dean is dead all along.
    Dean gone and Cas gone, Bobby gone and the king of hell had the Prophet too. (who´s protection detail should actually have been the Angels)

    Crowley just wanted him down and he did his best to keep him down.

  • shou

    the..the OOC thing, the contrast flashback of Sam and Dean? seriously just ejoy it because I believe there’s a secret behind this. Remember on season 6 where fans complained aout Sam turned Dean into Vampire and it was so OoC? wew…it turned out that Sam acually a souless Sam! And I found these situations are the same like todays…

  • Destiny

    My big problem with the “somethings wrong with Sam” trope is that its so overdone. Something is always wrong with Sam to the point where I no longer care or have any sympathy for it. Sam gets to act like a jerk, stomp all over every insecurity that Dean has and never really have to take any real responsibility for it because it really isn’t his fault because (insert random excuse here). Been there, done that, lather rinse repeat. Maybe the writers should show some originality and just have Sam acknowledge that he hurt his brother, even though he didn’t mean to, and say sorry. I’d have far more respect for the character admitted how he could understand why Dean felt so hurt instead of the annual excuse why he’s once again the ultimate victim.

    It also makes the character look very weak and not able to stand on his own two feet. Every year the show makes Dean relearn that he needs to let Sam go but how is he supposed to do that if Sam falls apart anytime Dean’s not in picture? Show keeps trying to send a message that its Dean who needs Sam, but I keep seeing the exact opposite. Every time Sam loses Dean he gets himself into a major mess, that Dean needs to clean up.

    Dean may have lost it and made the deal when Sam died but when Sam was in hell, Dean was collecting books and researching. He wasn’t poking at the cage or trying to sell his soul. That to me represents character growth. Dean was greiving hard but he didn’t fall completely apart. He had a few happy moments with Lisa, even if he wasn’t happy overall. Even the deal with Death, Dean learned first hand that his actions have consequences and took off the ring knowing exactly where Sam was, what was happening to him and where he would stay for eternity.

    In the past the “something wrong with Sam” usually invalidates all the emotional pain and trauma Dean suffered. Sam gets the pat on the head and Dean gets told to suck it up. Not interested in seeing that again. Maybe its’ Dean’s turn for someone to actually acknowledge that all the trauma and loss Sam suffered, Dean did to. He wasn’t exactly playing paintball and camping for a year, but its still poor Sam, whats wrong with him. Maybe someone (Sam) needs to take the time and realize that Dean might need some support too, and not of the boo hoo variety. It’s why I loved Cas’s speech at the end of 8.7. He took all responsibility and showed an understanding of what Dean was going through, and reassured him it wasn’t his fault, and that Cas appreciated the effort, regardless.

    Plus, I have no interest in Dean having to apologize or be painted as the bad brother because he didn’t realize that Sam had a nervous breakdown (like in season 4 where Dean was berated because he wasn’t there for Sam) That one had me scratching my head considering Dean just got back from 40 years of torture in hell.

    So maybe after purgatory it should be Sam’s job to be there for Dean instead of Dean once again expected to suck it up and be there for Sam.

    I am so OD’d on victim Sam, its doesn’t make me feel sympathy for him, I at the point where I roll my eyes and reach for the fastforward button. I’d have more respect for the character if the show just had it be 100% pure Sam who made the choice, for once.

    Also Amelia being a hallucination is another been there, done that. We’ve already seen this storyline. Granted, not well but can

    • Clarissa

      I won’t touch the Sam vs. Dean emotional maturity debate, but do you realize that asking the question “what’s up with Sam” doesn’t actually mean that something is “wrong” with him? Having his life influenced by the angels doesn’t mean he’s having a nervous breakdown or being weak. Nor does it necessitate an apology from his brother for perceived slights. It simply means that Sam is potentially being manipulated by outside forces. Possibly in the same way that Castiel is currently being manipulated. It doesn’t actually have to mean more than that.

      In addition, having a nervous breakdown (if it’s true), also doesn’t necessarily have to do with anything of the ‘boo hoo variety’. It could simply mean that Sam loves his brother very much and has gone through a tremendous amount of crap in his life and just snapped when he lost him.

      • Destiny

        At this point, angelic plant, or nervous breakdown both fit my definition of “Sam done come back wrong.” The show needs to drop “Dean needs to let Sam go/grow up.” because every time he does, Sam gets himself in a pickle. So Dean really can’t let Sam go because the show keeps forcing him right back into that roll. Or Sam’s hunting instincts are so awful that he can’t tell when he’s being manipulated.

        What’s wrong with the show just going the route that Sam chose not too look and really had his relationship with Amelia. Sam has a long history of walking away from Dean. For me its not that far out of character.

        • Percysowner

          For many viewers including me and the writer of this article it is deeply out of character. Sam never abandoned Dean when Dean was in need. He did what he could to get Dean out of Hell, tried to make a deal, tried to pick the lock on the Gate to Hell. He left Dean to go kill Lilith in a suicide run when Dean would not accept Sam’s choice of weapons. He went after Dean in PONR because he believed Dean was strong enough to say no to Michael. The time he left were for college when Dean was hunting with John. Even when soulless Sam eventually felt a pull toward Dean even though he didn’t feel the emotions to go with it. Sam tracked what he believed to be the Trickster for 6 months to get Dean back in Mystery Spot. He faced his Cage memories so Dean wouldn’t be alone. None of this speaks to a guy who would just assume Dean was dead and who wouldn’t even call a few hospitals in the area to be sure.

          For me the Sam didn’t look for Dean story doesn’t fit what I know of Sam. For you it does. That is why the people who don’t think it fits continue to discuss what is really going on with Sam, because we think something is.

          • Clarissa

            I don’t think the fact that Sam didn’t look for Dean is “deeply out of character”. I said that Sam’s behavior since he’s returned has been slightly strange and I think there is something going on behind the scenes with his entire situation. In fact, in my article I specifically said I had no plans to touch the whole “out of character” debate and I stuck by that. My theory has nothing to do with that at all.

            Given the way Dean disappeared this time and the recent losses suffered by Sam, I see his actions as “wanting to get as far away from anything supernatural as possible”, not “leaving Dean to rot in some terrible dimension”. I’ve been pretty clear on the fact that I don’t find Sam’s actions unbelievable.

          • Percysowner

            Sorry I misinterpreted you opinion and misstated you actual views. My bad.

        • Sara

          I have to agree with Destiny on this:

          “What’s wrong with the show just going the route that Sam chose not too look and really had his relationship with Amelia.”

          I also agree that Sam in the victim role has been completely over done. I’d like to see the writers humanize Sam more, as they’ve done with Dean over previous seasons, by having his choice to quit hunting and not look for Dean be a completely human choice he made-and if it’s one that he regrets to just have him express that regret and of he doesn’t regret it to at least explain to Dean why he doesn’t. A simply human sl, with all the requisite questionable choices and decisions he made addressed in a way that would make Sam more relateable on a more genuinely human level has been long overdue, IMO. This would be different and new and refreshing to me, so personally speaking, it’s what I’m hoping we’ll get out of the Amelia sl AND I think with it written in this way, it would also be better vehicle for re-examining and addressing the issues between the brothers that have just never seemed to have truly been resolved. And it’s time for this, IMO, because the constant recycling of those issues no longer makes for an enjoyable viewing experience for most of us, if the boards are anything to go by.

          • Destiny

            Sara, thank you. You said in one sentence what I was trying to say in multiple paragraphs. There is nothing relateable about Sam for me. People make mistakes, they act hypocritical and are selfish. I can relate to Sam feeling so overwhelmed that he ran from his responsibility, but he needs to acknowledge this. There are times I’ve wanted to do this. I can relate to do something selfish because it benefits my needs over the other person. Actions can have unexpected consequences. Even if Sam didn’t mean to hurt Dean, he has to understand exactly how Dean would take Sam not looking for him, and that is perception Sam is presenting. It doesn’t make a person any less of a man or invalidate their POV to have Sam acknowledge this. Did it diminish Cas for anyone that acknowledged staying behind was completely his choice? It would go a long way to making Sam a “human” character again, for me anyway. Much more than Sam the perpetual victim. That’s why what’s up/what’s wrong with Sam are the exact same thing at this point in the story.

          • Sara

            I just read a great meta on why, at this point, the best way for the writers to save the Sam character would be for them to keep Sam’s story as they seemingly originally planned for it to be-meaning a sl that was intended to be viewed at simply face value so that Sam could finally face up to the ways that he’s hurt his brother within this CO-dependent and highly dysfunctional relationship that they’ve shared since childhood. IMO, over the course of th eentire series, we’ve been SHOWN, ample times, the many mixed messages he sends to Dean as regards his want/need to be/hunt with his brother. And we’ve been SHOWN how he’s often projected his own feelings of weakness and inadequacy onto Dean as a means of coping with his own questionable choices and decisions-but what we haven’t been shown is a Sam who has recognized that by doing these things, he’s aided and abetted the continued the vicious cycle of Dean mistakenly shouldering the blame for the actions of everyone he loves because he somehow has warped this into his not been strong enough to help them avoid the pitfalls of their own making(and I, too, thought this message was conveyed beautifully to him by Cas at the end of 8.07). Having Sam recognize and show regret for the times he’s hurt Dean in this way-and of course, it was all done subconsciously and in a pre-conditioned from childhood manner-just as Dean’s actions were and have been shown to be, IMO-this is what would make Sam more relateable on a genuinely human level to me-not some supernatural excuse, again and some more. They have a real opportunity here to make Sam more likable than he’s been since S2-even while they’ve made him more UNlikable(albeit in a way that is, again IMO, very honest/truthful to the series-long story) than they ever have before. I hope they won’t waste it.

        • Clarissa

          Unlike some other fans, I really have no problem with Sam not looking for Dean. Given the circumstances of Dean’s disappearance, I think that Sam’s grief and his desire to move past the life were completely understandable and I’ve said this multiple times in my reviews. For me, it’s absolutely NOT a deal-breaker.

          Does that mean that something sinister isn’t going on behind the scenes? Not necessarily. There’s still the mysterious person watching Sam drive off in the season premiere.

          But let me be clear, if Sam is being manipulated or watched that doesn’t mean they forced him not to look for Dean. So in that respect, the whole “not looking for Dean” thing doesn’t really have anything to do with either theory we presented. If other people choose to interpret my theory as “Sam was manipulated into not looking for Dean” then that’s their choice, but that’s not MY intention.

          • JuliaG

            My problem with Sam’s story is not that he didn’t look for Dean, but that there has been no reasonable explanation in canon as to why. We can all imagine all the reasons, ie. grief, too many recent losses, mental breakdown, etc., but until we hear Sam tell Dean or someone else what his state of mind was after Dean’s disappearance, it’s all fanwank. All that Sam said so far is that he thought that Dean was dead, and then he said that he didn’t have anyone to call, which I thought meant that he didn’t think that Dean was dead. It’s simply not enough, and it’s confusing writing to boot.

            Clarissa, I remember reading your hopes for season 8, and one of them was that Sam had to be the one to rescue Dean, that is was non-negociable. As it turned out, not only has Sam not found Dean, but he didn’t even look for him. What made you change your mind if you don’t mind me asking?

          • Clarissa

            JuliaG – sorry, I couldn’t hit the reply button to your actual response, but I’ll talk to you here.

            I did say that before season 8 began! Good memory! At the time, I really did hope that the show would lean in that direction, but as Comic-Con passed and then the season premiere, I realized that it clearly wouldn’t. So why did I change my mind? Well, I don’t think Sam’s decision to want a normal life is out of character, but that’s not really what we’re talking about, right? The question is, why am I OK with his decision not to look for Dean? Well, seeing Sam’s quiet devastation at the loss of his brother convinced me how grief-stricken he was. And, frankly, seeing how it’s played out, I understand his decision now (assuming it wasn’t influenced, which it could possibly be, or even if it wasn’t). For me, it’s really not a dealbreaker and I don’t think it’s out of character. And I don’t say that in a mean way to indicate that Sam would let his brother rot there in Purgatory. I think that if Sam believed there was a way to save Dean, he would have done it.

            When I made my previous statement I really thought Sam would have some sort of leads about Dean’s whereabouts. But after hearing more about the situation, I see that he clearly didn’t. And, honestly, I’ve really loved how Dean’s Purgatory storyline has played out. I also said in that article that I wanted to see Purgatory and I am SO happy that we have, so maybe I am willing to negotiate a little bit on the Sam thing.

            I hope that makes sense!

        • Sally

          I dont mind the show giving us more on why Sam didnt look for Dean that is something he can regret but not everything else I do not want him saying sorry for Amelia and his year wanting out of hunting. The humanizing of Sam shouldnt result in exactly what we had when he had the mytharc , neither should it result in victimizing Dean .

          There has to be balance in what they give us as there is two sides to a story to many times in the past Sam’s actions and words were highlighted in how they impacted and hurt Dean but very little the other way round .The sad thing is Sam not looking will be another situation held over his head while the irony is that Purgatory and Sam will be used to explain his actions and mindset. Sam having a breakdown there would be nothing wrong in that considering everything and not just losing Dean but everything on top his time in the cage the lot it wouldnt be a surprise . But even that it seems would be considered a excuse not worthy of understanding but only more exploration of Sam’s year will shed a light on things.

    • Jedaqia

      “Maybe the writers should show some originality and just have Sam acknowledge that he hurt his brother, even though he didn’t mean to, and say sorry.”

      Are you sure we are watching the same show? Or you just got on the boat and pretended that you knew? Sam said sorry a few times already…since Season 1. Yes, you do have your own point of view but honestly it’s pretty redundant. Somehow, I feel that you are actually reacting to other fans perception and not to the actual storyline. I’m not a SamGirl or DeanGirl or whatsoever coz I love all the characters (including female characters that had been killed). Both boys were victims and also survivors. Both of them needs each other. Both of them clean each other messes. Both of them makes mistakes and had apologize to each other.

  • JuliaG

    Clarissa, me again. I couldn’t reply directly under your answer.

    So, I undersand where you’re coming from. Most Dean fans are loving his story this year and are more inclined to disregard the negative aspects of the show. Unfortunately, I’m a huge Sam fan and I think his story is awful. I haven’t seen Sam’s “quiet devastation” the way you have. I haven’t heard any reasons either as to why Sam couldn’t look for Dean. The last words he said during season 7 were: “Where’s Dean?” and then when season 8 started, he said that he thought Dean was dead. Why? After all they’ve been through, why? He said they had no one to call, but we’ve already seen Garth. Sam’s flashbacks are terrible, and so short that we can’t get emotionally invested in them, in spite of the fact that it’s supposed to be an emotional storyline. His dialogue for the most part has been dreadful, ie. “you had Benny!” over and over. As you can see, I’m pretty upset and I can’t enjoy Dean’s story when Sam’s story sucks so, so much.

    • Clarissa

      Yeah, this commenting system is totally weird.

      I wanted to reply again because I don’t want you to think that I don’t like Sam or that I’m ignoring negative aspects of the show. To be quite honest, I love a lot of things about this season overall, particularly compared to the past two seasons. Personally, I don’t see Sam’s storyline as a negative this season. I will admit that his flashbacks aren’t as cool as Dean’s are, but that’s sort of to be expected given the fact that Dean’s are full of action and Sam’s are full of a normal life. And I will also admit that I haven’t really warmed up to Amelia, but that’s probably more of a reflection on how the writers have chosen to portray her than anything else. I do believe we’ll get more perspective from Sam in the second half of the season as Laura had mentioned after her recent visit to the set. But for me, I don’t find his storyline terrible overall. Are there things I might change? Sure. There are always a few things I wish they would tweak in any given season or episode. But I’m actually more interested in finding out the identity of that mysterious person watching the house than seeing his day to day life with Amelia.

      To me, Supernatural is a genre show. I wasn’t crazy about Dean’s normal life in season 6 and I’m not crazy about Sam’s normal life in season 8, even if I understand his desire for it. Not because I find it boring, but just because it doesn’t really fit in with my own idea of the show. So I’m more interested in how Sam fits into the overall mytharc of the season than wondering why his flashbacks don’t seem to be on par with Dean’s. I would prefer that they focus on that. But that’s just my opinion!

    • Fluffy2107

      To be honest… I enjoy the Sam mystery tremendously.
      Might be the only person on the world, but I love it.
      It´s so awkwardly normal and weird at the same time.
      That tearful, broken smile after he FB of the birthday picknick?
      I cried. I admit it without shame. I cried.
      And I love love love Amelia. When she said “That´s my hero” I just about melted at the look on Sam´s face. Remembering, that he was even more of a hero, than she could ever possibly know? Yeah, that kinda broke my heart a little.

      IF she doesn´t know, was my second thought. What if she does and is manipulating him?
      But nooooooo… come one. It´s so sweet. Let the boy have some rest. He needs it. He lost everything and then some…
      But wait, isn´t she an awful lot like Dean? Snarky, drinking too much, damaged?
      And isn´t that dog weirdly well behaved?

      But… my God… Sam being at peace? For the first time in 30 years?
      Can´t we keep it like that for like… 5 minutes?
      But I wonder, what it took him to get there. Before he hit the dog?

      Though… he is acting strange…
      Like he´s on drugs or something…
      What about that deep dark pool of anger just right under the surface?
      Yeah, let Dean pick on you and just trot along… uhm no?

      And it´s gone on and on like this since 8.01
      Color me intruiged.


      as for not looking for Dean.
      In my opinion that was some clear manipulation on Crowley’s part, using Sam´s already damaged psyche.

      Where’s Dean?
      That bone… has a bit of a kick. God weapons often do. They should put a warning on the box.
      Where are they, Crowley?!
      Can’t help you, Sam

      You certainly got a lot on your plate right now. It looks like you are well and truly… on your own.

      • Jedaqia

        For me, there is no mystery about Sam & Amelia…apart from the shadow lurking outside their house. I also believe that Sam believe that Dean had died. Trying to bring him back would not be a good choice as per previous seasons so I think Sam is learning from those mistakes. Anyway, if Dean had died he would end up in heaven so naturally it would be best if Sam let go. As for his strange character, it might be because he really wants to go back to his ‘dream’ life. He had it good & maybe felt it was not fair that it was yanked back from him. So there are some bitterness there. But I think he began to accept that he’s back as a hunter again.

  • witch22

    I am a sam/jared girl. The lack of his screen time is frustating. I simply can’t enjoy the show. I do hope the writer remember to write something about sam too……….resolutely ignoring 30 sec flashbacks.

  • Maya

    After I read this amazing theories and watch S8 ep. 8 ¨Huntero Heroici¨ I’m actually starting to think that the theories about Sam are true, I read a lot of comments about this ep. and a lot of people is complaining about that it was just a “filler episode” but I don’t think so, I think it was a hint about was really going on with Sam, that he actually is leaving in a “Dream World” I don’t think Amelia isn’t real, but after all that’s been said in the episode and the theories I don’t think that Sam is having flashbacks, I think he’s having “Flash Sideways” like in season 6 in Lost, so everything that we have been seen about Sam and Amelia and we believe are flashbacks is actually happen in that moment in Sam’s head.

  • lpili13

    After I´ve watched S8 ep. 8 ¨Huntero Heroici¨,which i totally loved, im more involved and interested in Sam´s storyline. I think they´re giving us the perfect doses of story which keep up interested and looking for more. I also believe Amelia is real and im looking forward what happen next.
    And about the rest of the episode, i´ve loved also Castiel´s moments. He´s dealing with so many regrets from the past and while he´s ready to act about them and making his own decissions, there´s Naomi who may or may be not trying to manipulate him. And with Sam and Cas dealing with so many things, i´d love to see how Dean reacts to them. It was so refreshing to see Dean actually wanting to know whats going on with Castiel, and i have no doubts he´ll ask same question to Sam soon enough.
    This season is being so great. Im so glad to see Dean, Sam and Cas together, with different stories and feelings and decissions to make. Looking for next episodes so eager!

  • Jay

    The reason no Angels came to rescue Chuck is because there’s little to no Angels left at all. Lucifer and Michael are in Hell, Gabriel and Raphael are dead, Metatron clearly left after finishing the Demon tablet, and Azrael hasn’t been confirmed to even exist. No more archangels = no more instant prophet bodyguard duty.

    And even if other angels could come to his rescue, as mentioned before, very few are left and I’d venture to say that most of them don’t even care anymore. Another clue is how Samandriel asked Miss Tran if they could watch over her son, so some are interested but in general they are incapable, at least at the moment.

    Also, Rob didn’t assume that Chuck was God, Eric Kripke asked him if he enjoyed playing God. It’s rather confirmed in it’s own sense.

    Also, I doubt this has anything to do with Apocalypse 2.0. I mean we’ve spent 2 seasons on the Apocalypse and one more on Raphael trying to start it again. It’d be a bit redundant of them to keep feeding as that crap after all this rambling on and on about it.

    The idea of Amelia being in Sam’s imagination is very interesting! I never liked her, at all. Plus the idea of Sam, the dude who was making (Or trying to make) demon deals and trying to open hell gates to bring Dean back from hell, the dude who jumped in hell to save the world, the person who risked his life by stabbing God Castiel in the back in order to save Dean and Bobby, suddenly giving up after his brother vanishes off the face of the Earth, or better yet, not even trying to look for him at all, is just ridiculous.

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