Switched at Birth Preview: Pre-Wedding Events Take an Unexpected Turn

imagesToby had to help Nikki deal with uncovering her family’s history in this week’s Switched at Birth. After confronting her mother and learning about her father’s drug dealing side job, Nikki had a crisis of faith, leading Toby to ask Kathryn to host the wedding ceremony at the house instead of the church. Meanwhile, Bay tried to figure out ways to get Ty discharged from the army, but he was insistent that he would honor his obligations and return to Afghanistan. He took her on a camping trip to teach her how to be strong while he was away, but it just led to an argument over his “test”. After a cooling off period, she returned to their camp site and the two realized how difficult his deployment would be for the both of them and, in the end, Ty asked Bay for help in getting stationed closer to home.

Daphne had to sit in an interview for Intern of the Year with Senator Coto, who made a few thinly veiled threats about her blackmail and Daphne is concerned about retaliation, despite Jace’s insistence that Coto has more to lose. But Daphne just wanted to avoid jail and told Jace she wanted nothing more to do with him.

In next week’s episode, “Bay and Daphne throw Nikki an impromptu bachelorette party while a call from Simone alters the course of Toby’s bachelor party. Meanwhile, Kathryn is surprised at Jennice’s (guest star Joey Lauren Adams, “Chasing Amy”) extravagant wedding requests, and a change in their living situation leads Angelo and Regina to reevaluate their relationship.”

Watch a preview below for the August 12 episode of Switched at Birth, airing at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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