Switched at Birth Preview: Regina Makes a Hurtful Confession and Daphne Gets a New Boyfriend

Switched at BirthBay moved in with Regina in this week’s Switched at Birth, telling Kathryn that it was only until Angelo returned home, but both the Kennish and Vasquez families had to adjust to the new living situations. Meanwhile, Bay tried to figure out how to deal with Ty and his return from the army. He was reluctant to discuss his experience in Afghanistan and one of his fellow soliders who committed suicide and Bay simply didn’t know how to get through to him. But a visit from Regina convinced Ty to open up more with Bay.

Angelo finally resurfaced this week, trying to track down his daughter.  He found a couple in Virginia that he believed adopted his daughter and tried to get her back.  But he later learned the baby wasn’t his and returned home to Regina and Bay, asking them to stick around.  John also had to learn to balance his new political duties and his role as a business owner when his car wash manager quit suddenly. Fortunately for John, Travis really stepped up and helped him out, asking him if he could act as the new manager. But the situation got complicated when Toby asked his father for the managerial job in order to save money for his wedding.  John seemed eager to offer the position to Travis, wanting to give him an opportunity that he wouldn’t otherwise have, but he caved in the end and promoted Toby.

In next week’s Switched at Birth, Toby and Nikki’s relationship starts falling victim to the demands of an “adult life”. Bay also notices the stress that her brother is under with work and planning a wedding and books his band to perform at the local carnival. Meanwhile, Angelo isn’t pleased by his houseguests’ messiness, Adrianna’s visits are starting to aggravate Kathryn, and Jace introduces Daphne to geocaching.

Watch a preview below for the June 24 episode of Switched at Birth on ABC Family.


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