New Face-Off Season Premieres Tonight


Alright, I’ll admit. Face-Off may just be one of my favorite shows of all time, So I am extra excited right now, because the new season starts tonight at 9 on the SyFy channel. I have Always loved special effects and how they are used in movies, and to have a show that shows us the behind-the-scenes aspects of that is amazing. It is like peeling one more layer off the movie business and showing us how it works under the surface. And who doesn’t like a little behind-the-scenes now and then?

On top of that, unlike most reality contest shows, Face-Off seems to always attract honest and interesting people, so all the drama and backstabbing stuff you normally see is replaced with people just passionate about what they do, doing the best they can. There is very rarely smack talk, and on the occasions when the show has had people like that, they tend to get voted off rather fast, because their frustration with others reflects in their shoddy work.

What is more normal on this show is to see someone mess up or break a mold, and see OTHER CONTESTANTS come in and try to help fix it with that person before judging. So not only do you learn that special effects are cool and a trip to watch, it also shows us that there are some good, honest, genuine people left in this world, and on reality TV no less. Who would have seen that coming?

So tune in tonight and 9 and ready yourself for a new season of cool creatures and kind people. Trust me, it is way cooler than I am making it sound right now.

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