Syfy Channel Unveils Digital Expansion Plan for Face Off and Others

Syfy has announced it will usher in a suite of new delivery and expansion technologies featured around its original programming. Syfy Digital has announced four new projects including its first ever original unscripted series, new apps for Windows Phone and Roku, and the upcoming release of sync-to-broadcast functionality for the already successful Syfy app available for iPad and Android tablets that will debut with season three of the hit series Face Off. Among the offerings:

    • BlastrTV Hosted by Andrea Feczko, Syfy Digital Studio’s first unscripted show will feature a unique take on the stories, people and events that shape the current sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres. It launches this June and will be distributed online on VOD, and Hulu, and across Syfy‘s mobile, tablet, Xbox Live and Roku apps.
    • Blastr App for Windows Phone In addition to the new Blastr TV show, Syfy is releasing a new Blastr app for Microsoft’s Windows Phone this summer. The app will utilize unique features of Windows Phone, such as live tiles while providing easy access on the go to Blastr’s video content, including Blastr TV, news stories and photo galleries.
    • Syfy Sync for Face Off Syfy will be updating its iPad and Android tablet apps to include sync-to-broadcast technology that will allow fans of the smash hit Face Off to unlock an exclusive multimedia experience synced to the show, providing detailed hi-res photos of each transformation and bonus video scenes when the series returns this summer.
    • Roku Syfy is launching a marketing and promotional app for the popular Roku streaming devices intended to promote viewership on Syfy in multichannel video programming distributor homes, beginning later this year; Syfy launched an app for Xbox Live in 2011. The digital video content will be a mix of Syfy’s award-winning online originals, webisodes and newly-announced Digital Studio content. All content will be available in HD.

    In a press released issued today Craig Engler, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Syfy Digital said “As viewers and advertisers demand more original premium video content, we’re excited to be able to offer them new shows like Blastr TV, and to offer them more ways to watch those shows. Our partnership with Roku will make Syfy‘s digital content instantly available to the nearly 2.5 million people who own Roku devices, a huge number that’s growing every day.” is one of the leading imagination-based websites, averaging 3.7 million unique visitors per month. includes the lifestyle blogs Blastr and DVICE; Syfy Games featuring popular games such as the MMOG Battlestar Galactica Online; major show sites for the channel’s scripted and unscripted programming, from Warehouse 13 and Ghost Hunters to Being Human and Face off, video hubs showcasing online original content and video blogs along with Syfy Rewind, which presents full episodes of Syfy‘s critically acclaimed programming.

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