SyFy’s Avalanche Sharks Are Coming!

avA Sharknado is one thing. Board up the windows, lock the doors, and get in the basement. But when it is an bunch of sharks forming an avalanche, no one is safe. Avalanche Sharks is the new SyFy movie, and it seems the network is doing all it can to recreate the magic from Sharknado. Thing is, a magical thing like that only happens once in a lifetime. SyFy doesn’t care though, and insists lightning can strike the same place, several times. Well, probably shark lightning.

So Avalanche Sharks is about, well, sharks that can swim in the snow. They just happen to hit up one snow loving town (during spring break, no less) and all kinds of madness ensues. Well, not all kinds.  Just a bunch of snow sharks eating bad actors. But that in itself could merit a viewing.

It is easy to see that SyFy just likes making absurd movies that get people talking, and it seems Avalanche Sharks will be no different. It is silly and over-the-top, and everything we have come to know and love about the network. Uproxx has the trailer if you are feeling irreverent enough to want to see what Avalanche Sharks is all about.

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