Tommy Lee Has a New Reality Show on Syfy

Shilo Adams March 21, 2011 2

When I think about the Syfy Channel, I think about haunted buildings, werewolves, and robots. When I think about the Syfy Channel, I think about special effects, Twilight Zone marathons, and gloriously cheesy B-movies on Saturday night. When I think about the Syfy Channel, I think about…Tommy Lee?!

Yes, according to Entertainment Weekly’s James Hibberd, the Motley Crue drummer will star in a new reality show for the Syfy Channel. Titled Culture Shock with Tommy Lee, the show will follow Lee as he delves into secret societies, i.e. rituals, symbols, etc. He’s said to “immerse himself in the society, meet with former members, and participate in their ceremonies”, per EW.

I’m surprising even myself when I say that I would totally watch this. Say what you want about him, but Lee has a ton of charisma and using him as a conduit to all things mysterious sounds like a plan to me. This sounds like one of those shows that will suck you into a marathon on a cold, rainy weekend, the perfect TV comfort food that will be equal parts unnerving, funny, and informative. The show doesn’t have a premiere date set, but trust me when I say that the second I find out, you guys will be the first to kow.

What do you think about the latest move from Syfy? Do you think you’ll watch Culture Shock? When would you air the show?

  • MandyJane

    I think I'm becoming less and less interested in anything SyFy has to offer. Once they cancel all the real scripted science fiction, I won't watch the channel at all. This new reality show doesn't even tempt me.

  • http://zap2it amie

    Omg, this is so exciting i can't wait…tommy lee is so much fun to watch,he's so open and honest, i think he'll "freek" when he realizes the tru nature of our government,what there all about and about how symbolisim and ritual play a very real part in all of this.This show is gonna be "sick".amie