Teen Wolf 3.19 Review: “Letharia Vulpina”


Maybe it just us, but it seems that no one on Teen Wolf can catch a break these days. One of the themes that Season 3B has had so far since they came from the hiatus is a deep and psychological approach.

Now more than ever, the show is really making you think and taking notice of several details which is one of the signs that shows us that Teen Wolf is both growing and changing.

While it’s scary to see Stiles being the way he is right now, it’s also very fascinating to be able to feel some fear from this character. Stiles have never really been the type of character that scares you.

We have mentioned previously that it’s good to see Dylan O’Brien get some new material for this character. However, the possibility that he may die at the end of this season is something that continues to be a disturbing factor for us as viewers. Who could have ever imagined three seasons that our beloved and funny Stiles would end up in a mess like this?

While perhaps some of you viewers noticed all the signs, we didn’t pay attention to the odd hints that Stiles was giving to us throughout the whole episode. We realized that his dark side had done something incredibly twisted, but we really thought that when Scott and the twins found him, that he was in fact in control again.

It was nice to see Dr. Deaton again, especially since he was able to stop (at least for now) the dark spirit in Stiles. The funny thing about him is that he is always able to kick butt in a discreet way. Even though the things that he did in the opening scene were supposed to be dark, it felt funny in a way as well.

In this episode, we learn more about Kira’s family and just as predicted, both of them seems to have a big role in this current arc. Last week we learned that Kira’s mother was definitely involved, but it was also good to finally learn that the father was also part of it.

It appears that Kira is starting to become more powerful and also capable of controlling her Kitsune side. We got a hint through her eyes glowing yellow (or even gold-ish?) and we definitely think that she may actually transform into something at the end of the season.

Uncle Peter has always been an awesome and entertaining character both when he has been good and bad. However, since they came back from the hiatus, he hasn’t really been featured a lot and despite the big love for the character, the arc that they introduced in this episode felt random. There was a tease in the mid-season finale that he would potentially play a big role in the second half, but so far they haven’t really pushed that forward.

The best part to come out of his scenes last night was the interaction he had with Lydia. The fact that they finally brought up the things that he did to her in the previous seasons, was appreciated. They also gave us some more details on Lydia’s powers because that is something that we want to learn more about.

The revelation that Peter was in fact a father and that Malia is his daughter came out of nowhere (hence why his arc feels so random right now). This is something that they could have saved for next season because as of now, how will it connect to any of the bigger arcs that are going on right now? Maybe in time, we will found out, but as of now, we don’t see how it will fit in with anything.

Overall, “Letharia Vulpina” was another strong episode and with only five episodes left of what has been a powerful season for the show, things are heating up more than ever.

Teen Wolf airs on Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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