Teen Wolf 3.21 Review: ”The Fox and The Wolf”

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by Andy Behbakht

Flashbacks have gotten itself a bigger role on television for the past couple of years and they are now more intriguing than ever. We have had a good number of flashbacks in season 3 of Teen Wolf for certain characters and last night, the show featured probably its longest one so far.

The focus of these flashbacks was on Kira’s mother whose character got fleshed a lot in this episode through a combination of exposition and flashbacks. Despite the fact that we really enjoy seeing stories being told through flashbacks, there was a time when they actually featured too many and it took up too much time of the episode.

In the episode’s defense, we are getting closer to the season finale and there was still a lot of things that we didn’t have answers to. But there is a limit to how much backstory and exposition that they can give the viewers.

There was also one point where it seemed that Kira’s mother was in fact stalling both Kira and Scott as it took almost forever to get the information that they needed. Aside from that, we really enjoyed seeing the backstory of Kira’s mother and at the end of the episode she had become a much stronger character.

One of the best scenes in “The Fox and The Wolf” was in the elevator when Alison got emotional and reminded us viewers that her shield has been slowly cracking this whole season. It feels that her emotional side has been forgotten a bit for the past few weeks and we appreciate that the writers decided to give us a little update on her wellbeing.

The scene also got so much better because Daddy Stilinski got to comfort her and it was a very sweet scene by the end of it. Speaking of him, this was one of Sheriff Stilinski’s best episodes of the season as he has truly grown as a character and become a bigger player in the show.

His scenes with Alison, Daddy Argent and Derek were also really good and it’s inspiring to see that he is such a big character now. It’s not because he is trying to save Stiles, it’s because he is starting to understand this whole supernatural world that these kids are part of.

Surprisingly, we expected to see more of Stiles in this episode after what happened last week, but it didn’t ruin the episode by any means. It was also surprising that we didn’t see Malia in this episode either after she left the hospital to find Scott.

We just found small details like that interesting, but we are most likely going to get all the answers in these final three episodes. The episode ended on a great cliffhanger as Stiles’s dad found Stiles and from the looks of it, things are about to get nasty.

Overall, “The Fox and The Wolf” was a solid episode that is building up the suspense and with only three episodes left of this amazing (yet very dark) season.

Teen Wolf airs on Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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