Teen Wolf 3.24 Review: ”The Divine Move”

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Ever since season 3B started, we have said that it has increasingly gotten better and better as this season of Teen Wolf has been the show’s strongest one yet. Is it because we got 24 episodes instead of 12 like the first two seasons had? Possibly, but if you look at how different 3A and 3B has been individually, 3B could have easily been seen as season 4.

The final battle versus the Nogitsune was so good on so many levels and it felt like a really good payoff.  They also did it in classic Teen Wolf style by having the heroes tricking the villain as always. This second half has been very psychological and the season finale continued to follow that theme to its fullest.

Say what you want to say about the twins, but Ethan and Aiden have hit and missed a lot as characters this season. Knowing that we were going to see one or more characters die this season, I was actually hoping that one of them would die. After having lost Alison (with Crystal Reed’s wish to exit the show), we didn’t want them to kill off another one of the main characters.

What they did in this episode that was so clever was something similar that Arrow did with their season finale last year which was basically putting almost every character in the risk of dying. We saw characters like Melissa, Sheriff Stilinski, Deaton get injured by the Oni so anyone of them, if not all of them, could have died. We always like when shows like this one really puts everything and everyone in big danger because when you get to the last part or so, it will mostly be a big shock when we see who doesn’t make it through the danger.

While we think Charlie and Max Carver are amazing actors, both their characters didn’t really have a purpose anymore after the mid-season finale of 3A. It was sad for sure to see Aiden die in Ethan’s arms because they only have each other as family and now, Ethan is on his own. He had a great exit scene with Danny who without doubt had the best line of the whole season which was “Dude, this is Beacon Hills!” after he revealed that he knew about Ethan being a werewolf.

Never have I ever in my whole TV experience cried and laughed as hard at the same time as I did that night. But this does set up something really interesting for season 4 when it comes to Danny. If he knows about Ethan, does he know about Scott, Isaac and everyone else? Just that one line just showed us all the potential that the writers have now if they want to make Danny a bigger character, which they should.

Before we go any further, let’s look at a quote from our review of 3.13 “Anchors” a couple of months ago:

“However, the fact that Alison is now seeing her dead aunt, wouldn’t be interesting if she somehow was alive? Let’s remember that this is a supernatural show and if Uncle Hale could return in the most bizarre way ever, then don’t be surprised if they actually manage to bring her back in a strange way.”

Without going “we called it”-mode, we were surprised, but at the same time we weren’t when she showed up in the final scene. I’ll admit that there was a part of me who thought that maybe this was another case of looking too much into it. But as a writer (or at least one who aspires to become one), there had to be a reason why Alison would be hallucinating about her dead aunt. It remains to be seen what role she will actually play next season, but it is fun that she is back and it will be fascinating to see how Daddy Argents will take it. Oh and what is up with that blue face of hers, is it perhaps a special kind of werewolf? Only time will tell.

To summarize this finale and this season as a whole, it was a perfect ending to what has been a superb season. It was revealed a few days ago that Daniel Sharman who plays Isaac won’t be back for the fourth season which is disappointing, but we respect his reasons. The fact that he asked the writers to not kill off his character so that he could return at any point, shows that he does care about the show. Hopefully, he will pop up in at least one or two episodes in the next season.

Season 4 of Teen Wolf starts on Monday, June 23, 10/9c (as far as we know) on MTV.

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