Teen Wolf 4.02 Review: ”117”

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Teen Wolf taught me something this week which is whenever they pull a big twist like they did last week; it doesn’t always mean that it’s going to last for a long time.

I said in my last review that I wasn’t sure how to feel about it because of the uncertainty of how long Tyler Hoechlin would be absent and so forth. The actor they got to play young Derek was a good casting because he looks so much like a younger version of Hoechlin that I thought that they had cast his little brother (if he now has one in real life).

Derek’s backstory has always been fascinating to follow throughout the series. It’s mostly because whenever we do get some focus on his upbringing, it’s one of those rare moments for the show since there is still so much we don’t know about him. Also what makes me excited for those kinds of stories is to get to see young Peter Hale that looks like a teenage version of Ian Bohen.

The only hilarious aspect of this arc was seeing Sheriff Stilinski’s reaction to Derek having aged backwards. Remember that this whole supernatural aspect is still very new to him and there are so many things that he have yet to understand. So it’s always nice every once in a while to see his reactions to some of the crazy stuff that is going on. I loved seeing the roles between Derek and Scott swift a big as Scott got to be sort of a mentor to him which we don’t see very often even when Derek is at his right age. There wasn’t a lot of it, but the capacity that we got was appreciated.

Can someone explain why they are still pursuing the character of Agent McCall? Nothing against the actor, but his arc in the previous season was sadly something that just didn’t work. At first it made no sense to me that daddy McCall was now staying at their place, but then I was reminded that there were some close moments between him and Melissa last season so it sort of makes sense, but why would she have her ex-husband at home? Is she using him as protection or are the writers actually trying to hook these characters up again? Only time will time.

It’s both adorable and hilarious to see Malia adjust to, well let’s just call it, a normal life, especially when you have a scene with her trying to answer a simple question in history class. Also, how long will it take before she learns that Peter is her father? It better be soon because I don’t see why they are holding it back from her. When she and Scott went to ask Peter about the effect of a scratch, it was just amusing to see him slowly starting to understand why they were asking and who they were hinting at.

“Can someone in this town stay dead?” was perhaps one of the best lines of the entire series because it basically points out what fans have noticed for a long time which is that in the world of Teen Wolf, not a lot of people stay dead (unless their name is Alison Argent).  It was cool to finally see Kate and Peter meet each other again since their last meeting in season one.  But it quickly got interrupted as a mysterious man throws a bunch of smoke grenades in the vault where they were and took a big briefcase. Is this the first sign of The Benefactor that is the big mystery of the season? We sure think so.

The final part of the episode is when “117” really got into high gear as Scott and Malia had to fight against Bersekers and can we just give the costume department some big props for their amazing work here? Those things are going to give me nightmares for at least a week or two and they will be interesting to follow as side villains for the season. The battle ends with Derek getting there in time and we see him age back to his right age.

But there are still two questions that remains: how did this happen to begin with (because they didn’t really make it that clear for me) and are there going to be any side effects for Derek? Keep tuning in!

Teen Wolf airs on Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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