Teen Wolf 4.03 Review: ”Muted”

teen wolf muted

Even though I have loved every single season of Teen Wolf, last night’s episode felt like very classic again.

The episode marks the introduction of Dylan Sprayberry’s character Liam who I was worried was going to turn out to be Jackson 2.0. Don’t be mistaken, I love Jackson because Colton Haynes is an amazing actor. But the thing is that I didn’t anyone to come in and be a replacement for him.

But luckily that wasn’t the case here as Liam was a very innocent kid (yet with some cockiness to him) that I grew interest for, especially because of his impressive lacrosse skills. There wasn’t much to know about him when Sprayberry was first cast as Liam other than the fact that he was going to be a freshman who was really good at lacrosse. But who ever imagined that he would become the first person that Scott would make a werewolf of? Of course it wasn’t something Scott chose to do, but something he had to do in order to save him.

An episode with the Coach is automatically even more awesome because he is the only thing that has made physical education hilarious. A lot of the best comedy always comes out of these lacrosse scenes, especially when Coach noticed that there might be a talented lacrosse player within Kira. Malia however, was almost funnier when she screamed that Liam only had luck when he dodged Scott and Stiles during practice.

Speaking of Malia, her reaction to math class is basically the universal reaction we all have for math; it’s difficult and sometimes feels completely pointless. Some may find this whole “I- have-to-connect-to-the-human-world-again”-arc a bit typical because you see this pretty often in sci-fi and fantasy shows, but here it works and it may or may not be because of Stiles being her mentor.

Let’s focus a little bit on the pain that was Kira’s mother last season. I understand that from her and her husband’s perspective, moving away from Beacon Hill seems like a good choice after everything that happened. But seriously, she caused 50% of the mess that happened in season 3B so really she (along with Kira’s father) shouldn’t get to decide whether to move or not, not after what Kira had to go through. It was just so annoying looking at her talk about moving and saying what is best for Kira when she basically ignores the fact that it’s partly her fault that, for example, Alison died a few months ago.

Up until last night, I had no idea what a “Wendigo” was and it wasn’t pleasant to see what it was. At first, they really made it seem that Sean was just an innocent victim, but seeing him then eating the insides of that deputy at the hospital, erased that innocence in a heartbeat.

Then there was this mysterious person without a mouth known as “The Mute” (a bit cheesy, but we’ll let that pass) who I think is The Benefactor. Although on the other hand, that’s perhaps what Jeff Davis wants us to think. Because think about it: is the so called “The Benefactor” just a murderer without a mouth that kills people with a simple weapon? Unless there is something supernatural about him, it would be surprising if our other big villain (aside from Kate) is just some crazy guy.

But this is Teen Wolf so anything is possible, right? Better keep tuning in to find out, but I like the mystery and overall this was a very strong episode. We should hear a season 5 renewal very soon, maybe perhaps at San Diego Comic-Con.

Teen Wolf airs Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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