Teen Wolf 4.04 Review: ”The Benefactor”

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Last night’s episode of Teen Wolf picked up right where we left off from “Muted” where Scott made his first beta, Liam.

You know that only a show like this one can make something as serious as kidnapping, slightly hilarious and this episode had one of those moments. Stiles telling Liam what had happened and what could possibly happen to him, was just classic Stiles because instead of making the situation a bit calm, he just made everything worse.

There were a few nods to the show’s pilot, with the “We are brothers”-line – and yes, it sounded cheesy as heck coming from Scott but we will let it slide -, a teenager having to go through the tough transformation into a werewolf for the first time. It would have been all sorts of awesome if Derek had been standing there and listened to Scott basically being him four seasons ago and seen his reaction. “The bite is a gift”, really? Has he forgotten all the downsides of being a werewolf?

When we learned that Liam had some serious anger issues, I thought that perhaps he would be transformed into something else, based on who he was as a person on the inside. For anyone who has forgotten (this is how we interpret it), this was something that Teen Wolf established a few seasons ago was when Jackson was turned into a Kanima. Because of how Jackson’s emotions, it rejected Derek’s bite (who was an Alpha at the time) so therefore, he transformed into something that reflected who he was and how he felt, on the inside. That’s what I thought would happen to poor Liam because of his anger problems, but luckily he just became a werewolf and an angry one for that matter.

There were, as always, a lot of great humorous moments in this episode and one that will forever be a very memorable moment for me is when Kira had to flirt with Liam to get to the “party”. The moment she was walking in a hot way down the stairs before falling down, was insanely funny.

The B-plot of “The Benefactor” was Malia’s own struggle with the full moon and even though Stiles is always seen as one of the most influenced characters on the show, this episode was one of those great examples. The writers have really Malia into a very good central figure and her arc will be cool to follow throughout the season, as well as her adorable relationship with Stiles.

Something that we forgot to mention last week was that one of the problems for the writing of Lydia is that the writers keep adding more mysteries to her before they actually give answers to the previous ones that they have thrown at her. But this week, they decided to actually give the viewers some answers. When they introduced the mystery of these codes that she was writing down, I really thought that they would drag it out for at least four or five episodes before they would reveal what it was. It’s nice to get surprised, isn’t it?

We got introduced to a few new characters, Mason and Violet, as well as a re-establishment of one that popped up last week, Garrett. The thing that I didn’t see coming at all was that Garrett and Violet are both, from the looks of it, agents of The Benefactor. So not only was the twist that The Benefactor had agents of its own, but that it was teenagers who are now on the inside, which is the high school. The code that Lydia cracked was a deadpool of supernatural people living in Beacon Hill. So we basically now have a much clearer idea of what the plot of the season is: The Benefactor wants to take out every supernatural person in the town.

That plot just made this season of the show, its biggest season yet and we can’t wait to see more of it and who really is The Benefactor as “The Mute” was clearly not that person.

Teen Wolf airs on Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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