The Americans Season Two Starts Off With a Bang

the americans2

I will admit, The Americans has really impressed me. When I initially heard the news about a show that would be based around Cold War ideals, I wasn’t that excited, but tight writing and acting has made me a fan. There is also a really strong level on intrigue to the show that keeps viewers watching and keeps people guessing. Well, The Americans season two started last night, and all we can say is it looks like we are in store for a very intense season.

The first thing that stood out to us was just how far the new season seemed to be pushing the boundaries. While the show has not been mild by any means, last night it seemed to push the envelope further than it ever had before. Just the scene of the kid walking in on the parents was shocking enough. I will not say any more about what actually happened in that scene, but wow. Mouths were definitely hanging open in this house. And that one, too, clearly.

A big reason for the tone change last night (and a tone change that will stay throughout the whole season) is because the first season seemed to focus more on the marriage between Philip and Elizabeth, where as this season the narrative seems to focus more on the lengths they will go to protect their children and their secret. There is a lot of potential here for some crazy plot twists, and it has us ripe and ready for season two of The Americans.

Also, judging by last night’s episode, we should not watch this show with any kids around.

[Photo via Craig Blankenhorn/FX]

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