Mark February 26th As the Return Date for FX’s The Americans

Remy Carreiro December 26, 2013 0


Do you guys remember the Cold War? It was a strange time. The thought that your neighbors could actually be spies for Russia was very scary, but when the war ended, it was something we didn’t think too much about. Well, until The Americans came on FX this year. The drama about a seemingly normal American couple who were anything but. Well, season two is just around the corner, and we got a return fate for FX’s The Americans. But before we talk about that we wanted to ask:

So what do you guys think of FX’s show, The Americans?

We can admit, Keri Russell’s turn on that show has really impressed us. Never have we seen her play such a dark character, and she seems to embrace it with aplomb. A side of Felicity we never thought we’d see. It almost reminds of us old sci fi movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which played off the same themes of “we may all LOOK alike, but which ones are evil.” Well, good news for fans of this show. We finally have a return date for FX’s The Americans, and it is set in stone.

Bust those flags out, people, because the current version of the cold war comes back on TV February 26th. Thanks to Deadline Hollywood for the scoop.

[Photo via Craig Blankenhorn/FX]