The Bachelor Final Week Stock Watch: Predicting Who Will Be Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis


Every week for the 18th season of The Bachelor we’ve taken stock of the remaining ladies vying to be Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis. Reviewing the work, we’ve been right…. and wrong. Last week, in the Week 7 Stock Watch we had Andi number one, and as we all know that didn’t work out to well. Coming in at #2 and #3 were Nikki and Clare respectively, so we’re not too far off.

This week is our final installment of the series. With just two ladies left, we have a 50-50 shot of nailing this one OR will Juan Pablo walk away empty-handed, which is not totally out of the realm of possibility.

Here’s the shake down on the final two women:

Clare: Clare has been a top the stock watch all season. Ever since her first one-on-one date Clare has been one of the top candidates for Juan Pablo’s love. Even despite the ocean incident in Thailand and the subsequent fallout, Clare has maintained a strong position with J.P. She’s the type of girl that we pinned Juan Pablo’s tastes early on in the game. Blonde, spunky, pretty shallow, yet attractive.

Nikki: For the first half of the season, Nikki rode the middle of the pack in the stock watch. Admittedly, I liked Nikki early on in the game. Her tale is a young nurse with promise, who turned out to be the show’s villain. The villain never wins right (see Tierra)? However, Nikki has maintained position and improved her stock every week to a point where she’s in the final two. The meeting of his family may be a big statement for Nikki and the two seem to have good chemistry. Once again, she’s proven to fit the J.P. profile – shallow, attractive, blonde, and annoying.

Verdict: Well, we don’t think Juan Pablo is going to walk away empty-handed. We think he’s going to select Nikki Ferrell. However, we’ll add to that – I give the two absolutely zero chance of making it as a couple. Clare is going to be devastated, and the bad news for her is that the public dislikes her so she has no shot at The Bachelorette. Your next Bachelorette, as we’ve been saying for weeks, is Andi, the hero of the season. Good luck Juan Pablo and Nikki! Yawn.

[Photo via Jose Villegas/ABC]

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