‘The Bachelor’ Week 2 Stock Watch: Ranking The Ladies Chances With Juan Pablo


Yesterday, we recapped episode 2 of Season 18 of ‘The Bachelor’. Starting every Wednesday going forward we’re going to keep track of the ladies left to win the heart of Juan Pablo. We’ll rank them in order of who we feel has the best chance to be engaged to the salsa-dancing bachelor at the end of the season. Without further ado, here are the Week 2 rankings for the 14 remaining ladies.

Week 2 Rankings

14. Danielle – She actually caught my attention in the rose ceremony with her super slick hair, but that was just about the only time she caught my attention. Unfortunately, despite being super attractive I think she’s out. I also think she has a bit of an attitude, but won’t be around long enough to unleash it.

13. Kelly – Don’t let the group date rose fool you. I think Kelly got the nod out of pity. I don’t really see much here and was actually shocked she got the rose. That’s not a good sign.

12. Chelsie – I thought Chelsie had a genuine chance from the jump, but it’s been all downhill from there. Yes, her chemistry joke was lame, but I thought she was right in Juan Pablo’s wheelhouse. She’s cute, bubbly, but right now I don’t see her catching the eye of Juan Pablo.

11. Sharleen – Quite frankly I was shocked that Sharleen got the first impression rose. I think Juan Pablo wanted to prove he was a sophisticated bachelor and wasn’t just in it for appearance. Well, that’ll all come to an end at some point. The only thing I can say about her is she will handle this better than the other girls because she’s soooo mature.

10. Lucy – I didn’t put Lucy last because I’m absolutely BAFFLED as to why she’s still on this show. She’d be a great mother to Camila (shaking my head). This has me absolutely confused. Every week she gets a rose every week Juan Pablo’s sanity is questioned. I don’t know about the guy so I can’t put her 14th right now.

9. Elise – Juan Pablo seems to have a keen interest in Elise, but to me she was just another blonde on the show with the same personality as them all. She won’t make it to the end, but she’s in a position to hang around a couple weeks.

8. Lauren – Once again, I put Lauren so high because I don’t get Juan Pablo yet. I thought she was GUARANTEED to be out. She was my pick, but she made it. So until I get a handle on Juan P. I have to go against my instincts a bit.

7. Renee – Renee has a great personality, has the common bond of parenthood, but let’s face it. She probably is going to get cut for one of these younger, bubbly chicks. I’m pulling for her, but the young always win on this show.

6. Christy – Christy looked hot during the rose ceremony and that’s all I know about her so she’s 6.

5. Nikki – Nikki is a fan favorite and deservedly so. I think Nikki will go deep into this show. She is a hot, smart chick with a lot of things going for her. I’d be shocked if she got cut before the final.. hmmmm 8 or 6.

4. Kat – Kat seems to be right in Juan Pablo’s wheelhouse. Blonde, athletic, energetic. I think she’s kind of annoying, but I’m not the bachelor. She seems to be pretty easy going and fun and I think that’ll get her deep in the show.

3. Clare – Clare is awesome. I think there is genuine chemistry between her and Juan Pablo so far. The first kiss could be the most important one. She’s super attractive and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She’s going to be there in the end.

2. Andi – Andi stunned Juan Pablo from the get go and I don’t see her going anywhere anytime soon. The fact she and JP bonded a little during the photoshoot can only help her cause. I really do feel like Juan has plans for her and why wouldn’t he – she could be the best looking chick on the show and she hasn’t gone mental yet.

1. Cassandra – Cassandra’s stock rose the most throughout the episode. Right now, I think she’s in the pole position, but that’s going to change. The kid bond is a big thing with Juan Pablo. She’s hot. Period. I think she may fall out in the end because she’s a little emotional and no the bubbly fun Juan likes, but right now I think she’s solid.

See you next week!

[Photo via Rick Rowell/ABC]

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