The Bachelor Week 3 Stock Watch: Ranking the Remaining 13 Ladies Chances With Juan Pablo


As promised, every Wednesday we’re going to give you an updated ranking on the remaining ladies left vying for Juan Pablo’s love on ‘The Bachelor‘. Yesterday, we recapped 18.03 and today we’re going to take a look at the remaining 13 ladies left on the show. It’s wide open now that Lucy is gone!

Here’s the updated ‘The Bachelor’ stock watch:

13. Danielle – Danielle has to get a one-on-one next week right? She’s been absolutely pointless for the first three episodes, but she’s managed to hang around. I really hope that if she does she’s not dissed on the date. That’s too bad. Her stock hasn’t really changed since last week.

12. Lauren – Sometimes I forget that Lauren is on the show. Then she gets a rose and I remember. That trend won’t continue for long.

11. Elise – Elise talked a lot last episode for not having done much on any of the three episodes to start. She has this sense of confidence that I’m not seeing. Would not be surprised at all if she gets cut next episode – either way she’s not making it to the end. I know that for a fact.

10. Kelly – Kelly marks the cut off for the bottom for that I KNOW for a fact aren’t getting deep into the show. Kelly and her little pooch Molly have been pretty pointless and I just don’t see her getting anywhere.

9. Chelsie – If Chelsie didn’t jump off that bridge she would have been out. The jump kept her around another week. I don’t think it’ll be long.

8. Renee – Poor Renee. She’s probably the coolest girl on the show, but you can tell JP likes the younger, bubbly type. This is mean, but if Renee was a little cuter (and she’s still pretty hot) she’d be the leader in the clubhouse.

7. Nikki – Nikki is a soft seven. She’s cute, she’s sweet, but I just don’t think she’s the firecracker that JP is looking for. She’s still a nice catch though. She’ll land on her feet.

6. Alli – I’m putting Alli at 6 even though she hasn’t done anything, but play soccer well thus far. Alli is a wild card to me. If I had to bet on someone who hasn’t had much screen time it would be her especially because JP has proven to like brunettes.

5. Kat – Kat is bubbly and she certainly has appeal (see bikini in pool), but she’s not wife material. I think she’s a fun girl who is easy on the eyes, but at the end of the day she’s as shallow as the pool she swims in.

4. Clare – Clare’s stock should be falling more drastically than to 4 this week. She did nothing positive and started crying. Crying gets you nowhere on this show. I keep her so high because I can just see them together. Before this season started this is the type of chick I pictured him with, but that picture is changing.

3. Sharleen – Sharleen who is going to be known as the snake in the grass going forward seems to have JP captivated right now. Because of that I have no choice, but to put her up this high. This has the makings of a weird story that I can see all the way through to the final – ultimately, I wouldn’t be so sure she’s secure if I picked her.

2. Cassandra – I think the parent bond and one-on-one date seemed very positive. Cassandra’s stock stays high as she seems to be in a solid position to move forward. I’m still trying to accept the fact JP likes brunettes, but it’s hard.

1. Andi – Even though she didn’t get the group date rose Andi is still my favorite to win it. She seems to have Juan Pablo’s attention and he did make a special exception to kiss her on the group date. Andi is the total package she’s hot and smart and.. well she’s good.

Good luck next week ladies. For the record, Sean and Catherine’s wedding special on Sunday looks terrible. I can’t bring myself to watch that.

[Photo via Christopher Jue /ABC]

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